Smile, Donghae Episode 3 Recap

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun Bongi picks herself up off the bus floor and demands to know who Donghae is. He replies that Anna is his mother and Bongi puts two and two together – this must be Karl Laker. Bongi then says Saewa sent her to pick up Anna and Donghae is surprised and sorry for treating her so badly. The three get off the bus and Donghae scolds Bongi for not telling him sooner (when did she have a chance?). It turns out that during the fall, Bongi hurt her wrist and she is not happy (can’t blame her for that).

Lee Jang WooBack at the Camellia Hotel, Do Jin is still acting as bartender and Saewa asks if that is his job at the hotel. Do Jin replies that he works at the hotel, but not as a bartender. Oddly enough, he does not tell Saewa what his real job is. Guess he wants to be liked for himself. Good for Do Jin. Saewa demands to know what he wants with her and he gets straight to the point (which is a little shocking): Do Jin wishes to marry Saewa! This surprises and annoys Saewa who insists she’s not that easy (to get into bed or that easy to trick?). Saewa gets up to leave, but her fellow coworkers come in and she tries to hide by returning to her seat. However, she is spotted. Her coworkers tease her for drinking the bitterness of defeat and invite her to join the celebration of the coworker who got promoted in Saewa’s place. Saewa declines saying she is meeting someone, but her coworkers don’t believe her (even though it is true) and chide her sour grapes. Saewa congratulates the other girl and begs off again, saying she has to really meet someone. Saewa sits back down and keeps drinking, surprising Do Jin.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonThe Lakers and Bongi arrive at the hotel and Bongi demands reparations for her sprained wrist. She’s a cook after all, plus she can’t afford to pay the hospital fees nor take time off until her wrist heals. Bongi says she will let Karl off because he is Saewa’s friend, thus she won’t make him pay her emotional distress as well. Karl then tells Anna in English that Bongi is a money grubber. No, she isn’t, she is just in need of money to help pay off her family debts. Bongi knows he is saying something about her, but doesn’t know what so she yells at them to speak in Korean versus English. She tries calling Saewa, but can’t get through. Karl then asks where they are supposed to meet. Bongi doesn’t know, she was just told at the hotel. They go inside the Camellia and still can’t get a hold of Saewa. Karl sees his coach and asks Bongi to check his mother in as his coaches don’t know that he brought his mom along with him. He then leaves the two alone and Bongi watches in satisfaction as he gets scolded by his coach. Bongi says she hopes his coach kills him making Anna upset so Bongi has to keep her from rushing over and explain that Donghae isn’t in that much trouble, just a little.

Jung Young SookMeanwhile, Mal Sun has a dream that Dong Baek (her missing daughter) is searching for her in a field of tall grass. Mal Sun keeps calling out to Dong Baek, but the poor little girl can’t find her mother amidst the smoke and eventually falls and collapses. Mal Sun wakes up still reaching for her missing daughter. She calls Hye Sook and tells her about the dream. Since Hye Sook is a mother, she thinks she will understand. Mal Sun believes that Dong Baek is out there and needs her still. She then enlists Hye Sook’s help in trying to locate her daughter. She and Pil Yong have done everything that they can think of for 40 years, but she believes that Hye Sook might have different approaches that might enable them to find Dong Baek faster.

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji EunBongi gets Anna safely checked into her room. Anna is happily unpacking and Bongi notices a wedding dress. Bongi asks who’s the beautiful dress is and Anna explains that it was her adopted mother’s. Anna plans on giving it to Saewa when she marries Donghae. This shocks Bongi who did not know that Saewa had such a relationship. Anna explains that Saewa lived with them in America for six years – she even taught Anna Korean. Still in shock, Bongi asks about the harmonica and gets her hand slapped away. Anna holds it to her chest and says that it is Donghae’s father’s. Bongi apologizes and gets a call from her mom saying Tae Hoon is home. Bongi excitedly goes to leave after telling Anna not to leave the room and to wait for Donghae. Before she leaves, Anna takes out the puzzle she worked on in the plane (a Disney Princess puzzle) and tells Bongi that she reminds her of one of the princesses. This flatters Bongi who thanks Anna who in return thanks Bongi for all of her help. Bongi bows and accidentally scatters the puzzle.

At the Lee home, they are happily grilling meat and eating. Pil Jae complains that he bought the meat and Tae Hoon is getting it all. Tae Hoon tells his mother to eat, too, but Sun Ok insists she is happy just watching her son eat. Bongi comes in and smells the meet and warns her family to watch out as she is the meat vanquisher. Tae Hoon apologizes for not doing his filial duty and helping out the family just so he can study. His family tells him not to worry and that everything is okay. He should just concentrate on his exams. This just makes him feel even more guilty because he has been secretly dating Sae Young and now she is pregnant with twins. And thus more apologizing. The family is unhappy to see Bongi’s hurt wrist, but she says she is okay and that she will still go out and earn money. Sun Ok then scolds her daughter for mentioning money and says that she will take on whatever jobs are necessary so Bongi doesn’t have to work so hard. More of a guilt-trip for Tae Hoon. Sun Ok wraps up some Kimchi for Tae Hoon and Bongi tells her mother that she is happy to see her smiling after so long.

At the Yoon family house, pregnant Sae Young is eating in the kitchen when Sool Nyeo comes out and complains about her daughter eating again so soon after dinner. Sae Young says it is the season of plenty, but Sool Nyeo ignores this and scolds Sae Young for eating food especially bought for Saewa. This sets Sae Young off, along with her mother’s comment about her stomach making here look five months pregnant (can’t say that I see it, because it looks like her stomach is still flat). Sae Young finally storms off. Good thing she held her cool and didn’t tell her mother that she was correct as sometimes happens in dramas. Tae Hoon gets a call from Sae Young saying she’s at his room and he quickly makes excuses to go see her, forgetting his kimchi so Sun Ok goes after him. Tae Hoon gets to his place and sees Sae Young on the floor eating. She complains that she can’t eat like she wants at home and that she is terrified of giving birth. Tae Hoon says she was fine this morning and Sae Young explains that she is pregnant so she is given to mood wings. Then comes Sun Ok and Tae Hoon and Sae Young quickly hide Sae Young and her food in the wardrobe. Sun Ok delivers the kimchi and notices the sonogram. Tae Hoon quickly grabs it and throws it out telling his mom it is nothing. Sun Ok tells him to concentrate on his exam which is  two weeks away and tells him that she knows he can do it. she leaves and Tae Hoon quickly takes the sonogram out of the  trash and uncrumples it before letting Sae Young out of the wardrobe. She was eating away in there and tells him that he must pass the bar or else they are dead. Outside the apartment, Sun Ok prays for Tae Hoon’s success.

Back at the Camellia, a drunk Saewa goes to head home but makes it as far as her car before passing out. A worried Do Jin follows her and can’t get her to wake up. He notices the people passing by and then looks through Saewa’s purse. Her cell is dead and he sees the cold medicine. He then takes her up to a room where he takes off her shoes and sweater and then leaves her alone. What a gentleman. Karl comes from evening practice where his mom massages his arms. He asks what Anna was doing and she said she was looking at Seoul. Anna wonders if James is out there infuriating Donghae. He yells at her to forget that man who abandoned them and goes to throw out the harmonica once again. Anna stops him and he tells her that he does not want a father. All he needs is his mother and Saewa. After Donghae leaves, Anna whispers that James did not abandon her – then what happened?

Hye Sook complains that Mal Sun won’t accept her fully and still looks for Dong Baek. Kim Jun then asks his wife what she really wants – to be considered Mal Sun’s daughter or to have the hotel. Hye Sook is mortified by this, but I think her husband’s question is a fair one. Is she upset because Mal Sun isn’t accepting her as a daughter or because finding Dong Baek could ruin her chances at gaining  the hotel she helped Pil Yong build from the ground up?

Everyone is worried that Saewa did not return home. Poor Sool Nyeo is freaking out while Sae Young believes that it is probably nothing. Bongi finds out that Saewa didn’t go home and assumes she spent the night with Karl. Bongi tells Sae Young not to worry – she thinks she knows where Saewa is. Meanwhile, Sool Nyeo goes to report Saewa as missing and sees Pil Jae in butt-kicking action. She was knocked to the grown when an arestee tried to escape and she passes out when Pil Jae asks if she’s okay.

At the hotel, Saewa is peeved, thinking that Do Jin took advantage of her. She then slaps him and accuses him of getting her drunk. Do Jin stops her from hitting him again and says that he went through a lot just to help her save face. This shames and annoys Saewa when she learns about how he looked after her reputation by carrying her up several flights of stairs and privately getting her the room. She storms out as Bongi shows up to visit the Lakers and let Saewa know everyone is looking for her. Bongi is shocked to Saewa coming out of a different room with a man who is not Donghae. Do Jin tells Saewa to use a different set of elevators where there are less people and going to those elevators, Saewa meets Donghae. What will happen next?

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