Smile, Donghae Episode 2 Recap

Smile, Donghae screecapYou have to love how in some movies and dramas you already have plot twists hinted at that it is no surprise they happen. So here goes. Throughout this episode I pretty much figured out that KJ is more than likely Kim Jun and that he is Donghae’s biological father who abandoned Anna in the US, Saewa will eventually cave in to Do Jin’s advances if only to help further her career, Saewa will sacrifice her relationship with Donghae to advance her career, and and Jo Pil Yong and Kim Mal Sun are really Anna’s biological parents. I am sure there will be some surprises and twists, but this seems to be pretty straightforward in regards to plot. So, I suppose that means Donghae and Bongi will fight it out at the beginning only to come together at the end, but who knows, it’s not there yet.

Anna stops Donghae from punching out the guy who was hitting on her. The man escapes and Donghae turns on Anna and asks his mother if she intentionally smiled at the man. Anna shakes her head and tells her son that she only smiled because she managed to finish the puzzle. Donghae then demands to know how she¬† smiled and Anna shows him a bright smile. Donghae then gets angry at Anna for smiling like that as men will come on to her because of such a smile. Donghae then gets mad again when he sees her wearing the harmonica. He blames Anna’s beautiful smile for KJ leaving her. There is a spot of turbulence and Donghae holds onto his mother and then makes her swear that she will not smile at men and if she does smile, only to show four teeth instead of her bright, full-toothed smile. Anna promises. I know that Donghae is just worried that his mom will be hurt by men who don’t understand, but he was a little too harsh on Anna in that scene.

Meanwhile, Saewa explains Donghae’s background to her coworker. Anna’s parents were supposedly killed in a really bad storm and thus she was adopted out to the US, thus she has no family to find in Korea. We also learn that Donghae’s father is unknown except for the fact that he was a native Korean himself. And with what we learn about the Kim and Jo family – put two and two together. Makes you wonder if Pil Yong and Mal Sun will still like Kim Jun when the truth is revealed (if my guess is right that is).

At the hotel, the Kim family eats lunch with the Jo family. Do Jin is scolded for calling Pil Yong grandfather, but Pil Yong insists that it is okay, especially since it is only family in that room. Pil Yong and his wife look on Hye Sook as a surrogate daughter and Do Jin as their surrogate grandson. Apparently, one of the reasons for the lunch gathering is to decide upon the hotel succession. It looks like Hye Sook will officially gain control over the hotel, which pleases her and Do Jin. We then learn about Mal Sun’s health problems with cancer and how she and her husband Pil Yong have been flying back and forth between Korea and the US. Pil Yong says he is considering permanently migrating, but Mal Sun refuses as she wishes to keep coming back to Korea in hopes of finding her daughter who has been missing for 40 years. Mal Sun says she feels that her daughter did not die and she knows that she is alive. Kim Joon then gets an emergency call from work, cutting his lunch short. He rushes off leaving his wife and sun to finish lunch. After lunch, Do Jin asks if his mother really believes the Jo daughter is alive. Hye Sook doesn’t worry about the potential snag of the Jo’s real heir being found as it has been 40 years already and still no sign. She doesn’t believe the Jos can really believe their daughter is still alive after all that time.

Saewa is at the work clinic with an IV drip when another coworker comes in looking for one of their sunbaes. Saewa learns of the accident and how they are desperately searching for a replacement. After her coworker leaves, Saewa quickly takes out the IV and goes out to get her chance to go live on television. Kim Jun arrives to find that a replacement still hasn’t been found when Saewa volunteers herself. Kim Jun is reluctant to let her go on, but she says that she can do the 3 hours live and show that her judgment, aptitude, and skill is just as good as experience. Kim Jun reluctantly agrees. Saewa is excited by the chance, but then remembers Donghae’s arrival. She is supposed to meet him at the airport and take Anna to the hotel since his coaches do not know of her coming to Korea with him. Saewa then remembers Bongi’s declaration of doing whatever she can to earn money and her offer to help Saewa should she ever need it. Saewa then calls in Bongi to meet Donghae and Anna at the airport. Bongi is surprised, but agrees. She asks who exactly Karl Laker is to Saewa, but Saewa refuses to answer that and begs Bongi to not tell her mother about Karl and his mother’s arrival before going off to get ready.

Sun Ok arrives at Sool Nyeo’s salon only to have her friend rub salt into her wounds. Sool Nyeo is unhappy when Sun Ok snaps at her for her comments about Bongi knowing better. With a friend like Sool Nyeo and her unsympathetic outlook, who needs enemies? But then again, Sool Nyeo decides to take Sun Ok out to cheer her up. You can almost believe she is a good friend at this part even though she seems shallow and wishes to show how she is better off now than the family that once helped her.

Saewa’s broadcast is off to a good start and Kim Jun leaves once he sees it looks like she can handle it. As he goes to prepare for a dinner meeting, Hye Sook and Do Jin arrive with food. Hye Sook was worried about Kim Jun missing lunch so she and Do Jin shuffled their schedules and brought food for all of the staff. Kim Jun shows anything but gratitude. He complains that his wife and son should have called first before coming with food and that they should be minding the hotel instead. Do Jin insists his father grab some food, but Kim Jun says he has other arrangements and can’t. He then tells them to take the food with them as it will be embarrassing if there isn’t enough for everyone. He then leaves to attend his meeting, leaving behind a hurt wife and an angry son. Hye Sook says her husband is right and Do Jin asks what exactly is wrong with his parents that his mom won’t stand up to his father. What indeed? Hye Sook seems to be too easily cowed by her husband and expends a lot of energy worrying about him and his tastes. Do Jin packs up the food when he notices Saewa on the telly.

Sool Nyeo and Sun Ok are on the lookout for a place that is supposed to serve the best eel when they notice Kim Jun going into the eel restaurant. Sun Ok then recalls how Kim Jun’s false report led to her husband’s kimchi factory failure. Apparently the report never mentioned his factory’s name, but I guess it showed the picture of his factory in a report about kimchi factories and lead found in kimchi. Even though Kim Jun issued a retraction later, the damage had already been done. Sun Ok wishes to go into the restaurant to see him, but Sool Nyeo pulls her away and says no one roots for the loser. The only thing Sun Ok and her family can do is to pick themselves up and start over again. True. What can be done after the damage?

Pil Jae and Kang Jae are having a drink with lunch to celebrate Pil Jae finally catching some pickpockets he’s been after when Sun Ok storms up and begins yelling and hitting her husband for not landing on his feet and still only delivering cabbage. Kang Jae is shocked by this and asks what is wrong and Sun Ok tells him she saw Kim Jun and he was doing well while their family still suffers after all of this time. Ironic that she complains about him still selling cabbages when Pil Jae asked his brother the same thing just before Sun Ok came and Kang Jae says he has a plan, but it is a secret for now. What is this plan? And will Sun Ok approve?

Sae Young runs from the beauty shop with Sool Nyeo on her heals. Sae Young has a hand full of cash and is trying to escape. Sool Nyeo catches her and scolds her for stealing money and clothes. Sae Young then complains about how Sool Nyeo does everything for Saewa and not for her. Saewa gets the most allowance and gets all the pretty, new clothes. Sool Nyeo says she also did that for Sae Young as that meant she could get all of Saewa’s nice hand-me-downs. Sool Nyeo tells her that if she steals money again, she will officially cut Sae Young off as her daughter. Sae Young promises to behave and says she is leaving for school, but she doesn’t go to school. She is at the doctor’s office – where there are pregnant women around. Uh-oh, looks like Sae Young might be in trouble. She texts Tae Hoon (Bongi’s brother) saying she will visit afterward.

Tae Hoon is trying to concentrate on studying to pass the bar yet again when Sae Young arrives. He complains about her short skirt and she says she is doing her best to distract his rivals so he will pass while they fail. She then roots for her boyfriend as they are staking everything on him passing the bar. If he passes, then her mother will have to accept him and they can date openly. Sae Young then says if he becomes a prosecutor or judge, she will become a better person and do charity and the like. She then shows him the sonogram of their twins. Yikes! Twins. How long can they keep that a secret from their parents? You can tell that Tae Hoon is really feeling the pressure.

Donghae’s flight arrives safely in Seoul. He tells his mom to keep her distance, but to make sure and follow him as Saewa is supposed to be there to pick her up and take her to the hotel. Anna then excitedly says she can see Korea. Donghae asks his mom if she has missed it and Anna replies she is happy to return as she really did miss her home. Meanwhile, poor Bongi is running late as there was a lot of traffic. Will she make it in time? Donghae is anxiously searching for Saeha who is giving donor updates and it turns out one of them was by Do Jin who donated as “Saewa’s fan.” Donghae calls Saewa but gets no answer. He reluctantly leaves his mother at the airport and tells her to go with no one but Saewa.

Pil Jae arrives home with meat for the family which Sun Ok scorns as it is only pork, but her mood improves with the arrival of Tae Hoon who has taken a break from studying to see his family. What will Sun Ok’s reaction be when she learns her eldest has knocked up Sool Nyeo’s youngest daughter?

At the airport, Bongi finally arrives and frantically searches for Donghae and his mother. She finally hears an announcement about Anna Laker waiting and the information desk and rushes over. The helper points out Anna who gives Bongi a bright smile. Saewa’s broadcast ends without a hitch and she is congratulated on her performance. She is also told that it appears Kim Jun was impressed by it before he left. This makes Saewa happy to hear. She turns on her phone and gets a call from Bongi who says she arrived late, but found Anna. She then says Anna refuses to go with her. Saewa asks to speak to Anna who reluctantly takes the phone from Bongi. Anna immediately brightens when she learns it is Saewa who tells Anna to go with and trust Bongi who will bring Anna to Saewa. Anna then gives the phone back to Bongi and Saewa informs Bongi that Anna is mentally handicapped and that she will meet Bongi and Anna at the hotel. After Saewa hangs up, she is told that the new announcer list has been posted. Saewa rushes to the office to learn that her name is not on that list and that the woman who got the position she wanted only got it through her father’s connections. Poor Saewa maintains her cool face, but her clenched fists belies her anger. She throws out Do Jin’s flowers and note in her anger and heads off to the hotel where Do Jin sees her enter. He follows her to the bar and proceeds to make the frustrated Saewa a drink.

Meanwhile at the airport, a worried Donghae anxiously sits on the bus and wonders if he did the right thing in leaving his mom to wait for Saewa. He then sees Anna leaving with Bongi and jumps to the worst conclusion. He hops off the bus and chases after the two women, only to just narrowly miss them getting on another bus. Bongi, recalling Saewa’s words about Anna’s handicap, tries to start a conversation. Meanwhile, Donghae is in a cab following the bus, desperately trying to get his mother’s attention. The cabby gets in front of the bus and manages to stop it. Donghae jumps out and gets on the bus where he immediately grabs Anna. Bongi tries to protect Anna, but she is pushed down, hurting her arm and that is where we leave this episode.

Things would have been better if Saewa could have told Donghae about Bongi picking up Anna or if Bongi had been on time. What will happen next?

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