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Just finished watching Marry Me, Mary and must say that I am actually disappointed in where the series went. I am giving myself a day to reflect on the series before writing a review. I really wanted this to be a great drama, but it unfortunately fell flat for me.

I also hope to get another episode recap of Gloria done and an overall review of Bae Doo Na’s and Park Shi Hoo’s How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor done as well. If not tomorrow, then definitely by later this week. My friend who was visiting has left me and I am now gearing into writing mode once again. My New Year’s resolution is to try to write at least one episode/series recap a day like I was doing for awhile last year. If not, I really wish to post recaps at least once a week.

Sigh. Hopefully Dream High, which is replacing MMM, won’t be nearly as disappointing. And, just for random funniness. Taecyeon and Moon Geun Young starred in Cinderella Unni last winter and now his drama follows the end of her first drama since that heavy melodrama. Her character was a complete 180, will Taecyeon’s new character be as well? I am anticipating his performance. He is pretty talented.


  • Major kudos for watching Mary Me, Mary and for coming up with a review so quickly. I pretty much avoided this show like the plague. I don’t know if I’m growing old or I’ve seen way too many kdramas or if the quality of trendy dramas nowadays are just low but I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to stick around and finish a show.

    You know, I also give myself some time to reflect on a show, unfortunately, most of the time, when the show’s not good enough, it just ends up as a draft post for the longest time ever until it gets buried by other posts. Ooh, which reminds me… haven’t finished watching You’re Beautiful. Judging by your review of the latest Jang Geun Suk drama, I’m hoping that it’s a wee bit better than this one.

    • It does seem to be getting harder to find good quality dramas. MMM started out promising, but quickly went down the toilet, though I did keep plugging through hoping it would get better. I wanted it to be better than it was considering it did have 3 actors that I liked. Their acting was good, it’s just that the script and storyline could have used a bit more planning or work so it did not end up dragging with a rushed ending.

      I gave myself 2 days to reflect on this. Perhaps I should have waited a little more, but I was frustrated and disappointed in where the drama went. I do recommend finishing You’re Beautiful. Jang Geun Suk did a great job as the moody, OCD leader of A.N.JELL. That show, which started off really silly grew on me and I can say that I honestly like it better, even with some of the overdone plot conventions (i.e. Mr. Perfect Best Friend who never gets the totally clueless girl).

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