Gloria Episode 11 Recap

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaPicking up where we left off in episode 10, Jin Jin cannot believe that Kang Suk is asking her to join Double Sharp. She asks why he’s doing that if he scoffed and mocked her earlier. Kang Suk says that it is from Ji Young’s insistence and staking her life on making Jin Jin a singer that he is giving Jin Jin a chance. Jin Jin does not like this because it means Kang Suk doesn’t believe she has the potential still and is just using her as a business gamble. Kang Suk asks so what and Jin Jin tells him not to pity her. Even without his help she will become a singer and show him her true potential. She then storms out of the cafe with an annoyed Kang Suk on her heels.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaKang Suk grabs Jin Jin’s arm and stops her retreat. He turns her around and asks what if that isn’t all. Kang Suk was there the first time Jin Jin took stage and gave her horrible lip-sync performance. At first he thought she was pitiful, but when she found her voice and started singing, even though it wasn’t the best, Kang Suk could not take his eyes off of her. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t and then Ji Young explained that was Jin Jin’s strength. Jin Jin asks what Kang Suk means by that and he explains Ji Young’s theory about people being drawn in by Jin Jin and hoping that she will succeed. That is the most important gift as it makes the people want to sing along with you. Since Jin Jin possesses that gift, Kang Suk wishes to help her.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo NaJin Jin goes to the club in a daze and Oh asks if the charming young man managed to find her at the car wash. Jin Jin says nothing and Dong Chul cannot believe what he is hearing. First a beautiful noona is going out with Dong Ah and now a charming man is looking for Jin Jin. Dong Ah asks if Jin Jin is now dating and Jin Jin ignores the questions and tells Oh to give the flowers to Jin Joo when she arrives and heads into the club followed by the pestering Dong Ah. After they go down, Dong Chul asks Oh about the man. Oh says that she remembers seeing him at the club before and Dong Chul then decides that it must be a regular who fell for Jin Jin after hearing her sing.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo NaMeanwhile, inside the club Dong Ah keeps pestering Jin Jin to tell him about the guy who is looking for her. Is she really dating someone? Jin Jin finally stops and asks Dong Ah why he needs to know and Dong Ah explains that he is worried a customer might think she is easy just because she is a singer. Why else would a sane man want the unsexy Jin Jin? What a friend. Jin Jin then says the man is interested in making her a singer, hoping this will get Dong Ah off of her back, instead Dong Ah says that is proof the man’s intentions aren’t honorable. Dong Ah thinks that Kang Suk must be trying to seduce Jin Jin and must already be married. This angers Jin Jin and she asks if Dong Ah is really her friend. Dong Ah replies that he is saying all of this because he is her friend. Enter Woo Hyun who tells Dong Ah to go back to work prepping for the opening.

Lee Young Ha, Na Young HeeWoo Hyun then catches sight of Jung Nan entering the club for work and immediately starts scolding her for not showing up the previous night like she was supposed to. Jung Nan apologizes and goes to Woo Hyun’s office where he tells her to just quit if she plans on doing that again. Jung Nan says that she will never blow off a performance without calling ahead first. Woo Hyun asks if Lee is pressuring Jung Nan to quit and Jung Nan says that isn’t it, but refuses to say why she didn’t show up when she was supposed to. Woo Hyun asks what the problem is and Jung Nan says he doesn’t need to know. This hurts Woo Hyun who then says he guesses that he has no right to know about Jung Nan’s life and problems. This makes Jung Nan feel bad as that’s not the reason why. She just doesn’t feel like talking about her problems with Kang Suk’s impending marriage. Woo Hyun then says if that’s the case, Jung Nan can leave his office. He’s still a little hurt it seems.

Bae Doo NaBack in the dressing room, Jin Jin is staring at her reflection completely spaced out. Jung Nan asks why she is like that and Jin Jin jumps up and immediately mentions her son. Jung Nan asks what about Kang Suk and Jin Jin replies that he wants to make her into a singer.  Jung Nan asks so what and Jin Jin then says he is offering a contract. Jung Nan then tells her that Jin Jin has no reason not to accept the offer. Jin Jin then says that Kang Suk is someone who treated her like a roach and then makes such an offer. She trails off and Jung Nan says it must have felt strange (the sudden 180). Jung Nan asks if Jin Jin rejected the contract and asked why Kang Suk did what he did and Jin Jin says that she didn’t. Then she agreed? Jin Jin says she didn’t agree either. The flustered Jung Nan asked what she did if she didn’t say yes or no. Jin Jin didn’t do anything because she wasn’t quite sure what to do. Jung Nan then tells her that there comes a time in life when you grab a rotted rope to see where it may lead. Anyways, Kang Suk is her son so he probably recognized Jin Jin’s talent just like Jung Nan did. This quiets Jin Jing.

So Yi Hyun, Lee Chun HeeAt Yi’s house, Yi is upset that Yoon Seo slipped out again. She is back at the club and ignores her mother’s phone call. Yoon Seo then asks Oh if she can learn how to cook noodles as she is thinking about opening a restaurant in the future. Oh is shocked by this and Dong Ah tries to stop Yoon Seo, but she plows on ahead. Oh says she is not a qualified teacher and tells Yoon Seo to go to a cooking academy, but Yoon Seo is adamant in learning from Oh who keeps protesting. Yoon Seo then offers to run errands until Oh lets her try cooking. This annoys Eo Jin who does odd jobs for Oh to earn money. Yoon Seo assures him that she won’t take a penny from Oh – she just wants to learn. As Oh is about to cave in, Dong Ah pulls Yoon Seo aside to talk.

So Yi Hyun, Lee Chun HeeDong Ah asks what Yoon Seo is doing and she replies that she already asked how he would feel if she started working at Oh’s cart. Dong Ah said he thought that she was only joking so why is she really trying to work at Oh’s cart. Yoon Seo asks if its not allowed and Dong Ah says that it’s something a person like her shouldn’t do. Yoon Seo’s rebuttal: “What sort of person am I?” Dong Ah says she is the daughter of a rich family and she has even studied. Yoon Seo breaks into his listing and says that there is nothing she really knows how to do so she would love to learn how to make noodles from Oh. Dong Ah doesn’t quite believe this and Yoon Seo asks if he saw through her excuse. Yoon Seo really enjoys being around Dong Ah and his friends so she would like to be around them even more. That is why she is intent on learning how to make noodles from oh. Dong Ah asks how long she will want to be around them and Yoon Seo looks a little crestfallen and Dong Ah looks a little teary-eyed. He then says if there is something she wants to do, then she should do it and then he walks away.

So Yi Hyun, Jung So NyuYoon Seo goes home to find Ji Suk outside her house. He’s the worst kind of stalker now as he has her mother’s permission. What a bunch of messed up families. He says that it is hard just to get a glimpse of her these days. He then says he would like to ask just one thing: “Why not him?” If Yoon Seo is planning on marrying on command without love, why is Kang Suk better than Ji Suk who claims to have some affection for her? Yoon Seo then says it does matter and Ji Suk asks why. Yoon Seo replies that she at least feels sympathy for Kang Suk whereas she has no such feelings for him. Yoon Seo then goes into the house where she is immediately greeted by an angry Yi demanding to know where Yoon Seo was. Yoon Seo says she was out with friends, but Yi doesn’t believe she has any and says it must have been Kang Suk. Yoon Seo then says she was with him and Yi gets mad and says she has already told Yoon Seo to stop seeing him already. Yoon Seo doesn’t rise to this and goes to go upstairs. Yi calls up the stairs and tells Yoon Seo to not forget that Yoon Seo’s life belongs to Yi and Yi alone, not Yoon Seo.

Lee Jong Won, Seo Ji SukAfter his rejection, Ji Suk goes out drinking where he recalls Yoon Seo’s parting words about not having any feelings whatsoever towards him. This depresses and angers Ji Suk and he throws stuff off of the bar. At home, Song scolds Ji Suk for drinking into a stupor again. Kang Suk goes to help him, but Ji Suk goes to hit him and tells him to stop pretending. Lee yells at his eldest and Ji Suk turns to his father and asks if Lee ever put him and Kang Suk on the same scale. Lee demands to know what Ji Suk means and Ji Suk replies that he believes his father deems him unworthy to be on the same scale as Kang Suk. Song then starts hitting him and asks why he is behaving that way towards his father. She then sends the two housekeepers out causing Ji Suk to laugh that his mother is still worried about the opinions of the maids. Ji Suk then says that he knows Lee prefers Kang Suk and starts babbling about what would happen if he took something that belonged to his brother or that was never his to begin with. Lee tells Kang Suk to help his brother to his room and then turns to leave and Ji Suk yells after him that he has never been on his side. Song then hits Ji Suk and says that he is hurting her with his behavior. He doesn’t care.

The two brothers go upstairs and as Kang Suk is about to go into his room, Ji Suk stops him and asks if he thinks that he is a big joke. Kang Suk turns to look at his older brother who continues by saying that Kang Suk must find it ridiculous that Ji Suk is fighting a fight that will not happen.  Kang Suk says nothing and just stares at his hyung. Ji Suk then says he still has a desire to fight, so what can he do?

Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun Kyung, Kim Young OkAt Jin Jin’s, Jin Joo has a seizure. Jin Jin is yelling and hugging her sister tightly to her when Oh comes running in to help. She asks about Jin Joo’s medication and Jin Jin replies that it is too dangerous for Jin Joo to try and swallow it right now. Jin Jin does her best to calm her shaking sister down and rocks her while saying the tremors will pass. When Jin Joo calms down, Oh and Jin Jin get her to take her medicine and Jin Jin lies her back down to sleep while Oh complains about how hard a life the two girls have (the attacks are occurring more frequently). Oh then says that Jin Joo seems more like Jin Jin’s child versus her sister. Jin Jin then tells Oh she must become a singer because she does not want to leave her sister the way she is. Oh nods and pats the crying Jin Jin’s back.

Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun HeeThe next morning there is the usual bicker in the Oh household. Yoon Bae and Jong Bum complain about food, Tae Soon asks for more freebies, Mi Na tries to feed Dong Ah, and Eo Jin has started back to school again. Jin Jin gets a call and Dong Chul thinks it means that she is dating as well, but it is just Ji Young asking her to come in and sign the contract. When Jin Jin announces this, everyone is shocked and happy for Jin Jin. Yoon Bae and Jong Bum tell her she cannot go without them as they are afraid the company will try to swindle her and won’t let her leave without them. Jin Jin refuses their help, but they insist as does Dong Ah who thinks he’d be more of a help than the two ahjussis.

Kim Byung Choon, Lee Sung Min, Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji Suk, Park Hyun SookAt the bus stop, Jin Jin successfully manages to block Dong Ah’s entrance to the bus, leaving her only with Jong Bum and Yoon Bae. This ticks Dong Ah off as he thought he would definitely be better than the other two. Ji Young is shocked to see the two men accompany Jin Jin. She asks who they are and Jong Bum says he is Jin Jin’s manager and Yoon Bae introduces himself as her vocal coach. Jin Jin explains that they live with her and wanted to come see the place. Ji Young says there is nothing to see as they are just signing a contract and then Kang Suk arrives. Jong Bum recognizes him right away and congratulates Kang Suk at becoming successful coming from such a challenging background. This makes poor Jin Jin upset. Kang Suk finally gets him to shut up and they go to sign the contract. The two ahjussis look at the contract in great detail while Jin Jin just anxiously waits to sign it. Jin Jin doesn’t care if there is anything unfair or not, she just wants to do her best to become a singer and support her sister. The two men pretend to act like they know what they are doing, but Ji Young and Kang Suk won’t budge. Kang Suk, annoyed with the badgering men, stands up and says he will live since it doesn’t seem like they came their to sign and Jin Jin quickly picks up a pen and asks where she needs to sign.

After the signing, Jin Jin walks out in a daze with an envelope full of money. The two men congratulate themselves on successful negotiations and Jin Jin replies that it didn’t go any better thanks to them as they signed on the company’s terms. Yoon Bae then says that if it wasn’t for them, she wouldn’t have gotten the bonus in cash. If they hadn’t insisted on that she might have gotten a promissory note that ended up being no good. Yoon Bae asks what she plans on doing with the money. They want beef ribs and a big celebration, but Jin Jin says she has plans and walks off. The men then ask if they can at least get pork belly.

Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun Kyung, Chun Bo GeunBack at the house, Jin Jin gives her entire signing bonus to Dong Chul as a deposit on his room. Dong Chul is surprised and touched that she is giving him the room deposit. Mi Na asked if Jin Jin really signed the contract and the two men ask why the people don’t believe it. Mi Na replies with a question: just what is it about Jin Jin that the company likes? Jin Jin says that they saw an inner strength that attracts people to Jin Jin and that’s why they decided to sign her as a singer. Mi Na then says she is stronger at attracting people with her dancing versus Jin Jin’s singing and Dong Chul says that isn’t something to be proud of. Dong Ah then asks for money from Dong Chul since he is living for free in Dong Ah’s room. Dong Chul refuses as he did not move in willingly and the two fight for the money. While they bicker, Jin Joo asks Jin Jin if she is really going to become a singer and Jin Jin replies that she is. Jin Joo then happily says that she will get her diamond ring then. Jin Jin says when she gets to be a famous singer, she will by her sister a big, sparkly diamond.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo NaAt Oh’s food car, Yoon Seo has arrived early and is waiting to learn how to make noodles. The gang is shocked to see Yoon Seo there so early. Yoon Seo says that a student must show effort and Oh comments that she must be really eager to learn. Dong Chul then says it has nothing to do with wanting to make noodles, but rather wanting to see Dong Ah. This embarrasses Yoon Seo and Dong Ah tells Dong Chul to quit it. Then Jin Jin taps Dong Ah’s arm and gets closer to him saying she feels the same way Dong Chul does about why Yoon Seo is learning from Oh. Jin Jin then tells him to be on his best behavior and to get into Yoon Seo’s heart. Dong Ah says nothing and watches Yoon Seo help Oh setup the cart.

Lee Young Ha, Na Young Hee, Bae Doo NaInside the club, Jung Nan receives her first paycheck from Woo Hyun. She is happy to be earning her own money again. Jin Jin knocks on the door and comes in. Jung Nan says that she just got paid and asks what Jin Jin would like for a treat. Jin Jin then announces that she signed with an entertainment company. Jung Nan is immediately happy for Jin Jin and congratulates her while Woo Hyun seems a bit surprised. Jin Jin says that it is thanks to the both of them. She tells them about the signing bonus and what she did with it, but when she starts earning money, she will definitely be treating them. Woo Hyun then tells Jin Jin to tell everyone to stay after for a celebration party for Jin Jin’s success. This really touches Jin Jin and she goes out to spread the word.

Na Young Hee, Lee Young Ha, Oh Hyun Kyung, Choi Jae Hwan, Bae Doo NaJin Jin seems even more alive on stage than ever now that she is on her way to becoming an official singer. Jung Nan and Woo Hyun watch her performance happily from the audience as does Dong Chul and Dong Ah. Jung Nan says that she is a tough cookie and Woo Hyun agrees. Jung Nan is shocked that Jin Jin didn’t give up on life and has made it as far as she has today. Woo Hyun says if it wasn’t for Jin Joo, then Jin Jin probably would have given up. Dong Ah and Dong Chul also comment on how surprising it is that Jin Jin’s dream is coming true, but they are both happy for their good friend. You can tell Dong Ah is happy that Jin Jin’s dream is coming true despite him being against it at first.

Chun Bo Geun, Kim Young Ok, So Yi HyunOutside Yoon Seo ignores a call from her mother and Oh questions why she doesn’t take the call. Yoon Seo says its not a call she needs to and Oh asks if she is seeing another man. This surprises Yoon Seo, but she laughs it off and says that isn’t it (though it technically is as she plans on marrying Kang Suk and sees him on occasion). Oh tells Yoon Seo that old people shouldn’t meddle in young people’s business, but she feels Dong Ah is like her real grandson. Dong Ah may not feel that way, but Oh does. Yoon Seo agrees and Oh asks if she knows what his best point is. Oh then says it is Dong Ah’s abilities to take punches. Because he can take punches he has managed to survive so far, but he won’t be able to take one from Yoon Seo. Oh says Yoon Seo probably doesn’t understand what she is talking about, but just try to remember her words. This makes Yoon Seo feel bad. She then gets a text from her mom telling her to hurry home because Jung is there.

Jung So Nyu, So Yi HyunYoon Seo hurries home and Jung complains about his daughter taking such a long walk. Yi covers and says that since Yoon Seo hasn’t quite regained all the strength in her legs back, she taken to taking long walks now.  Jung brings up Kang Suk and Yi begins to immediately protest. Jung tells her to be quiet and tells Yoon Seo that Kang Suk would rather wait to marry until the can stabilize the company he’s currently at. Jung finds this admirable and the mark of a true man. He then asks how Yoon Seo feels about working. Yi immediately interrupts by asking what can Yoon Seo possibly know how to do and Jung replies that there is something he would like Yoon Seo to try out.

Lee Jong Won, Sung Byung SookAt the Lee household, Lee asks if Ji Suk has something to say to him. He then scolds his son about only voicing his true feelings when he is drunk. Ji Suk apologizes and says it was just the alcohol talking and nothing more. Lee asks just what is wrong that Ji Suk is unhappy about and Ji Suk replies that he cannot tell him yet. Lee asks if it is work related and Ji Suk says it isn’t about work. This mystifies Lee who wonders just what it is about. Ji Suk says he will tell him later and leaves only to be called out by his mother. Song immediately berates Ji Suk for his current bad behavior and asks what he intends to do if he keeps losing points in front of his father. Ji Suk says it’s funny for a score to be kept between parent and child. Song says that is his reality. Song then pushes him to meet Minister Park’s daughter, but Ji Suk doesn’t want to end up in another loveless marriage like his parents’, besides he has a girl in mind. Song asks who, but Ji Suk still won’t say.

Back at the club, Dong Ah looks for Yoon Seo who is nowhere to be found. Oh says she had to go home and asks if Dong Ah is disappointed that Yoon Seo left without saying goodbye. Dong Ah asks what is there to be disappointed about and Oh warns him not to fall too deeply. Oh then tells Jin Joo to take Eo Jin home and Dong Ah puts Eo Jin on her back. Oh then says she doesn’t feel Yoon Seo is destined to be Dong Ah’s other half. Dong Ah says he has never thought that as he is not a fool.

The celebration begins for Jin Jin’s success as soon as the club closes for the night. Jung Nan makes the toast, but a drunk Tae Soon begins to scold Jung Nan for talking informally to Woo Hyun. Jung Nan says they are friends so they can talk informally, but Tae Soon insists that Jung Nan can’t talk informally in front of the staff. Tae Soon then bares her feelings for the president, putting a damper on the party mood. Poor Woo Hyun is shocked by Tae Soon’s actions and becomes very uncomfortable until she finally passes out (after only two beers).

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunBack at Oh’s Tae Soon is still crying drunkenly and the others continue their celebration annoying Oh. Dong Ah goes back to his room where he gets a text from Yoon Seo apologizing. He texts that it is okay, but still finds trouble sleeping that night and ends up walking to Yoon Seo’s (it,s become a habit). She sees him and rushes out to meet him. He says he came to tell her that if she has trouble sleeping she should count sheep as that is what his nephew Eo Jin does. Yoon Seo asks if he came all that way just to tell her that and Dong Ah said yes because it was too long to send as a text and he has never sent a text in his life. Yoon Seo thanks him and he awkwardly leaves. Yoon Seo then says that no one has ever treated her as nicely as he has. Dong Ah immediately replies that he is a bad guy, but Yoon Seo says that he is a nice guy.

Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun HeeJin Jin is practicing alone on a bridge when Dong Ah comes back from visiting Yoon Seo. Dong Ah tells Jin Jin that her late night exercising is getting to be a habit. Jin Jin says that she couldn’t sleep and Dong Ah comments about people not sleeping seems to be becoming a habit. Jin Jin asks who else is unable to sleep and Dong Ah tries to shrug it off, but Jin Jin figures out that Yoon Seo is the one who couldn’t sleep. Jin Jin then teases Dong Ah about really liking Yoon Seo. Dong Ah then asks if Jin Jin knows about festivals totally confusing Jin Jin. Here we learn that Dong Ah is wondering when Yoon Seo’s festival is going to end as no festival can last forever. Jin Jin doesn’t get what he is saying, but he changes the subject and asks if she feels good about finally getting to become a singer. Jin Jin nods and smiles and says that her heart is pounding too much to sleep. Even though she has made such bold statements about becoming a singer, she wonders if she can really become one, but when she thinks about becoming one she’s so happy she feels she’s going crazy. Dong Ah tells her to continue practicing and Jin Jin says when she releases her first album, she’ll give Dong Ah a signed copy before anybody else since he is her best friend. As he walks away, he asks himself why he can’t sleep when he never even dreamed before.

Z:EA members cameo in GloriaThe next day Jin Jin officially begins her training and is introduced to some of the other trainees (Z:EA members making a cameo as trainees :P). The kids seem less than thrilled to meet Jin Jin. Ji Young tells them to stop giving the newcomer attitude and to get along. Ji Young tells Jin Jin that the vocal coach and choreographer will divide their time amongst them and Jin Jin asserts she will do her best. Ji Young tells them to work on vocal exercises until the coach arrives and leaves. Jin Jin is really friendly towards the kids but they complain about ahjummas trying to become singers these days. Jin Jin states that she is not an ahjumma as she has never been married. Another trainee says that they started with the cleaning when they first got into the company so that is what Jin Jin must also do. Jin Jin then happily begins cleaning.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukWhen she goes to throw out trash she notices gum on the floor and begins trying to scrap it up with the dustpan. Kang Suk comes by at that moment and wonders just what she is doing. She happily greets him and says that she is cleaning. Her attitude shocks him and he asks since when does she talk to him formally. Jin Jin replies that he is the president of the company she is working for, so she must speak formally to him. Kang Suk then says he contracted her to be a singer not a cleaner. Jin Jin explains that she was told everyone starts out with cleaning at first. Kang Suk asks who said so and Jin Jin said the kids she is practicing with. Kang Suk then says there is no reason for her to clean the hallways and goes to leave. Jin Jin stops him and formally greets him. As he walks away she determines that he really isn’t a bad person because he is ahjumma’s son.

Bae Doo NaJin Jin goes in for vocal training and you can tell the coach is less than impressed with her abilities and the trainees find her lack of skills amusing. The coach asks if she can read music and Jin Jin says that she can’t and then the coach asks about various musical knowledge and Jin Jin doesn’t know as well. The coach asks how she can be there and yet know nothing. Jin Jin says she doesn’t know why she was picked but she will try her hardest. The vocal coach is less than enthused since she doesn’t have the basic skills, but she keeps repeating that she will do her best (even with the kids laughing at her).

So Yi Hyun, Seo Ji SukJin Jin then rushes to the club with flowers for Jin Joo. Dong Ah asks how the first day of practice went and if she learned a lot. Jin Jin happily says that she was told she didn’t know the basics and was almost scolded to death. Dong Chul is shocked that she is saying things and laughing and Jin Jin asks after Yoon Seo. Where is she? Yoon Seo is at a designer store learning the ropes. Jung wants her to manage the store while waiting for Kang Suk and to have something to do after marriage as well. Yi complains because she had wanted that position and makes a snide remark to her daughter. Kang Suk then arrives and the four sit down to a meal (Yi is less than thrilled of course). When she finds time, Yoon Seo sneaks away to call Dong Ah and apologize for not being able to come. She hurriedly cuts the conversation short when Kang Suk comes out to use the restroom.

At home, Jin Jin is studying when her sleeping sister begins repeating what she usually says at work about buying roses. Jin Jin puts aside her paper and pats her sister’s head saying it is a relief that she hasn’t been too sick. Jin Jin tells her to wait until she makes it big, then she will buy Jin Joo a diamond ring and take her to the hospital. Yoon Seo texts Dong Ah, but he ignores it and tries counting sheep instead.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaThe next morning, Jin Jin meets Kang Suk when delivering papers and she warmly greets him and says he is exercising diligently. Kang Suk says it sounds like Jin Jin is teasing him, but she adamantly denies that. He smiles and looks back at Jin Jin as she bows and turns to leave his smile disappears. He grabs her and tells her she has a nose bleed. This surprises Jin Jin. She wipes her nose and laughs saying it is nothing. Kang Suk then asks if she’s even sleeping and then says that she is his asset and doesn’t belong to herself anymore. End episode. You know Jin Jin will explode over his choice of words later. Definitely something to look forward to.

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