Gloria Episode 10 Recap

Kim Young Ok, Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun Kyung, Lee Chun Hee, Park Hyun SookJi Young is shocked to learn that Jin Jin is Jin Joo’s little sister and Jin Jin is shocked to learn that Ji Young knows Jin Joo. Ji Young is further surprised to learn that Jin Joo’s mentality has become what it is today. Jin Jin and Ji Young go outside to talk and eat. Ji Young can’t stop staring at just what Jin Joo has become. Jin Jin tells her about the car accident and Ji Young reveals that when she was a rookie just starting out, Jin Joo was signed to Double # and was the most talented singer in the company. Her contract was suddenly and mysteriously terminated and Jin Joo disappeared, nowhere to be found. This was shortly after Jin Joo had landed a cosmetics deal and had bought an apartment for her family. Dong Ah confirms the apartment and Oh then says a few months after that, Dong Ah’s father brought the much altered Jin Joo and Jin Jin to live with them. Ji Young asks if Jin Jin lived in the rough neighborhood since that time 20 years ago. Jin Jin says yes and reveals that she was only 10 when it all happened. Ji Young asks how long Jin Jin’s been singing and Jin Jin replies not long and goes to pay for the meal, but Oh refuses the money and Jin Jin goes in to the club to sing.

After Jin Jin goes inside, Ji Young asks Jin Joo again if she really doesn’t remember her, but Jin Joo just says she has to go sell flowers. She gets up to go into the club and trips. Dong Ah catches her and tells her to be careful and Jin Joo happily goes down into the club. Oh then says to Ji Young that she cannot begin to tell Ji Young just how horrible and harsh a life Jin Jin has been living with Jin Joo.

Na Young Hee, Bae Doo NaWhen Jin Jin gets back into the waiting room, Yoon Bae immediately asks why the manager from Double # was there to meet her. Dae Bak, Tae Soon, and Mi Na are all shocked to hear that Jin Jin is being scouted. When Jin Jin remains silent, Jong Bum asks why Ji Young would show up if she has no interest or business with Jin Jin and Yoon Bae asks if Ji Young is interested in him versus Jin Jin. Before the silent Jin Jin can say anything, Dong Chul calls the others to hurry and get on stage, leaving her alone with Jung Nan who immediately wants to know what is going on. Jin Jin reveals that Ji Young knew Jin Joo and then says that Jin Joo was a singer at Double #. Jung Nan says that she does not know about that because she was abroad at that time. She then asks if Ji Young was there to see Jin Joo then and Jin Jin replies that is not the case. Before Jung Nan can get more information out of the reluctant Jin Jin, she receives a call and has to leave.

Sung Byung SookTurns out the calls was from Song who asked Jung Nan out to talk. As soon as Jung Nan gets to the meeting place, Song complains about her dress (she is still wearing her performance clothes as she has to get back to the club and work). Jung Nan asks why Song wanted to meet and Song asks if Jung Nan knows about Kang Suk getting married. Song then reveals that Yoon Seo’s birth mother is against the marriage because she knows who Jung Nan is. Jung Nan is shocked to learn that Kang Suk is marrying the daughter of a mistress. Song revels in being able to reveal such information to Jang Nun. She also says the fact that Yi is protesting the marriage (even though it is beneficial to both families) shows has more maternal instincts. Jung Nan asks what Song wants and Song says for the sake of Kang Suk, Jung Nan needs to leave Korea in order to prevent further misunderstandings and incidents in the marriage process. Poor Jung Nan. Song even further rubbed salt in the wound by stating how it is her duty as the “official” mother to plan Kang Suk’s wedding and engagement, neither of which Jung Nan will be able to attend.

Jung Nan returns to the club where she urgently calls Kang Suk and demands he comes to the club in order for them to talk. Kang Suk is at his fight club and refuses to meet his mother. Jung Nan insists and so does Kang Suk. When he hangs up on her, she tries to call him back, but he has already turned off his phone. She throws hers down startling Gloria who had come to get her on stage.

Lee Jong Won, Seo Ji SukKang Suk goes home and Ji Suk is sitting and drinking. He asks if his little brother won. Kang Suk is surprised to learn that his brother knows about the fight club and Ji Suk reveals that a classmate saw Kang Suk there and told him about it. Ji Suk then says that Kang Suk is focusing his energy in the wrong direction – Kang Suk should just directly confront Ji Suk. Kang Suk replies that it is just a hobby and goes to turn in, but Ji Suk doesn’t leave the topic alone and asks about Kang Suk considering Yoon Seo a trophy. Ji Suk then says he wants to get in the ring and fight Kang Suk for her, but he’s afraid that won’t look too good. Kang Suk keeps quite, but you can tell he is upset, especially when Ji Suk asks Kang Suk to step out of the ring and concede to his hyung. Kang Suk replies that he can’t and Ji Suk says that of course his little brother wouldn’t give up on becoming Jung’s son-in-law. Kang Suk asks if Ji Suk is the same. Ji Suk replies that it is because Kang Suk is like that, that he wants to pursue Yoon Seo who is precious and deserves better.

Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun HeeAfter Dong Ah finishes washing up, he goes into Jin Jin’s room and sits down. Jin Jin is surprised that he came into her room versus going straight to his own to sleep.Dong Ah asks if Jin Jin really has to try to become a singer. He then says he wants to be a friend and support her decision. Jin Jin tells him that’s enough and he can stop talking.  Dong Ah then reveals that Oh told Ji Young as much as she could about how Jin Jin lived. This makes Jin Jin unhappy and she asks why Oh did that. Dong Ah says listening to the story was appalling. He was there to watch Jin Jin live like that, but had forgotten how bad it was because it was the past. Hearing the story again, he recalled just how awful and hard it had been for Jin Jin. She asks Dong Ah what can she do about that and he tells her to stop trying to be a singer. This upsets Jin In, but Dong Ah continues. He wants to live quietly with Jin Jin. True, their life will always be hard, but to live quietly without a dream means their life can’t get any worse. Say Jin Jin tries and fails or succeeds and then becomes unpopular, what will she do? Will she break down and start taking drugs, will she abandon Jin Joo? Jin Jin tells him not to worry and Dong Ah replies that he can’t not worry. Jin Jin says she is choosing the path she wants and will have no regrets in doing so. Since Jin Jin won’t listen, Dong Ah gives up and leaves the room. Jin Jin then asks her sleeping unni if not giving up and going for it is the right thing.

Na Young Hee, Yeon Kyu JinHaving gotten no response from Kang Suk, Jung Nan calls out Lee early in the morning, annoying Song. Lee asks what Jung Nan wants and she reveals what she learned about the marriage. Lee tries to calm Jung Nan down, but she is having none of it. Jung Nan asks if Lee is doing this to Kang Suk because he is her son. She then reveals that Lee’s mother came and told her that the only way for Kang Suk to live as a human was to let him go into Lee’s family. Thus, Jung Nan gave up Kang Suk even though it hurt it so bad so he could have a better life (too bad Kang Suk doesn’t realize this). Lee then says that Kang Suk chose this path and Jung Nan says Lee is saying that Kang Suk went out and chose a daughter of a mistress himself (she knows better than that). Lee reveals that it is business between him and Jung and Jung Nan replies that people will point and stare and making laughing stocks out of the illegitimate children who are marrying (it’s entirely possible). Lee says that to others it may look like that, but to him and Jung they are precious children they want to see married well. He also reveals both he and Jung have plans and Jung Nan says with what they have done, how do they plan to support the two illegitimate children?

Park Hyun Sook, Seo Ji SukAt Double #, Ji Young reveals that she heard Kang Suk is getting married. He asks what she wants and she reveals that since he is going to leave after he marries, he should give her the authority to do business. Why? This place is just a stop for him while it is the place where she will bury her bones. Kang Suk replies that she won’t be able to do that. Ji Young asks if he is threatening to fire her and Kang Suk reveals that if he leaves, the company will be immediately shut down. This surprises Ji Young. Kang Suk then says that if she wants the company to survive, then she needs to stop opposing him and start helping him keep it afloat. Ji Young then changes the subject and says that she wants to make Jin Joo’s younger sister Gloria into a successful singer. Kang Suk then says Ji Young must have no plans to help revive the company and Ji Young iterates that she must make Jin Jin a singer. Kang Suk threatens the leave without pay again, but Ji Young plows ahead about how she racked her brains about trying to help Jin Jin become a singer. Kang Suk tells her to put that effort elsewhere, and again Ji Young ignores him and continues talking. She says they can use the angle of Jin Jin being Jin Joo’s younger sister. This effectively shuts Kang Suk up and he asks who Jin Joo is. Ji Young explains (because Kang Suk was about the same age as Jin Jin when Jin Joo had her fame) that Jin Joo was really famous when she was younger. Kang Suk then recalls the scene he witnessed between Jin Joo and  Jin Jin when they ran in front of his car. Ji Young explains their story will make the audience curious and want to know more, which can help Gloria become a singer. Kang Suk says nothing, but his attitude appears to have changed. It looks like he is seriously considering the manner now. And so I ask, is it because the sensationalism can help revive the company, or is it because he wants to give the downtrodden, hard up Jin Jin a better life?

Back at the Oh house, Yoon Bae agrees to help Jin Jin make a demo tape. This shocks Jong Bum and Yoon Bae says it is because he must respect Oh’s wishes as his elder. Oh tells Yoon Bae to shut up and just teach Jin Jin the song. Yoon Bae and Tae Soon are shocked to learn just how much Jin Jin doesn’t know about music. Looks like Jin Jin has a lot to learn before she can be a singer.

Dong Ah gets a call from Yoon Seo inviting him and Eo Jin out as repayment for all that he has done for her. Dong Ah tries to get Eo Jin ready and his horrified to learn he has no proper clothes for his nephew. Dong Chul then says that Yoon Seo must really like him and want to marry him if she’s willing to take out Eo Jin. That means she considers Eo Jin as part of her family. This flusters Dong Ah who says that their relationship isn’t like that and Dong Chul replies that Dong Ah is blind if he can’t see it. It’s not that he necessarily can’t, it’s that Dong Ah doesn’t want to for fear of what it means.

Yoon Bae is struggling to help Jin Jin and is getting frustrated as Jin Jin does not seem to be getting things like she should. Jin Jin can’t believe she has to know such things to be a singer. Dong Ah and Eo Jin come out and Jin Joo doesn’t want to leave Jin Joo. Dong Ah and Jin Jin try to stop Jin Joo from going along, but Eo JIn and Jin Joo plead and make a fuss, so Jin Joo gets to go along with them. Poor Dong Ah. He feels bad because he is bringing an extra person without Yoon Seo’s approval. As they leave, Dong Ah tells Jin Joo not to wonder off alone and he then threatens Eo Jin to behave or he will tell him ghost stories all night. What a threat.

Yoon Seo is getting ready to leave and Yi tells her to come get a facial with her because she invited Ji Suk to dinner. Yoon Seo is horrified to hear this and wishes that her mother would stop doing unnecessary things. Yi, of course, doesn’t listen to her frustrated daughter and tells the maid ahjumma to prepare for a guest and to not let Yoon Seo out of the house. Will she be able to sneak out or will Yoon Seo be forced to stand Dong Ah up?

Bae Doo Na, Kim Young OkBack at Oh’s, Yoon Bae finally gives up on teaching Jin Jin in order to take a nap, leaving her and Granny Oh alone. After he leaves, Jin Jin keeps studying the music and trying to sing it, but is not getting the correct feel. Oh tells her to take it a little at a time and she will get it before she knows it. Jin Jin says Oh is right and if she stakes her life on it, she will definitely accomplish it. Oh shows a new side of herself with screwing up popular sayings. It’s really cute. Jin Jin then wonders how Dong Ah’s dream is going and if his date with Yeon Seo is going okay. She then complains about Jin Joo being with them to screw things up. Oh asks Jin Jin if she really likes Yoon Seo and Jin Jin says there is nothing not to like and since Dong Ah likes Yoon Seo, she will support him. Jin Jin says that even though they fight like crazy, Dong Ah is still her family. Oh then voices her reservations about Yoon Seo and Jin Jin asks why Oh doesn’t like her. Oh reveals it is because she can’t tell what Yoon Seo is thinking so that makes her a very scary person. Really? Actually, it does make sense to be afraid of a person who doesn’t let on what they are thinking.

Meanwhile, Yoon Seo is late! Eo Jin and Jin Joo are beginning to complain of waiting in the summer heat. Eo Jin asks his uncle if they have been stood up and Dong Ah doesn’t know what to say. He hopes not, but what if Yoon Seo really did? Just when it looks like they are going to give up and go home, Yoon Seo comes running apologizing for being late. Yay! Yoon Seo managed to sneak out. Yoon Seo takes them to a place with a little bit of everything. Eo Jin gets to play on a plane and pretend to be a pilot while Jin Joo watches on, wanting to try it. Dong Ah has to keep her from going as it is for kids only. He apologizes to Yoon Seo for Jin Joo’s childish behavior and Yoon Seo says she does not mind and asks if it is autism. Dong Ah then explains about the car accident and how Jin Joo was once a famous singer. Dong Ah then says the Jin Jin has led a miserable life trying to take care of Jin Joo. Yoon Seo then says that despite that Jin Jin seems like a cheerful person who looks fabulous on stage (she looks awkward and powerful to me :P). Dong Ah says that it just because Jin Jin has no other choice. She lives a pitiable life, but there is no one to take pity on her. Even if someone in their neighborhood wanted to help, they can’t because they are all struggling to survive. You can tell how bad hearing this makes Yoon Seo feel. Yoon Seo then tells Dong Ah she’s embarrassed for being a crybaby now. Before she can say more, Eo Jin returns. Yoon Seo asks if she is forgiven now and he says he is still thinking (for making them wait all that time). This annoys Dong Ah, but Yoon Seo doesn’t mind, she even scolds Dong Ah for going to hit Eo Jin making him immediately forgive her.

Lee Chun Hee, Oh Hyun Kyung, So Yi Hyun, Chun Bo GeunYoon Seo buys them pizza for lunch. Dong Ah complains about them buying pizza, but Yoon Seo tells them to just eat. Eo Jin then asks if Yoon Seo if she is rich because only rich people can afford to buy pizza (weird considering how cheap pizza can be – well here in the US depending on where you go). Dong Ah again scolds Eo Jin and Yoon Seo denies being rich, but says she can buy Eo Jin pizza whenever he wants. Thus Eo Jin claims that makes her rich (since pizza is more expensive than chicken).

We then cut to Jung Nan who is marching into Double # to see her son who refused to meet her the night before. Inside Double Sharp, Ji Young is trying to get Jin Jin on a program that focuses on the life of people, knowing that Jin Joo and Jin Jin’s story would make good TV and help launch Jin Jin’s career. Of course, Ji Young isn’t having any luck. Jung Nan then enters the main office and asks to see Kang Suk. Ji Young shows her into the office and Knag SUk immediately kicks Ji Young out. Kang Suk asks why Jung Nan has come and she says it is because he refused to meet her and answer his calls, so what other choice did she have? Kang Suk asks for the reason and Jung Nan says she’s going to cause a commotion, so should they have their conversation elsewhere.

Na Young Hee, Seo Ji SukThey go to a nearby park and Kang Suk asks why Jung Nan plans on causing a ruckus. Jung Nan then says she knows about the girl Kang Suk is marrying. The fact that she is also a child of a mistress really rubs Jung Nan the wrong way. Kang Suk asks so what and that angers Jung Nan even more. Doesn’t her son have any pride? Even if Lee helped arrange the marriage, Kang Suk should have rejected the offer. He asks why should he and Jung Nan then brings up the gossiping masses.  Kang Suk then says it is not something the woman who gave birth to him should be concerned with (since it’s her fault that he has a messed up fate as an illegitimate child). Jung Nan then asks if that means he’s having revenge on her. Kang Suk finally erupts and says people already point fingers at him and he has to work twice as hard as Ji Suk to obtain anything. Jung Nan yells back that is the arranged marriage just bearing down and going along with things and Kang Suk asks what’s wrong with that. Jung Nan says it is low and shameful and Kang Suk doesn’t care because its the ladder he needs to climb out of his current life. Jung Nan asks what’s wrong with Kang Suk and is being her son really what made him like that. Kang Suk basically agrees that he is the way he is because of his parents. He works like a dog and does his best to gain his father’s recognition. Kang Suk is not allowed to have pride, he doesn’t have the time for it, he must do what he must. This brings Jung Nan to tears and she wonders if she should never have given birth to her son. Kang Suk then tells her there is no reason to regret what’s already done and he turns to leave. Jung Nan grabs his arm and apologizes for giving birth to him, but she is more sorry that she gave him his current fate as he should live as a human being and not something lesser. Kang Suk says he has not choice and Jung Nan tries to get him to stop, but he refuses to listen. He vows to get to the top no matter what the costs and tells his mother to stop interfering. I really feel badly for both mother and son.

Back at the office Ji Young asks why Jung Nan came. Does she want to make a comeback? Kang Suk says that isn’t the case and Ji Young insists on knowing why she showed up (apparently she is unaware that Kang Suk is Jung Nan’s real son). Kang Suk says he doesn’t have to tell Ji Young the reason. She then changes the topic to Jin Jin. She then broaches the subject about trying to get Jin Jin on the show and also mentions an American Idol-like show that could definitely help boost Jin Jin’s career. Kang Suk tells Ji Young to just pick one of the contracted singers, but Ji Young insists that it must be Jin Jin.

At the club, Jin Jin is on stage singing a new song, “Indian Doll”. Her dancing is still awkward but is a lot better than before. Outside the club, Yoon Seo is working at helping out Oh. Dong Ah tells her to stop and Yoon Seo says she is doing it because she wants a bowl of noodles from Oh. The unhappy Oh says she will give her a bowl and Dong Chul goes running out saying there is a fight. Dong Ah goes off leaving Yoon Seo and Oh alone. Oh asks Yoon Seo why she is pursuing Dong Ah. She then says that if she hurts the kind-hearted Dong Ah, then she better not come at all.

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunInside the club, Dong Ah and Dong Chul try to break up the right and Dong Ah gets pushed into broken glass, cutting his hand. He gets angry, but holds his temper and actually does not hit the guest. This shocks not only Dong Chul, but the guests as well. Dong Ah then walks away. Yoon Seo buys some medicine and bandages and takes care of Dong Ah’s hand. She asks if Dong Ah can’t find a different job – one where he won’t get hurt. Dong Ah says there is no jobs for someone like him who hasn’t graduated from high school and only knows how to use his fists. Yoon Seo apologizes and Dong Ah asks why. Yoon Seo says that she hates the fact that her mom talks without considering other’s feelings and she doesn’t want to be like that. Dong Ah tells her to only apologize when necessary. Dong Ah then asks if Yoon Seo is having fun and she says yes. She then asks for Dong Ah to put in a good word with Oh so that she can get a job there.

Meanwhile, Ji Suk is getting ready to leave and Yi apologizes for Yoo Seo’s behavior. She wasn’t supposed to leave and then disappeared. Ji Suk says that is okay because he understands that Yoon Seo might feel uncomfortable around him because she is supposed to be marrying his brother. Yi says that she believes they can get Yoon Seo to change her mind and agree to marry Ji Suk instead. As Ji Suk leaves, he says to himself that it is a dirty game, but he has no other choice since he wants Yoon Seo.

At the club, Jong Bum gets his pay from Woo Hyun and says that Jung Nan did not show up for work. Jin Jin calls Jung Nan and hears that she is sick. Jin Jin then rushes out. She is stopped by Dong Ah who asks where she is going. She says somewhere and to please take Jin Joo home. Dong Ah asks if she is in love and Jin Jin says just because he is, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Dong Ah then yells after the retreating Jin Joo that he is not in love.

Jung So Nyu, So Yi HyunBack at Yoon Seo’s house, she is getting scolded by her mother for leaving the house after she expressly asked her to stay and have dinner with Ji Suk. Yoon Seo says that she wasn’t the one to invite Ji Suk so she had no responsibility to attend the dinner. Yi then says that Ji Suk didn’t come to meet with her so Yoon Seo should have been there. Yoon Seo then asks her mother just what she is. Yi asks what she means and Yoon Seo asks if she is a daughter or a hostage to be bartered off for the better offer. Yi then smacks Yoon Seo and says that she would never hold Yoon Seo hostage (lie!). Yoon Seo says there is no difference between the past and now. Yi forced Yoon Seo to badger Jung to get on the Jung family register when Yoon Seo really didn’t care and wished to live her life just as she was. Yi says she never should have given birth to such a daughter. After her mother leaves, Yoon Seo cries and agrees.

Na Young Hee, Bae Doo NaJin Jin rushes into the cafe and is shocked to find Jung Nan sober. Jung Nan asks if Jin Jin came so fast because she was afraid that Jung Nan would drink and act crazy. Jin Jin cheerfully replies that is the reason she came. Jung Nan asks if Jin Jin is always so affectionate. Jin Jin says she really isn’t that affectionate of a person. Jung Nan then asks why, if that is true, then is Jin Jin so good to her. Jin Jin says it is because Jung Nan is her singing teacher. Jung Nan says a teacher sets a good example, but what can Jung Nan do for Jin Jin. Jin Jin says that as long as she can sing like Jung Nan, she will be happy. Jung Nan says that she doesn’t have a friend to sit and talk to like she is with Jin Jin right now, isn’t that pathetic? Jin Jin then asks if she can be Jung Nan’s friend – she can listen to Jung Nan’s complaints and be there for her to stop her from drinking. Jung Nan then says as a friend that Jin Jin should not live like her, then Jin Jin will be successful.

Bae Doo Na, Seo Ji SukThe next morning, Kang Suk returns from his exercise just as Jin Jin comes to deliver the papers. She initially ignores him, but he then asks if she still plans on being a singer. Jin Jin then asks what does that have to do with him. Kang Suk replies that she said he would make her regret it. Jin Jin then says it’s weird that he initiated the conversation first – what is the world coming to? Kang Suk says that Jin Jin usually always butts, so he was wondering why she is ignoring him today. Kang Suk then starts repeating what Jin Jin told him before. Jin Jin then asks if he knows why she used to criticize him. She tells him that she did so earlier thinking that they were in the same boat, both lost in the fog (Jin Jin without parents and Kang Suk as the son of a mistress), thus she talked to him as she would talk to Dong Ah (her best friend). However, the moment Kang Suk insulted her unnecessarily, she decided to ignore him. Jin Jin tells him that the next time he sees her, Kang Suk should ignore her, too. She leaves and Kang Suk watches her go with a bewildered expression. I think he words shocked him the most.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo Na

“Do you want to try?”

Back at Double Sharp Ji Young comes to Kang Suk with a project proposal for Gloria and instead of automatically saying no, he tells her that her thinking is too narrow and not a proper strategy. Omo, Kang Suk is going to take on Gloria/Jin Jin! Kang Suk goes to the club and Oh tells him that Jin Jin is at the car wash. Kang Suk goes there and asks to talk. Jin Jin refuses and Kang Suk grabs her arm and asks her to listen. He takes her to a coffee shop where she wonders what they could possibly have to talk about sitting face-to-face. Kang Suk asks if she wants to be a singer. Jin Jin then spits his words back at him (about cows and dogs being singers before her). Kang Suk then says he is thinking about taking part in her dream, is she interested? Needles to say our Jin Jin is shocked. And that is where episode 10 leaves us.

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