Paradise Kiss Teaser

It is here! The first teaser for the live action movie of Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss has been revealed. It doesn’t give you much of a taste of how the movie will go, but it looks like it should follow parts of the manga okay. The teaser introduces you to the main characters of George (Joji) and Yukari (Caroline) and shows you their first meeting and a brief flash of what’s going to happen.

It’s hard to tell from the previews, but I wonder if the girl playing Yukari is actually right for the role, because she doesn’t seem to have as much of her personality that she displayed in the manga. And I miss George’s blue hair, but Makai Osamu seems to be a great choice for the oddity that is George. I can’t wait until they release a full-length trailer. This movie is actually shaping up to look more promising than I’d hoped it would be.


  • only 44 seconds? i need more Parakiss! I was alittle worried about George not having blue hair, but in a live action movie, I worry that the blue hair would just make him look silly. The big question is, will Miwako have her famous pink hair??

    • The brevity is what makes it just a teaser and it definitely leaves a person craving more. I agree that George’s infamous blue hair would look a little silly in a live-action, but I can’t imagine Miwako without her trademark pink. We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully they’ll release teasers that focus on the rest of the ParaKiss gang.

  • I love manga-turned-live-action stuff!!!!!!

    Mukai Osamu in anything as anyone is good enough for me xDD

    I’m thinking Kitagawa Keiko will do fine as Yuriko, the girl can actually act ^_^ The lack of personality thing you’ve pointed out in the trailer is probably because we are seeing the character at the start of the story, ya know, pre-Joji days ;OO I’m sure in the later parts of the film we will get to see her come all out..!

    • I know Kitagawa is a great actress and am hoping we really get to see Caroline pop out in the movie and I agree that having Mukai Osamu is a good enough reason, too. Teasers can be such unreliable things 😛 but it looks interesting so far.

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