Gloria Episode 9 Recap

Jin Jin buys a carton of eggs and sits eating them outside the shop, angrily recalling Kang Suk’s words earlier. We get to see more of the argument that they had. Jin Jin tells him that despite her temperament and lifestyle, she would never treat her mother that way and she then says she will make him regret not taking her on to train as a singer. Kang Suk cruelly says he would rather die than regret letting her go. With a parting “then you will die,” Jin Jin storms out of the office. Looking back now, Jin Jin wonders if she is confident enough to continue with the challenge and curses herself for losing her temper with the pig and dog comment Kang Suk made.

Back at Oh’s house, Yoon Bae has gotten paid, so he’s treating the tenants to a feast. Jin Jin comes in and Jin Joo bids her to come eat. Yoon Bae tells her he got paid for the commercial and gives her the money he owes her. This makes Jin Jin happy. Tae Soon asks if that means Jin Jin will spring for beer and Jin Jin asks Yoon Bae of the money will be enough for a demo. She then asks him for help in making it. Jong Bum asks if she is serious while Dong Ah says he told her to stop dreaming. Jong Bum then tells her that it is not an easy road and it takes a lot of hard work and talent. He failed his gag man audition 15 times. Dong Ah then tells Jin Jin to be more realistic, but his cell rings, effectively ending that conversation as everyone wondered who would intentionally be calling the resident, hot-tempered loser.

Dong Ah goes outside to answer it and it is Yoon Seo. Yoon Seo invites Dong Ah out and he comes running. She is surprised when he shows up so fast and he asks what she is doing. Yoon Seo replies that she is curious as to where he lives. He says that the place is quite slovenly, so what is there to see? Yoon Seo asks if he is hot and then says she will treat him to some iced coffee.

Meanwhile, Jin Jin keeps bugging Yoon Bae for help. He tells her that it is not easy and that she doesn’t have a big enough repertoire. Jin Jin asks what that means and he asks how many songs does she know and she replies only one. So that means she needs to have more to make a demo? Well, you’d think that would be kind of obvious even to such an amateur. Yoon Bae replies that is right and Jin Jin asks for his help to improve. He then says that she still hasn’t gotten “Gloria” right and she sings it almost every night so how can she make a demo. Yoon Bae and Jong Bum say that it is a waste of time. Oh breaks in and says that they should let Jin Jin be and help her. This really touches Jin Jin.

While getting the iced coffee, Dong Ah tells the ahjumma to make Yoon Seo’s a plan “American” coffee and Yoon Seo replies that she wants it just like Dong Ah’s. He tells her the only reason he gets everything in his coffee is because the people around there believe if its for the same price, you might as well get everything, so coffee ends up as thick as porridge. Yoon Seo laughs and says she drinks coffee like that, too. As they are walking and drinking, Dong Ah asks about the sweetness and Yoon Seo says she will be full after drinking the coffee. Dong Ah is surprised that she said something like that. Yoon Seo asks if it was funny and Dong Ah laughs. Yoon Seo says it must be funny and Dong Ah replies he was laughing out of courtesy and that she shouldn’t try to be funny elsewhere. Yoon Seo thanks him for laughing as he is the first. Then two guys come out arguing and fighting and Dong Ah pulls her closer to protect her. He then says that petty fights over small details break out often. Yoon Seo watches in interest and turns to him and asks if the national sport is baseball or soccer (what the men were arguing about). He looks at her and laughs.

Back at Oh’s house, Jin Jin is helping Oh clean up the mealtime dishes. Jin Jin thanks Oh for coming to her rescue and Oh tells her there is no need because she didn’t do it because she thinks Jin Jin can become a singer or anything like that. Jin Jin asks why then and Oh asks if Jin Jin knew what she was like before she started singing. Oh then explains that Jin Jin acted like she was Oh’s age instead of 30 and that she is really happy to see Jin Jin start acting more like a younger person should. Jin Jin respectfully calls her “grandmother” and asks if its really crazy for her to dream about being a singer. Oh says it doesn’t matter as everyone is crazy about something at some time. Jin Jin then hugs her and says she likes her.

At Double Sharp, Ji Young is pleading for Kang Suk to give Jin Jin a try. Kang Suk says that all of Ji Young’s previous hunches about talent have been thus far wrong. Ji Young admits it, but says the kids she has now and Jin Jin give off totally different feels. Jin Jin draws you in and makes you want her to succeed. Kang Suk tells Ji Young to just groom the talents they have with that and Ji Young says that’s impossible as that specific trait can’t be taught and is something you are born with. Ji Young says he knows nothing, earning her a dark look and she then asks for him to give Jin Jin a chance, but he remains firm in his resolve not to.

Dong Ah and Yoon Seo’s date is ending, but Yoon Seo is reluctant to cross the street back into her world. Dong Ah says he needs to go to work and Yoon Seo asks to tag along. Dong Ah tries to discourage her, but she pleads with him and he happily agrees knowing that she earnestly wants to go. As they head off, Ji Suk passes by in his car and sees Yoon Seo with Dong Ah. He immediately stops the car and tries chasing after them. He accidentally runs into Jin Joo who is out with Eo Jin. He apologizes and continues on after Dong Ah and Yoon Seo. Meanwhile, Jin Joo seems to have recognized him and begins have an episode, freaking out little Eo Jin who doesn’t understand what is wrong. This incident causes Ji Suk to lose his prey.

Dong Chul excitedly tells Oh outside the club that Dong Ah has brought the girl from last time around. Oh asks Dong Ah who Yoon Seo is and he replies just an acquaintance. Yoon Seo politely greets Oh who tells her that she doesn’t have to be formal and asks how Yoon Seo knows their loser. Dong Ah repeats they just know each other when Jin Jin runs up with the flowers asking after Jin Joo. Dong Chul points out the pretty Yoon Seo and Dong Ah tells Jin Jin not to laugh as Yoon Seo is just an acquaintance. Dong Ah then turns to Yoon Seo and tells her that there is no reason to greet Jin Jin as no good will come from knowing her. Yoon Seo still says a friend hello which Jin Jin returns. She then also asks how Yoon Seo knows Dong Ah. Dong Ah says she’s just a friend and Yoon Seo asks if Jin Jin is his friend. Dong Ah says yes, but that they are also more like enemies as they fight constantly and beat each other up for no reason daily. Dong Chul can’t believe the change in Dong Ah who has switched to formal speech in front of Yoon Seo. Oh says that Dong Ah even uses informal speech with her, his grandmother and Yoon Seo immediately apologizes, saying she did not know that Oh was Dong Ah’s grandmother. Oh replies that she isn’t, so Yoon Seo doesn’t need to be so formal. Jin Jin then tells Yoon Seo to choose her friends more wisely and sets out to list how horrible Dong Ah is. Dong Ah grabs her and the two begin their usual scuffling while Yoon Seo watches on amused. She tells them they look close and that it is nice getting a throw up response from Jin JIn.

Dong Ah leads Yoon Seo into the club and seats her while Dong Chul and Jin Jin watch on wondering just what kind of relationship they have. Dong Chul says that it is special relationship and Jin Jin watches on happy to see Dong Ah with someone special. She and Dong Chul then go to the dressing room where Jin Jin comments that its a pity to see such a beautiful girl with the loser. Dong Chul then tells Mi Na that she is out of the game as Dong Ah brought his girlfriend. No one believes Dong Chul, but when he insists, Mi Na gets worried and quickly leaves along with the others who want to see if he really has a girlfriend. Jung Nan asks what the fuss is about and then says that Dong Ah is the type to invite trouble, but is quite handsome.

Jin Jin then reveals that she knows the truth about Jung Nan’s son being the president of an agency. Jung Nan asks how she knows and Jin Jin replies that she went for an audition at the company and met him. Jung Nan asks if she had the audition and Jin Jin replies that she didn’t. Jung Nan asks if its because Kang Suk is her son and Jin Jin replies its because Kang Suk says that someone like Jin Jin can never become a singer even if she awakened after dying. Jung Nan says it definitely sounds like something Kang Suk would say and she asks what Jin Jin plans. Jin Jin says that she is going to really try to become a singer. She then revealed that she talked big to Kang Suk so she must do her best to become a singer. Jung Nan then says that if that’s the case, if Jin Jin makes it as a singer, she will need to thank Kang Suk for spurring her on. Jin Jin then asks for Jung Nan’s help in becoming a singer. Jung Nan says it will be fun as Kang Suk says that Jin Jin can’t be a singer and Jung Nan wants to watch her son get mad and help Jin Jin become one.

In the main club room, Mi Na is grilling Yoon Seo about her relationship with Dong Ah. Dong Chul tries to get her to stop and apologizes to Yoon Seo, saying that Mi Na likes Dong Ah more than life. Mi Na agrees with the last comment and says she must marry Dong Ah which surprises and hurts Dong Chul. Poor Yoon Seo just doesn’t know what to say to the abrasive Mi Na. Dong Chul runs and gets Dong Ah. Dae Bak and Tae Soon try to get Mi Na to leave so they can start their number, but she refuses. Dong Ah comes in and Mi Na asks if they are dating and he replies that they are not, which I think hurts Yoon Seo. Mi Na then asks him to send Yoon Seo away. Dong Chul tells Dong Ah that he should have just told Mi Na that they are dating so that she will completely give up on him finally.

Jung Nan and Jin Jin have changed and Jung Nan is trying to instruct Jin Jin on singing from the abdomen versus the throat, which Jin Jin doesn’t quite understand. Jung Nan says its going to take a while and Jin Jin replies that it can’t. Jung Nan asks why and Jin Jin says she needs to become a singer quickly so she can take her sister to a hospital for detailed brain scans. Jung Nan learns that even though Jin Joo needs more tests and treatments, she just gets sleeping pills to keep her calm. Thus Jung Nan decides to do her best to make Jin Jin a singer as fast as she can. Jin Jin’s phone rings and it is Ji Young. Jin Jin refuses to talk to someone from Kang Suk’s company and hangs up. Ji Young likes that Jin Jin has a temper.

Yoon Seo seems enraptured with Jin Jin’s and Jung Nan’s performance. Dong Ah comes up after the performance and tells Yoon Seo that it is late so they should leave. They get ready to go and Dong Chul tells Yoon Seo to come back often and Dong Ah says that she shouldn’t come back to a dump like the club. Oh then invites Yoon Seo to have some noodles, which shocks Dong Ah. Oh’s niceness surprises Dong Ah and amuses Yoon Seo who likes to see their bickering.

At the house, Eo Jin is taking care of the ill Jin Joo who keps recalling bumping into Ji Suk. She then flashes back to a moment with a glasses-wearing Ji Suk. Just what is their connection? Yoon Seo eats Oh’s noodles and Oh says she is surprised at Yoon Seo’s healthy appetite. Just like in the first episode where Yoon Seo kept apologizing, in this one she keeps saying thank you. Dong Chul says that she really is the opposite of the impolite Dong Ah who goes off to hit him and Dong Chul tells him not to use violence in front of his girlfriend. Yoon Seo looks over at that and he announces again that she is not his girlfriend. Yep, she is disappointed by his insistence.

Ji Suk then goes to Yoon Seo’s house annoying Yi who remembered meeting him before. Yi asks why she is there and he announces that he is Kang Suk’s brother. Meanwhile, Dong Ah is getting ready to take Yoon Seo home. Oh tells her to come back often, but as a paying customer. Yoon Seo agrees and the two go off. At this time a surge of people come out of the club with complaints of a server named “Superman” and some people showed up off the street, making granny really busy. Thus Yoon Seo doesn’t leave, but steps in to help.

Ji Suk says he is not there because of Kang Suk, he is there because he is interested in Yoon Seo. This shocks Yi. Ji Suk then explains that he is very different from his brother and has a better background, so he believes that their interests will be similar. He then gives a big grin and you can see the wheels turn in Yi’s diabolical little mind.

Jin Joo recalls Ji Suk holding out a diamond ring when she was younger before the accident. After this memory, she immediately wakes up and Eo Jin asks if she is okay. He then says he will run off to get Jin Jin to help Jin Joo, She replies that she is not sick and insists on going to work to sell flowers, which Eo Jin tries hard to discourage, but Jin Joo won’t listen (actually rare for Jin Joo when it comes to Eo Jin) as she doesn’t want Jin Jin to worry about her.

Dong Ah is walking Yoon Seo home and tells her that she didn’t have to work. Yoon Seo said she did because she enjoyed the soup that she got for free and wanted to repay Oh’s kindness. Yoon Seo then asks if Mi Na and Dong Ah are dating. Dong Ah immediately says that he doesn’t. Yoon Seo says that Mi Na seems to like him a lot. Dong Ah says its because she is a loser and that all people living at Oh’s are losers as well. Dong Ah includes Jin Jin ins that description as well. Yoon Seo is surprised to hear that they are all living together. Yoon Seo says it must be fun and then replies that she thinks Jin Jin is cool. This shocks Dong Ah, but even more shocking is when Yoon Seo says when she is born again, she wishes to be born with Dong Ah. He then jokes that the medicine from her last suicide attempt really scrambled her brains since she is talking nonsense.

Eo Jin and Jin Joo are walking to the club and meet Dong Ah and Yoon Seo. Dong Ah yells at them for playing around, worrying the others and Jin Joo ses Yoon Seo and immediately rushes up to the pretty woman. Yoon Seo seems a little taken aback by Jin Joo’s childish antics. Dong Ah pulls her away and Eo Jin asks who she is. Dong Ah says that she is his friend and that Eo Jin should introduce himself. Eo Jin can’t believe such a beauty is his uncle’s friend. Yoon Seo introduces herself as Dong Ah’s friend and Eo Jin asks her point blank why she’s friend with his loser of an uncle. Dong Ah covers his mouth and says he has no manners, but Yoon Seo finds it all amusing.

Back at the club, Jin Jin is worrying about her missing sister and decides to go off to find her. Dong Chul stops her and tells her to change as her clothes are too revealing (she’s still wearing her performance outfit). Then comes Dong Ah, Eo Jin, and Jin Joo. Jin Jin asks where they have been and Eo Jin replies that Jin Joo was sick. Jin Jin asks if it was cars at an intersection again and Eo Jin says no (it wasn’t, but he doesn’t know it was Ji Suk’s doing either). This worries Jin Jin who checks out Jin Joo who still has a fever. Jin Joo replies that she is fine and will sell the flowers. Dong Chul asks if Dong Ah sent Yoon Seo home and goes on and on, finally asking about marriage. This scares Eo Jin who worries that if his uncle gets married, then he will go to an orphanage. Dong Ah hits Eo Jin on the head and says he won’t send him off even if he does get marriage and everyone goes back inside to work, but I think Eo Jin is still worried. Inside, Jin Jin tries to convince her unnie to not sell flowers, but Jin Joo refuses to listen and happily goes to sell flowers.

Yoon Seo is shocked to see Ji Suk come out of her house. He says that he had business with her mother and is happy that Yi has such a refreshing personality. Yoon Seo rushes inside to find out just what is going on and Yi reveals that Ji Suk is interested in her. Yi approves of this relationship over marrying Kang Suk. Yoon Seo asks what her mom is talking about and Yi says that she needs to meet with Ji Suk and get to know him. This shocks and horrifies Yoon Seo who feels she is being put up for sale. This angers Yi, who wants her daughter to be with the best of the best. Yoon Seo then insists that she will marry Kang Suk over his elder brother and goes into her room to worry and cry.

Dong Ah is sitting on the hill by their house and Jin Jin comes out to practice singing. Dong Ah asks if she is scared and she replies that she is, but she feels if she gives up now she will regret it forever. So Jin Jin will do her best to be a singer even if she cracks her skull. Dong Ah says that is how they are different and he says that if she cracks he skull, he’ll apply the medicine at least and puts his arm around her shoulders. Jin Jin shrugs off his arm and asks just what is going on between him and Yoon Seo. Dong Ah says nothing and Jin Jin asks if he likes her and Dong Ah doesn’t reply. He just says Yoon Seo is curious about his life. Jin Jin reiterates that she is asking about Dong Ah’s feelings not Yoon Seo. Jin Jin then describes his gentleness and manners as him showing how much he likes Yoon Seo. Dong Ah replies that he isn’t crazy and that Yoon Seo is not like them. This annoys Jin Jin that Dong Ah is talking like Kang Suk. Jin Jin then asks if Yoon Seo is from a wealthy family. Dong Ah goes to leave, but Jin Jin insists that Yoon Seo admits that she is Dong Ah’s friend and seeks him out. Dong Ah asks so what and Jin Jin tries to voice what she wants to say, but can’t. How hard is it to say that those are signs that Yoon Seo likes him. After he leaves, Jin Jin says that he has never been like that before and that he was cool in front of Yoon Seo, that is why she hopes he could be like that all of the time.

Song is trying to get Ji Suk to meet up with Minster Park’s daughter. Lee is interested in this and encourages his eldest to meet her. Ji Suk replies that he has no interest in Park’s daughter and has someone else in mind. Song asks who and Ji Suk replies that Kang Suk knows her well. This definitely raises a red flag for Kang Suk. At the office, Lee asks how long Kang Suk will need to bring Double Sharp around. Kang Suk believes it needs time and would like to give it a try. Lee mentions closing it down and Kang Suk asks again for the chance to turn it around in a short time. Lee wonders if that is a delay tactic for the marriage.

At the office, Ji Young finds out that Jin Jin works in a night club and immediately asks Kang Suk to go to a night club with her. Kang Suk says she must not want her job anymore and Ji Young says its to see Jin Jin. Kang Suk ignores this and tells Ji Young who to focus on, but Ji Young keeps trying to change the subject back to Jin Jin. Kang Suk refuses to rise to it and kicks her out of his office.

At the club, Lee sits outside and looks at the blown up article about Jung Nan. Woo Hyun notices him and bows his head in greeting and then officially recognizes him. This worries Woo Hyun. He goes into his office where Jung Nan and Jin Jin were practicing. Woo Hyun kicks Jin Jin out and talks to Jung Nan about Lee having shown up outside. Woo Hyun says it looks like his feelings have deepened even more. Jung Nan says it doesn’t matter because Lee won’t step foot inside the club. Before she leaves, Jung Nan tells Woo Hyun that Lee tried to kill her once which really shakes Woo Hyun up.

Ji Young reaches the club and is greeted by Dong Ah who asks if she is alone. Ji Young asks if she can’t go in if she’s alone. Dong Ah says not that, but there are many single males and the waiter “Hong Gil Dong” can try to set her up with her ideal type. Ji Young can’t believe there’s clubs still doing this and goes in and Oh scolds Dong Ah and talks about “that girl” but Dong Ah feigns ignorance.

Song approaches Ji Suk and tries to find out who the girl is, but he refuses to tell her about his one sided crush. Song leaves and Ji Suk asks his little brother if he’s curious. Kang Suk says that he isn’t and goes to go into his room, but Ji Suk says that never in his life did he want to compete with Kang Suk until now. It’s pretty obvious what Ji Suk is hinting at.

Back at the club, Ji Young is intently listening to Jin Jin’s performance of “Gloria” while Dong Chul tries to set her up with men at another table. Ji Young asks about Jin Jin. Dong Chul says he is close to Jin Jin and can get her autograph. Ji Youn sends him away and then calls him back telling him to bring Jin Jin to her. While waiting for Jin Jin, Ji Young sees Jin Joo. She grabs Jin Joo’s arm and Jin Jin pulls her away asking her what she is doing to her sister. Ji Young then asks if she is Jin Joo’s sister and Jin Jin replies yes.

End episode. Wow. A lot going on and it seems the complicated plot is getting mor and more complicated.

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