My Prince Episode 12 Recap

Ai Fan spends more and more time with the Li family, cooking and cleaning. She prepares dinner, but Zhi Kai is still not home. They don’t want to eat without him, but decide to since they are hungry and Ai Fan says that he is working late. But is he? Nope, he is having a drink with his ex-girlfriend. Zhi Kai asks when Qing Yu returned returned to China and then says how surprised he was to meet her at the entrance to his company – talk about coincidence. Qing Yu states that it wasn’t coincidence, she has been searching for him for a week already. Why?

Apparently Zhi Kai changed his phone number and he and his family moved so she really had no idea how to find him. Qing Yu finally contacted some old classmates to find out just where Zhi Kai was. Qing Yu asks if Zhi Kai was avoiding her and he immediately replies that he wasn’t. He just happened to get a new job and move. This saddens Qing Yu as she wanted to remain in his heart. She is more saddened to hear that he has a girl that he wants to marry. Qing Yu asks what kind of Girl Ai Fan is and Zhi Kai takes out his cell to show her their picture. Qing Yu unhappily looks at the picture and asks Zhi Kai if hers is still on his phone. Zhi Kai says nothing except sorry (why should he apologize for moving on when Qing Yu left him?) for moving on.

Zhi Kai goes home where he tells Zhi Chen, Zhi Wen, and Xiu Yun about meeting Qing Yu. The Li family is surprised to hear that Zhi Kai’s ex is back in town. Zhi Wen makes a smart comment about Zhi Kai abandoning Ai Fan to meet with his old girlfriend. Zhi Kai immediately says that is nonsense. Zhi Wen says that is exactly what Zhi Kai did so next time Zhi Kai can’t blame Zhi Wen. Zhi Kai jumps up to fight with his brother, but Zhi Chen and Xiu Yun stop them. Xiu Yun then tells Zhi Kai how sad Ai Fan was when he called saying he couldn’t make it to dinner. Zhi Kai finds this whole situation annoying and Zhi Wen asks if he intends to rekindle an old flame. Zhi Kai again immediately refutes this and says that he has already chosen Ai Fan and has no hesitations. Zhi Kai and Zhi Wen are bickering like usual again. It’s kind of nice to see.

Zhi Kai goes up to his room and takes the picture he has kept of himself and Qing Yu and finally puts it away. Looks like he is officially saying goodbye to his past and his first love. He then calls Ai Fan and apologizes for skipping out on dinner. He then invites her out shopping the next day to pick out some jewelry for the engagement party. While happily shopping for some necklaces, Zhi Kai gets a call from Qing Yu and skips out on his shopping date with Ai Fan. This makes poor Ai Fan miserable.

At the Li home, Ai Fan is once again making a meal with Zhi Xiao, but seems really out of it. He asks her what is wrong and she asks about Qing Yu. Of course our sweetheart Zhi Xiao doesn’t want to confess just who Qing Yu is to Ai Fan and he tries to avoid the subject, but Ai Fan won’t drop the subject and begs Zhi Xiao to tell her. Then comes in Xiu Yun who steals a piece of braised beef. As she is eating it, Ai Fan turns to her and demands to know who Qing Yu is, surprising Xiu Yun who them motions that she can’t answer because she is eating.

The Li family sans Zhi Kai then sit down to dinner and begin explaining just who Qing Yu is to Ai Fan. Xiu Yun reveals that Qing Yu and Zhi Kai have already broken up for a long time now, so if he is meeting her it must be something important, so Ai Fan just needs to trust in Zhi Kai and not misunderstand his actions (kind of a tall order given his secrecy). Zhi Chen then pipes up in defense of Zhi Kai saying that he is honorable and that there is definitely a reasonable explanation for him meeting Qing Yu so Ai Fan should sit put and talk to Zhi Kai when he comes home. Zhi Wen jumps in and says that Zhi Kai is definitely not one to be unfaithful – he just values old friendships. Xiu Yun angrily steps on Zhi Wen’s foot and a disenheartened Ai Fan decides to go home and not wait for Zhi Kai. Good going, Zhi Wen.

On her way home, Ai Fan sees Zhi Kai getting dropped off by Qing Yu. This surprises Zhi Kai and Ai Fan does not hide her anger. Now comes the awkward meeting between Zhi Kai, Qing Yu, and Ai Fan. They go to a cafe where an unhappy Ai Fan refuses to hold Zhi Kai’s friend. He introduces Qing Yu just as an old college friend and Ai Fan as his fiancee. Qing Yu says that they were classmates but hadn’t seen each other for four years, but in coming home, everything seems so vivid. Qing Yu asks if Zhi Kai thinks that way, too and before he can respond, Ai Fan speaks up. Ai Fan states that you can’t change the past and the old relationship is there and can’t be resuscitated. Qing Yu then says that the past is hard to forget and relationships can be reborn. What a direct challenge. Ai Fan says they are just memories and can’t re-happen again as that is why they are memories. Qing Yu then says they can still be a good foundation for restarting and Ai Fan looks directly at Zhi Kai instead of Qing Yu and states the thinks you let go of, you don’t deserve to get back (burn!). The uncomfortable Zhi Kai then states he is only meeting Qing Yu for work as their two companies has business together. Qing Yu leaves saying she will see him at work tomorrow.

After Qing Yu leaves, Ai Fan storms out and Zhi Kai runs after her. She yells at him for not telling her about Qing Yu and for lying about a contract. Ai Fan then accuses Zhi Kai of lying to her after he complained that he hates people lying to him. She then punctuates that with seeing Zhi Kai with Qing Yu makes her angry. Zhi Kai finally gets a chance to speak and iterates that he and Qing Yu haven’t seen each other for four years and she came back to find him. Zhi Kai then says he has already made it clear to Qing Yu that he has Ai Fan now and he and Qing Yu are just business partners as their companies are planning a deal. He even tells her that her father, Manager Lin is aware of this too.

Ai Fan then asks why he kept it from her. Zhi Kai responds that he just didn’t want her to worry (which always ends up making a person worry more than if the other person had just been upfront from the beginning). Ai Fan then complains about Zhi Kai never telling her what he is doing and why. She then asks why she is in his heart and does he even love her since he hasn’t even kissed her yet. Zhi Kai is shocked – he cannot believe that Ai Fan sees him in that light. He has never thought of himself as the best, he just didn’t want Ai Fan to worry about him because he loves her. He then grabs her and kisses her passionately.

Zhi Kai returns home to be confronted by an angry family who berate him for coming home late and then telling him how Ai Fan was hurt and left without even eating dinner. Zhi Chen, Zhi Xiao, and Zhi Wen join their mom in scolding Zhi Kai for his horrible behavior. The happy (after having just kissed the woman he loves) Zhi Kai smiles and says the horrible names Zhi Wen called him belong solely to Zhi Wen still. He then leaves and goes up to bed, leaving the rest of the Lis wondering just what is going on. He is even happily singing Zhi Wen’s love song.

Xiu Yun meets with Li Li (Ai Fan’s mother, not Wei Wei’s) who reveals what happened between Ai Fan and Zhi Kai the other night. Hearing this makes Xiu Yun relieved and happy. She then suggests that they get the two kids married and quickly. Li Li doesn’t want to rush anything, but Xiu Yun confesses she is worried her boys won’t be able to perform at the critical moment. Li Li caves and says she will discuss it with Lin, making Xiu Yun happy and hoping for a peaceful wedding. With Zhi Kai happily married, that leaves her with only Zhi Chen and Zhi Wen to worry about. Li Li says that the other two sons will be blessed and lucky as well. Then in comes Wei Wei’s mother who is shocked to see Yu Li Li at the flower shop.

Yu is surprised to rung in Zhang Li Li at the shop as well. Xiu Yun asks why Zhang is in the shop and Zhang replies that she wouldn’t be there if there was another flower shop in the area and then she boasts about how Wei Wei is picking up her wedding dress making Xiu Yun angry and she begins running after Zhang who runs to hide behind Yu who tries to diffuse the situation. Yu says that her daughter is getting married as well to Zhi Kai. This shocks Zhang who cannot believe Yu would want the Lis as in-laws.  Zhang then cautions Yu to be careful of Zhi Kai swindling all of their money. Yu stands up for Xiu Yun and her sons and even says that Wei Wei has been tricked before. Zhang says that isn’t true and that Zhi Chen is crying in shame because of Wei Wei. Yu then says that all the Li sons seem happy these past few days and she then says it must be Wei Wei who’s at home secretly crying. Zhang can’t believe Yu would say such awful things and she asks why. Yu then snaps and says she cannot stand the way Zhang talks about Xiu Yun’s family. Xiu Yun then tells Yu to ignore Zhang and not even talk to her. Zhang angrily storms out and Xiu Yun laughs at her triumph. She tells Yu Li Li that she will deal with Zhang Li Li through Yu form now on.

Wei Wei is disinterestedly trying on wedding dresses and Li Li is getting upset at Wei Wei’s cold reactions. Han Fei stands up for Wei Wei and tells Li Li to stop scolding Wei Wei. Li Li says she can’t not scold Wei Wei because she is not eating and just sits at home and stares at nothing all day. Han Fei says that the current dress is the one and that Wei Wei should get some rest. Li Li angrily leaves and Han Fei bids Wei Wei farewell, telling her to rest. He is happy to be able to marry her, but unhappy that Wei Wei is so dispirited.

Li Li tells Han Fei as he leaves that they cannot continue to overlook Wei Wei’s behavior. Han Fei replies that she has already agreed to marry him so he is happy and can’t ask for anything more. Li Li then says that Wei Wei is obviously not devoted to Han Fei. At his look, she retracts his words and says that Wei Wei is not devoted to the wedding. Han Fei asks what they can do about that and Li Li urges him to quickly register for the wedding to avoid complications. Han Fei states that in their situation there is no avoiding complications. Still, Li Li doesn’t back down and encourages him to quickly finish preparations and register for the wedding the next day.

The next day Han Fei is sitting in the car and realizes that he may finally be marrying Wei Wei, but he asks himself if he is happy, if Wei Wei is happy. Li Li comes to bring him into the house where Wei Wei sits despondently with her father. Han Fei asks if Wei Wei knows what it is they are supposed to do today. Almost in tears, Wei Wei says register for marriage and Han Fei asks what she expects him to do if she continues to act as she is. He asks her to be more enthusiastic and asks again what they are supposed to be doing. Wei Wei responds getting married and Han Fei asks Wei Wei to prove her willingness to marry him by taking off Zhi Chen’s ring. This shocks Wei Wei and she tries to remove the ring, but cannot get it off. Han Fei finally stops her as it is stuck and he can see the pain it is causing her. He then calls off the wedding because he can’t handle seeing Wei Wei so sad. Li Li cannot believe Han Fei is giving up. Han Fei then reveals he went to gloat to Zhi Chen and revealed that Zhi Chen didn’t care, he just wanted Wei Wei’s happiness. Now Han Fei wishes to do the same. He knows that Zhi Chen is the one in Wei Wei’s heart, not himself, thus their wedding is off as fast as it was on. Han Fei proves that he is finally as much as a man as Zhi Chen and can let go of the woman he loves in order for her to be happy. He then tells her to hurry and find Zhi Chen before it is too late.

Wei Wei immediately seeks out Zhi Xiao at the school where they volunteer. He is surprised to see her her and she asks to talk to him. She asks where Zhi Chen is, but Zhi Xiao refuses to help her. She asks why he won’t help her since she knows how much he likes her. Wei Wei then says that since Zhi Chen gave her to Han Fei, she’ll do what Zhi Chen wants. She then takes of Zhi Chen’s ring and asks Zhi Xiao to give it back to his older brother. Wei Wei then says that since Zhi Chen doesn’t love her, the ring is torture for her. She then hurts Zhi Xiao by telling his ring is cursed to make people sad and unhappy. First it was like that with Han Fei and now Zhi Chen – she doesn’t want to see the ring ever again. Wei Wei says this is because she is probably not the ring’s real owner and walks away. Zhi Xiao fights back tears ans watches her leave.

Zhi Xiao then immediately seeks out Zhi Chen and gives his older brother back the ring. Zhi Chen is surprised to receive it and asks where he got it. Zhi Xiao says from Wei Wei and he tells Zhi Chen to meet her. Zhi Chen refuses as he needs to move on. He loves her and she loves him, but they are just too different so being together will only cause more problems and pain. Zhi Chen refuses to be selfish and thrust Wei Wei into a world of problems and hurt. Zhi Xiao angrily leaves and Zhi Chen looks at the ring recalling all of his and Wei Wei’s brief moments together.

After the montage, a knock resounds and there is Wei Wei! Zhi Chen sees her and immediately closes the door on Wei Wei’s smile. She immediately knocks on the door and asks him to open it, crying. It was so hard for her to find him, he should see her. Zhi Chen turns and sinks down to the floor, asking her to leave. Wei Wei turns and slides down the door as well and asks if it hurt to see the ring and if he still loves her. She didn’t know what else to do except give the ring to Zhi Xiao and follow him to find Zhi Chen. She asks again to see him and to talk to him, but Zhi Chen says they have nothing left between then. Wei Wei calls him cruel and he says that they don’t have the time to be together so she should just concentrate on her happiness with Han Fei. Wei Wei says she can’t be with Han Fei as her love died for him three years ago. Zhi Chen starts crying as well and tells her that Han Fei can make her happier so she should forget about him. Wei Wei says that she will be tormented until he comes back from France. She then goes to say that even without a commitment from Zhi Chen, she will wait for him to come back and she keeps repeating that she loves him, making Zhi Chen hurt and cry even more, but he still won’t open the door. Wei Wei wipes away her tears and leaves saying she will take care of her own problems so that when Zhi Chen comes back he will see a different her (one who is capable, strong, and came make her own decisions). About damn time.

Zhi Wen comes home and finds Zhi Chen sitting against the front door. Zhi Chen quickly wipes the tears from his face and tells Zhi Wen that he is moving back home. This surprises Zhi Wen who asks about Wei Wei. Zhi Chen confesses that she found him at the apartment. Zhi Wen can’t believe Wei Wei’s tenacity. He has a press conference so he can’t take Zhi Chen home, but Zhi Chen says he can take care of himself. Zhi Wen tells Zhi Chen to say hi to Xiu Yun since he is too busy to go home and rushes out to keep his next schedule.

Driving to the conference, Zhi Wen immediately pulls the car over and rushes over to a young woman he thought was Xiao Mi, surprising Ai Yin. But the girl is not Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen is confronted with an angry Ai Yin who immediately stalks over to the driver’s side and gets in to keep Zhi Wen from doing something like that again. Ai Yin asks what he is doing and Zhi Wen confesses he wants to apologize to Xiao Mi still. Ai Yin says he has nothing to apologize for and Xiao Mi wouldn’t be avoiding him if she wanted to talk to him. Ai Yin then says that he should be apologetic to her because she is his girlfriend. Zhi Wen apologizes and they go off to the press conference. I can’t wait for Zhi Wen to leave the controlling Ai Yin behind.

What will happen next?

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