My Prince Episode 11 Recap

Song Xiao Bo, Zhou LanZhi Xiao requests for Wen Ting to move in to the Li household. Although they fell bad for Wen Ting, they are reluctant to let her stay as the house is small and the neighbors could start talking because she is pregnant and unmarried. The end result? If they won’t let Wen Ting stay, then Zhi Xiao will leave. Thus, everyone agrees. Poor Wen Ting feels badly for causing an argument and for taking the handout. She reveals that she has no place to go as her father kicked her out for being pregnant. She then vows to work and be as helpful as she can. What a good girl – perfect for Zhi Xiao.

Yu YaWen Ting and Xiu Yun share a room and Xiu Yun happily talks about her sons and how hard it is to be a mother – especially a single one. She tears up as she recalls how much of a burden Zhi Kai received at such a young age when his father died. Xiu Yun knows she is not the world’s most reliable mother. Be that as it may, her sons wouldn’t trade her for the world. I really liked this part. Xiu Yun explains each of the son’s personalities and how she worries about them. You can truly see her as a mother in this part versus the childish woman that she normally portrays. You can tell how deeply the bond between the Li family touches the hurting Wen Ting.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao Bo, Wu Di Wen, Zhong KaiThe brothers go to the sauna where they discuss Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen. Zhi Kai asks what happened and Zhi Wen says he just went to stop Xiao Mi from getting married hastily and when her date started yelling, he got angry and started hitting. Zhi Kai asks if he is jealous, but Zhi Wen plays it off. Does he really think of Xiao Mi as only a good friend or is there real interest there? A little hard to tell with him, but you do know he does care deeply about his friend. The topic changes and Zhi Kai confesses to Zhi Wen that he needs help as he wishes to propose to Ai Fan. This shocks all of the brothers. Even Zhi Chen who was under water popped up in shock (kinda surprised he could hear that).

Wu Di Wen, Zhong KaiZhi Kai and Zhi Wen go into a sauna from the baths where Zhi Wen does his best to give his elder brother advice. We can also see just how alike these two brothers are – it’s quite cute. Zhi Kai confesses that he isn’t too worried as he believes Ai Fan will definitely say yes, to which Zhi Wen is annoyed. Why? He doesn’t want his older brother to give Ai Fan a cheap proposal. Zhi Wen then says that Zhi Kai needs to kneel, prepare roses, and a ring for Ai Fan. Zhi Kai thinks and is happy that the flower shop has roses and Zhi Xiao has already prepared a ring, but he balks at the mere mention of kneeling. True, that doesn’t fit Zhi Kai at all since he is so rigid. Zhi Wen then gets down on his knees and gives a proposal to Zhi Kai as a demonstration. Zhi Kai is not happy with that at all, thinking it is too disgusting (it is a little over the top, but so is Zhi Wen most of the time).

Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao BoZhi Wen then says the classics are a sure bet to win any woman’s heart. Zhi Kai tries to, but gives up and Zhi Wen gives even more advice and pointers, such as proposing in front of people to make it even harder for Ai Fan to reject Zhi Kai. This really makes Zhi Kai balk. First it was kneeling, and now the proposal has to be public? Zhi Wen then simplifies the proposal to a “Darling, marry me!” Unfortunately, this is caught by Zhi Xiao and Zhi Chen along with other sauna patrons. The two youngest leave their eldest brothers behind while other people gawk at seeing a young man propose to another young man. Ah, this scene had me laughing like crazy. I definitely don’t blame the little brothers leaving their ges behind – talk about embarrassing. It’s even worse than what Zhi Kai imagined doing with Ai Fan.

My Prince episode 11 proposalThe day of the proposal arrives and Zhi Wen brings his brother a suit and shoes while the rest of the family decorates the house for the proposal. Zhi Kai wants to know if his little brother bought the stuff for him and Zhi Wen says they were all modeling freebies, however, Zhi Kai knows this isn’t true because they are not quite the same size and everything fits him like a glove. Ai Fan finally arrives and is warmly greeted by everyone. Poor Zhi Kai just can’t get out the words he so wants to say. He even gives the ring very unromantically (Zhi Wen hits him so he actually ends up kneeling) saying she can wear it if she likes (LMAO). Unable to take the awkward and horrible proposal anymore, the rest of the family breaks in and proposes to Ai Fan for Zhi Kai. Ai Fan, of course, happily accepts. She doesn’t mind Zhi Kai’s awkwardness and is happy to become part of the Li family. Yay for them!

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Di Wen, Yu YaAi Fan and Zhi Kai go to tell the good news to Ai Fan’s parents and the rest of the Li family have a serious discussion about their future. Zhi Wen thinks that it would be better off if Zhi Kai moved out into a house of his own. This way the newlywed couple could start out with a nice, private life. Since Zhi Wen is a celebrity, he wants to help out and get a house as a wedding present. The rest of the family quickly agrees and promises to keep it a secret from Zhi Kai and Ai Fan (knowing the two would not approve).

Song Xiao Bo, Zhou LanAt the flower show, Wen  Ting is helping out while Xiu Yun is counting money. Wang comes in as the neighborhood representative (and with a basket of yogurt) to ask after the pretty Wen Ting. Xiu Yun states that she is a cousin and Wang tries to press for more answers making her upset. Xiu Yun kicks Wang out after refusing to answer any more questions about Wen Ting. The girl in question then goes over and wonders if something is wrong with the money (Xiu Yun is counting and recounting) that she had counted earlier. Xiu Yun confesses that the Lis are trying to buy a house for Zhi Kai, but the money they have is not enough, they are still quite a few thousand short. Xiu Yun decides not to think about it anymore and goes to play mahjong. Wen Ting goes up to Zhi Xiao and asks what is wrong and he is depressed about how little they have sold. Wen Ting then asks if Zhi Xiao have ever thought about selling his crafts online. Zhi Xiao admits he hasn’t and Wen Ting  then encourages him to set up an online shop to sell his goods in order to make more money.

Song Xiao Bo, Zhou Lan, Yu YaWen Ting has her computer brought from school, they get an internet line and set up an online store featuring Zhi Xiao’s creations. The two are excited and happy and even more pleased when they make their first successful sale. In thanks, Zhi Xiao treats Wen Ting to a meal. Wen Ting complains that he is spending all his profit and makes him promise not to do so again. He happily agrees. Zhi Xiao keeps making more creations and Wen Ting maintains the online shop for him. While Xiu Yun is still unhappy about the amount of money they still need, an order comes in for all of their stock. Xiu Yun is excited to hear the store is  a success, but there is actually a problem. The person wants the stock delivered personally (talk about a red flag that should have gone up but didn’t).

Song Xiao Bo, Zhou LanAi Fan and Zhi Xiao go to deliver the goods to a rundown neighborhood. The client immediately steals the goods and runs without paying. Wen Ting and Zhi Xiao take off in pursuit, but Wen Ting collapses and Zhi Xiao lets him go to take care of the hurt Wen Ting. At the hospital, they report the crime and the officer scolds them for being reckless and tells them that it will be unlikely that the culprit will be caught. After he leaves, Xiu Yun starts scolding them for chasing after the man. Wen Ting says that she is fine and Xiu Yun then says she needs to be more careful and then leaves to prepare soup for Wen Ting. Zhi Xiao stays with her until she is released and they agree to keep going with their business, but you can tell that Wen Ting is a little guilty over what happened.

Yu Ya, Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen comes home and sees Xiu Yun trying to cook. He asks what is going on and she tells him about the robbery. Zhi Chen is worried about his brother and friend, but Xiu Yun says luckily that they were alright. Then Zhi Chen confesses that Zhi Xiao is doing the online store to help earn money for the house. He goes to leave to check up on his little brother and Wen Ting, but Xiu Yun stops him and asks him to try the soup. Zhi Chen does and says he will call Zhi Kai and have him bring Ai Fan over (priceless! Ai Fan started off as a horrible cook and is now better than Xiu Yun).

Wu Di Wen, Yu Ya, Zhou Lan, Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong KaiWhen Zhi Xiao and Wen Ting return from the hospital, Zhi Chen scolds them for being so concerned about earning money and to be more careful in the future. Wen Ting and Zhi Xiao agree and Zhi Wen and Zhi Chen hand over all of their money, but it is still not enough. Unfortunately Zhi Kai and Ai Fan come in and overhear Xiu Yun talking about borrowing money for a house. Zhi Kai angrily asks why they didn’t consult him and Xiu Yun explains what they were trying to do. Ai Fan confesses she already has a house as a wedding gift, but she then says she and Zhi Kai have already talked about living with everyone right after marriage. Xiu Yun then confesses how she really wanted to buy her son a house to show that she is not marrying her son to a rich family just for the money. Ai Fan then expresses how much she loves the Li family and then drops the bomb that her mother will be visiting the flower shop the next day.

Zhong Kai, Yu YaAt the flower shop, Zhi Kai and Xiu Yun fuss over their appearance when Ai Fan and her mother arrive. They are introduced to one another and it turns out that the two women are old grade school friends. The four then go out together and Xiu Yu and Yu Li Li discuss the old times and how happy they are to becoming in-laws. Meanwhile, Zhi Kai and Ai Fan just sit lovey-dovey and refuse their mothers’ invitation to karaoke in horror (is Li Li as bad as Xiu Yun?).

At work, Zhi Kai goes to the elevator and when it opens he is shocked to see Qing Yu. Who is she? You have to wait until episode 12 to find out.

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