My Prince Episode 10 Recap

Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong KaiAfter Zhi Chen officially breaks things off with Wei Wei, the Li family stares at him in worry as he stuffs his face. Xiu Yun says that they will be sure to be happy which is the best revenge against Wei Wei and her family. Zhi Chen remains silent and Zhi Kai asks his little brother if he really needed to break up with Wei Wei. Zhi Wen steps in immediately and says yes as there is nothing really good about the girl – she’s an indecisive two-timer. Xiu Yun voices her agreement and can’t believe that her youngest son always said such good things about Wei Wei. This earns Xiu Yun a rather nasty glare from Zhi Xiao, so Zhi Kai gets his mother to quiet down.

My Prince episode 10 Wei WeiA knock sounds and there is Wei Wei. Xiu Yun immediately closes the door and Wei Wei knocks again and begs to see Zhi Chen. Xiu Yun says he is not at home, but Wei Wei says she knows he’s there and begs to be let in to talk to him. Zhi Chen gets up from the table and goes to his room, surprising his family. Xiu Yun then yells for Wei Wei to hear that Zhi Chen is doing a good thing in deciding not to talk to her. She then tells Wei Wei to go home. The sad Wei Wei does, but it doesn’t end there. Wei Wei sits out in front of the wine shop where Zhi Chen hides in the back while sending his friend and co-worker out to tell Wei Wei that he won’t be in. His friend tells him enough is enough, but Zhi Chen refuses to stop hiding until after Wei Wei marries Han Fei. This upsets his friend because this is hurting both Wei Wei and Zhi Chen (and I concur with the friend that they are getting more hurt and for stupid reasons). Zhi Chen then calls Han Fei to pick her up and to get the documents ready to study in France.

Wu Jian FeiHan Fei comes and Wei Wei tells him to go as she wants to wait and see Zhi Chen. Han Fei then tells her the horrible truth that it was Zhi Chen who called Han Fei to come and pick her up. This surprises Wei Wei who can’t believe that Zhi Chen would ask Han Fei to do that. Han Fei tells her it was and that he doesn’t have much strength left (he’s s till recovering from the stomach surgery). A dazed Wei Wei goes with him while Zhi Chen watches from inside the shop and bids her farewell. Han Fei takes Wei Wei home where her mother is annoyed with her. Han Fei tells her to go easy on Wei Wei and let her rest. Han Fei is too weak and in too much pain to drive back, so Xi Li calls the driver. I feel bad for Han Fei as he is in physical pain and still caring so much for Wei Wei who has finally figured out that she wants Zhi Chen and that her feelings for Han Fei are more pity for what happened in the past.

Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen makes the announcement that he wants to go to France, surprising his entire family. Zhi Chen then confesses that he has hid his desire to go to France to become a wine taster because the family could not afford the tuition, so now that he has this chance, he is going to take it. Hearing  Zhi Chen confess this saddens his family as he had given up on his dream because of their money problems. Zhi Kai speaks up and says that studying abroad is a good thing, but he’s afraid Zhi Chen is admitting defeat and running away, which Zhi Wen concurs with. Zhi Chen then says there is no such thing as a winner and a loser here. As long as Wei Wei is happy, then Zhi Chen is happy. This makes Xiu Yun sad to lose Zhi Chen, but she is happy that he is not running away.

Wu Di WenAfter some touching family displays, a knock sounds on the door again, this time it is not Wei Wei, but Zhi Wen’s new assistant. Zhi Chen is less than thrilled to see her and speaks harshly, sending her back out as he is not completely ready to go yet. After she goes back out, Zhi Chen then asks if Zhi Wen’s apartment has room for one more person. Why? Zhi Chen declares that he wishes to move out so he doesn’t have to run into Wei Wei. Xiu Yun doesn’t like the idea of her son moving out and then leaving for France, but agrees that this is the best way to get Wei Wei to give up. The two middle brothers get ready to leave and Zhi Kai wishes for Zhi Wen to take care of his health and eat properly. Zhi Xiao then stops Zhi Wen and hands him a box with the same matching rings that he made all of his brothers. Xiu Yun tells Zhi Wen the meaning behind the rings and to give the match to the girl he likes. Zhi Wen is surprises and touched that the family knew without him telling them about his love problems (it was kind of splashed all over the media – duh).

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao BoThe next day at the flower shop, Xiu Yun sadly puts Zhi Chen’s picture back up while Zhi Xiao carefully goes through the flowers, picking out wilted ones. A young woman comes up and picks up a wilting rose. Zhi Xiao senses a presence behind him and there is a girl who asks to buy the wilting roses.  Zhi Xiao quickly writes a note saying they are getting thrown out. The girl is surprised that Zhi Xial can neither hear not speak, but can have such a cheerful smile still. Since she can’t have the wilting roses, she then asks for some lilies. While Zhi Xiao has his back turned  picking them out, the girl collapses and Xiu Yun rushes over to help and has to pull on Zhi Xiao’s shirt to get him to help. They both try to wake the young woman up to no avail.

Yu Ya, Song Xiao Bo, Zhou LanXiu Yun and Zhi Xiao take the girl to the hospital. Xiu Yun is all worked up that the girl had to collapse in front of her store. She doesn’t know who the girl is or who to get in touch with. She tells Zhi Xiao to go look for a purse, but then Zhi Xiao pulls out a cell phone and says it is the girl’s and that he’s already notified her family. Then comes in Wen Ting’s father. The nurse tells him that she is just anemic and needs to eat. She then tells the man that the girl is three months pregnant and needs to take care of herself properly. This shocks everyone. Xiu Yun explains what the nurse said to Zhi Xiao. The upset father then sees Zhi Xiao and Xiu Yun and jumps to the conclusion that Zhi Xiao is the one who got his daughter knocked up. He goes to Zhi Xiao and punches him while Xiu Yun steps in and says that it was not her son’s fault.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Jian FeiHan Fei and Zhi Chen meet to finalize the plans for Zhi Chen’s trip to France. Zhi Chen asks after Han Fei’s health and hesitates in bringing up Wei Wei. Han Fei tells him Wei Wei is doing fine and has already agreed to marry him. Han Fei asks if that makes Zhi Chen sad and Zhi Chen replies no as it is a decision that he has made for himself. Han Fei actually admires Zhi Chen for having the strength to make such a decision and Zhi Chen’s reply is that he only wants Wei Wei to be happy and that is why he can do what he did. This actually seems to hurt Han Fei, probably because he couldn’t make that same decision and in the end caused Wei Wei even more pain. Han Fei gives Zhi Chen the documents and invites him to the wedding. Zhi Chen declines the painful invitation and goes to leave. Han Fei then says he’s prepared money for Zhi Chen and if he needs anything else, then just ask. Han Fei then says if things had been different, he and Zhi Chen would have been great friends as Zhi Chen has everything he doesn’t. Zhi Chen tells him there might be a chance in the future for friendship, thanks him for the compliment and leaves. Han Fei does not look happy at all. He probably realizes that he has lost in all respects to Zhi Chen even though he got the girl.

Wu Di WenZhi Chen gets back to the apartment to find an annoyed Zhi Wen. His assistant cannot find the clothes he is talking about and Zhi Chen makes a comment that only Xiao Mi could understand his clothing descriptions. This makes Zhi Wen sad and Zhi Chen apologizes. Zhi Wen then just grabs a suit and goes. Next what follows is Zhi Wen training and preparing for shows and other things and missing Xiao Mi. He also learns that Xiao Mi did a lot more for him than he ever realized. A fellow model then scolds Zhi Wen for taking advantage of Xiao Mi and not realizing just what she did when everyone around him already knew. This makes Zhi Wen feel even worse.

Wu Di WenZhi Wen is with Ai Yin who then complains that even after giving him a few days, he’s still not focused. Zhi Wen apologizes, but then gets a call from Tian Tian saying that Xiao Mi has gone on a matchmaking date. I must admit shock to hear that Xiao Mi is doing matchmaking so soon after confession and getting publicly humiliated. Zhi Wen hangs up and then says that he has somewhere to go. Ai Yin is unhappy that he is still worrying about Xiao Mi. She scolds him for focusing on Xiao Mi instead of the important party. Ai Yin is unhappy that he leaves after she has refused to let him go as the party is more important than some ex-assistant that she has never liked.

Wu Di WenAt Xiao Mi’s date, the man is already talking about marriage and Xiao Mi is just not ready. In rushes Zhi Wen who grabs her and tries to take her away. Xiao Mi yells at him and tells him to leave as she has something going on. Zhi Wen then scolds her for abusing herself and rushing to get married. Her date starts a fight and Xiao Mi yells to not his Zhi Wen’s face. Zhi Wen shoves Xiao Mi away and begins punching her date. Xiao Mi pulls him off and her date goes to retaliate. To protect Zhi Wen from bodily harm, Xiao Mi steps up and takes the sucker punch – shocking everyone. Zhi Wen immediately yells at the date for being blind and hitting Xiao Mi and then he turns Xiao Mi around and tells her not to marry someone she doesn’t like/love. Xiao Mi wants to know why its any of his business and actually leaves with her date! She looks back and tells Zhi Wen that she doesn’t want to see him again.

Wu Di WenOf course there was a reporter at the scene who managed to catch the scuffle and of course Zhi Kai and Xiu Yun see it in the next day’s newspaper. The two are not pleased and are worried about Zhi Wen. Xiu Yun is unhappy at Zhi wen’s behavior and the scandal that broke out. Zhi Kai actually defends his brother to their mother who wishes her second eldest had never become a celebrity. At the office, Ai Yin scolds Zhi Wen’s picture, but then acts all nicey-nice when he comes in. Zhi Wen tries to apologize for the previous day, but Ai Yin cuts him off. She treats him like a kid and then tells him he has to be more careful and all the like. The woman is intent on controlling the boy’s life. I really hate the two-faced woman.

Zhou Lan, Song Xiao BoAt the flower shop, Zhi Xiao is working when Wen Ting comes in with a black eye. She asks for her cell which he returns. She checks for messages and starts tearing up. She puts down the phone and a concerned Zhi Xiao checks the message to see what is wrong. Wen Ting’s boyfriend had left her a very horrible message saying that she better not say the child is his nor see him again. Zhi Xiao asks where she is going, but Wen Ting does not know. The show ends with the two staring at each other. Looks like baby brother has a second chance at love and with a pregnant woman to boot.

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