Gloria Episode 6 Recap

I am really loving the moments between Dong Ah and Yoon Seo. While the moments between Jin Jin and Dong Ah are explosive and entertaining, I really like watching these two very different people, who are still remarkably alike, begin to open each other up and heal old wounds. I can’t wait until Jin Jin and Kang Suk start having more interaction that is not just Jin Jin chastising him for leeching off his mother and complaining about his treatment of Jung Nan. Just like Dong Ah and Yoon Seo are a lot alike, so are Jin Jin and Kang Suk. Both have had hard lives and trouble with their remaining families, but Jin Jin is a much warmer person (hid under her gruff exterior) than Kang Suk. Can’t wait for 🙂 more on that front.

Na Young Hee, Seo Ji SukDong Ah asks where Yoon Seo wants to go, but she doesn’t care and the two go out and watch some street dancing. Meanwhile, Kang Suk and Jung Nan fight it out. Jung Nan is upset that Kang Suk is getting married even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend. She asks if he is gay and he replies that he isn’t and is marrying a woman. He goes to leave and Jung Nan throws her glass of alcohol and jumps up and grabs him. She shakes him and asks if she turned him into what he is. Jung Nan wants Kang Suk to marry someone he loves and not end up like her and his father. Kang Suk doesn’t believe in love and vows he won’t turn out like his father. He then says he is marrying Yoon Seo because he is bored and tired of his current life. Hearing her son say he is tired of living like he is really affects Jung Nan horribly. She wonders what she has done to her son and breaks down. Yes, she and Lee are to blame for the way Kang Suk has turned out cold and hating his life, along with Mrs. Song and Ji Suk.

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunDong Ah brings some drinks for Yoon Seo and tells her to choose the one she wants. She picks one and then smiles. This surprises Dong Ah who leans in close to her, startling her. He tells her that he didn’t know she could smile. Yoon Seo is shocked to hear she was smiling and was also pleased to know she was. She then tells Dong Ah about how she tried to kill herself when she was 7. This surprises Dong Ah and he wonders what she could have known at the age. He asks if it is depression. Yoon Seo then reveals that only her teacher and fellow ballet students knew it wasn’t an accident. When Yoon Seo went back to school, her teacher pulled her aside and told her it would be okay. If Yoon Seo continued dancing (she showed great promise), then she could be free. Thus Yoon Seo threw herself into ballet to be free of the stifling environment at home. That is why she wanted to die when she hurt her leg.

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunDong Ah understands this. He then reveals his own feelings. The only choice for him really was to be a gangster and he decided making a living with his fists was better than being the one receiving the beating, but he came to feel that life wasn’t worth living if you lived without hope. This surprises Yoon Seo and she asks him how he managed to keep going. Dong Ah then reveals he contemplated suicide, but just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Yoon Seo asks why and he tells her because it is embarrassing. He figured if he killed himself because he had a hopeless existence, then everyone around him would ridicule him and that would be too embarrassing. Definitely a unique answer. So, pride wins over a meaningless existence. Yoon Seo had never even thought of such an idea. Does this mean she won’t consider suicide again because it’s an embarrassment? Dong Ah then jokes that he gave her a life lesson.

Lee Chun Hee, So Yi HyunDong Ah takes her back home and gives her the rest of the drinks. He then tells her that if she feels like dying again, eating is a good resource. Yoon Seo smiles again and thanks him. Dong Ah says he did nothing as she paid for everything. He then digs the beads out of his pocket and gives them to her (playing off saying they just caught his eye when we know how hard he fought to get them). Yoon Seo takes the beads and asks what his real name is. He finally reveals it is Ha Dong Ah and Yoon Seo introduces herself properly, too (even though he already knew). Dong Ah tells her to go in again and turns to leave. Yoon Seo stops him and asks if he will come again. Dong Ah says nothing and just nods. These two are good for each other. Dong Ah can wake Yoon Seo up and give her a chance to live and breathe again while Yoon Seo gives Dong Ah a chance to find out that life is not hopeless and it is okay to dream.

So Yi HyunThe next morning Yoon Seo takes Dong Ah’s advice and eats. For the first time since she’s returned home from the hospital she eats like a normal person. Her mother is at first happy, but then Yi gets mad because she thinks Yoon Seo is eating too much. Seriously, I hate that woman. Hate, hate, hate, hate. It is understandable why Yoon Seo felt so suffocated living there. Meanwhile, the club workers at Grandma Oh’s are eating as well and complaining about the food. Since Dong Ah is strapped for cash, he begs Jin Jin to share her instant noodles with him, Eo Jin, and Dong Chul (who complains about the fare as Dong Ah promised to cover meals if Dong Chul moved in with him). That was a really cute scene, who knew Dong Ah could be so cute when trying to butter Jin Jin up. It’s fun to see their not-so-manic moments. They can be together without fighting and actually get along pretty well.Gloria Episode 6At Double Sharp, Ji Young gathers the talents and requests for Kang Suk to hear them and then make the determination himself. Kang Suk’s obvious reply: no. He won’t waste time and he won’t listen to them – he wants them gone. You do have to wonder how he plans on managing strictly based on facts and not on confirming talent. She should have known that she could not win, but she still persists.

Lee Jong Won, So Yi HyunYoon Seo is hoping for Dong Ah to come visit, so when she looks out the window and sees a man standing by the gate, she happily thinks its him, but no. A drunk Ji Suk is waiting outside her gate. His stalking seems a whole lot more disturbing than Dong Ah’s forays into the same thing. Yoon Seo goes to head in, but Ji Suk stops her. He is drunk and even though he lives further up the road, he had himself dropped off at her house. Ji Suk confesses that he started to like her because of how she constantly apologized on the plane. That made him wonder what she could have done so wrong. He then states he thinks they are the same because he has done a lot to be sorry for to other people. He then says its odd that he feels so much concern for her. Yoon Seo ignores this and just goes in side leaving Ji Suk watching her back and wondering just why he seems to care about her. Why indeed? There is no reason for him to.

Na Young HeeAt the club, Jung Nan is drinking nonstop while Jin Jin tries to get her to stop as she needs to go on and perform. Jung Nan refuses to listen and just keeps drinking, forcing Kang Dae to go on in her stead after he just finished his number. Before Jin Jin can continue trying to stop Jung Nan from drinking, Dong Chul runs in and says that Jin Joo is acting up again. Jin Jin rushes out where Jin Joo is looking at a female customer’s ring and then tries to take it. Jin Joo really gets worked up and Dong Chul and Jin Jin have a heck of a time getting her away from the woman.

Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun KyungJin Jin drags a crying Jin Joo outside. Grandma Oh asks what happened now and Eo Jin asks why Jin Joo is crying. Jin Joo insists the ring is hers and Grandma Oh asks if she saw a diamond ring again. Jin Joo goes to head back inside to get the ring and Jin Jin stops her and yells that she will run away and leave Jin Joo if she continues behaving that way. Eo Jin doesn’t like this and scolds Jin Jin for being cruel. Oh wonders why Jin Joo gets so worked up over diamond rings. Jin Jin promises to buy her sister one someday and Eo Jin does the same. At this time a drunk Jung Nan comes out of the club. Jin Jin wishes to go after her, but Dong Chul takes her back in to perform.

Yoon Seo is waiting for Dong Ah to come when her mother comes into her room telling her to get changed. Why? Jung’s mother is on her deathbed – again. Yoon Seo doesn’t want to go, she wants to meet Dong Ah, but has no choice but to leave. The club workers get off work and Min Ah’s roommate offers to buy everyone chicken, but Dong Ah bails to go to Yoon Seo’s house where he waits and waits and waits, but she doesn’t come out.

Bae Doo NaJin Jin stays behind at the club where she practices singing and dancing “Gloria.” After awhile she stops with that song and sings a slow, sorrowful ballad. It’s nice to hear her sing something besides “Gloria” and it was a beautiful song. While singing, she recalls her mother and father and how they used to go around collecting empty bottles. She also recalls when she tried to abandon Jin Joo, but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. After awhile, Woo Hyun comes out of his office and starts accompanying Jin Jin with his sax. His look is full of approval for her. After the performance, Woo Hyun and Jin Jin talk. She tells him how she tried to find her voice, so that’s why she sang without accompaniment. Woo Hyun asks if she was successful an she said no as she tried to listen and could only remember the past. Woo Hyun tells her that means she had found what she sounded like. Yay for Jin Jin! He then asks if she has the courage to be a singer no matter what – even if she ends up like Jin Joo. Alone, Jin Jin looks at herself in the mirror and wonders if she has what it takes to do just that.

Na Young HeeGoing home, Jin Jin sees a drunk Jung Nan who is drinking even more. The proprietress at the stall wants Jung Nan gone because she is chasing away all the customers, especially couples. Apparently she’s been asking them if they really love each other and if they think it will last. Jin Jin tries to get Jung Nan to leave and she complains about hating love and then passes out. At the Lee home, Kang Suk is awakened by his ringing cell. It is Jin Jin who tells him that his mother is in the hospital. He throws on some clothes and heads out. Mrs. Song sees this and asks where he’s going. Kang Suk doesn’t tell her where and leaves. Song goes to bed where a just woke up Lee asks if he heard Kang Suk. Song says yes and tells him to go back to bed, but he is awake now and goes to his study instead.

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo NaKang Suk arrives at the hospital where Jin Jin tells him that his mother was on a drinking binge and had to have her stomach pumped. Kang Suk tells her to leave, but Jin Jin won’t until Jung Nan has woken up. Jin Jin then says that Jung Nan mentioned that her son should be pitied. Kang Suk goes to get coffee and Jin Jin asks if he could buy her one, too. She then scolds him for his actions and behavior towards his mother. Kang Suk tells her to butt out, but Jin Jin won’t as she cares about Jung Nan and only knows the partial truth and not the full story. Jung Nan wakes up and wonders why she wasn’t just left to die or at least just left passed out on a road. Kang Suk is not happy with this and says some cold words and leaves. Jin Jin follows him and scolds him again, telling him he’ll regret it the day he actually loses his mother. Probably. Kang Suk tells her again to butt out since her life is worse than his, she has no right to lecture him. Low blow.

Sung Byung Sook, Lee Jong WonKang Suk goes home where Song tells him to see his father who is awake thanks to the call. Kang Suk tells Lee about Jung Nan’s drinking and hospitalization. Lee is unhappy to hear this and immediately sets out after Jung Nan, upsetting Mrs. Song who knows by now that Jung Nan has kicked up some more trouble. Ji Suk comes down and asks after Lee and gets Mrs. Song’s not nice answer. She then tells him about the minster’s daughter and how Ji Suk should care and be on her side. Ji Suk’s reply? He doesn’t really like his mother and isn’t sure if he really wants to be her son. Why? She had a chance to divorce Lee and make herself a better life, but she chose to stay married to him. Song says it was all for Ji Suk’s sake. You have to wonder how selfless parents are sometimes – did she really do it for her son, or more to keep her own pride?

Dong Ah waited all night for the no-show Yoon Seo. Depressed he finally heads back home where Jin Jin had just come in after seeing Jung Nan into a cab. Both Jin Jin and Dong Ah catch flack for being out all night without telling anyone. Jin Jin hadn’t even delivered papers yet and still has to help Oh prepare the food.

Yoon Seo and Yi return home. Yi is of course complaining that Jung’s mother did not die and pulled through again. This annoys her mother, but she pleads for Yoon Seo to rub her legs. Yoon Seo doesn’t want to, but finally does. Yoon Seo looks at her mother and says she must not be depressed as Yi has no problem saying whatever is on her mind. She manages to make her mom angry enough to tell her to go upstairs and she will just call the masseuse.

Yeon Kyu Jin, Na Young HeeLee visits Jung Nan’s apartment where she is resting on her couch. Jung Nan wants to know why he is there and he says he is worried because she’s sick. He asks why she drank so much. Jung Nan doesn’t reply and just asks if they should just die together. Lee asks if they can do that and Jung Nan says that if they died, then maybe Kang Suk wouldn’t have turned out they way he has – the two just dragged him down. Lee asks what’s wrong with Kang Suk and Jung Nan reveals that she knows he is marrying. How can her son marry without love? Lee responds with love can come after marriage and Jung Nan worries that if it doesn’t, he’ll end up like his father.

So Yi Hyun, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Jong WonMeanwhile, Kang Suk calls Yoon Seo and asks to meet her. She immediately agrees and gets ready. Yi isn’t happy to hear Yoon Seo is meeting Kang Suk and calls Jung who doesn’t listen to her angry words and just hangs up. Kang Suk and Yoon Seo are thinking of marrying in a month and Kang Suk believes that the two will be a good match. Ji Suk is at the restaurant, too and the three run into each other. Ji Suk is shocked to see Yoon Seo with his brother and even more shocked to hear that she is Jung’s daughter and Kang Suk’s soon to be fiancee.

That night at the club, the gangster that is always bothering Dong Ah is there. He came to drink and invites Dong Ah to drink with him, which Dong Ah refuses. Min Ah catches the gangster’s eye and he tries to take her with him. Dong Chul tries to stop him as Min Ah is struggling to get away. Dong Ah comes up and asks the gangster to stop, but the man hits him and Dong Ah (who was feeling crappy already) starts fighting back.

So Yi Hyun, Lee Chun HeeAt the Lee household, Ji Suk returns drunk and Kang Suk goes to help him but is shaken off. Ji Suk then asks if Kang Suk loves Yoon Seo. Meanwhile, a beaten Dong Ah has gone to visit Yoon Seo. She is happy to see him until she sees that he is hurt. She asks him what happened and goes to touch his hurt face and he grabs her hand and asks where she was. Yoon Seo apologizes for not being there and Dong Ah reveals he waited for her all night. Yoon Seo apologizes again and Dong Ah says that he did not want to come back, but finds himself there yet again. Yoon Seo says she will never miss another night and Dong Ah pulls her into a hug.

What a mess!

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