Gloria Episode 5 Recap

It is funny how cool Yoon Seo and Kang Suk are when talking about marriage. For Yoon Seo it is an escape of sorts. This way she gets to get away from her overbearing mother, please her father, and try to live like she promised Dong Ah that she would do. For Kang Suk, I think he does not want to travel the route of his parents, but if he marries without love, if he then finds love, won’t he be in the same predicament as his father? Anywho, the two decide to go on a series of dates, but basically already consider themselves engaged.

Meanwhile, Jung Nan, Jin Jin, Jin Joo, and Eo Jin are all hanging out at a local park. Jin Jin tells Jung Nan about Kang Suk’s job as a chauffeur, happy that Jung Nan’s son seems to be landing on his feet. Jin Jin then asks for Jung Nan’s advice on how to practice singing and become a better singer. Jung Nan tells Jin Jin that she needs to find out what she sounds like. Jin Jin doesn’t understand exactly what it means, but Jung Nan refuses to explain and goes and plays a game with Jin Joo and Eo Jin. Jin Joo and Eo Jin lose to Jung Nan and they play rock, paper, scissors to determine the loser. Jin Joo beats Eo Jin and when she leaves, Eo Jin tells Jung Nan that Jin Joo only throws scissors and he can’t take advantage of that. Eo Jin is so sweet.

Dong Ah goes to visit his ex-boss just like always. His boss doesn’t want him to keep coming and to look after himself by going to Min Tae and asking for a handout. Dong Ah refuses as he cannot stoop that low. His boss tells him his time is over and that Dong Ah should know this and stop coming. Dong Ah does know this but doesn’t want to leave his friend alone. His boss then asks about a dream. Doesn’t Dong Ah have one? He can’t possibly want to live his life like he is. Dong Ah doesn’t have a dream and just wishes to live his life and die. Nothing more, nothing less. This upsets his boss who ends the meeting without talking long. As Dong Ah leaves, he looks back at the jail and says that he met a girl and it seemed like a dream. No matter how smart he is, he just doesn’t get why he felt that way.

Back at the house, Eo Jin washes Jin Joo’s face while Dong Chul puts cucumbers on Mi Na’s face. Jin Jin asks the musician ahjussi to help her with her singing, and he refuses saying there is no way he can teach her to understand her voice. The two bicker and the ahjussi tells her that she has no sense, so even with a powerful voice, she won’t understand or get better. Then another girl from the club comes in and tells how her boyfriend stole all her money. Mi Na then takes her in. Looks like the house members are starting to multiply like crazy now. As if there weren’t enough people living there before.

Dong Ah is getting as bad as Ji Suk and keeps standing outside of Yoon Seo’s house. He is getting ready to leave when he sees Kang Suk drop Yoon Seo off. He recognizes Kang Suk right away and wonders just what is going on. At the club, Jin Jin is trying to get more information out of Jung Nan, who says that it can’t be taught, it’s something you discover for yourself. Jin Jin asks if Jung Nan really even knows what she is talking about. Jung Nan then says no, jokingly, and then tells Jin Jin that there are many different paths to take and which one is up to the individual person. This does not make any more sense to Jin Jin. Dong Ah then comes in and asks if Jung Nan’s son has a girlfriend. Jung Nan wants to know why and Dong Ah says he saw him with a young woman. Jin Jin says its probably just the daughter of the family he chauffeurs for. This makes Jung Nan wonder as she, of course, knows that the Lee family doesn’t have a daughter. Is her cold son really dating? No matter what, Dong Ah just doesn’t know what to think and that makes him angry and he accidentally runs into Dong Chul, spilling stuff everywhere.

Mrs. Song is out and notices a poster for the club with Jung Nan and Jin Jin on it. She is less than thrilled to see such advertisements and goes immediately to the club. Grandma Oh is surprised to see such a wealthy woman go into the club. Dong Chul leads her inot the club and sits her down. She asks if Jung Nan works there and Dong Chul says that she will be onstage shortly. He then runs and tells MC Son Jong Bum that a woman who is his style has just come in. Jong Bum then goes out and tries to woo Mrs. Song. Omo, how hilarious. The Band leader then calls him on stage where he introduces Jung Nan and Jin Jin who sing “Gloria.”

During the performance, Jung Nan notices Mrs. Song and stops singing. This surprises Jin Jin, but she keeps singing and eventually Jung Nan finds her voice again and continues with the duet. Afterward, Woo Hyun scolds Jung Nan for her unprofessional behavior when Dong Chul comes in and says that a fan is requesting a meeting. It isn’t a fan – it is Mrs. Song. She is not happy that Jung Nan is making a spectacle of herself and broadcasting it to add to the Lee family humiliation. Jung Nan then says she will continue singing until Lee finally tires of her antics and throws her away. Woo Hyun overhears this and is not happy at all.

Mrs. Song gets home to learn from Ji Suk that the chairman came home early for dinner, but she wasn’t home. Song asks where Lee is and goes to the study and throws the poster on his desk and asks him to look at. He asks what it is and Song says that Jung Nan is up to no good again. She then relishes telling her husband that it looks like Jung Nan is done with him and wants to be set free. While Lee is not happy about Jung Nan singing, he still cannot let her go. He tells Song that even if Jung Nan wants to be rid of him, it’s him who cannot let go. He then threatens his wife by saying if she makes Jung Nan leave him, then he will in turn leave her. Mrs. Song goes running to their room, crying. I feel bad for her and yet I don’t. Her husband brings her heaps of misery, but she also brings misery on herself as well.

Ji Suk, unlike Dong Ah, doesn’t just keep watch in front of Yoon Seo’s house. He keeps ringing the buzzer and asking for her. He even starts yelling for her to come out and play. Real mature. That is so not going to win the young lady over. The maid asks what to do and the annoyed Yoon Seo tells her to ignore it from now on. This annoys and intrigues Ji Suk. Yoon Seo’s attitude definitely attracts him – I guess he is one of the men who get bored unless there is an interesting challenge. He is getting ready to try again when Yi pulls up. He introduces himself, but Yoon Seo’s mother does not catch that he is Lee Ji Suk, Chairman Lee’s eldest (and legitimate) son. Yi thinks he is okay at first, but his weird personality annoys her and she tells him to leave. Ji Suk does listen, but yells after Yoon Seo that he will come back. Take a hint and keep moving mister.

When Yi gets into the house finally she goes up to yell at her daughter for telling a stranger their home address. Yoon Seo says that she didn’t – it just happens that he lives in the same neighborhood (really, what are the odds?). Yi then says that Yoon Seo must have appeared easy to him and tells her daughter that all women must act with contempt to keep men from taking them as easy targets. Yoon Seo ignores this advice and asks her mom to leave. Yi then asks how her daughter’s meeting went. Yoon Seo says that Kang Suk is just the right man for her and she will marry him as father wishes. This annoys Yi even more. She cried and begged to get Yoon Seo on the Jung family registrar, so Yoon Seo should not throw herself away on just anyone. Yoon Seo is upset that her mother had a daughter where she had to cry to get her added to the register. Really, her mother is such a stupid woman.

Back at the Lee house, Kang Suk is coming out of the bathroom where he runs into Ji Suk. Ji Suk congratulates his little brother on getting married and asks why. Kang Suk says he is only marrying Jung’s daughter because it is their father’s wish, not because she is Jung’s daughter. Ji Suk says that is what makes them different. Ji Suk will listen to Lee, but he will think about what his father has asked of him while Kang Suk just does as he is told. Ji Suk then warns Kang Suk that an obedient son is poison to a wife. Ji Suk also tells Kang Suk that he should want to marry for love as he is the product of a passionate love, thus he has such capabilities in himself also. Ji Suk is the product of a loveless marriage, so love is not that important to him. Not liking the vein of the conversation, Kang Suk bids his brother goodnight. After the door closes, Ji Suk says that is his little brother’s hidden ace (what the capacity to love?).

Recalling his brother’s words and remembering how Yoon Seo talked at the meeting, seems to set Kang Suk’s head spinning. I think he does not want to follow in his parents’ footsteps and have such a passionate love that only has brought pain. He goes to the gym and begins working out. He seems to like to do physical things to clear his head, or rather, chase away the demons pursuing him.

Meanwhile, Jung Nan drinks with Woo Hyun who¬† tells her to not come back to the club. Why? Until she is free and clear of Lee, she should not come back. Lee has never wanted her to be a singer. Jung Nan doesn’t want to quit singing, nor does she care what Lee wants. He is getting old and she has hurt him terribly. She can’t leave him until he dies, which he promises to be soon, but nor can she wait for his death to be totally free of him. Woo Hyun walks away and leaves her drinking alone in her muddled predicament. I think he hurts for her. I wonder if Woo Hyun had any romantic feelings for her when they were younger? He would definitely be better for than Lee. Wonder if a relationship will develop?

Jin Jin is still thinking over the problem Jung Nan gave her. She covers her ears and keeps saying “ah, ah.” She gets up and puts a bucket over her head to try to hear better and recalls practicing with Jin Joo. When they were younger she practiced saying “ah, ah” to prepare for sales pitches. Recalling this memory makes Jin Jin cry. Meanwhile, Dong Ah comes out of his room to go to the bathroom when he catches sight of Jin Jin. He is scared when he first sees her and then it looks like he launches toilet paper at her. He then tells her to go crazy in dignity and makes a crack about Jin Joo. Dong Ah should know better. Jin Jin immediately launches herself at him and the two begin their physical grappling and yelling, waking up the entire house, save Jin Joo and Eo Jin. The housemates finally manage to get the two apart and the two middle-aged men discuss how those two will end up “shacked up” together. Every one seems to think their explosiveness makes them the perfect couple. Every one except Dong Ah and Jin Jin that is.

Eo Jin wakes up and begins yelling for his mother, begging her not to leave. Jin Joo immediately pops out of her room and holds Eo Jin. She says that she is right there and will never leave. This manages to silence the house and they wonder how the two could sleep through Jin Jin and Dong Ah’s fight, but as soon as Eo Jin has a nightmare, Jin Joo is there for him. Afterward, Dong Ah goes to take the sleeping Eo Jin back to their room, but Jin Joo refuses to let go. Eo Jin calls out for his mom in his sleep and Jin Joo, asleep as well, replies that she will never leave him. Aww. Jin Jin asks if Dong Ah has heard anything and Dong Ah says of course not. Why would the mother who abandoned Eo Jin call to ask up on him. Jin Jin says you never know. She believes that if Dong Ah’s father never stole his brother’s insurance money, then Eo Jin’s mother might never have left. Dong Ah doesn’t know. Everyone annoys him. He gets up and leaves. Jin Jin looks at the sleeping pair and wonders why even Eo Jin’s life is so hard at a young age.

At Double Sharp, Ji Young is again fighting with Kang Suk about letting some of the trainees and the newly debuted go. She reiterates that no one is really qualified to judge them and decide who will make it and who won’t. Plus, they have been at the company for 5 or more years and this is all they know. Ji Young thinks it’s the company’s fault that the kids have been relatively unsuccessful. Kang Suk remains firm in letting some of the talents go. He is not swayed by any of her pitying words. Ji Young should know better by now. Even though they haven’t known each other long, Kang Suk has always been cold and practical.

Kang Suk meets his dad for lunch who asks after Yoon Seo. Kang Suk says that he likes her and this relieves Lee. He tells his youngest that there is no rush. He and Yoon Seo should date and slowly get to know each other. Kang Suk says that he wishes to marry Yoon Seo. Lee asks why and Kang Suk says it’s because his father wishes it. This does not please Lee. He wants his son to marry a woman he loves and not just a woman he chooses for him. He then encourages Kang Suk to take a month off to travel with Jung Nan and come to a decision then.

Kang Suk goes to the nightclub where Dong Ah refuses to let him pass and then tell him that it is okay to leach off of Jung Nan who is his mother, but it is not good to leach off anyone else. Kang Suk does not reply to this and finally goes around Dong Ah who is annoyed because Kang Suk is ignoring his words. Grandma Oh tells Dong Ah no one wants to listen to him anyways (lol). In the club, Jin Jin is asking the male narcissist singer Kang Dae about how he found his voice. He tells her not to listen to the weird ahjumma and goes out to perform.

As Kang Dae leaves, Kang Suk arrives. He does not see his mother and asks Jin Jin if Jung Nan has showed up. Jin Jin says no and then asks about the paper situation. He ignores her and calls Jung Nan to let her know that he is at the club. After he hangs up, Jin Jin calls him weird an then says that he should be calling his mother “mom” – especially when she is the one who supports him. LMAO. I love how Jin Jin lectures him.

Kang Suk drives Jung Nan home and he asks if she will travel with him. Jung Nan doesn’t want to, but Kang Suk says he will take time off to travel with her. Jung Nan then asks if he has a woman. Kang Suk replies no. This relieves Jung Nan who couldn’t believe her cold son would be capable of having a relationship. Kang Suk then drops the bomb that he will be getting married. Jung Nan doesn’t understand this as he said he didn’t have a woman. Kang Suk replies that he doesn’t, but he intends on marrying after taking a month off to be with his mom.

We then cut to Yoon Seo who is having trouble sleeping. She opens up her blinds and looks out and there is Dong Ah. She rushes out of the house just as he turns to leave. She stops him and asks what he is doing there. He says he found out her address from the hospital and then tries to figure out just what to say as to why he is there. He then grabs at the straw of warning her away from men. She can’t just meet anyone. Yoon Seo then asks him to take her somewhere and that is where we leave off.

Things are heating up and are about to get a lot more complicated.

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