Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku Episode 4 Recap

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku Episode 4

What to say, what to say. I was actually disappointed in this episode. It seems like it had a lot going for it in the previews, but fell flat. Not too much concentrated on Taiga’s acting in this episode. We mainly have Taiga trying to convince himself that he is not in love with Shiori and we have little Umi overcome her fear of the water. That’s basically it. Uh, yeah, disappointing to say they least. It would have been better if it focused more on Taiga’s disappointments and struggle to become a respected actor. The main couple really has no romantic/physical chemistry. Shiori does seem more like an older sister or mother figure to Taiga then a love interest. Oi.

Shiori is stressed out when she recalls Taiga’s surprise confession. Umi excitedly shows Shiori how her morning glory is growing (summer homework?). Umi then asks if her mother is lonely and Shiori replies that she isn’t and quickly changes the subject. We then switch to Taiga who has another monologue while lying depressed in bed. Keita can’t stand Taiga’s depression and wants him to quickly get over Shiori so he takes him to the 15th drinking party for second generation entertainers. Keita thinks that atmosphere would help, but it doesn’t really. Taiga can’t seem to get over thinking about Shiori, though he tries hard to convince himself that their worlds are just too different. The funniest part about the party is how you see how these second generation entertainers are struggling hard to climb out of their parent’s shadows. They are all just like Taiga and Keita, trying their best to become good at what they do and climb into their own spotlight.

The next day Shiori gets a call from Umi’s grandparents who want them to visit over the summer. While her mother is distracted, Umi hides the swim class paper. Daiki is excited just thinking about how he can get closer to Umi and Shiori through the class. This really triggers a gag reflex and you kind of want to smack him out of his fantasies.

Sakura gets praised by the director of the drama for her hard work – apparently the episode turned out well. Sakura says that it is thanks to Shiori that she even bothered taking the role. Sakura then complains about being in housewives’ magazines instead of fashion ones. Flipping through, they catch Taiga’s ex in a picture with the actor he hates the most and Shiori begins to really wonder about the sincerity behind the confession. Taiga then comes in and Aoki arranges to have a viewing party for the drama which stars both Sakura and Taiga.

Shiori runs away from Taiga who follows after her. Sakura seems to sense there is something going on there. Taiga then tells Shiori not to worry because he’s given up on loving her and doesn’t want things to be awkward and everything. He makes himself sound really shallow and stupid when doing this. Shiori then says that she is relieved because she was worried she might have unintentionally led him on. This doesn’t make Taiga feel any better and he feels that he will not be able to make himself fall out of love with her like he has managed to do in previous relationships in the past.

Daiki is in Taiga’s room listening to Taiga complain about how he isn’t making any money and how they really need to tighten their belts to make ends meet (especially after their mom comes in with a new kimono). You’d think that his father would have left enough money behind to take care of things for awhile. Daiki then comments about how he is planning on moving back into the house and marrying Shiori. He wants Taiga to spread his wings and leave so he can have his own life. Daiki then asks if Taiga knows why Umi and Shiori haven’t been to the swim classes (which are optional).

We cut to the daycare where they are handing out pudding. A little boy, who I think like’s Umi, asks her why she isn’t coming to the swim classes. Umi says her mom is too busy and she likes the daycare. The little boy then says its okay because he can swim, but people who are afraid should really go. Then comes Sora who gives his pudding to Umi. Geez. I wonder which boy Umi would like better? The sweet Sora or the annoying little boy?

Taiga and Keita are eating out and Keita is trying to convince Taiga to go on a camping trip date with him when their arch nemesis appears with a magazine article that has a picture of Keita and Taiga in it. We then cut to the office where Shiori has just been granted vacation time to visit Umi’s grandparents. Sakura asks about her being a single mother and Shiori explains she is a widow. Then Taiga storms in completely upset by the magazine article. Aoki is horrified to think Taiga (who is a horrible actor) is actually involved in scandal. He looks at the article but can’t find mention of Taiga. The upset Taiga then points out that both he and Keita are in the background of the picture and Taiga is the only one with a bar over his eyes (reserved for normal people). Aoki is happy that it is not a scandal and the upset Taiga goes to practice his pronunciation in his room. Sakura asks Shiori if Taiga likes her and Shiori adamantly denies it.

Walking home, Taiga sees Umi sitting alone and he immediately approaches her worried about her being by herself. Then up comes Sora who kicks Taiga’s butt (literally) for bothering Umi. Then comes Shiori who went chasing after Umi’s flyaway hat. Shiori and Sora play catch while Taiga and Umi talk. Umi says how her mom isn’t really strong and is a crybaby. Umi wants to grow up fast and project her mother. This really touches Taiga.

Back at home, Shiori pulls out the swim class notice. She understands Umi’s afraid of the water, but she wants her daughter to overcome her fears. So it looks like they are going to the next class, which Taiga will be present at also because Daiki drafted him into helping. While all the other kids are having fun playing in the water, Umi stays hugging the side of the pool. Taiga realizes his guess was right, she is afraid. When all the other kids pick up stones, Umi remains behind. Daiki tries to encourage her and gets her to dunk her head but she starts crying and won’t go any further. Taiga then tells her to try her best so she can grow up strong and protect her mother. This convinces Umi to try again and she is successful in putting her face underwater and picking up a stone. Taiga gets worried and falls into the pull while waiting for her to come back up (she was safe because she was with Daiki all the time). Everyone cheers and claps when Umi successfully picks up the stone.

Afterward Umi confesses that she took Taiga’s advice and he was right – it wasn’t scary after all. Daiki complains about Taiga’s tactics in getting Umi to overcome her fear saying that is mean to do that to a child – it puts too much pressure on them. Daiki then changes topics and asks how Taiga feels about Shiori. Taiga tells his brother not to worry as he doesn’t like her or anything like that. She is just the first person to actually see Taiga for himself. He goes on and on about what Shiori is to him and then he leaves with Daiki looking after him and calling him a real idiot as that shows Taiga really does like Shiori. Duh!

At the drama-viewing party, Sakura’s acting is praised. Everyone comments on how realistic her death looks. Taiga then excitedly says his part is coming up next, but you don’t seem him at all. His part was cut! Taiga tries to blow it off, saying it doesn’t matter, but he softly asks Aoki later if he should just quit. Shiori overhears this statement. While the party is breaking up, news comes on reporting about the 5-year anniversary of an accident in South America. The accident that killed her husband. She breaks down and runs out to the roof followed by a worried Taiga.

She confesses what happens and Taiga wraps his arms around her. Shiori tries to shake him off and he says just treat him like someone else and cry because he can’t stand to see her like that. He likes her. He can’t change that. So he will do his best to be by her side and try to help her through since he can’t have her heart. Shiori manages to break free and then she squats in a corner and bawls her eyes out. I HATE her crying scenes like this. Afterward she thanks Taiga and things are awkward again. Both try to play it off, but alone, they show just how affected they are.

Ack. I hated this episode. Episodes like this one make me not want to watch anymore. 😦 Boring. Not even cute Umi and the two boys who just may like her could save it. It focused way too much on the love story which is just not believable.


  • Thanks for the recap. I kinda stopped watching this series exactly in the middle of this episode after the part with the 2nd generation actors. Had a hunch that it was going to focus more on the “non-existent” love story as you put it and it irked me to see how forced and unnatural things were shaping up to be.

    Daiki is excited just thinking about how he can get closer to Umi and Shiori through the class. This really triggers a gag reflex and you kind of want to smack him out of his fantasies. — LOL. Have to agree, I didn’t really get why the older brother was suddenly fell head over heels with Shiori. I mean duh, they don’t even know each other and now he’s conducting swimming lessons just to get close to her? Ach, it’s also pretty convenient to have him recruit his bro so that all three of them could have more screentime together. Couldn’t they just have fixed Taiga up with someone more appropriate like Sakura? Wishful thinking… I know.

    Man, I just wish they stuck with Taiga’s acting career or lack thereof. They could have poked fun at Jun as an actor or made fun of the idol industry as a whole. That would’ve been more interesting than seeing him woo (and still be in denial over) a single mother. More reference should have been made about nepotism and how a number of actors come from showbiz families– for goodness’ sakes the guy who plays the arch-nemesis is Eita’s younger brother after all.

    Last but not least, I also have to agree that Shiori’s crying scenes are pretty over the top. You don’t know if it’s done that way intentionally but I don’t find it funny or touching. 😦

    • I am reluctant to continue watching, but then I’d feel bad for completely giving it up. Hmm, maybe one more episode, but the previews look like more of Taiga pursuing Shiori 😦 and I agree that it would be more interesting to have something between him and Sakura as they are a lot alike in some aspects. They are both trying to escape shadows. Sakura is the typical child star trying to break into the adult market and struggling to prove that she can make it and break away from her girlish image while Taiga is the sucky second generation actor only known for being his father’s son. Definitely potential that is not taken advantage of.

      At least with kdrama Oh! My Lady we really got to see Min Woo mature as both an actor and a person and we got to see the inner workings of putting together a musical and the reality of the idol world where good looks make up for lack of talent. And at least there was more chemistry between Chae Rim and Choi Si Won versus MatsuJun and Takeguchi.

      I forgot that Taiga’s rival was played by Eita’s brother. No wonder I thought he looked so familiar. Now that I know, I can definitely see the family resemblance.

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