Personal Preference Episode 15 Recap

Personal Preference episode 15

I want to forget you.

Kae In has finally recalled the past that she had forgotten and comes to the realization that she would hate herself for what she had done so that is why her father must have behaved so coldly towards her. Despite what she thinks, you can tell that Park is really concerned about his daughter’s welfare and emotional state. Jin Ho rushes over to comfort Kae In and Park looks around Sanggojae and demands to know if it was Jin Ho who opened up the basement. Jin Ho stands up and says that it was him. Park asked what right he had and then kicks him out of the house. I must say I find it funny that instead of an attic full of secrets, we have a sealed basement with one locked memory that is the key to Kae In’s and Professor Park’s strained relationship.

Park goes down to the newly redone workshop and sees the picture of Kae In and his wife. He picks it up and collapses to his knees, crying. Meanwhile, Kae In and Jin Ho are visiting her mother’s grave. Kae In is a mess and says she finally understands why her father hates her and if the roles had been reversed, then she would want nothing to do with a daughter who killed her spouse. Jin Ho can’t do anything, but hold Kae In while she cries and blames herself.

Back at the office, Sang Joon gives Tae Hoon the plans he found. Apparently they are not plans for Sanggojae, but a different project that Park started years ago. Sang Joon tells Tae Hoon to copy the plans and Tae Hoon asks what they are for. Sang Joon says that they are their hidden ace and that Jin Ho must have drew it on really old paper because that is all he had at Sanggojae (really, Sang Joon needs to use his melon every now and then). Tae Hoon wants more of an explanation, but Sang Joon refuses to tell the poor Tae Hoon everything. Sang Joon finally loses his temper and explodes at Tae Hoon. He then gets a phone call with from the head of construction to learn that they are being sued for 200 billion by the worker who is supposedly facing residual side effects from the initial accident at the beginning.

Sang Joon takes the newly photocopied plans to Choi in desperation. He begs Choi to look at the plans and give them feedback. The surprised Choi asks if it is on Jin Ho’s orders and Sang Joon lies and says yes. Choi then says that the Jin Ho he knows would never ask of such a thing. Sang Joon then breaks down and says that Jin Ho didn’t ask him to pass on the plans and then he tells Choi about the company trouble and begs for his help.

Jin Ho drops Kae In off at Sanggojae. She listlessly tells him to leave and he stops her from entering and turns her to look at him. He doesn’t know what to say or do in such a situation, but he will be by her side, though that might not be a comforting thought. Kae In says that it gives her much comfort to know that he is by her side through all of this emotional hell and Jin Ho pulls her into a hug. When Kae In enters Sanggojae, her father starts in on her living alone with a man and Kae In confesses that she rented the room to Jin Ho. This does not make Park any happier, but he doesn’t want to fight with Kae In and tells her to rest and they’ll talk tomorrow. Kae In takes a look around and notices that her father had put everything back to normal. Park notices her glance and tell her that he has undone everything Jin Ho had did, so she just needs to forget and put this behind her. Kae In says that what has been remembered can’t be undone, which upsets her father. She bids him goodnight and goes into her room to cry.

The next day Park and Choi meet with each other and Sang Joon breaks the news to Jin Ho about giving the plans to Choi. Jin Ho is confused as he had not finished the plans for the Dam project, so how could Sang Joon give them to Choi. When Sang Joon says he sent the plans he found in the old tube, Jin Ho is horrified and he tells Sang Joon that it wasn’t his design, but a design he found of Professor Park’s. This shocks Sang Joon who wonders why Park would have a Dam gallery blueprint. Jin Ho rushes out to the gallery to get the blueprint back before damage can be done – but too late.

Choi asks Park to look at a design from a promising entry and Park agrees only to flip through the plans and see that they are his own sketches for the intial Dam project 30 years ago that he withdrew from. Before anything can be said, Kae In enters, surprising Park. Choi tells him that Kae In is in charge of the children’s room for the gallery and he invited her there for them all to eat together. Park apologizes for Kae In’s ineptitude, but Choi says that she is really good and he prides himself on having scouted her. This surprises Park even more, but he then goes back to the blueprints and asks where he got them from. Choi tells him they are Jin Ho’s, Kae In’s boyfriend.

Of course at that exact moment, Jin Ho enters and realizes that he is too late. Park immediately approaches him and asks if he drew the plans. Jin Ho doesn’t know what to say and Park asks him again. Jin Ho then admits that he didn’t and Park hits him with the plans and then announces that they were his plans when the Dam project was conceived 30 years ago. He accuses Jin Ho of stealing them and both Kae In and Choi are surprised. Kae In doesn’t believe that Jin Ho would do something like that, but Jin Ho just can’t seem to defend himself even though he essentially didn’t do anything wrong.

Park is leaving and Jin Ho calls him father and tells him to wait. Park yells at him for calling him father and Jin Ho pleads to be heard. Kae In also believes that there is a mistake and asks her father to listen to Jin Ho’s explanation. Park has a meltdown and yells at Kae In for her stupidity and gullibility in being snowballed by Jin Ho. Obviously, Jin Ho was only using his daughter to gain entrance to Sanggojae to steal Park’s blueprints. Jin Ho then admits that he entered Sanggojae with impure reasons, but he honestly fell for Kae In and had decided not to doing anything underhanded. Park then accuses him of trying to use Kae In to become his son-in-law which would advance him even farther than simply stealing the Dam designs. Jin Ho doesn’t get to deny this before Park storms off. Kae In is horrified to learn that Jin Ho had initially used her and walks off crying as well while Choi picks up the plans on the floor and looks really unhappy.

In Hee follows Jin Ho out, but gets to say nothing because up bounds Sang Joon who asks if Jin Ho got the plans back. Jin Ho tells him that it’s over and In Hee fills Sang Joon in on what happened. Sang Joon is horrified that Jin Ho is getting all the blame when it wasn’t his fault at all and says that he will talk to Park and Choi and tell them the truth. Jin Ho tells him not to because it originally comes down to being his fault as he willingly went into Sanggojae with ulterior motives. I am still so frustrated that Jin Ho is getting all the blame and being made more devious than he ever was. But, whatever.

In Hee meets with Chang Ryul to congratulate him as it looks like he has won. Jin Ho has announced intent to withdraw from the Dam project due to the breaking scandal. Chang Ryul isn’t pleased by the news entirely because he wanted to fight with Jin Ho to the end and he knows that Kae In will be hurt. Meanwhile at Sanggojae, Kae In is in Jin Ho’s room when her father demands that she call someone to pack his stuff. When Kae In says nothing, Park then yells at her for still liking Jin Ho. Kae In then breaks the silence and says she will make the call.

At the office, Jin Ho ignores Kae In’s call. Sang Joon is not happy that Jin Ho is now ignoring Kae In. Sang Joon again wants to go and confess everything, but Jin Ho still refuses saying the initial fault lies with him, thus the entire blame must be his. Sang Joon then pleads with Jin Ho to at least talk to Kae In as Sang Joon will feel even worse if Jin Ho an Kae In break up all because of him. Jin Ho says nothing, but you can tell he is thinking. Will he talk to Kae In and keep their relationship in tack or will he pull the plug instead of fighting for the woman he loves and for the truth?

Kae In is packing up Jin Ho’s room when Chang Ryul and Han come to visit. Park is surprised by the unexpected guests and Han is his usual overbearing self. Kae In makes tea and Chang Ryul goes to talk to her. He confesses he heard Jin Ho stole the plans and then berates himself for letting Jin Ho get closer to Kae In. This surprises Kae In as that means Chang Ryul knew the truth about Jin Ho’s stay at Sanggojae. Chang Ryul confesses he knew, but kept it secret as he didn’t want Kae In to get hurt, but she got hurt anyways. Chang Ryul then asks if she still has lingering feelings for Jin Ho after all that he pulled. Kae In then says that Chang Ryul is no different than Jin Ho as he just wants to use her as well. This surprises and hurts Chang Ryul and he denies this (true on his part, but not on his father’s) only to have Kae In angrily say that all men are the same. Wow. She didn’t even do that when Chang Ryul cheated on her with In Hee.

The four sit down to talk and Han says he cannot believe what happened and then confesses he never really liked Jin Ho. Han then paints Jin Ho an even blacker character by saying Jin Ho deliberately went after Kae In even though she was together with Chang Ryul initially. Totally not true and Kae In breaks in and says it wasn’t like that. Park then asks what Kae In’s relationship is with Chang Ryul. Kae In doesn’t answer, but Chang Ryul speaks up and says that they were once together, but due to his mistake, they broke up. Han then speaks up and says that in this day and age it is not surprising if couples break up and get back together and then let’s the cat out of the bag about Chang Ryul being behind Kae In getting her own brand. This knocks the already confused and hurting Kae In for quite the loop.

Jin Ho is sitting outside Sanggojae in his car screwing up the courage to go in to talk things out. When he finally has talked himself into it, he sees Chang Ryul and Han come out. Park asks about Chang Ryul’s intentions and Chang Ryul confesses he is serious and Park asks Chang Ryul to help Kae In forget about Jin Ho. Aww, nothing like hearing the father of your love telling your arch enemy and rival to snatch your girl away from you. Chang Ryul promises he will work hard and sway Kae In over to his side. Instead of trying to talk, Jin Ho just leaves. Oy.

When Park gets back inside Sanggojae he wishes to talk to Kae In and she says that she doesn’t plan on working things out with Chang Ryul and Park asks her if she intends to keep seeing the thief then. Kae In says she isn’t sure as she thinks there is still a misunderstanding because Jin Ho is just not that kind of person. Park says this is all because Jin Ho has snuck into her heart. Park then says he likes Chang Ryul and Kae In then says Park has no idea what happened and how badly Chang Ryul hurt her and how Jin Ho healed that wound. Park then asks if he is as innocent and upright as Kae In says, then why hasn’t he even tried to defend himself and explain the situation.

Jin Ho is driving, recalling the horrible moment when Park accused him of stealing while Kae In is trying to screw up the courage to call Jin Ho when Young Sun calls and tells her that it was mostly all Sang Joon’s doing. Kae In then says that despite that, Jin Ho still had moved into Sanggojae with ulterior motives. Young Sun can’t say anything about that since it is true, but she does encourage Kae In to be cautious and to at least here Jin Ho out. After they hang up, Young Sun turns to Sang Joon who is busy stuffing his face and yells at his audacity for eating when things are so screwed up.

Jin Ho visits his father’s grave, feeling that his father must be ashamed and see his son as lacking. Jin Ho has screwed up badly because he has made Kae In who so desperately sought her father’s approval ashamed in front of her father. Kae In then calls Jin Ho and promises to wait for him until he shows up so that she can listen to his side of the story. Kae In waits for a long time while Jin Ho watches from his car. Finally Kae In spots him across the road. How much do you want to bet that if she had not seen him, he would have left without talking.

Now that he has been seen, the two do talk. Instead of telling Kae In the whole, unadulterated truth, Jin Ho lies. After Kae In apologizes for getting upset and not listening, Jin Ho tells her that he never loved her and that he did all those despicable things. Kae In doesn’t believe this and tells him not to lie and to look her in the eye and tell her the same thing. Jin Ho does and expounds even more about how stupid Kae In is for still believing him as he doesn’t like her and he found it horrible to be with such a stupid person as himself. He is relieved that the act is over and he doesn’t have to pretend anymore. This upsets poor Kae In. She tries to get him to be honest, but he refuses. You can tell how torn this makes Kae In. On one hand she knows he’s lying, but on the other hand she is still unsure and can’t quite fully trust him. As Jin Ho drives away after dropping his bomb on Kae In, he tries to hold back his tears and convince himself that he doesn’t love Kae In. I wanted to slap them both in this scene. Jin Ho for being a major ass and lying and Kae In for not sticking to her guns when she knew that he was lying because he felt sorry for what he did to her. And I must say that Jin Ho gets the biggest idiot crown for twisting the knife further in Kae In’s heart when what she really needed was him to be honest and stay by her side.

Kae In comes home to be grilled by Park. She says nothing at first, but then says that she has broken up with Jin Ho like Park wanted her to and she goes to her room leaving her father stare after her. Meanwhile Jin Ho goes home and Jang Mi asks if her son has officially broken up with “that woman.” Jin Ho says that he has and she smiles and thanks him. What a horrible mother as she didn’t even initially see how much her son was hurting. At Sanggojae Kae In is crying her heart out which hurts her father who is listening at her door and Jin Ho is crying alone in his room, which seems to surprise Jang Mi a little.

The next day, Kae In is working diligently in the children’s room when Choi tries to surprise her and cheer her up. When it fails, he feels a little foolish and then asks if she’s okay. Kae In says that she is doing fine and that she needs to work hard to finish the children’s room on time. Choi tells her not too work too hard as she just went through a rough time. He then calls in his right to grill her about Jin Ho. At the office, Sang Joon asks if Jin Ho saw Kae In and is happy thinking that Jin Ho fixed things. Jin Ho then confesses that he ended things with Kae In. Poor Sang Joon can’t believe that they broke up after all.

Back at the gallery Choi asked what happened, but Kae In tries to stuff her face to avoid the question. Choi then expresses his disappointment in Kae In not treating him as a friend. Kae In then confesses they broke up and that Jin Ho confessed he never saw her as a woman. Choi then said that is impossible as Jin Ho confessed that he couldn’t keep pretending to be gay as he loved Kae In. Choi then says that Jin Ho is a person who sometimes says the opposite of what he really means, but that his eyes don’t lie. Kae In tears up at this, but keeps trying to eat instead of saying a word.

Jin Ho gave up on Kae In, but did decide to go ahead with winning the project. He and Sang Joon turn in the proposal and final design. Choi is happy to see that Jin Ho did not give up. While Sang Joon and Jin Ho are leaving the gallery, In Hee stops them and tells Jin Ho that Choi is looking for him. Choi says he is glad Jin Ho did not drop out and asks if Jin Ho is confident. Jin Ho says he is not at this point, but he is just trying his best. Choi then asks about Kae In and everything – was it all a lie? Jin Ho doesn’t confess that it is, but doesn’t see the point in rehashing this. Choi then says that Jin Ho needs to stop constantly running only looking forward and finally look around or he could lose something important. Choi then says he has not given up on Jin Ho yet.

Kae In and Young Sun go drinking and Young Sun tries to get Kae In to forgive Jin Ho, but Kae In is having none of it. Kae In passes out and Young Sun calls Jin Ho who happens to have driven instinctively to Sanggojae. Jin Ho tells Young Sun to take of the matter herself, but Young Sun refuses to and says she will just abandon the drunk Kae In so you know Jin Ho will go. When he gets there, Young Sun leaves and he keeps Kae In from falling off her chair. This wakes Kae In up and she is horrified to find him sitting across from her. Kae In leaves the bar, walking unsteadily while Jin Ho follows and encourages her to get on his back. Kae In refuses and refuses, but Jin Ho eventually gets her up there. He walks back to Sanggojae and Kae In gives her silent weather report about how the skies have turned gray and everything is a tornado in her heart, but Jin Ho’s back is still warm.

Park is angered to see Jin Ho bringing Kae In home so late. He immediately thinks that she is seeing him behind his back. Kae In denies that she was drinking with Jin Ho, but Park doesn’t believe her and gives her firm scolding. Kae In apologizes and her father tells her to go to her room. Um, hello, she isn’t a kid anymore. Park turns to leave and Jin Ho speaks up in Kae In’s defense. He can’t stand to see Park treat Kae In like that anymore. Jin Ho then lays out a list of Park’s sins and inability to be a good father to his daughter. Park says that Jin Ho is a stranger and to butt out and Kae In tries to get him to shut up, but Jin Ho continues. Jin Ho tells Park that he has instilled his guilt over his wife’s death into Kae In and Park turns and slaps Jin Ho. Kae In screams at this and Park demands that Jin Ho leave. Jin Ho then tells Park that he turned down the project 30 years ago because of his failure with Sanggojae and that is where we leave this episode with so much left to be resolved in our final episode.

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