TROUBLEMAN Episode 5 Recap

TROUBLEMAN Episode 5Everyone is surprised when Ozaki falls over hypnotized instead of Tagawa. Sasaki complains to Tagawa that yet another person has beaten him to the punch again. Really, it’s quite sad that everyone manages to get hypnotized but him. Tagawa apologizes and Makiko asks if its all right if she works on Ozaki first. Tagawa agrees and they all crowd around Ozaki to learn his story.

Ozaki is in a car driving to his fiancee’s parents’ house. He is nervous about meeting his future in-laws for the first time. He and his fiancee practice the meeting and the clean, suit-wearing Ozaki delivers the classic drama speech about how much he loves his fiancee. You can tell she’s really touched by all this, but he then jokes and says that he wasn’t serious to cover up just how much he meant all that romantic, sentimental drivel. All of a sudden, a rock hits the windshield and the car goes off the road and flips over.

Ozaki manages to free himself from the smoking car, but his girlfriend his nowhere to be seen. He thinks he sees her on the hill above, but when he looks down there is her dead body. He cradles her in his arms and screams. Poor boy. How random that a stone just flies out of nowhere causing such a devastating and serious accident. But if you look at how all these tragedies seemed to happen thus far, they are all pretty random: pushing a baby carriage out of harm’s way, bending down to pick up a coin, running after a successful robbery.

After his girlfriend’s death, Ozaki didn’t know what to do anymore and became a hotheaded bum. He got in a fight with Takei-gumi Yakuza and thus that is how he got involved with them. He wasn’t happy with his new life, but it gave him something to do at a time when he was adrift. He did well in the gang for awhile and then was asked to deliver drugs. At the delivery spot, he gets a call from an old friend and realizes that he doesn’t like where his life is now headed and he decides to quit the gang. Thus he runs home and hides in Tokuda’s apartment where this whole mess started.

Ozaki then wakes up to the sympathetic faces of his comrades who offer their support (just like with everyone else’s stories). Makiko decides to take Tagawa in a separate room so that no one else gets hypnotized by mistake. It is really awkward between Makiko and Tagawa, but they get down to business and Kameda goes to Ozaki and asks to use his ESP. Ozaki refuses his help, but Kameda decides to try as he already has caught a glimpse of the stone’s past. This episode ends with Kameda seeing a child. What will happen next?

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