Gloria Episode 3 Recap

Jin Jin’s awesome performance wraps up leaving her good friends stunned by just how well she actually performed (as she has never sung a day in her life before). When the music ends, Jin Jin comes back to reality and is quite awkward, not knowing what to do. A drunk comes up on stage and compliments Jin Jin, but the MC steps between them before Jin Jin’s known explosive temper can flare up. Jung Nan watches Jin Jin with interest and then declares that she will sing as well, upsetting Kang Suk who doesn’t want his mom to stir up any trouble.

In the dressing room, Jin Jin sits staring at herself in the mirror when Dong Ah, Jin Joo, and Dong Chul come in. Dong Ah and Dong Chul praise Jin Jin for her great performance and Jin Joo says that her little sister was sparkly and pretty. Jin Jin then says that she thought she looked pretty too and Dong Ah ruins the moment by telling Jin Jin to look in the mirror – she may be able to sing but her face is “no where near pretty.” True, Bae Doo Na is not pretty in the conventional sense, but she has her moments. Just as Jin Jin gets up and starts hitting and yelling for Dong Ah to get out, Jung Nan comes in followed by Kang Suk.

Dong Ah scolds Jung Nan and tells her that not just anybody can come into the dressing room. Jung Nan says that she is a singer and Dong Ah asks if she will be getting 50,000 won like Jin Jin. Jung Nan says she doesn’t know the amount, but knows that it is a little more. Dong Ah is disappointed to hear this and says that they should have held out for a higher amount. Jang Nan then asks for the room to be cleared so she can change leaving just her, Jin Jin, and Kang Suk.

Jang Nan reiterates to her son that she wants to change. Kang Suk is reluctant to leave and asks why his mother must act this way. Jung Nan, seeing Jin Jin’s interest in the matter quickly puts on a show asking her son what she should do as he got fired and she wants to keep him living the life he’s accustomed to so that means she needs to do what she can, i.e. being a singer. Kang Suk has no idea what his mother is talking about. He doesn’t realize that it’s all for Jin Jin’s benefit. Gotta love Jin Jin’s look of disgust towards Kang Suk after hearing all of this. Jung Nan finally kicks Kang Suk out and proclaims how hard it is to have children. Jin Jin says she must have had it rough (LMAO – real rough, she didn’t even raise her son). Jung Nan then looks through the costumes wondering if any will suit her “glamorous” figure (eyeroll). Jin Jin responds that the average outfit should be okay for Jung Nan. Jung Nan then asks if it was the first time that Jin Jin sang onstage and then comments that fist love is special and rips your heart out. The people in the club were lucky to witness Jin Jin’s first time. I am not quite sure exactly what Jung Nan is trying to say.

Jung Nan begins singing ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme.” She’s not bad, but I actually liked Jin Jin’s “Gloria” better. Jin Jin finishes changing and comes out. She is entranced while watching Jung Nan’s seasoned performance. Jin Joo is all excited watching it, saying that the lady was pretty as well. Looks like watching Jung Nan is reinforcing Jin Jin’s new idea that maybe she was born to sing and would like to try her hand at it now.

Afterward, Jung Nan and Kang Suk are leaving and Kang Suk tells his mother that he will book her a flight to Hong Kong first thing tomorrow morning. Jung Nan tells her son to go to Hong Kong instead. She then says she has made her comeback after 30 years and wouldn’t that be interesting? Kang Suk asks if she is having and Jung Nan doesn’t reply and asks about Kang Suk. He immediately replies that he isn’t and Jung Nan says that is his problem as he only lives once, he needs to learn how to have fun and enjoy life (I wonder if the hardworking Jin Jin will be able to help him with that?). Kang Suk then delivers a cruel blow saying that it is his mother’s fault that he is miserable (well, he is the illegitimate son, meaning his step-mother hates him and his half brother doesn’t like him). Jung Nan says she will not apologize to him as she knows that will only make him resent her more as an apology just isn’t enough to make up for what she has done. Jung Nan then says she resents Kang Suk as well. You have to wonder if this parent and child really don’t like each other like they say.

Kang Suk gets home at the same time as his father who asks if he had been drinking. Kang Suk says he had been drinking with “her.” Lee says not to let Jung Nan know that he doesn’t call her mom and Kang Suk says she already knows. He then gets lectured not to hurt Jung Nan as she is sensitive and tender-hearted (she sure doesn’t show it). When father and son go inside, they see a drunk Ji Suk completely wasted and unable to move. Lee tells Kang Suk to help his brother to bed and a worried and annoyed Mrs. Song berates Kang Suk for not being gentle enough while helping Ji Suk. She then rushes to the bedroom to make excuses for her son, but Lee doesn’t want to hear them. After he leaves, she blames Kang Suk’s drunken stupor on him and Ji Suk. That would be an excuse for his behavior. It may be the source of his insecurities, but it is still just an excuse for him to drink and act immature.

Jung Nan calls Lee and is annoyed when Mrs. Song picks up. Mrs. Song says that Lee is sleeping and hangs up on Jung Nan. Lee takes his phone back when he comes in and goes to his study where he calls Jung Nan back and she berates him for breaking his promise as Mrs. Song was never supposed to answer when she called him. He then calls her “Jung Nan.” She asks why she is actually being called by her name and he asks if it is hard on her. She replies no, she just wants to make trouble and then she says she had warned him about mistreating her son. Lee says he will go see her the next day and she tells him not to (after she so desperately wanted to see him in episode 2).

When Ji Suk wakes up, he is annoyed to find his little brother cleaning his hands. He tells Kang Suk to stop it and Kang Suk says he is almost finished. When he saw how dirty his brother’s hands were, he just could not rest until they were cleaned. Ji Suk then yells saying not to act like this unless their father is around because Ji Suk can’t stand it. Kang Suk finishes cleaning the hand and says he will leave now that it’s done. Ji Suk then asks him when the knife will be stabbed into his back. Kang Suk is ambitions, but it seems like there is a part of him that might genuinely care for his elder brother, so I wonder if he would deliberately set out to topple him?

Back at the club, Jin Jin is putting together benches for her and Jin Joo to sleep on while Dong Ah tries to convince her to just go sleep at his place again. Jin Jin refuses and Jin Joo comes out after having washed up. Jin Jin tells Dong Ah to leave again and he says how can he when he knows they will be sleeping there. He wants them to come home with him as he is their friend until death. Jin Jin picks something up off a table and says she can usher in Dong Ah’s death if he wants her, too. Those two. You know they genuinely care about each other, but they are always bickering (they couldn’t possibly ever be a couple as they are way too alike). Dong Ah leaves and Jin Jin puts her older sister to bed while Dong Ah complains about how un-ladylike Jin Jin is. He then gets quiet.

Next thing we know he is at the hospital outside of Yoon Seo’s room. He reads the name on the door (Jung Yoon Seo) and wonders if it is the name of the girl who is tired of living. The door opens and out steps Yoon Seo. Dong Ah turns to leave, but she tells him to wait and asks what his name is. This surprises Dong Ah and the two go up to the roof where Dong Ah says that being closer to the sky makes the stars seem brighter. Yoon Seo repeats her questions and Dong Ah asks why she wants to know. He then tells her again that he is nobody and she replies that there is nobody who doesn’t have a name. Dong Ah replies that no one uses his name and just calls him “loser punk” so that is what she can call him. Yoon Seo repeats it and Dong Ah looks down at her. She says that she wasn’t calling him, she was just thinking how sad a name it is (which is true). Dong Ah then says she must really not want to die. He gets awkward and silent for a moment before saying that she is so curious, how can she die?

“Whatever you do, whatever you look for, just live on. I think that’s what you need to do.”

Yoon Seo then speaks up and says she is missing two beads as the bracelet is supposed to spell her name out in English. Dong Ah asks then if he is supposed to go around hunting for the beads to complete it – surprised and a bit annoyed. Yoon Seo then says that she has chosen to live for the time being and spend her time looking for them. Hopefully this why time will pass. Dong Ah asks her why she talks like that. Since they both speak the same language, she should just speak plainly. Yoon Seo shocks him again by thanking him for finding her bracelet, fixing it and giving it back. Dong Ah goes to leave and Yoon Seo stops him by saying he was the first person to ever ask her why she tried to kill herself. This really surprises Dong Ah and he says she must have some strange people around her if they weren’t even curious about why. As Dong Ah leaves the hospital, he looks up towards the roof where Yoon Seo was and says that no matter what she does or what she looks for, she must live on as he thinks that’s what she needs to do. Why are these two so inextricably drawn to each other?

Back at Dong Ah’s house his nephew fights with the landlady about the water bill. Even though he pees outside of the house, he still has to pay the same as everyone else. Their arguing manages to wake up those who weren’t awake before and Dong Ah suddenly comes bursting out of his room where he approaches Dong Chul and the only other female border and asks them to live together. Say what? Meanwhile, Jin Jin is at the car wash/garage begging to stay in the storage room to no avail. Dong Ah comes running up and says that he has found Jin Jin and Jin Joo a place to stay finally. So did Dong Chul agree to move in with the girl he likes?

Back at the house, Dong Chul is upset. Not only does he lose his room, he got punched in the process because he refused at first. Eo Jin then says he should have agreed before he got punched and Dong Chul says that Eo Jin must be so happy he can live with his Jin Joo now. Eo Jin smiles and says not enough to die. Omo, I love this kid (he was really good in Stars Falling from the Sky as well). Jin Jin, Jin Joo, and Dong Ah come in and Dong Ah scolds Dong Chul for not moving faster. Eo Jin excitedly ells Jin Joo that he cleaned the room for her. When Dong Chul shows Jin Jin the room, she thanks him and says she will never hit him again. Dong Chul says that’s great (she hits him all the time), but why does he have to live with hyung and give up his own room? Such a whiner. He then comments about letting Eo Jin and Jin Joo be together and Jin Jin winds up to hit him and he reminds her of his promise, so she actually manages to stop, but then Dong Chul’s mouth runs away from him again (he says Eo Jin and Jin Joo must not give into temptation and both need to remain chaste before marriage – what an idiot). This earns him a kick from Jin Jin and he asks about her promise and she asks him why he had to trip over her foot (LMAO) – he deserved that one.

Granny explains the rent and utilities breakdown and Jin Jin says they will of course pay for everything, though she does try to weasel down the price a little with no luck. She then turns to Jin Joo and says if she so much as sees her touch a match, they will both be on the streets. Jin Joo promises she doesn’t play with matches anymore and that if there is anything she does that someone doesn’t like, then she’ll never do it again. Dong Chul watches this exchange (he is helping Dong Ah practice boxing) and says that Eo Jin and Jin Joo have real love. This gets him a punch from Dong Ah who then blames the punch on Dong Chul being distracted and not holing the pads properly. Mi Na rushes over to look at Dong Ah’s hand instead of Dong Chul’s poor face – that is way too much. Dong Chul wants to go cry in his room, but he has to go to Dong Ah’s room instead since Jin Jin and Joo Jin have his room now. Poor guy. Dong Ah then tells Mi Na that it will never happen between them, but she doesn’t care, she just likes him.

“If even you can see how ambitious a heart is, I’d rather not have it.”

At the office, Kang Suk has officially finished transferring his duties after only  few days – upsetting his friend and coworker and setting the office buzzing since he is not sticking it out and trying to fight Ji Suk for his position. In Joon then asks if Kang Suk is really just going to accept being crushed without even fighting back. Kang Suk asks In Joon if there is anything else he can do instead of what he is currently doing. In Joon says that Kang Suk should try talking to president and voice his dissatisfaction with having to leave. Kang Suk asks why he must do something like that (pride issue?). In Joon then ask why Kang Suk must go to a branch office when his future depends on him being in the main office. Kang Suk then replies he has no plans for the future whatsoever, so In Joon needs to be a good boy and do what he is told. As Kang Suk picks up his box to leave, In Joon asks what he is hiding because he knows just how ambitious his sunbae is. Kang Suk says he’d rather not have an ambitious heart if even In Joon can see it. He tells him to work hard and leaves. Kang Suk goes out jet skiing and swimming where he thinks over everything that In Joon says. Yes, he has ambition, but I don’t think he honestly wants to fight his brother like that. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get that vibe that even though Ji Suk can be mean, Kang Suk really does like his older brother.

Back at the club, Jin Jin pleads with Woo Hyun to be allowed to sing, but he adamantly refuses. She says she has something to say, but he says he won’t listen. The MC then calls out to Jin Jin and asks if she can go on 4 time and Jin Jin excitedly replies that she can go on for 10 if she needs to. Woo Hyun stops and asks him just who the boss is. He is sticking by his decision not to let her sing as Jin Jin isn’t afraid of the stage and he doesn’t believe she is necessarily serious for this. Jin Jin is then told to look for a job at another place. I don’t think Woo Hyun had to be that cruel. In the main clubroom, on of the MIA singers returned and is getting a beating by the MC when Jin Jin walks out. They asks if Jin Jin isn’t going to practice and she just leaves. This shocks the male singer who returned. Ah, poor Jin Jin. Isn’t anyone willing to give her a chance?

When Jin Jin is leaving, she accidentally gets splashed by water as Dong Chul and Dong Ah are cleaning the front area outside the club. They ask Jin Jin how it went with the president. How many songs will she sing and how much money will she get? Jin Jin ignores these questions and tells Granny to feed her sister some leftovers. Granny refuses and Jin Jin says to just let her sister starve and then goes off saying she doesn’t want to sing anymore under her breath (total lie, but whatever). Jin Joo asks where she is going and Jin Jin replies that she is getting some flowers for Jin Joo to sell. Jin Joo asks if her sister will dress pretty and sing. Jin Jin asks if Jin Joo likes hearing her sing, and Jin Joo replies that she does. Jin Jin says but what can she do since Woo Hyun won’t let her sing. Our stern granny then pretends to go looking for anchovies to allow Jin Joo to eat (lol).

Jung Nan is getting ready to head out to the club when Lee comes to visit. Lee asks what she wanted to tell him and Jung Nan refuses to say it saying that he already knows. She then says that she is going to sing again. It’s an old stage and not the best, but it suits her well. Lee then says if she doesn’t like Hong Kong she can go to Europe and Jung Nan asks how much longer will she have to live like this – going if he asks her to leave. He tells her that he has to go to Europe for 6 months, so if she leaves first she can get settled in and they can meet each other there. What a jackass. If he loves Jung Nan as much as he says, why not just divorce his prickly wife? Jung Nan asks to end things, but Lee doesn’t want to. He can’t live without her. Jackass x 2. Jung Nan fails to bring the relationship to an end, but manages to get her way with wanting to sing by saying she really will end it if he doesn’t let her. She then reiterates that he needs to treat Kang Suk well. Even though he is her son, he is intelligent and she doesn’t want him to turn out like her. Why does she hide her motherly care from her son? Would it affect his attitude towards her if he knew just how much she really cared?

The son in question is at his fight club winning another fight while Yoon Seo is discharging herself from the hospital. Her mother is furious that Yoon Seo insists on checking out right at that moment versus waiting one more day. What a bitchy mother. I really can’t stand her as it really doesn’t seem like she has any love for her child most of the time. After being bawled out by her mother, Yoon Seo finally gets her way and is allowed to go home where a surprised Ji Suk sees her and stops, happy to find out they live in the same area. Yoon Seo says nothing and he tries to find out just what her last name is. Again, she doesn’t reply. This guy needs to stop coming on so strong. He is seriously almost like a desperate stalker. He looks over at the nameplate and sees “Lee.” But that isn’t her last name, it’s Jung. Oh well, it’s not like she’d tell him otherwise. Yoon Seo opens that gate and goes inside while Ji Suk calls out saying “let’s meet often!”

Jung Nan arrives at the club and is shocked to see Jin Jin working outside at granny’s food stall versus singing in the club. Hyun Woo asks if it is really okay. Did Lee agree to let her sing. Jung Nan says that she will sing and it has nothing to do with Lee. She goes to change and Hyun Woo says if she isn’t serious then he won’t let her do it. Jung Nan agrees to sign a contract to show her seriousness and then goes to leave again, but she stops and asks after the child called “Gloria” (aka Jin Jin). Hyun Woo replies that she isn’t working at the club to which Jung Nan replies that he is not good at picking people. Jung Nan has really taken an interest and liking to Jin Jin it appears.

Outside, Dong Ah  tries to convince Jin Jin to talk to the president once more and she says she won’t. Dong Ah grabs her arms and tells her not to be mad anymore. What happens if something happens to Jin Joo because she is not around. Jin Jin says forget it again and then is almost run over by a kid delivering takeout, but Dong Ah saves her just in time. The kid is unrepentant and sticks his tongue out. Dong Ah goes to the restaurant and throws a tantrum and manages to land some free chicken. Apparently he really is quite well known for being a rascal. Dong Ah returns and stuffs a chicken wing inside Jin Jin’s mouth (lol, he shares at least). He puts down the bag and says that Eo Jin and granny can dig in. When Jin Jin passes by again, he tells her to sit down and eat, but she has to make a deliver inside the club.

Jung Nan is preparing for her number with the guy from earlier. He is arrogant and cocky and talks down to Jung Nan who gives as good as she gets. Jin Jin comes in and Jung Nan says she ordered the noodles and Jin Jin goes about setting things out while the cocky ass keeps bickering with Jung Nan. The MC then comes out and yells for the ass who bows to Jung Nan and asks for a good fight later. Alone, Jung Nan asks if Jin Jin wants to sing as it as addictive as narcotics. Jin Jin says that the president won’t let because the stage isn’t meant for someone like her. Jung Nan then asks if that means Jin Jin is giving up.

We then cut to Kang Suk and his father. Lee is happy that Kang Suk has finished transferring the duties quickly as it means he can start over quickly. Truthfully, I don’t see why Kang Suk has to be forced to start over somewhere else, but maybe he can finally find a little bit more happiness away from the main office and all the rumors. Lee then says that Jung Nan insists on singing when he wants her to settle down and live quietly (he is so selfish, only caring about himself and not what the woman he supposedly love wants/needs). This annoys Kang Suk, but what can he do? His mother doesn’t listen to him either.

Back at the club, the MC introduces Jung Nan and gets shocked when Jin Jin comes out instead. She and Jung Nan have worked out a plan to sing together. Jin Jin said she doesn’t know how to do a duet and Jung Nan tells her not to worry as she will just sing harmony. Hyun Woo isn’t happy to see Jin Jin back up on stage. Kang Suk comes in when Jin Jin starts singing and when the chorus comes on, he is less than thrilled to see Jung Nan come out and start singing too. Jin Jin does her best to follow Jung Nan’s lead, but is still very new and awkward. But, I must say these two actually sound really good together.

“Starting from today… call me Gloria.”

Afterward and angry Hyun Woo and Kang Suk wait for Jin Jin and Jung Nan respectively. As soon as Hyun Woo catches sight of Jin Jin he calls her into his office immediately. Jung Nan goes to follow, but Kang Suk steps in front of her and asks her why she’s doing  this. Knowing  that Jin Jin is in trouble, Jung Nan says that she is busy and goes after them. As soon as Jin Jin steps into the office, Hyun Woo begins his scolding and Jung Nan comes in (followed closely by Kang Suk) and says that she is the one who told Jin Jin to sing. Hyun Woo says that he told Jung Nan before that Jin Jin is not a singer. Jin Jin finally speaks up and asks why, surprising Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo then asks why if she was a singer, did she never sing until now. He then says he knows why. Because Jin Joo went a little crazy, Jin Jin was always afraid of becoming like her. This surprises Jung Nan and Kang Suk. Jin Jin says that she hated singing, but she has realized how much she likes it. Hyun Woo says not to muck things up, but Jin Jin insists on being allowed to sing. Jung Nan is happy to hear this and I think it looks like Kang Suk is a little touched by Jin Jin’s words. What will happen next?

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