Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku Episode 3 Recap

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku episode 3

Matsumoto JunTaiga goes horseback riding with Keita and reveals his insecurities about dating Shiori. Keita says that Taiga should just confess already since that is all Taiga seems to be able to talk about these days. Taiga says that he can’t do that and then talks about how dating and marrying Shiori would be a big scandal because she already has a kid, besides he’s only 26. I must say he is getting ahead of himself. With his current popularity, it wouldn’t be a scandal at all. Taiga then tells Keita that he is giving up horseback riding (a hobby they both took up to be able to film historical movies and dramas) as his current financial status means sacrificing such “luxuries.” Taiga then bids farewell and confesses his love to his horse Natasha and Keita says Taiga needs to do that with Shiori instead of a horse.

Matsumoto Jun, Matsuzaka KeikoTaiga gets home from his last horseback riding session to find his mother in tears and an emotion wreck. Machiko accuses Kotaro of cheating on her and Taiga cannot believe what he hears. He looks at the table with letters and pictures strewn across it and picks up Sakura’s bikini photo. He laughs and says his mom has it wrong, that his father and Sakura weren’t really involved and Machiko points out Shiori’s picture with a baby Umi. This throws Taiga for a loop. He doesn’t know what to think, but he does his best to try to assure his mother that Kotaro was faithful and that Shiori is just an employee at the company. I do have to wonder if Machiko is that emotional just because is an actress (she also complains about how popular Kotaro was and even accuses him of having an affair with Toshiko definitely an over-reaction on her part).

Sawamura Ikki, Kobayashi SeiranDaiki hands out the end of semester report cards – Umi got all gold starts – and announces a special summer swim class, which Umi seems less than thrilled about. Turns out he is only doing the summer swim class in order to be able to see more of Shiori. He also blubbers like an idiot because it is time to say goodbye (what a flaky family). I love the shocked and confused expression on the female teacher’s face. Daiki is always doing whatever he wants without consulting anybody else. How can he get away with it?

Taiga goes into the office where he does his best to ignore Shiori. Partly because he likes her and partly because of trying to figure out if she did have a special relationship with his father. Sakura complains about Shiga saying he is too gloomy and asks if she can have Shiori as an assistant again. Shiori declines and Kato says that its not possible and then offers up Taiga for the role since his most recent appearance on a quick show was canceled so he is the only one not doing anything. Taiga resists at first, but readily agrees when Kato says that he will do his best to talk to the directors again to get Taiga a small part (which he was initially turned down for). So now Taiga is Sakura’s temporary assistant.

Shiori becomes aware that Taiga is ignoring her and follows him out asking if he was angry. Taiga replies he is not and Shiori gives him his book back (the one Umi accidentally took in the previous episode) and gives him Umi’s favorite candy as thanks. Taiga finally screws up the courage to ask Shiori about Kotaro and is horrified when he hears her proclaim his father as her “ideal.” This makes Taiga believe that maybe, just maybe, Shiori could have had an affair with his father. Taiga then confesses in the heat of the moment, shocking Shiori. Realizing what he did, he hurriedly takes it back and says that his feelings are between like and love and are closer to love. Shiori laughs and says she is glad before going back to the office and shutting herself up alone, still in shock by what Taiga said. Taiga is horrified to realize that he was rejected without Shiori even blinking or thinking it over. I really don’t get Shiori’s reaction in this part at all. Taiga’s makes sense – he’s just that wishy-washy, fear of committing guy, but Shiori seems to be the queen over overreacting and having some of the more unusual reactions in the series.

Daiki goes home and asks Taiga about Shiori and Taiga tells him that Shiori works for the company. This relieves Daiki as he thinks that is the only reason Taiga and Shiori were together at parents day. He is too dense to understand that his little brother is in love for the first time. Daiki then says he can offer Shiori everything while Taiga cannot (true to an extent). I do have to wonder how serious Daiki is about Shiori as he then leaves to go on a group date with a bunch of nurses. Seriously. How can he profess that Shiori is the one and go out and have mindless fun flirting with other women?

Daiki helps Shiori find a daycare for Umi now that it is summer and it turns out that Sora (the boy from the previous episode who asked Umi for the ball and called her cute) also goes to that same place. Little Umi just stares in awe of Sora. I think she has a little crush (how cute!). On the way out of the daycare, Daiki confesses he became a teacher to keep himself grounded and to make sure that he did not end up in his father’s shadow (like Taiga). This surprises Shiori and she also comments on how different the two brothers are. Before Daiki can say too much more, Sora accuses him of hitting on Shiori and Umi and Shiori go home. Moment ruined.

Taiga and Sakura do not get along and he hates being bossed around by her and being her assistant, but what other choice does he have? When filming for the day is over, he packs up her things and is heading back to the office when Irabu comes out and gloats over having his cameo role turned into a regular role. Irabu then asks what Taiga is there for when Sakura calls out to her senpai. Irabu goes up to Sakura, listing all of her roles and telling her that he loves her and like Sakura, he is doing is best to make it on his own (not using connections like Taiga). Sakura pretends she likes him and tells him to work hard and then calls out to Taiga, calling him senpai. The agitated Irabu goes up to Taiga and asks how someone like him deserves being called senpai by Sakura. Taiga, realizing how much Irabu hates it, tells him that is just how their relationship is. Afterward, he tells Sakura she is good for something after all (lol).

When Taiga gets back to the office, Shiori and Umi are unpacking the bentos for every one. Kato announces that Taiga did manage to get the minor role, which makes Taiga happy. He immediately wants to get started building the character, but he still needs to prepare for Sakura’s filming as well. Kato then tells him to sit down and eat. Taiga sits next to Umi and thinks he sees some resemblance to his late father. When Taiga eats a dish and adds vinegar, Shiori looks totally shocked and starts crying. Umi goes to her mother and Shiori hugs her, apologizing for being a crybaby. Just why is she crying? After work, Umi and Shiori go grocery shopping. Umi sees Taiga and calls out to him informally. Shiori quickly silences her daughter and tells her not to address Taiga like that and to notice that he must not want to be disturbed as he is wearing sunglasses (which is funny as Taiga usually does his best to get anyone to recognize him). It seems like Taiga is beginning to get to Shiori in some small ways.

Taiga gets home and his mother calls a family meeting with Daiki and Kato present as well. Taiga knows his mom is trying to find out about Shiori from Kato. Machiko asks him about the picture and Kato says that six years ago when Kotaro was filming at the beach, Shiori went into labor and Kotaro and Kato personally saw her to the hospital. After filming finished, Kotaro came back and Shiori thanked him for saving her and the baby. She then asked Kotaro to name the baby and he gave her the name Umi (meaning ocean since that is where it all happened). A year later, Shiori sent that picture of her and the baby saying Umi had safely made it to a year old. Machiko and Taiga are relieved to know the truth and Daiki is ecstatic when Machiko asks to meet Shiori and Umi. He even interrupts Taiga while he is taking a bath to tell his little brother that he wants to marry Shiori. Daiki even repeats that he can give Shiori everything she needs. Poor Taiga.

Taiga and Keita meet at a bar where Taiga tells Keita about how it turns out Shiori didn’t have an affair with his father. Keita congratulates him on this as it means that Taiga’s family is still solid. Apparently Keita’s mother has been married six times and is considering a 7th. Crazy.Both Keita and Taiga only want to marry once and never divorce. Then comes Irabu who says he wants to marry and divorce at least once for the experience as it will help him as an actor. Irabu then asks after Sakura and why they have a senpai-kouhai relationship. He just can’t accept it because Taiga doesn’t have the skill or the credits to be Sakura’s senpai. He then goes off to a roomful of ladies. Keita and Taiga do their bromance bonding and then decide to leave as Irabu shows off even more.

The day of Sakura’s death scene arrives and Taiga isn’t too thrilled about being her assistant, but it’s his day to film as well. While he and Sakura are at the pool filming, Daiki and Shiori and other parents are cleaning the pool to prepare for summer lessons. Shiori says she will try to come often with Umi and Daiki then asks Shiori to visit his mother’s house. Awkward and sudden. While Sakura is filming her murder scene, Taiga stands mesmerized. Afterward, Sakura thanks him for being so considerate after she gets out of the pool and he says he isn’t really, it’s just what he would want after filming. When Sakura is done he leaves her things outside her dressing room (she seems depressed) and tells her just how in awe of her acting he was. This seems to really touch Sakura. She opens the door to see Taiga’s back as he runs to film his bit part.

When he gets back to the office, Shiori is the only one there. Taiga is depressed because he only had one line and screwed it up and realizes that he has far to go and he is good for nothing. Shiori then tells him that’s not true. She says that she first thought he was a spoiled kid who couldn’t do anything, but now she likes how he is a hard worker and straightforward. Hearing all this again, Taiga confesses seriously and is again rejected as Shiori is still not over her husband who died just before Umi was born. I do worry because she says Taiga reminds her a lot of her dead husband. If they get together, will it be because she truly loves Taiga, or because it is like a connection to the man she once loved with all her heart?


  • Thanks for the recap. I really am getting behind when it comes to my drama viewing. 😦

    What a flaky family — LOL! I’m behind you 100% on this. It threw me off to see the brother so interested in Shiori after just one encounter. I’m still not feeling the love story but I have fun watching Jun’s antics especially in scenes where he’s trying hard to better himself as an actor. Like the episode where the kid calls him out on his bad pronunciation and how in this episode, we see him going horseback riding (the explanation being, he should know how to ride a horse in case he lands a taiga drama or does a period piece in the future); Or how he realizes that he’s far from being a “professional” like Sakura after watching her do another take without complaining… Yeah, the drama’s too light to be taken seriously, but for me, Taiga’s journey towards becoming a “serious actor” is the highlight of the show.

  • I know, I am, too. So many dramas, not enough hours in the day or the ambition to watch after work sometimes.

    I really like watching Taiga’s personal journey to becoming a better actor and a more mature person as well. It is definitely better than the hokey love story that isn’t really there. I am looking forward to episode 4 because it’s got him interacting with Umi again and those two are really good on screen together.

  • Aaaaaaawww Jun-kun looks delish in cowboy gear!!! *wipes drool off chin* I’d definitely go for a, er, ride with him (On the horse! On the horse! Get your minds out of the gutter girls… ~U~lol)

    Thanks for doing the recap! This series is definitely on my list of things to watch… will get to it soon.

    • True, he doesn’t look too bad. I find it funny that they dress like cowboys practically to take riding lessons for historical dramas or movies. That’s what you call irony.

    • LMAO, jicks. The thought never even occurred to me. It would have been different if you said something like “take him for a ride” or “help break the saddle”. 😉

      And thanks for pointing out the cowboy attire, wolforion. Almost missed that. I figured it’s just part of Taiga’s personality to “dress appropriately”. He does seem like the type who’d agonize over what to wear, you know, like whether or not his outfit makes the right statement… the statement being– serious-actor-here when in fact it’s more like struggling-actor-in-need-of-attention-here. hehehe ^^

  • @wolforion
    I find it funny that they dress like cowboys practically to take riding lessons for historical dramas or movies. That’s what you call irony.
    ^^lol So true! It’s all for visual impact I guess.

    He does seem like the type who’d agonize over what to wear, you know, like whether or not his outfit makes the right statement…
    ^^Ahem, I think this observation actually applies more to MatsuJun in real life than what it does with Taiga lol

    Jun in my eyes is definitely one hardcore narcissistic fashionista… not that I mind xDD *buffs mirror for Arashi’s dressing room*

    • ^^Ahem, I think this observation actually applies more to MatsuJun in real life than what it does with Taiga lol
      LOL, it used to be that it was more the females that were fashionistas, but now men seem to be taking over that trend. In an interview, Jang Geun Suk said that he has a hard time picking out what clothes to wear 😛 as you have to be stylish and all that jazz, but that guy has a seriously weird fashion sense.

    • ^^Ahem, I think this observation actually applies more to MatsuJun in real life than what it does with Taiga lol
      Can’t argue with that statement. Lol 🙂 But like I said in one of wolforion’s recaps, I think Taiga is MatsuJun in more ways than one. I know it’s make believe but I can’t help but feel that a part of him filters into the role– I’m guessing he’s also diligent when it comes to work in real life but despite his popularity, he’s still struggling to be recognized as a serious actor.

  • ^^Agreed, agreed, agreed :))

    It’s no secret I am an Arashi fan, more specifically, I adore their youngest little member to pieces but even so, I can readily admit that Jun is far from a being a very good actor. There are certain roles he has thrived in but more recently, in an attempt to be taken more seriously as an actor, I feel like he’s picked up one or two roles that I think were a little beyond his current acting capabilities. For instance, in Smile, not to say that he completely bombed the series but… I could’ve done with a retake on alot of his dramatic crying scenes.

    • There are worse actors – Yamapi, Yamapi, Yamapi (Still love the guy) – but Jun isn’t the only actor to try and stretch their wings and fail. He isn’t doing a bad job in this drama per se. He’s doing pretty good, but just the drama storyline with lack of chemistry between the leads makes it fall on my not good list. I will finish it, but I don’t think I will like it even with MatsuJun and the little girl. Focusing on the love interest versus the growth as an actor actually makes the drama fail in my eyes.

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