Pure Episode 5 Recap

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiToru takes Yuka back to his place to dry off and change since it is closer than Yuka’s house. He then calls Takako and lets her know that he has found her missing daughter. After he hangs up, Yuka comes out of the bathroom in his clothes (lol, so cute to see her in such baggy clothes). Yuka bows and formerly thanks Toru who tells her to dry her hair thoroughly so she does not catch a cold. Yuka does this and repeats Toru’s own advice back at him (she does the voice deepening again when mimicking him, kawaii!). Toru says yes and starts making coffee. He seems very subdued. Is he feeling guilty for throwing Yuka into a tailspin? Or maybe he is beginning to realize he likes Yuka (maybe not quite romantically, but he likes her innocence and normally positive attitude).

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi KatsunoriMeanwhile, an angry Ryo is leaving the Orihara residence. Takako follows him and begs him not to punch Toru again. Ryo says nothing and throws off his slippers and puts on his shoes. Takako then tries to calm Ryo down by saying Toru only took Yuka to his place since it was closer and she could dry off. Ryo gets up, grabs two umbrellas and faces Takako saying that no matter what, Toru did not have to take Yuka to his apartment (would he prefer Yuka freeze and get sick on her way home then?). Takako comes back with “at least he called.” That’s right, it would really be bad if Toru had not called at all to let them know about Yuka. Takako then grabs the umbrellas from Ryo and asks him to promise no violence. If he can’t do that, then Takako will go and collect Yuka herself.

Wakui EmiWhile Toru is pouring coffee, Yuka looks around and notices a mirror. While looking in it, she notices a poster of a mother and baby whale on the wall. She turns and looks at it with a smile (seems kind of an odd decoration for a man who seems so cold and aloof). Toru comes out and gives Yuka coffee which she happily accepts. She looks at it cautiously after Toru goes back into the kitchen and then spoons out a little to taste. Her smile is completely gone and she says, “It’s bitter.” Coffee in its original black state is bitter and the type of roast can determine just how bitter something is (darker roasts are more bitter than medium, light, or mild – I studied coffee for chemistry class in college). This has happened in a previous episode as well. It may seem little, but at the same time it is significant.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi ShinichiToru hears this and then brings Yuka a sugar packet. Her smile comes back and she thanks him and pours in the sugar. While she is stirring the coffee, Yuka’s smile disappears and she says that the weather report did not mention snow (shock of shocks – an inaccurate weather report). Toru then asks about the dog. Yuka says she is keeping it there because her mom won’t let her have a dog. Toru asks if Takako dislikes dogs and Yuka explains about the dog being small and easy to turn into sky. Toru doesn’t quite understand and then Yuka explains how her mother said that Yuka’s father should be the only thing that turns into the sky. Yuka then looks around the apartment again and asks if Toru lives alone. He replies that he does and Yuka asks after his parents. Toru says that they died. Yuka repeats this and makes the connection between sky and death. So that means Toru’s parents are the sky like her father.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi ShinichiToru seems a little uncomfortable with this topic and changes the subject to Yuka’s problem that he overheard her talking to Candy about. He asks if she wants to decide for herself in regards to the book and exhibit. Knowing that she is confused (having overheard her trying to think things through in episode 4), he tells her that she must thing for herself as to what she wants to do and then tell her mother how she feels. Yuka repeats the last part (telling her feelings to her mother) over and over again and Toru nods (it’s a beginning). Then the doorbell rings. Toru goes to answer the door while Yuka keeps repeating what he said with a serious expression. Yuka is taking his words to heart and doing her best to work out what to do. Toru is a good influence for Yuka who has been living in a closed little world for too long now.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Takahashi KatsunoriToru opens the door to an angry Ryo who manages to do no bodily harm to Toru and just glares at him unhappily (I actually like these moments of Ryo’s best because Takahashi’s acting is actually a lot better for Ryo’s serious and angry parts than his usual loud, joking manner) for awhile before calling out to Yuka. She stops repeating Toru’s words and happily calls out “Ryo-chan” and he immediately tells her that they should leave. Of course he doesn’t want his precious Yuka in that man’s house for another moment. Yuka immediately gets up and goes to the door, coffee cup in hand and tries to introduce Ryo to Toru (she doesn’t know about their earlier meeting and Ryo’s punching Toru), but Ryo cuts her off and starts berating Toru.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori He doesn’t know what exactly happened or what Toru is trying to pull (Nothing, Toru is a good person. why he gets all the flack, I don’t know), but he better never do that again (meaning don’t bring Yuka home again). Toru says nothing during Ryo’s tirade, but when Ryo speaks up saying that they have no intention of accepting the publishing company’s offer, Yuka says his name. She looks at him all serious with a hint of sadness. Ryo changes his expression to a small smile and makes his tone gentler as he tells Yuka that they should go home. Yuka looks at him and tells him not to decide. This surprises both Toru and Ryo. Yuka then tells her beloved cousin not to make decisions for her. Even though Toru keeps his expression neutral, I think he is definitely happy that Yuka is starting to assert herself more.

“Because it’s something I can do.”

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi Katsunori, Wakui EmiWhen Yuka gets home she tells her mother that she wants to take the publishing company’s offer. This surprises Takako (just as it surprised Ryo to hear Yuka telling him not to decide for her). Yuka smiles and tells Takako that she wants a lot of people to be able to see her artwork. Takako asks if Sawatari (aka Toru) told Yuka to say that (Ryo remains quiet, holding Yuka’s things). Yuka immediately shakes her head and says no. She has made the decision herself. She wants to make a lot of new pieces and share them with as many people as she can. Ryo then sits down in front of Yuka and  tells her that people like Sawatari don’t have an appreciation for her pure heart (Toru does, but others would rather use that pureness to their advantage while Toru wants to protect it while helping Yuka grow up). Ryo continues on, but Takako cuts in and gets closer to Yuka asking her why she feels the way she does (looks like Takako is seriously taking the doctor’s advice, good).Yuka says that is because it’s something she can do. Yuka may be slow, but she is well aware that she has many limitations and her art is the one things she feels that she is capable of doing and sharing with those around her.

Tsutsumi ShinichiToru calls up Kuroiwa and tells him that he will take on the assignment. Looks like Yuka isn’t the only one who made up her mind – Toru did too. You have to wonder if his decision is spurred on due to his deepening relationship with Yuka (he stares at her coffee mug with the sugar packet along side of it while he tells Kuroiwa that he will do the job), along with his desire to return to “real” news versus the rag he works for. But no complaints as Toru is taking more of a proactive role in his life. While he doesn’t let people actively make decisions for him, he really did nothing to get his life on track to where he wanted it. So him taking this step is a good thing.

Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi, Takahashi KatsunoriMeanwhile, Takako agrees that Yuka can take up the offer. This surprises both Yuka and Ryo (Yuka in a good way, but Ryo in a bad way). Yuka asks if she really can and Takako says yes. Ryo finally voices his opinion and is again cut off by Takako who understands that he is worried. Guess what? Takako is just as worried as Ryo is, but she wants to respect Yuka’s decision (the first one that Yuka has ever really made of her own volition). Yuka repeats “Yuka’s decision” – that girl loves to parrot others – as does Ryo. Takako smiles and says that it is the first time this has happened (a happy expression and tears in her eyes – a very proud mom moment). Yuka smiles happily and says that she decided and Ryo snaps out of his funk and jumps up saying he’ll fully support Yuka and Takako with the decision. Ryo says he will be Yuka’s manager, guardian, or whatever. The bottom line: Ryo will protect Yuka. Yuka then thanks Ryo.

Wakui Emi, Takahashi KatsunoriThe next day the “committee to promote Orihara Yuka” meets to discuss what is next since  Yuka has decided to do the exhibit and book. Yuka is officially introduced to everyone (people from the scholarship foundation and the publishing company, etc) and it is announced that Komiya (the two-faced witch) will be the project adviser. Oya (Toru’s boss) then introduces himself as the person in charge of the overall project. Oya was going to introduce Toru, too, but Toru was conspicuously absent. Asako says that he had important business and couldn’t attend the meeting (he’s out researching the corruption case). Yuka looks at Toru’s empty chair and asks if he will be on the project as well. Komiya says of course and Yuka gives a great big smile and says that she is glad (Ryo, you can tell, does not like this development at all).

Wakui Emi, Takahashi KatsunoriMeanwhile, Toru is out hunting for clues about Ayabe Construction and the congressman that is also involved in the corruption. Flashback to the meeting and Ryo is protesting that Yuka has to make an art piece based on the theme “love” as Yuka has never had to base her art on a theme before. To make matters worse, she has to sketch the piece and it needs to be done in only three days time (that limit seems a little too fast for an art piece, but whatever). Komiya breaks in and says that Yuka must become a professional since this is what she wants to do. Komiya then tells Ryo that since he is her guardian, then it is his duty to see to it that Yuka does what she is told (sounds like she is more of an art machine than a person, ne?). Ryo says that he understands, but you can tell he is still not happy with this at all. Ryo sits down and Komiya turns to Yuka and says that everything is starting to go for her so now she must fly. Asako doesn’t look too pleased, but Yuka smiles and says that she will do her best (why does it seem like Asako has a grudge against Yuka? Is it all because of Asako’s interest in Toru or something else as well?).

Shinohara Ryoko, Wakui EmiRyo and Yuka go to the office with Oya to finalize the details. Oya tells him the final deadlines for the draft, artwork, and alterations while Yuka stands by the door and keeps bowing to all the workers who enter (she practically gets nailed by the door every time someone enters -she should really move). Asako walks by and Yuka stops her. Asako asks what and Yuka says she would like to return the bag of clothes to Toru. Asako is not happy to hear that Yuka borrowed Toru’s clothes the night before. She takes the bag from Yuka and tells her that she will deliver them to Toru. Yuka doesn’t really want to relinquish them as she wants to thank Toru properly. Asako assures her that she will pass on the message (still, it’s not the quite the same). Yuka smiles and thanks Asako, bowing to her. Asako really looks annoyed when facing the smiling Yuka.

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi ShinichiAt home, instead of working on the love piece, Yuka happily works on a new house for Candy. This one is much sturdier and has a roof. Yuka smiles happily as she finishes and wonders if the house will be included in her book. The smile slips away as she recalls she needs to draw something about love. Meanwhile, Toru has returned to the office. Asako gives him the clothes from Yuka and then asks if he was with her that snowy night at his place. Without waiting for a reply, Asako tells him that he will have no time for Yuka now (again, I don’t see why Asako bears so much ill will towards Yuka, but it’s obvious that she wants Toru to have nothing to do with Yuka. Nande?) that he’s accepted the job from Kuroiwa. Toru doesn’t rise to Asako’s telling him what to do. Instead, he counters with the fact that Kuroiwa has already told Asako about Toru accepting the job. Asako replies that Kuroiwa as really helped her out and looked after her (does that mean she used him to help get her where she is?). Toru says that she is something and Asako’s smile slips away. Serves her right. Normally, I love Shinohara Ryoko, but I just can’t bring myself to like the character of Asako whatsoever.

Takahashi KatsunoriYuka looks at the calender where Ryo has the deadlines circled in red. She recalls all that he told her about when the design draft and  the final piece need to be completed. She also recalls what he told her about the theme. Next to the calender is a paper with the kanji “ai” written on it. Yuka looks at the paper and wonders just what this “ai (love)” is. At Ryo’s cafe, a fellow worker asks if Yuka understands just what love is (they know that it should be a problem for her, too, just as Ryo figures as well). Ryo says of course since Yuka grew up with her mother’s and his love, so she should know what it is. Machiko overhears this and you can tell she is thinking (whether about Yuka loving Toru or Ryo’s obsession with his cousin, I do not know). She puts on a smile as Ryo says that if Yuka doesn’t know, she ask him. Besides, Yuka tells him everything. Ryo trails off as he says this because he recalls Yuka telling him earlier that she has secrets too. He is pulled out of his recollection as an order comes in.

Wakui EmiBack at her workshop, Yuka just cannot find any inspiration for love as she cannot understand what it is. She asks her father and then looks at the calender again, knowing that she must have the drawing of love completed by the 1st. She then looks out at the window and jumps up to talk to Toru’s father who is also the sky. She asks him if she can ask Toru a question. Her smile fades and she seems to be confused. There is only one sky and her father is already the sky, so how can Toru’s father be the sky too? Her mother really needs to explain death to her daughter more clearly. This is a really cute scene to see Yuka excitedly talking to Toru’s father up in the sky about his son. Got to love it. I do feel bad for Ryo as the first person Yuka thinks to ask is not him, but Toru.

Wakui EmiMeanwhile, Toru is staking out the congressman and the construction company, trying to learn just who the main players are. He follows the congressman’s secretary out to learn who he is and just which congressman he works for. Yuka goes to deliver Candy’s new house and she is in a depressed mood as she still doesn’t know what love is. Yuta comes running up, happy to see his friend. Yuka then decides to ask the little boy if he knows what love is. Ryuta isn’t sure so he takes Yuka to his house (which is huge). He wants to take her in so they can look “ai” up in the dictionary, but Yuka balks when she sees the huge house. Then comes Ryuta’s brother who is worried to see his little brother with a stranger. He asks who she is and she introduces herself. Her introduction seems to confuse him more (probably because she is an “adult” hanging out with a little boy). Ryuta then asks his brother what love is as neither he nor Yuka knows. To make matters worse (if you think about how the situation looks to someone who isn’t familiar with Yuka), Yuka asks Ryuta’s brother to “please teach me what love is.” It kind of sounds dirty doesn’t it? Needless to say his brother is not happy. He asks if Yuka is crazy and then tells her not to ask such weird questions of his brother before taking Ryuta inside the house. Yuka wonders if it is weird and then she asks if no one knows what love is. Poor Yuka.

Tsutsumi ShinichiAs Yuka walks away, the secretary that Toru is tailing, pulls up in front of Ryuta’s house and goes inside. Yuka peeks around the corner when she hears the door being unlocked and then walks dejectedly off again. Toru pulls up in a cab and notices the sign on the house reads “Touyama.” I am not sure if that is the secretary’s last name of the congressman’s. Probably the congressman’s. I think it’s one of the “what a small world” moments as what are the odds that Yuka would meet with the son of the person Toru is investigating? Or does Ryuta live next door? Eh, still, small world.

Tsutsumi ShinichiThe deadline for the design draft has now passed. A dejected Yuka sits in front of the television listening to the whether report. She knows that she has decided to do this, so she must see it through, but she is lost because she just doesn’t know what love is. At the cafe, Ryo calls and manages to get the deadline extended for two more days. He then turns to call Yuka to let her know. At the office, Oya tells Toru that Yuka is not handling the project well, which is not good for them as the drafts of the brochures are done and the invitations have already been sent out. Oya then asks Toru to go visit Yuka because she seems to trust him the most. Toru agrees and you can tell Asako isn’t happy about this. Oya then calls Asako over and asks her if she knows any artists. Asako doesn’t understand what he is getting at, and then Oya tells her its in case Yuka doesn’t come through (how dirty!).

Takahashi Katsunori. Wakui EmiYuka finally pays a visit to Ryo to ask for his help. Ryo chides her for not asking him sooner as he knows everything (eyeroll – sure, everything). Machiko watches from a distance, remaining silent. Yuka then asks if that means he knows what love is. Ryo says that he sure does and then begins by asking about the things Yuka likes. Yuka agrees that she likes them and then Ryo talks about her really liking them. Yuka agrees that she really likes those things and Ryo tells her that “like them a whole lot” feeling is what love is. Yuka seems to understand this, which is good. Yuka smiles and thanks Ryo and gets up to leave. As she reaches the door, she pauses and turns around and asks what shape love has. This throws Ryo for a loop. I thought he would answer heart right away as that is used to symbolize love.

Tsutsumi ShinichiToru goes to visit Candy and sees the new house that Yuka has made for him. He is quite impressed by the new house. He recalls what he overheard Yuka say about rushing the first house so that he could see it and that next time, she will put on a roof for Candy. Toru then takes out his camera and begins snapping pictures from every angle. After looking at the wings Yuka added, Toru stops taking pictures and goes up to the house. He asks if Candy is happy to have his new house with a roof. He then names the dog house “creation with a roof.” Not original, but hey.

Takahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki, Wakui EmiBack at the cafe, Ryo is fretting in the bathroom about what to tell Yuka about the shape of love (seriously, agonizing in the bathroom 😛). Should he tell Yuka about a heart representing love? Meanwhile, Machiko is telling Yuka about “koi” (romantic love) versus the more generic love that Ryo told her about. Machiko explains that “koi” is really wanting to see a person (Yuka always really wants to see Toru) or to be with them badly, but when you are with them your heart goes “doki doki.” Yuka doesn’t really seem to understand. She asks if “koi” is considered “ai” as well and Machiko says yes, koi is a type of ai. Then Machiko asks if there is any one who makes Yuka’s heart go “doki doki.” Yuka isn’t sure what this means and Machiko puts her hands over her heart and makes a beating motion while stressing the “doki, doki” sounds, which Yuka then imitates. She thinks about her pinky promise with Toru (when she made a pinky promise with Ryo afterward, she felt that there was a difference between the two). Machiko then says she has someone like that (yep, that would be Ryo who is obtuse and doesn’t realize this). Ryo comes back to talk about the shape of love (apparently his bathroom commune helped him come to a decision), but before he can tell Yuka anything, she tells them that she is confused (too much information at once for our poor Yuka).

“You Don’t need to show her the way. She can walk on her own.”

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Fubuki JunToru visits Yuka’s house. Takako is upset that the deadline has passed without Yuka producing anything. Toru says that the deadline has been extended. Takako apologizes to Toru for the trouble. She was so happy that Yuka had made a decision on her own that she went along with it, not thinking about whether or not it was something that Yuka would actually be able to accomplish (talk about little faith). Takako then says she will have Yuka drop the project since she is not able to do it. Toru’s response to that: shouldn’t Yuka be the one to make that decision? Toru is right, besides Yuka is well aware that she has limitations, so perhaps she understands that she might not be able to accomplish the things she really wants to do with her art. This surprises Takako and Toru elaborates that Yuka can walk on her own, she doesn’t need her mother to hold her hand and guide her along the way. Toru then begins to list the problems he has with Takako raising Yuka: not allowing her to have a dog, telling her that her father is the sky, etc. Hearing this surprises  Takako even more. She goes to ask Toru about the sky thing when he cuts her of and asks her why won’t she tell Yuka the truth (about death). Takako then says she does all of this to protect Yuka. She believes that if Yuka knew the truth about death, she would dig up her father’s bones and hold them while being crushed with sorrow. That is why her father is the sky, because it is not something that Yuka could reach. Takako says that Yuka is not all that strong and Toru quickly rebuts  that he thinks Yuka is stronger than Takako things, which he then apologizes for (but I think he’s probably right). Awkward silence and a worried stare from Takako. Toru then leaves since Yuka is not home. Is Takako suspecting something odd about Toru’s interest in Yuka? Oh well, I must say that as a more objective observer, Toru probably understands more about Yuka than Ryo or her mother does. Plus, he is doing his best (without necessarily trying to) to help Yuka grow more and become more of an adult (the best preparation for life without her over protective mother).

Pure episode 5 flashbackToru goes back to the office where he digs up information about the congressman and he learns that the congressman Kaneko had a part to play in his father’s death. Toru’s dad committed suicide after he took the fall for Kaneko. If things weren’t personal before, they are now as things are being connected to one of the worst moments of Toru’s life.

Fubuki Jun, Wakui EmiYuka is still uninspired. She just can’t seem to figure out what to do about love. Takako watches on, worried about her daughter. She finally goes in and says that they had a visit from the publishing company (she started to say Toru’s name, but changed her mind). Yuka asks if they are mad, to which Takako says not really. The depressed Yuka looks at her empty page and says that she cannot figure out the shape of love. Takako goes and hugs Yuka. She tells Yuka that the hug is the shape of her love for Yuka. Yuka asks “aishiteru” and Takako replies that she loves her daughter very much (since she is loving Yuka for both herself and Yuka’s father). Yuka smiles and says that her mother’s “aishiteru” is warm. A nice family moment where Takako isn’t being overbearing and doing her best to help her daughter with the decision Yuka made.

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi ShinichiThe next day, Yuka looks in the mirror as she hugs herself (to see the shape of love). She then wonders if she should ring the magic bell as she wants to see Toru to ask for his opinion. Toru is at the office where Asako passes on information from Kuroiwa. Toru asks if she was with him and Asako gets all coy and asks if Toru wants to know. Toru’s answer is classic. He doesn’t care if Asako uses her sex appeal to get ahead in the journalism world (talk about a major insult to Asako’s pride). Asako’s smile is gone in a flash and she makes a snarky comment about how she can’t get far in this world with a pure heart like Yuka’s (is that why she seems to dislike her?). Again, Toru doesn’t respond to Asako’s Yuka comments. As he walks away, Asako stops him and hands him a design to give to Yuka since it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to do it herself. In my opinion, if the original can’t do it, they should cancel everything instead of using a pinch hitter and passing off the work as Yuka’s. Toru does not look happy to see the design at all since he wants Yuka’s own artwork to be used. Before he can say anything, Oya calls Asako over to show the others the design.

Wakui Emi, Shinohara RyokoAsako takes the design to Yuka’s house the next day and tells her that since they are running out of time, Yuka must use that design for her art piece. Yuka goes to protest, but Asako quickly cuts her off, saying that it’s not just Yuka’s problem now – does Yuka understand that. Yuka looks down at the design and says that Toru told her to publish a book with her own creations and that design is not hers (very good argument, though she shouldn’t have brought up Toru, she should have just said how she wanted a book of her own work). Asako cuts Yuka off again and tells her to make this design. Yuka asks if Toru approves of doing this as well. Asako doesn’t lie and say yes (wins her a few brownie points), she just says that Toru is too busy with another project (basically implying that he has no time for Yuka, which is true in ways, but loses her the brownie poinst she just won). Asako then tells Yuka that they are counting on her. After she leaves, Yuka looks upset and throws the design on the hall table. I would be very unhappy, too. I also wouldn’t want to pass someone else’s work off as my own. My writing (I write poetry and fiction) may not be the best, but I am proud of what I accomplish with my own effort as Yuka is proud of her artworks and creations.

“Why do I have to be her big brother?”

Takahashi KatsunoriAt the cafe, Machiko tells Ryo that she told Yuka about romantic love. Ryo asks why and Machiko replies that she found “ai” to broad of a term and figured that “koi” would be easier for Yuka to understand. Ryo tells Machiko again that Yuka doesn’t have romantic feelings. Machiko tells him that is not true – Yuka is just like other girls. Machiko then drops the bomb on Ryo and tells him that she can tell that Yuka is in love with Toru. Machiko says that she knows this because she is in the same position as Yuka (i.e. she has someone she loves as well). Ryo vehemently denies this, but Machiko says that Ryo is angry because he has watched over Yuka as a big brother for a long time. Ryo surprises Machiko by muttering why does he have to be her brother. Looks like Ryo is letting it slip that he loves Yuka as more than just a sister. I feel bad for him as he honestly loves Yuka, but he can never express himself as a man to her. Ryo then throws off his apron, puts on his coat, and walks out of the restaurant.

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi KatsunoriYuka is out playing with Candy. Her smile fades and she says that something is strange. She had a lot of fun making Candy’s house. She thinks back to when Toru told her that she needs to decide if something is good or bad she equates this statement to if she works hard, then it should turn into something good (which is true, usually, but sometimes not). Yuka’s smile returns – she will work hard. Meanwhile, Takako gets home and notices the design draft from Towa Publishing. When the door opens, she thinks it’s Yuka, but it’s Ryo. He asks where Yuka is and Takako replies that she’s out and that she doesn’t know where. She then shows Ryo the design. At first he is happy thinking that Yuka has finally managed to do it, but he soon realizes it’s not Yuka’s. Takako suspected the same thing and Ryo confirms her suspicion. Both of them are not happy with this. Ryo gets angry and immediately blames Toru and goes running out of the house. Now, I don’t blame Ryo for getting angry, but I wish he wouldn’t blame everything immediately on Toru because, let’s face it, Toru really hasn’t had anything to do with all the stuff he gets blamed for.

Tsutsumi ShinichiAsako goes to show the model for the design to Toru, but he is busy talking to Kuroiwa who asks if the Sawatari mentioned in Toru’s research is Toru’s father. Toru confirms that he is and that he will definitely get these corrupt people. Can’t blame him for wanting revenge, but it usually ends up hurting a person more so than helping. Apparently Toyama was the primary secretary to the congressman Kumoda that Toru’s father worked for. The pieces are slowly starting to come together.

Fubuki Jun, Wakui EmiYuka gets home and Takako tells Yuka that it is okay for her to quit (sometimes, it’s nice to hear that quitting is an option and not something to be ashamed of). Yuka says that she wants to give it her best. Takako says she knows that, but she looks down at the design (obviously it’s not Yuka’s “best” but someone else’s). Yuka looks at the design and then says that she will go. Takako wants to go with her, but Yuka tells her not to. Yuka then smiles and says that she will not quit. She then rushes out of the house.Takako is not happy and is worried. I really don’t like the fact that Yuka is going to go along with using someone else’s design.

“Is that the shape of love?”

“Love has no shape”

At the office, Toru is looking at the news article again when Oya calls him to come and look at the model for the design Asako gave Yuka. If Yuka doesn’t produce anyting, they will use the model (if that is ever discovered, it would destroy Yuka’s budding career). Toru does not look happy at all when he sees the model. He gets up to go to Oya’s desk when Ryo runs in and begins accusing him of playing dirty. Ryo asks what is the design for and he then notices the model. This makes Ryo even more unhappy. Oya tells Ryo that he should know the situation, but Ryo says the design is fake (go Ryo-chan!). That’s when Yuka bursts in the office surprising everyone. Yuka says that she is there to say she will do her best and not quit. Ryo tells her that’s nice, but then yells “look at what they did” and he points to the model. Yuka isn’t too happy about this. Oya tries to explain it and Toru jumps in being his cold, jerk self (trying to distance himself? Why does he have to make himself the bad guy when it’s not his doing whatsoever?). It’s a business. Since Yuka couldn’t produce, they found someone who could. Poor Yuka! She stares at the sculpture and then asks Toru if that is what love is shaped like. Ryo then grabs Yuka and says that they will go home as there is no talking sense into this people. Yuka walks towards Toru who looks away (he feels bad). Ryo grabs her again and pulls her away. An unhappy Toru sits down and pulls out the picture of Candy and his house saying that love has no shape, and he is right. If you want to get technical, love is an abstraction and therefor has no shape or form, but we generally represent it with the heart symbol.Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katusnori, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

Takahashi Katsunori, Wakui EmiRyo is walking ahead of Yuka, angry at what happened. Yuka stops and looks back at the publishing company before walking after Ryo. He stops and looks back and Yuka hurries to catch up. He then takes Yuka’s hand in his. Yuka says that it is warm and looks down at their hands and repeats that the shape of love is warm. Ryo then tells her not to worry because he will always protect her. Yuka looks so disheartened and sad after what happened – this is definitely not one of the times where Toru was mean to help her. Meanwhile at the office, Asako asks if it was okay that Toru said that. Toru doesn’t respond to this and stares at the picture of Candy before getting up and telling Oya that he is off the Orihara project. T_T What a way to end the episode.


  • Loving this series so far. Can’t wait for you to see and write about episode 7, what with Yuka’s artwork and the shape of her love… it’s a bit cheesy at times but I can’t help but go “awww” because the love between the two main characters is so pure and sweet.

    • I am really happy that I decided to give this series a try. There is some definite cheesiness in it, but it is really good. I plan on watching episodes 6-7 tonight and they will hopefully get recapped this weekend. Going back to being an in-class tutor for developmental classes at my local community college really cuts into drama watching time and my ability to have the energy to recap ^_^

  • Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s kinda hard keeping up with shows as it is, let alone find time to blog when you’re busy with work. A new season’s about to start in jdrama land and I’m not even halfway thru the airing series, and that doesn’t even include the dramas that I haven’t finished watching in the past two years. 😦

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