My Prince Episode 9 Recap

Zhong Kai, Yu YaIt is a quiet breakfast for the Li family until Wang comes in with a newspaper reporting about Zhi Wen’s kiss with Ai Yin. Xiu Yun is happy to see this news (although disappointed to learn about it via a newspaper) as Ai Yin is rich and successful. Zhi Kai isn’t as he thinks that Zhi Wen might only be with Ai Ying due to obligatory feelings (meaning he is grateful for all of her help). Xiu Yun and Zhi Kai bicker over the newspaper until they rip it in half while Zhi Chen and Zhi Xiao watch silently (it’s been awhile since Zhi Kai and his mother bickered quite like that – gotta love it).

Wu Di WenWe then cut to Zhi Wen and Ai Yin who are discussing the situation. Ai Yin is upset that she let such a scandal break out and she is unhappy that the newspapers are reporting such lies about their relationship (i.e. Zhi Wen using Ai Yin to get to the top – the usual). Ai Yin says they need to come up with a plan right away because such horrible rumors right at the beginning of Zhi Wen’s career could destroy it. Zhi Wen asks if she has a plan, to which Ai Yin replies “yes.” And what is her plan? To hold a press conference to say they are officially dating (talk about a self serving motive right there). Needles to say, this shocks Zhi Wen. Ai Yin dating an entertainer doesn’t reflect well on the company, but would definitely help quell the rumors and eventually get things back on track. Zhi Wen says this is not fair to Ai Yin who then confesses that she likes (like you couldn’t see that one coming). Gotta love Zhi Wen’s total shock – he even starts coughing (I don’t think he honestly likes Ai Jie in that way).

Wu Di Wen, Xiao Mi, Zhi WenAn angry Xiao Mi confronts Zhi Wen after he leaves Ai Yin’s office. Zhi Wen scolds her for scaring him and goes to drag her with him, but Xiao Mi stops him and thrusts a newspaper in his hands demanding to know just what is going on. Zhi Wen takes it and says that there is nothing to explain. Xiao Mi says that she told him to be careful around Ai Yin, so how come such pictures exist. Zhi Wen says he hadn’t expected her to suddenly kiss him, which leads Xiao Mi to ask why he was holding her up in the first place (this shuts him up as its kind of hard to explain exactly what he was doing). Xiao Mi then calls Zhi Wen sleazy (lol, I don’t think he’s as sleazy as he was in the past, but she thinks he’s worse). Zhi Wen says that it is not that bad, it was only a hug. Besides, tomorrow they are announcing they are officially a couple. This shocks Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen explains it all. How it will quell the rumors and how it will benefit him if he dates her (too calculating, too calculating). Oh, she treats him well so he has no reason to refuse (but those aren’t also reasons to accept either). Xiao Mi then slaps Zhi Wen! On the face! He asks what she is doing, is she crazy? Xiao Mi says that he can’t do that because she likes him. Zhi Wen doesn’t even hesitate to say that he has only ever thought of her as a friend (poor Xiao Mi). To make matters worse, reporters overhear this and manage to snap a picture as well.

Zhong Kai, Yu YaThe Lis are eating breakfast the next day when Wang comes in with the evening news to let them know of Zhi Wen’s latest gossip. The newspapers report that Zhi Wen drops loyal friends due to stardom and that his ex slaps him for being unfaithful (um, that wasn’t the exact reason since they have never dated). Unlike the previous report, this does not make Xiu Yun happy. Xiu Yun does not like the fact that Xiao Mi slapped her son and that he is being called unfaithful. Zhi Chen says that you must add drama to make the show more entertaining (lol, the opinion of a drunk – but funny because that is what all dramas do). Zhi Kai gets up from the table and says that he will talk to his little brother and Xiu Yun immediately tells Zhi Kai not to scold his brother – just find out the truth.

Wu Di Wen, Ai Yin, Zhi WenThe press conference starts and Ai Yin announces that she was dating Zhi Wen before he entered the company (boldface lie). We cut to Xiao Mi who has an angry/worried expression as Ai Yin spins the lies and says that they are very much in love. Reporters ask if Ai Yin used her connections to get Zhi Wen where he is (she did, but not because he’s her boyfriend). Ai Yin says that she didn’t, as she would have preferred to keep Zhi Wen to herself and not have to share him with the entertainment world (eyeroll). The reporters then ask to explain what happened yesterday. Ai Yin apologizes on behalf of the company for what Xiao Mi did and also announces Xiao Mi’s termination (this shocks Zhi Wen as Ai Yin never revealed this to him beforehand and he would prefer not to have his best friend offered up like a sacrificial lamb). Ai Yin continues making things worse for Xiao Mi by saying that after she was rejected, she always bothered Zhi Wen and even did those unforgivable things the other day (I suppose that is one way of annihilating the competition). Zhi Wen immediately says that isn’t true, but Ai Yin covers up and says that he is too soft hearted and needs to reject Xiao Mi once and for all. Xiao Mi runs off just as Zhi Kai arrives. Zhi Wen can do nothing while his best friend’s reputation is slaughtered (libel, anyone?). And thus the dramatic press conference closes.

Wu Di Wen, Zhong KaiAfter the conference is over, Zhi Kai goes to talk to Zhi Wen and tells him that mom is very worried. Zhi Wen asks Zhi Kai not to tell Xiu Yun what happened (um, hello, press conference?), but then tells him to never mind as it can’t be hid (duh). Zhi Kai then tells Wen that there are many things his little brother won’t be able to avoid (like the situation now) since Wen is in the entertainment industry. Kai then tells Wen that the choices he makes are very important. Zhi Wen jumps in and tells his brother that he has never thought of Xiao Mi in such a way as he has treated her as a part of the Li family ever since they were children. Zhi Kai breaks in and says that no one is trying to force Zhi Wen to love Xiao Mi, but Zhi Kai is worried about Ai Yin, because if his little brother chooses a secure future over love, then Wen will not have a happy life. Zhi Wen says that he knows all of this (so why does he keep talking about expressing gratitude and being with a woman who can take care of him and promote his career – or is that all talk?), but now things are even more complicated and confusing for him. Zhi Wen says he feels like he is trapped in a whirlpool and that he has no choice (Ai Yin did force a lot on him). Zhi Kai tells Wen to figure out what he wants first as soon as possible. As soon as Zhi Wen figures things out, make a decision and stick to it so there are not regrets later and do not let others manipulate him as that is the most dangerous thing. Zhi Kai may be lecturing his younger brother, but you can see the love and concern and the worry he has for Zhi Wen. Wen tells Zhi Kai to leave first as he needs time to think. Zhi Kai agrees and tells Zhi Wen to come home sometime as Xiu Yun is worried about him.

Wu Di WenZhi Wen then goes off in search of Xiao Mi. She would not answer the door so he goes to the supermarket where she used to work with a bouquet of flowers as an apology. Zhi Wen asks her coworker Tian Tian if Xiao Mi is working, but Tian Tian tells him to go ask at her house. Zhi Wen replies that there was no answer, which does not surprise Tian Tian at all. Tian Tian says that if she could close the doors to her supermarket, she wouldn’t let Zhi Wen in either (although Zhi Wen isn’t the one who planned the mean things done to Xiao Mi he is still guilty by association and the fact that he didn’t stand up for his longtime buddy). Zhi Wen says it’s not like that, he had reasons that he can’t say. Another coworker of Xiao Mi comes up and asks just what reasons he has. Does his rise to fame mean he needed to kick Xiao Mi to the curb? Zhi Wen adamantly refutes this and then is told that he cannot forget all Xiao Mi has done for him. All the times she said that she had taken off of work she was really accompanying him throughout the day while working the late night shifts. Zhi Wen is floored when he realizes this. He is then scolded for being so cruel and stupid in not knowing just what Xiao Mi did for him and then doing what he did to her. Tian Tian says that Zhi Wen looks so pitiful and the older coworkers says that if you don’t shock him a little, he won’t know who is the most important to him (but you don’t want him to get with someone out of pure obligation for what they’ve done – you want him to be with someone he truly loves and that would be great if it was Xiao Mi).

Ai Yin, Wu Di Wen, Zhi WenZhi Wen is confused and depressed after learning the extent of Xiao Mi’s kindness. Back at the office, Ai Yin tells him to not be like this. She was wrong not to tell him beforehand what was going to happen, but he can’t disagree that this was the best method (oh yes he can!). Ai Yin says that she knows Xiao Mi is his best friend, but then asks if Zhi Wen can really destroy his future for the sake of friendship (kind of like a threat, ne?). The witch then says that Zhi Wen can find new friends, but if his future is ruined he can’t get it back. Wen says that he is just in a bad mood, but will be fine in a little while. Then the new assistant comes in. Zhi Wen is not happy at all with this change. Ai Yin tells him he needs to accept the new assistant and Zhi Wen says that he needs to go home and spend time with his mom (he needs to get his head together). Ai Yin gives him two days. Zhi Wen walks out, completely ignoring the new assistant (lol, he stays loyal and true to Xiao Mi).

Ai Fan, Song Xiao Bo, Wu Di Wen, Yu YaAt the Li house, Zhi Xiao and Ai Fan are cooking dinner for the family (Ai Fan doing everything that Ding Jie refused to do – at least Zhi Kai has found a woman who can love and accept his family, not to mention fit right in as well). Zhi Wen comes home and puts on a happy face for his mother. Xiu Yun is ecstatic to have her 2nd son back, but asks him if its really okay. Zhi Wen says that he is really busy so he got two days off just to spend some time with his mother. Zhi Kai tells his mother and brother to stop being so mushy and to sit down and eat. Mother and son comply (trust Zhi Kai to be the killjoy :P). Zhi Wen drops his mask before his big brother and pats his shoulder before putting on his mask again to face Xiu Yun. You can tell this worries Zhi Kai.

Song Xiao Bo, Ai FanXiu Yun asks about Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen lies and says he and Xiao Mi are still on good terms, which Zhi Kai knows is not true. Zhi Wen quickly changes the subject and begins shoveling food in his mouth. Xiu Yun asks if he is being fed at the agency and Zhi Wen says that he is used to Zhi Xiao’s cooking and now sister-in-law’s cooking isn’t bad at all. This pleases Ai Fan who asks if they are really good. Zhi Wen says yes and Ai Fan gives the credit to Zhi Xiao who helps her out in the kitchen and gives her advice. Zhi Kai smiles at this, happy that his bride-to-be gets along so well with his family. Xiu Yun tells Ai Fan that she really is the only one for Zhi Kai as other girls would want to go out shopping or eating versus coming home and cooking for their man’s family. Ai Fan says she loves being at home and she especially loves cooking with Zhi Xiao (definitely a lot better than Ding Jie who did not like the Li family at all and didn’t want the burden of an impaired brother-in-law).

Song Xiao Bo, Ai Fan, Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Yu YaZhi Wen finishes his first bowl and asks for another, but Zhi Kai warns him that it is not good to eat like that after starving himself for so long. Zhi Wen complains to Ai Fan that his brother is starving him and Ai Fan tells Zhi Kai that Wen knows his limits and should be fine. Xiu Yun starts laughing and says that the family tyrant has finally met his match (lol, Zhi Kai wasn’t that bad – though he was close at times). Ai Fan’s gentle persuasion has finally broken down Zhi Kai’s absolute reign. Zhi Kai asks if he is really that bad when a drunk Zhi Chen comes in and collapses, breaking up the happy atmosphere.

Zhang Li Li, Li Xiu Yun, Yu YaZhi Kai says he wants to go look for Wei Wei. Xiu Yun says no, that she will do it. She thinks its best if Zhi Kai stays out of the matter and let her handle it. Xiu Yun goes to Wei Wei’s house where Li Li says her daughter is not in and has nothing to do with Xiu Yun or Zhi Chen anymore. This upsets Xiu Yun who believes that Li Li had a hand in ruining Wei Wei’s and Zhi Chen’s relationship. Xiu Yun tells Li Li that adults should stay out of the children’s love affairs. Li Li says that she has done nothing wrong as there are many people out their like Xiu Yun who loves money. That is why she needs to be careful of whom Wei Wei dates. Li Li then accuses Xiu Yun of using Zhi Chen to swindle the Zhang fortune (Xiu Yun may love money, but she would never do something that despicable). This angers Xiu Yun who says that she doesn’t care about the Zhang fortune. If Wei Wei hadn’t hung on to Zhi Chen, then Xiu Yun would have nothing to do with the Zhangs at all. Li Li then kicks Xiu Yun out as she can’t being scolded and insulted in her own house. Xiu Yun says she will leave, but don’t forget that Li Li likes Wei Wei’s ex now only because he is rich, so when Zhi Chen is rich in in the future, Xiu Yun will have him crush the Zhang family (omo, how ridiculous and childish – complete with the sticking out of the tongue).

Yu Ya, Wu Jian Fei, Wei WeiXiu Yun doesn’t leave, but sits out at the front gate to await Wei Wei’s return. She is even confused with a beggar and a child gives her money as he passes which irks Xiu Yun. She goes to run after him, but cannot abandon her post. Night falls and a car finally pulls up. Xiu Yun immediately goes to the car and calls Wei Wei’s name. Wei Wei is shocked to see Xiu Yun standing before her. Wei Wei asks why Xiu Yun is there and Xiu Yun says she has waited for Wei Wei all day. Then Han Fei gets out of the car and Xiu Yun asks if Wei Wei was out with him. Wei Wei says that he is her friend. Xiu Yun frowns and goes into battle mode against Han Fei.

Wei Wei, Wu Jian Fei, Yu YaXiu Yun asks if he is Han Fei. He says yes and asks who she is. Xiu Yun introduces herself as Zhi Chen’s mother. She tells Han Fei that just because he is rich, doesn’t mean that he can do whatever he wants as he bought Zhi Chen’s bar and wanted to send him to France (well Wei Wei finally knows what Han Fei has been doing behind her back). Xiu Yun scolds Han Fei for using such ridiculous methods before turning on Wei Wei. Xiu Yun says she is disappointed because she thought that Wei Wei was different from Li Li. Xiu Yun then lets Wei Wei know that Zhi Chen has given up on himself (might as well say that since all he does is go to work and drink and drink some more). Xiu Yun is very unhappy that while Zhi Chen is suffering, Wei Wei is going out and having fun with Han Fei. Xiu Yun then says that if Wei Wei still loves Zhi Chen then Wei Wei needs to go to see him and see how much pain he is in because of her. Wei Wei goes to talk, but Xiu Yun starts crying and says that she can’t take it any more and leaves, but not before calling Han Fei and Wei Wei bad people.

Wu Jian Fei, Wei WeiAfter Xiu Yun storms off, a abashed Han Fei looks at Wei Wei who is definitely less than pleased. Wei Wei gives him a glare before going off. Han Fei runs and stops her, telling her not to be offended. Wei Wei asks why wouldn’t she be offended as Han Fei secretly bought Zhi Chen’s bar and offered to send him to France. Wei Wei is supposed to choose, so why is Han Fei doing this (this coming form the girl who cannot seem to make up her mind one way or another). Han Fei then says since it was so painful for Wei Wei to choose, he decided it would be better if someone backed out voluntarily (eyeroll since he wouldn’t do it himself). Wei Wei then asks the obvious: “Then why didn’t you back out? Why are you forcing Zhi Chen?” It’s called being selfish and thinking that he is honestly the best man for Wei Wei. She says that she understands now that all of his actions were to help push Zhi Chen away (How dumb can she get? Of course they were to push him away.). Wei Wei then says she can’t believe that Han Fei would use money against someone and then she says that he is too scary. The whole while Han Fei gets more and more agitated (Wei Wei is misunderstanding – but she isn’t). Wei Wei says she will never be with Han Fei and is going to look for Zhi Chen right away. Han Fei won’t let go and begs her to listen while he apologizes. Wei Wei says she won’t and then Han Fei collapses. I am annoyed because the only reason at this point that Wei Wei chooses Zhi Chen is because Han Fei p*ssed her off. It’s not a real choice, but a decision made out of annoyance with Han Fei’s actions. I believe Wei Wei might really love Zhi Chen and feel obligated to Han Fei, but her actions reflect her indecision and her not making choices in the right way.

Zhang Li Li, Zhang Wei WeiLi Li is pacing frantically in the hospital hallway while Mr. Zhang watches on. Li Li finally goes up to Wei Wei and asks what happened as Han Fei was all right when he came to pick Wei Wei up. So why did he faint bringing her back? Wei Wei says it may be because she shocked Han Fei (with her confession of leaving him for Zhi Chen). Li Li then says that Zhi Chen is not successful so Wei Wei needs to make a clean break and focus all of her love and attention on Han Fei (you know Li Li wouldn’t say this if Han Fei was still poor). It irks me that Li Li seemed to turn over a new leaf in order to keep her daughter, but then goes right back to only caring about the wealth of her daughter’s suitors. Wei Wei tells her mom to stop talking as she knows how to solve her own problems (yeah right, that’s why Han Fei and Zhi Chen are still hanging and trying to make the decisions for Wei Wei since she can’t make up her own mind about what she wants). Li Li goes to yell at her husband when the doctor comes out. Mr. Zhang asks how Han Fei is doing. It turns out he has acute gastritis and is in need of surgery.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Di Wen, Yu YaWhile Wei Wei is with Han Fei at the hospital, Zhi Chen is on a drinking binge on his bedroom floor. Zhi Wen watches on in worry as Zhi Chen keeps drinking. Zhi Wen is surprised to see Xiu Yun coming in with an angry expression and a bowl of water. She immediately throws it on the drunk Zhi Chen. He asks his mother what she is doing and Xiu Yun replies that she went to see Wei Wei. Xiu Yun then says that Wei Wei was with Han Fei. Xiu Yun says that while her son was dying of pain, they were out having fun, so she told Wei Wei that if she really loves Zhi Chen, then Wei Wei needs to come and see him. Xiu Yun tells Zhi Chen that if Wei Wei comes then he needs to muster up the courage to get her back and if she doesn’t, then he needs to give up and get on with his life (sage advice). Xiu Yun then turns to Zhi Wen and tells him to collect and trash all the alcohol (finally Xiu Yun is acting more like a mother should). Xiu Yun then says that she is taking a day off for Zhi Chen tomorrow. While Zhi Wen gathers bottles, she tells him that it will be his, Zhi Kai’s and Zhi Xiao’s duty to watch Zhi Chen to make sure he doesn’t drink and sobers up. Zhi Chen starts to protest (“Mom”) and Xiu Yun cuts him off by telling him not to call her mom as her family doesn’t have a wimpy man like Zhi Chen. A startled Zhi Wen goes downstairs with Xiu Yun while Zhi Chen sits stunned. This method works best for Zhi Chen because it is his irresponsible mother who is being hard on him and very serious which is definitely a far cry from her usual attitude. Zhi Kai is normally hard and righteous, so that is why he just couldn’t get through to Zhi Chen after a certain point.

Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Wen asks Xiu Yun why she was so mean to Zhi Chen (it’s a first to see her act like this). You can tell it was hard on Xiu Yun to be so cruel to her son as she is sniffing and trying not to cry. Xiu Yun says that she feels so bad for Zhi Chen. Zhi Wen hugs her and tells her not to cry and to go to sleep. Zhi Wen sets down the alcohol bottles and goes back upstairs to see Zhi Chen who still seems to be disoriented and is just sitting where they left him. Zhi Wen asks what he is doing. Zhi Chen, looking pretty alert, says that he is just trying to clear his head. Zhi Wen then says that even though Zhi Chen was quiet, he always thought his little brother knew what to do so it is surprising to see Zhi Chen at such a loss like this. Zhi Wen says that at the moment he is no better off (thanks to Ai Yin’s and Xiao Mi’s declarations) but you don’t seem him going out and getting wasted every day (which is actually surprising given how he came home drunk so often before) as he knows that he needs a clear head to come to a decision. Woot for Zhi Wen finally growing up a little (ironic considering he is the next eldest). All seriousness aside, Zhi Wen then makes a crack about how after all the hardship and training he has gone through, he has finally got the celebrity mentality so Zhi Chen must worship him. Annoying in a way, but he gets Zhi Chen laughing, which is good. Seeing Zhi Chen smile makes Zhi Wen happy. He leaves Zhi Chen to shower and change, saying he will sleep in the living room to give Zhi Chen some space.

Wu Jian Fei, Wei WeiThe next day at the hospital, Wei Wei sits by Han Fei’s bedside. When he wakes up, he asks what happened. Wei Wei tells him that he has acute gastritis. She asks why he has stomach problems now when he didn’t have them in the past. Han Fei replies that all he knew how to do was work, so he often forgot to eat and thus his constitution isn’t what it was (nothing like telling your ex you ruined your body to try to be able to win her back). Wei Wei asks why and Han Fei replies that he is willing to die for her (way to make her feel even worse). Han Fei says he is just telling her the truth. Wei Wei says that her mom will be by in a bit to look after him as she has somewhere to go. She gets up to leave, but Han Fei reaches to stop her. Wei Wei holds him down and tells him not to move. Han Fei begs her not to go as he feels no pain if he can look at her. Wei Wei agrees to stay and tells him not to move and rest (Han Fei is again successful in keeping her from going to find Zhi Chen – oi that girl is so frustrating).

Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen is clean and sleeping on the couch at home when Zhi Xiao wakes him up to eat. Zhi Chen refuses to eat, but Zhi Xiao pulls him up and says that even if he doesn’t want to, his elder brother must eat. Zhi Chen then asks if Wei Wei came. Zhi Xiao says no and Zhi Chen reiterates that he isn’t hungry. Zhi Chen then asks Zhi Xiao to go to the sauna with him. At first Zhi Xiao refuses, but when Zhi Chen promises not to drink, Zhi Xiao caves (anyone else think it is not good to go to a sauna on an empty stomach after finally sobering up?). At the sauna, Zhi Xiao tells his brother that he will help find Wei Wei. Zhi Chen refuses Zhi Xiao’s help as Wei Wei did not come herself, so he has a pretty good idea what happened. Zhi Chen walks further into the sauna and says that he is very sad, but doesn’t want his family to hurt any more. He will stop hiding. Zhi Chen then sinks under the water. At first Zhi Xiao thinks everything is normal, but when Zhi Chen doesn’t resurface, Zhi Xiao immediately goes and grabs him – Zhi Chen has passed out (saw that one coming).

Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen, Zhang Xiao Chen, Song Xiao BoZhi Kai, Zhi Wen, and Xiu Yun rush to the hospital to find Zhi Xiao and Zhi Chen. Xiu Yun immediately asks how Zhi Chen is doing. He is awake now and says he is feeling much better. Zhi Wen chides his brother for going to sauna when he hasn’t eaten for days (right). Zhi Wen goes on to say that it was lucky Zhi Xiao noticed or Zhi Chen would be dead right now (right again – good thing he was with his little brother). Through all this, you can see Zhi Kai’s exasperated face. He is angry at his little brother, but happy that he is all right. Xiu Yun joins in and says that she was scared when she received the news. Zhi Chen apologizes for making them worry and Zhi Kai says it’s good that he knows and that he’s sorry (thankfully he’s a lot gentler than he usually is). Once Zhi Chen is rested, they will take him home. Zhi Xiao gives Zhi Chen some rice gruel which he doesn’t want to eat. Zhi Chen asks if he can just eat at home, but Zhi Xiao shakes his head and Zhi Wen, Zhi Kai, and Xiu Yun all give him disapproving glares until he starts eating, which makes them feel more relieved. Xiu Yun leaves to pay the bill.

Yu Ya, Wei WeiAs Xiu Yun goes to pay the bill, she catches sight of Wei Wei at the hospital. She wonders if Wei Wei is there to see Zhi Chen and is enraged to see Wei Wei visiting Han Fei. Xiu Yun calls Wei Wei over. Han Fei goes to interrupt, but Wei Wei stops him and goes with Xiu Yun just as Zhi Chen steps outside. Wei Wei immediately says that Han Fei fell ill, so she was waiting on him to get better before visiting Zhi Chen. Xiu Yun immediately slaps Wei Wei. This surprises Wei Wei, Han Fei, and Zhi Chen. Han Fei goes to intervene, but an annoyed Zhi Chen heads over. Xiu Yun asks if Wei Wei is happy with Han Fei. Xiu Yun then says that Zhi Chen fainted and almost drowned. Xiu Yun says she never wants to see Wei Wei again before stalking off.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wei WeiZhi Chen comes up behind his mother and tells Wei Wei to stop crying. He then asks to break up (technically serves the indecisive Wei Wei right). This shocks Wei Wei (don’t know why as Zhi Chen already walked away from her once already). Zhi Chen goes on and says that if choosing hurts her so much, then she needs to let him make this decision to walk out of her life as he doesn’t want to see her cry or be sad anymore. Wei Wei says that she didn’t come to see him earlier because Han Fei suddenly got sick and she was waiting until he got better. Zhi Chen immediately replies that isn’t true (it is and yet isn’t at the same time). Zhi Chen says that to love someone you must make that person be happy (can you make a person be happy?). He doesn’t want Wei Wei to be in pain, but to be happy. Does she understand? Wei Wei said she has made her decision – she loves him and wants to be with him. Zhi Chen says he wants to use his entire life to cherish her, but knows that he is not ideal as he has nothing to give Wei Wei except love while Han Fei can supply Wei Wei with love and security (seems like Zhi Chen takes the easy way out, but you know that decision wasn’t easy for him to make). So basically, Zhi Chen is overruling Wei Wei’s decision (again I wonder how secure that decision was as Wei Wei can never fully seem to leave Han Fei whether out of guilt or love, who knows) by giving her to Han Fei and bowing out.

Wu Jian Fei, Wei Wei, Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen tells her to be happy as he loves a smiling Wei Wei and then walks away. Wei Wei wants to go after him, but Han Fei rushes over to her and tells her not to go. Zhi Chen pauses, pain clearly written on his face as he hears Wei Wei calling him and crying, but he keeps walking. She goes to run again, but Han Fei collapses. She can’t leave him alone – again she is torn so all she does is stand between them calling, begging for Zhi Chen to stop. Why is he the one who has to do everything? It’s not fair nor is it healthy to keep this relationship going when Wei Wei can never firmly make up her mind and stick to her decision. So ends their relationship – for now. Who knows if they’ll finally get together or remain apart.

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