Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 5 Recap

Han Eun JungWe pick up right where episode 4 left off, San Daek picks up the drawing with “death” written on her daughter’s face. San Daek is horrified. She shoots an evil glare towards Lady Yang who gets up and heads towards Yoon and San Daek. Yoon takes the drawing and is horrified by what he sees as well. San Daek says nothing and just runs to find her daughter. Yoon asks Yang what that drawing was and Yang replies that he should know better than she as it is the secret remedy that the shaman sent. Yoon then recalls that the shaman had said he would prepare something for Cho Ok. Lady Yang does not want to believe her husband would do something like that (but she sure changes her tune later knowing that Yeon is the only hope for Cho Ok’s survival). Yoon says nothing and runs off after San Daek.

Han Eun JungSan Daek reaches the room only to find Yeon gone. This makes her even more frantic. She runs back out of the room when Yoon comes and grabs her arm. He tells her to stop and that he is just as shocked. San Daek asks how he could do such a thing. Lady Yang comes up and says that it is all a misunderstanding (a drawing with death written all over a young girl’s face – where is the misunderstanding?), that the drawing just flew in from somewhere else (how is that believable, how I ask you?). San Daek turns her wild gaze on Lady Yang and demands to know where her Yeon Yi is. Lady Yang then says that even given the situation, San Daek cannot speak to her like that (eyeroll). San Daek then says that her daughter has not lived for very long and her life is being used as a secret remedy. She then promises that if anything has happened to her daughter, she will repay the Yoons back in kind (eye for an eye, a daughter for a daughter). Yoon then asks his wife where Yeon Yi is and she finally answers that Yeon went to the village. San Daek immediately rushes out to the village. Yoon goes to follow, but Yang stops him and asks why he didn’t tell her sooner. He does not reply and just leaves to go save Yeon.

Kim Yoo JungOur little Yeon is happily skipping with her new brushes, but she catches the sounds of the men following her. She stops and really listens, smile fading. She  then takes off running with the five men in pursuit. They run all over the market, yelling “Stop,” “catch her,” and “kill her” (at this point, you’d think someone would get the authorities as you have men publicly saying that they are hunting and planning on killing a little girl). Yeon finds a place to hide, but is discovered by an ahjumma. The men notice the fuss and chase after her again. Yeon heads out of town into a meadow. She looks back on her pursuers and ends up falling. She asks them who they are, but they say nothing and just surround her and grab her.

Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun Jung, Jang Hyun SungSan Daek heads to the art supplies store where she learns that Yeon was not too long ago. She asks where Yeon went, but the man was less than helpful. Meanwhile, Yeon begs for her life. She has been thrown in a sack which was tied off. She asks for her life to be spared when the men toss her into a water to drown her (like an unwanted cat). Meanwhile, San Daek is running near the river when she hears Yeon’s bell. A man has it and San Daek demands to know where he got it from. He says that he found it. San Daek grabs it and begins running again. Yoon and his men have finally reached the market and begin asking after Yeon.

Suh Joon YoungWhile San Daek and Yoon search frantically and Yeon struggles to live, the Kye Hyang’s maid sneaks some food into Chun Woo. It looks like the maid likes him (whether romantically or not, she cares for him). Chun Woo sits up a little straighter and the maid tries to feed him, but he refuses to eat. This upsets her and she asks what is wrong with him. She asks if Chun Woo believes San Daek will become his woman if he behaves in such a way. She then tells him to stop because there is no way that he will ever have her (I honestly don’t think Chun Woo thinks that way. He just likes both San Daek and Yeon and even if they can never be his, he will keep caring for them). The maid then tells Chun Woo that Yeon Yi is destined to die anyways. This immediately snaps Chun Woo out of his funk and he becomes worried and alert. The maid again tells him to stop and live right and Chun Woo immediately pops up and runs off to look for Yeon and San Daek.

Suh Joon YoungCho Ok is doing worse and Lady Yang worries as she takes care of her will they find Yeon before it’s too late? Oh comes and says that he has carried out the madam’s wishes (lol, she definitely regrets that now). She tells Oh to quickly go and bring Yeon back, surprising him. Lady Yang hopes that Yeon is still alive, but if she isn’t, Oh still needs to bring back the corpse (in hopes that the corpse can help Cho Ok in some way?). Chun Woo witnesses the conversation and goes after his father and stops him. He gives his father a very strong glare. Can’t blame him for that. His father conspired to kill someone that he cares about.

Kim Yoo JungAn unconscious Yeon wakes up in fox mode and slashes the heck out of the bag holding her captive underwater. She then manages to wriggle her way out and swim to shore where her would-be killers are having an argument over money. While they are distracted, Yeon makes a run for it. The men stop arguing when they notice the bag has floated empty to the surface. Yeon almost manages to sneak away unnoticed, but one of the men turn and see her trying to get away and they run after her.

Park Soo Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun Jung, Suh Joon YoungShe goes back to the village where she locks herself in a barn out of desperation. The men see her and work on breaking down the door. Yeon has run out of places to run to. San Daek desperately continues her search as does Yoon and his men. Yeon’s pursuers get the door broken open only to be stopped. By who? By none other than the exorcist (and you can bet it wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart). San Daek makes it to the lake and sees the bag that the men tried to drown Yeon in. This worries her even more. She rushes out and grabs it, standing there and crying before taking off running again. Chun Woo sees this and takes off after her.

Kim Yoo JungThe grateful Yeon Yi thanks the exorcist (will we ever learn his name – does he even have one?), happy to be alive. The exorcist then says that he is someone who knows her mother well. Yeon asks if that is why he saved her. He doesn’t answer this question and tells her to come with him (walking in front of him) and they will go to where her mother is. This makes Yeon a tad suspicious. While they are out walking, Yeon trips and the exorcist yells at her, telling her to get up quickly. Yeon notices that he has a ouch leaking white powder. She recalls the incident where she turned into a baby fox and then she notices the skull hanging from his belt. Yeon puts everything together and devises an escape. How? She tells the ahjussi she has to relieve herself before they go any farther.

Jang Hyun SungYoon comes across the beat up men outside of the barn. He immediately drew his sword and asked one where the child is. The man stutters, saying he has done nothing wrong. A man came and took the child away. Meanwhile, Yeon goes out and pretends to go to the bathroom and begins sneaking away through the high grass. The exorcist notices something off and begins looking for her. The exorcists notices where Yeon is heading, but before he can pursue her, Yoon and his men ride up. He lies and says that she is going to the forest. Once Yoon and his men leave, he begins running after Yeon.

Park Soo Hyun, Kim Yoo JungYeon runs from the exorcist who is hot on her heels. San Daek notices white powder on the ground and realizes the exorcist is after her daughter as well. She begins running in the direction the exorcist and Yeon were headed. Yoon and his men come to a fork in the trail and the men ask why now. Yoon looks back (you can tell he doesn’t really trust the exorcist at all). Yeon is now running through the woods. She climbs a tree to get away from her pursuer, but he is pretty keen. He looks around and then he looks up when birds begin making a ruckus and sees Yeon. He quickly climbs the tree after her. She does her best to stay away from him, but ends up falling to the ground. The exorcist jumps down after her and decides that he will kill her now instead of waiting until after he finds her mother. I know that gumihos aren’t considered good (at least to humans), but killing a defenseless little girl? Not cool at all.

Park Soo Hyun, Jang Hyun SungJust as the exorcist takes a swing at Yeon, in jumps Yoon who takes the blow instead. Yeon is shocked to see Lord Yoon protecting her. Yoon turns around and asks what the exorcist is doing. The exorcist tells Yoon to go away as his business with Yeon is none of Yoon’s concern. Yoon refuses to leave and the exorcist promises to grant him his death wish. Now we have a sword fight between Yoon and Soo Hyun (using actor’s real name as I am sick of typing exorcist repeatedly, so from now on, Soo Hyun = exorcist). Yoon kicks some serious butt for a while, but Soo Hyun manages to overpower him (though Yoon does get in quite a few good blows still – it actually seems odd to see his character being so cool). After Soo Hyun knocks Yoon down, he goes to kill Yeon again and Yoon manages to lunge in the nick of time to stop the blade from beheading Yeon Yi.

Suh Joon YoungThe exorcist kicks Yoon like a rag doll. Soo Hyun goes to kill Yeon again and Yoon lunges in front of Yeon to take the blow again, but this time the blade is stopped by … a pitchfork?! Chun Woo has arrived to save the day! He manages to fight Soo Hyun, quite viciously. Soo Hyun does get some good punches and kicks in, but Chun Woo withstands it all and attacks with the ferocity of an angry doberman. He jumps on him and keeps hitting him like a man possessed. Go Chun Woo oppa (it doesn’t seem odd when he’s the one kicking butt)! Spitting up blood, Soo Hyun can barely stand and barely manages to run off before San Daek and Yoon’s men arrive on scene. San Daek rushes to Yeon while Yoon’s men rush to tend to him. Yoon says that he is okay, that they need to help Yeon out first. Of course his men do not want to listen to that order as their lord comes before anyone else (the hurt Chun Woo seems to be ignored – poor Chun Woo!). Chun Woo watches on, happy that Yeon is safe.

Kim Jung NanLady Yang is relieved when her maid comes rushing in to tell them that San Daek and Yoon have returned with Yeon (alive, thankfully). Lady Yang rushes out and quickly goes into San Daek and Yeon’s room with the drawing which she immediately puts inside Yeon’s pillow. Now, as a parent who is desperate to save their child, how can they inflict such a pain on another parent? There really is no right or wrong I suppose (well, sacraficing a white sheep/goat is never the right thing, but whatever). Yoon is piggybacked in by his men and Yang and entourage run out to greet him. Lady Yang asked what happened. Yoon says it’s nothing big, just a light wound. Yang doesn’t like this and asks who would dare lay a knife on her husband (hurting nobles was a huge crime). His servants say they don’t know and Yoon almost falls over. Yang tells them to hurry up and take care of their lord. They take Yoon away to be treated.

Han Eun JungAfter all that commotion, San Daek, Yeon Yi, and Chun Woo enter the house. A joyous Lady Yang says Yeon’s name and immediately rushes over (talk about a  complete 180). San Daek cannot take Lady Yang’s sudden concern and gives her a glare before taking Yeon to their room. San Daek immediately begins trying to clean up her daughter and is horrified to see the scratches and bruises covering her daughter’s appendages. San Daek starts crying and says that what happened was all her fault.

Han Eun Jung, Jang Hyun Sung, Kim Gyu ChulSan Daek seeks out Oh and threatens him with a hot poker, asking him ordered him to kill her Yeon. Oh asserts that Yoon told him to take Yeon into the village, but San Daek doesn’t believe that because Yoon was with her all day. She demands again that Oh tell her and then asks if it was Lady Yang. Oh reasserts that Yoon told him before he left. San Daek forces the poker closer to Oh and says it’s his last chance to tell her when Yoon shows up and asks what is going on. He is shocked by San Daek’s behavior. She turns and asks if what Oh said was true. Yoon figures out that Oh was acting on Yang’s command and lies for his servant and wife, by saying the order really was for him. San Daek drops the poker in shock and Oh throws himself at Yoon’s feet, apologizing for letting Yeon be attacked when he stepped away. Chun Woo watches on, but the poor guy can’t say anything – just observe.

Jang Hyun SungLady Yang is pacing in front of her and Yoon’s quarters when he arrives. She immediately starts scolding him for leaving when he was injured. He immediately asks if his wife was the one who ordered Yeon’s death and caused this mess (it was messy enough without her or Kye Hyang’s meddling). Lady Yang’s reply: you kept everything from me, so I can’t be blamed. Seriously. Everyone just wants to pass the buck in this ordeal it seems. And since Yeon came back alive – what does it matter? They need to save Cho Ok (ends justifying the means and all that jazz – but her blunder has put San Daek on high alert). Yoon is disappointed that his wife did not trust him to save Cho Ok and thus she managed to make everything worse.

Seo Shin Ae, Kim Jung NanLady Yang’s maid goes to pay Man Shin a visit. She is terrified when he appears almost out of thin air. Man Shin says he was expecting her earlier. She asks how he knew and he hands her the last of the remedy to give to Lady Yang who is watching over Cho Ok and wondering why putting the picture under Yeon’s pillow hasn’t eased any of Cho Ok’s current suffering. Her maid returns and Yang asks why she was alone without Man Shin. Her maid hands her the letter from Man Shin and tells Yang that this is the last method needed for Cho Ok’s recovery. Lady Yang quickly opens the letter and is horrified to find out that since she’s discovered the secret, Cho Ok’s life is more in danger now than ever. There is still hope, however, if Yeon Yi sews the funeral shroud with her own hands (nothing like being asked to sew your own death clothes).

Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun JungLittle Yeon is having nightmares, recalling everything that happened, from Soo Hyun to the men chasing her to being thrown in the water to falling out of the tree and almost getting killed. Yeon finally wakes up and San Daek hugs her and tells her that she is safe as mom is right there. Yeon says she feels those people are coming after her again. San Daek says not  to worry as she is there now and will protect Yeon – she will not allow anyone to harm her daughter. Yeon asks if people are doing this because she has a strange disease. San Daek says that is not the case and then Yeon asks if it’s because she can turn into a monster that people want to kill her. Poor San Daek doesn’t know what to say to this. Then Yeon asks if she needs to disappear to make things okay again. San Daek tells her daughter not to talk like that because without Yeon Yi, she will die. Yeon is her reason to live live. San Daek hugs her again and says that she is not a monster and that Yeon is more precious than gold. San Daek then begins singing and rocking Yeon back to sleep when she notices paper sticking out of Yeon’s pillow. She takes it out and unfolds it, shocked to see the sketch again.

Kim Jung NanSan Daek immediately sets out to find Yang. She demands to know what is that. Lady Yang says that she has no idea what San Daek is talking about. San Daek stands firm and asks just what Yang plans on doing to Yeon (she’s a smart one, our fox and always distrustful of humans). Yang tries to wriggle her way out, but San Daek does not believe her lies. San Daek says she wants to kill Yang at that moment, but she will spare Yang since Yoon saved Yeon. San Daek then says she plans on leaving as she can’t let her daughter stay in such a household. This freaks Lady Yang out, especially when San Daek storms out on her. She begs San Daek to listen to her. She blames everything on temporary insanity over hearing that Cho Ok will die soon. Using that to appeal to San Daek doesn’t work as San Daek is doing everything she can to protect her daughter.

Kim Jung Nan, Han Eun JungSan Daek rushes back to her room where she immediately begins packing, waking up Yeon who asks her mother what is going on. San Daek says that they will leave this “wretched house” immediately. Yang comes in and gets on her knees to beg San Daek to allow Yeon Yi to make clothes for Cho Ok to help her live. San Daek says it doesn’t make any sense and that she knows that Yang has a black heart. San Daek grabs Yeon, but Yang grabs onto both their hands and says it is not just any clothes, but funeral clothes. Making funeral clothes is supposed to help ward off death (doesn’t seem like it would). San Daek doesn’t want to listen to this, but you can tell if effects Yeon. She is touched by Yang’s words.

Kim Jung NanSan Daek grabs Yeon and Lady Yang runs out to stop them. She takes out a knife and says to kill her since their leaving will ensure Cho Ok’s death. San Daek wonders what the woman is playing at and Yeon goes to grab her arm as Yang tries to stab herself. Yoon runs out and manages to stop her. Yang collapses, crying. Yoon apologizes, saying it is all his fault. San Daek says that he has only shown them kindness (basically she means that all the bad things were not done by him, but by those around him, i.e. Lady Yang, Cho Ok, Oh, etc.), but now they have to leave.

Kim Yoo JungThen Yeon stops San Daek by saying she will do it. She will sew the funeral clothes for Cho Ok. Even though Yeon has been bullied by Cho Ok, if sewing a set of clothes can save the girl, then Yeon will do it. This makes San Daek unhappy, but makes Yang ecstatic. She thanks Yeon and says she can’t believe what kind of sins she committed against a child with such a kind heart. This could have been a touching scene if the camera didn’t show Lady Yang was really acting in order to get them to stay (she had a smug smile for a moment before her sobbing began again). Yoon asks how far his wife is willing to go. Yang says that despite what’s happened, Yeon has to make the clothes. Yoon then says he will put a stop to it if Yang won’t. Lady Yang then says that it was on Man Shin’s orders that Yeon make the funeral clothes with her own hands.

“You said a person who does not recognize kindness is no different than an animal. As you taught me, I want to replay him for his kindness.”

Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun JungYoon watches over the ill Cho Ok, probably still torn because he loves both Yeon and Cho Ok and doesn’t want to kill one to save the other. Poor, conflicted daddy. Cho Ok wakes up and begs for her father’s forgiveness! Wow. Maybe death will finally be able to turn the spoiled Cho Ok around (too late, but better late than never, right). Meanwhile, San Daek is trying to convince Yeon not to sew the clothes just to save Cho Ok’s life. Yeon says it isn’t for the mean Cho Ok, but for Lord Yoon who risked his life to save hers (only to take it later – sigh). San Daek still tries to convince Yeon not to when her daughter tells her that she remembers San Daek saying that a person who doesn’t recognize kindness is no better than an animal – and they aren’t animals, right? Omo, I love it when children spit back their parents’ words against the parents. Even though Yeon will be haunted by Yoon’s sad face if they leave, San Daek still insists that she will not allow Yeon to sew the clothes. Before anything else can be said, they are called in to visit Cho Ok.

Seo Shin Ae, Kim Yoo JungThe weak Cho Ok beckons Yeon close. Yeon looks to her mother before going closer to Cho Ok who thrusts out her hand and moves it down until she grasps Yeon’s. Cho Ok then thanks Yeon, surprising Yeon. Cho Ok said that in her dream she was being chased by a lion and she was very afraid, but Yeon was in her dream and grabbed her. Cho Ok then thanks her again. Cho Ok’s maid says that Cho Ok being so kind, the child must be close to death. Lady Yang snaps at the maid, but Cho Ok says that she does feel that she is nearing her end. Yoon and Yang cry and you can tell Yang is hoping this scene will change San Daek’s mind. Yoon’s pain definitely touches San Daek more than Yang’s.

Jang Hyun Sung, Han Eun JungYoon gets up and leaves to the garden. San Daek follows where he stares at a withered leave. San Daek says his name and he immediately apologizes. Yeon and San Daek were both hurt again and as a man, he cannot look at her face. San Daek tears up and says that if it weren’t for him, then she would have lost Yeon and her reason for living, so there is no reason for him to apologize. Seeing him with Cho Ok she can imagine the pain he is going through (he has long since turned to look at her – does that mean he isn’t a man :P?). San Daek says that she is thankful as he has saved both a mother and her child so she wishes to bow to him and so she gives him a proper bow. He tells her to immediately stand up (there just might be some real love blossoming there). He apologizes again and again she asks why he needs to apologize. A sweet scene (the man has 2 women and 3 kids, he doesn’t need any more),  they share a very tender kiss. Lady Yang watches from a distance. Yeah, she’s not happy about that development.

Im Seo YeonKye Hyang is dragged in by Lady Yang’s servants. Yang has found out about Kye Hyang’s deception and asks her to drink something. The worried and freaked out Kye Hyang doesn’t want to, but the liquid in the bowl is forced down her throat. It wasn’t poison, but rather Chong Myun soup in hopes of making the mistress smarter. Kye Hyang is happy that it wasn’t really poison. Lady Yang then lays down the law. She is forgiving Kye Hyang this once, but she must remember that her life is now in Lady Yang’s hands. A little unnecessary drama if you ask me.

Yoon Hee SukYang asks Yeon if she can start the clothes immediately as every second is precious. Yeon agrees to it and Yang takes Yeon’s hand and thanks her. San Daek does look very uncomfortable and mistrustful. Meanwhile, Yoon meets with Jo and they talk about the accident and Yoon’s collapse. Yoon asks if Jo had wanted him to meet with an accident and Jo says he just wonders who is the man who would want to take Yoon’s life (personally, Jo probably wouldn’t mind if something happened to Yoon as they seem to be more like frenemies).

Baek Bong Ki, Kim Yoo JunWhile Jo and Yoon talk, Jo’s servant (played by Baek Bong Ki) talks to Yeon. He is horrified to hear that Yeon was almost struck by a knife. Yeon explains that Yoon was the one who was stabbed, which relieves the servant (probably because it would hurt young master Jung Kyu if anything happened to little Yeon). Bong Ki then asks why Yeon is making a funeral shroud and does it have anything to do with Yoon’s wound. Yeon says she is doing it to repay the kindness of Yoon. This makes Bong Ki smile and say that Yeon’s kindness is why Jung Kyu sees flowers every time he sees Yeon (lol, so comic bookish, or animeish). Jo and Yoon finish their talk and Jo asks Bong Ki what he is doing talking to Yeon. Bong Ki said the weather was nice and he had some errands – obviously Yeon is still persona non grata for the kissing incident.

Kim Woo Suk, Lee Min HoJung Kyu comes by and looks for Yeon Yi. He is caught by Choong Il (who has started to fall for little Yeon as well). Jung Kyu asks if Choong Il is Yeon’s older brother (since Yoon technically took San Daek as his 3rd wife or 2nd as I don’t know if Kye Hyang is the 2nd wife or just a mistress – really too confusing – that makes them siblings now) and Choong Il says to leave Yeon alone and stop tormenting her (omo, he’s so cute and he does have a point that Yeon suffers because of Jung Kyu, but he is also trying to get rid of competition, no pure-hearted motives here). Choong Il asks if Jung Kyu knows what Yeon’s been through. This surprises Jung Kyu who asks what Choong Il is talking about. Choong Il doesn’t go into specifics but tells Jung Kyu that Yeon has already suffered a lot and if Jung Kyu continues, she will be hurt even more. Jung Kyu wants to know who Choong Il is to tell him what to do (lol, if they were a little older they’d be having a good, ol’ fashioned p*ssing contest). Choong Il then says that thanks to Jung Kyu, Yeon had a big beating, this surprises Jung Kyu. Choong Il says that he will take care of Yeon for know, so just leave Yeon alone. I actually wanted to root for Choong Il there, but I know Yeon already has young master in her heart.

Chun Ho Jin, Jang Hyun Sung, Han Eun Jung, Kim Yoo JungThe lady in question is in the garden thinking about Jung Kyu when a sudden wind blows – an omen? The cloth Yeon was working flies away with the wind and she chases after it. It finally comes to a rest right at the feet of Man Shin. He asks the girl if she is Yeon Yi and if it is difficult to make such clothes. He holds it up to Yeon and she asks what he is doing. Man Shin says that the clothes are too big for Yeon who tells them that they aren’t for her, but for Miss Cho Ok. Man Shin asks if Yoon was the one who said that. Yoon comes and asks what Man Shin is doing. Yeon runs into the protection of his arms and Yoon glares at Man Shin and asks him to go back inside with him. Man Shin gives the clothes back to Yeon and presses something into her hand. Man Shin says he is giving it to Yeon because she is a good child. Yoon does not like this exchange, but Man Shin is nonplussed (throughout the exchange he has had a smug little smile on his face). San Daek comes out and Yeon runs up to her mother, still frightened of Man Shin. Yoon is very uncomfortable that all these people are meeting. San Daek and Man Shin have a stare down. Something is definitely odd here – does he know what she really is? We’ll find out later I guess.


  • Thanks foyr your review, it was really helpful n.n
    I think this is my first k-drama, and it really surprised me that episodes are so long.
    Thanks again 🙂

    • Your welcome. For your first kdrama, you picked a heavy one. ^_^ This is a crazy drama, so I take it in small doses that’s why the recaps have been rather slow – it doesn’t help that I know how this series ends. Once I know an ending and if I really am not happy about it, I drag my feet more.

  • i wonder will you be subbing the rest of the episodes???

    • I will be recapping the rest, I am just horribly behind on recapping the last 1 episodes as I already know how it ends and that made me a little reluctant to keep watching, but I will finish this series.

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