My Prince Episode 8 Recap

**This will probably be a shorter recap as it is basically a bunch of collected scenes of Zhi Chen coming home drunk and Zhi Wen’s rise as a model and entertainer without a lot of substantial things happening in between, but then again, who am I kidding? I am too long-winded.**

My Prince 8 Wei WeiWei Wei has changed out of her wet clothes and is now in a bathrobe. She notices the rather large bouquet of roses on the coach and realizes that Zhi Chen must have been there. She goes running and yelling his name only to be stopped by her mother who insists that she must not follow Zhi Chen. Wei Wei asks why her mom did not stop him from going and her mom replies that Zhi Chen is lucky she did not have him thrown out of the house. This surprises Wei Wei as her mother had been more accepting of Zhi Chen in the past, but she does not chase after him (well, if she was going to, she should definitely put on clothes first).

Wu Di Wen, Song Xiao Bo, Zhong Kai, Yu Ya, Zhang Xiao ChenThe Lis are surprised when Zhi Chen shows up home drunk, again. While Zhi Xiao, Zhi Kai, and Xiu Yun are all worried, Zhi Wen is happy as he is not the only one who now comes home drunk everyday. This earns him a kick from Zhi Kai who asks if he is proud of that (seriously, he is definitely good at saying the wrong things). Zhi Xiao tugs at Zhi Kai’s sleeve and Zhi Kai tells his baby brother not to worry as he will talk to Zhi Chen about it. Yeah, wonder how that’s going to turn out. Zhi Chen is a reasonable person and can over think things and keep all of his emotions bottled up. Him turning to alcohol (while unexpected for me), isn’t too surprising as he is looking for a release while also running away and not confronting the problem at hand.

Song Xiao Bo, Wu Di Wen, Zhong Kai, Zhang Xiao Chen, Yu YaNow we have a drinking sequence. Zhi Chen comes home drunk, Zhi Wen carries a drunk Zhi Chen on his back, and Zhi Chen laying against the bed (not on it) with a wine bottle in his hand. I admit disappointment in Zhi Chen’s attitude – running away and drinking never solves the problem. Xiu Yun is really worried about Zhi Chen’s drinking and Zhi Kai finally has enough and confronts his younger brother at breakfast. Why? Zhi Chen isn’t even eating and doesn’t really even have the strength to hold chopsticks steady any more. Zhi Kai criticizes him for his drinking ruining his taste buds, for not caring about how much it affects everyone to watch Zhi Chen likes this, and for being a coward and running away instead of facing things and talking with Wei Wei. Xiu Yun, as worried as she is, scolds Zhi Kai for being to hard on the hurting Zhi Chen. Really, it is for his own good, but it appears that Zhi Chen will not listen nor take his family’s advice. Zhi Wen tries to get Zhi Kai off Zhi Chen’s back, but faces his older brother’s wrath. Zhi Wen quickly escapes as does Xiu Yun leaving an angry Zhi Kai with no one to vent to (lmao, totally funny).

Xiao Mi, Wu Di Wen, Li Zhi WenZhi Wen goes to the supermarket to look for Xiao Mi who initially turns down his offer as he has a “big boss” now to look after him (lol, her jealousy is definitely showing here). Zhi Wen pleads for her to accept as he wants to show his appreciation for all that she has done for him. Xiao Mi’s coworkers side with Zhi Wen and Xiao Mi finally agrees, making everyone happy. I did have to laugh at the other workers who obviously know that Xiao Mi likes Zhi Wen but won’t admit it. Everyone can see this but Zhi Wen. When will Zhi Wen wake up and realize that Xiao Mi didn’t do all she did because she was his friend (well, partly, but that is not the main reason)? Zhi Wen and Xiao Mi go to sign the contract with Ai Yin who lays down the law. Xiao Mi is no longer allowed to joke and tease Zhi Wen as the paparazzi can pick that up and take it the wrong way. Plus, Xiao Mi must do her best to cater to Zhi Wen’s every whim (eyeroll). I sometimes think that Ai Yin is allowing Xiao Mi into the company just to make sure that she can boot the girl out of Zhi Wen’s life. Why? Why do you think?

My Prince 8 Xiao MiPhoto shoot. Dance training. Ai Yin getting calls for Zhi Wen. Music recordings. Mini concerts. Xiao Mi taking care of the hard-working rising star. We get to hear Zhi Wen sing one of GoGoClub’s songs. Very nice (and wouldn’t you know that song really fits his and Xiao Mi’s relationship). Really, no need for in-depth summary here.

“Hey, What’s with the expression? You are jealous aren’t you?”

“Even if all the men in the world died, I wouldn’t be jealous because of you.” Please, who is Xiao Mi kidding?

Wu Di Wen, Li Zhi Wen, Xiao Mi, My Prince Episode 8Taking a break from dance practice, Zhi Wen sits down and gets tea from Xiao Mi. He thanks her and takes out his phone to call “Ai jie.” Xiao Mi is surprised at the new phone and is upset to hear that Ai Yin bought it for him because his old one was too ugly for a celebrity. Seriously (another eyeroll). Ai Yin wants Zhi Wen to call her at least once a day to give him a report. Any idiot can see this definitely goes beyond the normal interest (Zhi Wen sort of understands, and yet doesn’t all at the same time). He then teases Xiao Mi about being jealous, but Xiao Mi does her best to cover up her jealousy. She then tells Zhi Wen to be careful if Ai Yin really likes him. Zhi Wen asks why and basically says it will be an advantage to him if they did end up in a relationship (please tell me he seriously wouldn’t date Ai Yin as a thank you and to help further his career?) Ai Yin does overhear this and doesn’t look too happy, or that could just be because of how close Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen are.

Song Xiao Bo, Yu Ya. Wu Di WenThe Li family is unhappy to see gossip about Zhi Wen in the papers – especially since they haven’t heard anything for Zhi Wen. We then have Zhi Chen coming home drunk again and Zhi Wen coming home completely drained of energy. This worries Xiu Yun as she thinks her beloved son is being worked entirely too hard. To make matters worse, Zhi Wen confesses that he may have to move out because it is too far to commute all of the time. It hurts Xiu Yun to think of the family being split up after being together for so long. Zhi Kai comforts his mother and Wang says that when Zhi Wen hits the big time, he will buy a huge house for them all to live in together once again. This gives her a little comfort, but not completely as she doesn’t want one of her babies to leave.

Wu Di WenAi Yin gives Zhi Wen a car. Zhi Wen initially refuses, but eventually caves in and accepts. He immediately goes to take it for a drive with Ai Yin, initially ignoring Xiao Mi who is upset by the lavish gifts Ai Yin is showering on Zhi Wen. You can definitely see that Xiao Mi is both jealous and worried. Will Ai Yin succeed in buying Zhi Wen’s affections? After Zhi Wen and Ai Yin are in the car, he rolls down the window and asks if Xiao Mi wants to go, too. Xiao Mi angrily refuses. This leads Xiao Mi to make a mistake later that almost costs her job. After an event, Zhi Wen asks to be snuck out, but Xiao Mi insists they use the front door. They were then mobbed by fans and Zhi Wen’s hand was cut. Ai Yin is very upset about his, by Zhi Wen’s pleads saved Xiao Mi, but Ai Yin says if a repeat happens, Xiao Mi will definitely be canned.

Xiao Mi, Wu Di Wen, Li Zhi Wen, My Prince 8After the stern lecture, Zhi Wen grabs Xiao Mi and leaves and is shocked to see the normally unruffled Xiao Mi crying. He does his best to comfort her, but Xiao Mi is having none of it. She asks how is hand is and he says that he is fine. He then comments about how this is the first time he’s seen her cry and that she definitely seems like a woman to him now. This snaps Xiao Mi out of her guilty and she yells that she has always been a woman (a touching and funny scene where you can see just how much Zhi Wen cares for Xiao Mi).

Yu Yu, Wu Di WenAt the shop, Xiu Yun is staring at Zhi Wen’s photo. Zhi Xiao goes up to comfort his mother. Then Zhi Wen appears and shows off his new car which makes Xiu Yun happy to see. He then takes his mom out for a spin while Zhi Xiao takes care of the shop. At dinner, Zhi Wen isn’t really eating at all. Xiu Yun wishes to see him eat, but he says he’s on a diet until the modeling competition is over with (um, not eating is not considered a diet, it is stupidity). Zhi Kai does not like the fact that Zhi Wen is starving himself. Xiu Yun says she won’t pressure Zhi Wen to eat and says how happy she is – the family finally has a car. Zhi Xiao and Zhi Kai just shake their heads. Xiu Yun is happy that sons 1 and 3 are in relationships (buy #3’s is on the rocks) and son 2 is steadily becoming famous. Soon girls will be lining up and she will pick the best for her 2nd son. Ah, the irrepressible mother of the Li clan (lol, gotta love Zhi Kai’s reaction to his mom’s fantasy).

“Do your best at the competition. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. To be honest, you are very talented.”

Zhong Kai, Wu Di WenZhi Wen goes to leave and Zhi Kai rushes out to give him the keys he forgot. Much to Zhi Wen’s surprise, his elder brother actually congratulates and praises him! This is the first time Zhi Kai has actually supported his little brother’s career choice. A nice and touching scene of brotherly love. I especially like how Zhi Kai praises him and turns around and scolds him for not eating. He doesn’t want to see Zhi Wen starving himself in the future as it will do him more harm than good. You can definitely tell how touched and surprised Zhi Wen is to finally be able to hear such words of encouragement and praise.

Zhong Kai, Ai Fan, Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Wen, Yu YaThe day of the competition arrives and the Li family gathers to watch. Zhi Kai is upset that his mom is waiting on the sofa so early, leaving all the work for Ai Fan who says she doesn’t mind. She then sits down with Xiu Yun and peels her some fruit. Just as the competition is starting, the power fails, upsetting all the Lis who are anxious to know the outcome. Just as the competition is ending, the lights come back on and they see that Zhi Wen won!

Ai Yin, Wu Di Wen, Li Zhi WenAt the congratulatory party, Zhi Wen is feeling ill from not eating for so long and Ai Yin is drunk. Xiao Mi is annoyed by Su Ze saying that Zhi Wen and Ai Yin make a perfect couple. While she goes out to the bathroom, Zhi Wen and Ai Yin go out to get some air to feel better. Ai Yin says she wishes to be the same height as Zhi Wen as she hates having to look up to him. Zhi Wen picks her up and holds her at eye level and Ai Yin goes in for the kill as Xiao Mi watches and we have pictures being snapped.

My thoughts: I want more Xiao Bo! I really want to see more of his character, but there is really a stronger focus on his brothers, especially Zhi Chen’s relationship with Wei Wei. Which I really don’t want to see too much more of because I am finding it completely and utterly frustrating. Zhi Kai is right to be angry at Zhi Chen’s cowardice. Now if only he will wake up and either choose to fight or just get over his decision to leave and get back on track with his life.

I have never liked Ai Yin, so I am definitely rooting for Xiao Mi as it seems like Ai Yin has done this before, plus she is using her situation to practically buy Zhi Wen. And there are times I wonder if Su Ze likes Xiao Mi, but how can that be when he tortures her as well?

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