My Prince Episode 7 Recap

**Wei Wei’s indecision, avoidance, and attitude is really starting to annoy me**

My Prince episode 7Seriously, Wei Wei just stands there in a stupor. Her mother is urging her to stop dawdling and accept Han Fei’s proposal since Wei Wei has always wanted to be with him and finally can. Han Fei is, of course, urging her to accept as well. Wei Wei looks at Zhi Chen who does not step in or intervene. What does our quiet, pensive Zhi Chen do? He does not step in and declare his own love for Wei Wei, but turns on his heel and leaves. Wei Wei does, however, run after him. It seems promising doesn’t it? Her running after Zhi Chen makes you think that she chooses him, right? That is not the case.

Zhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen knows Wei Wei is running after him, but continues walking faster to escape from her. He finally stops when Wei Wei twists her ankle. Wei Wei begs Zhi Chen not to be mad as she didn’t know that Han Fei was going to propose to her. Zhi Chen then asks why Wei Wei didn’t outright reject Han Fei. Wei Wei doesn’t know what to say and Zhi Chen asks if she still loves him. Wei Wei chimes in and then says that she doesn’t, she just didn’t want to reject him in front of all of those people (how is running out on him look then? Isn’t that an embarrassment as well?). Zhi Chen asks her again if she still loves him. Wei Wei’s reply: “I…I don’t know.”

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wei WeiZhi Chen finally turns around and says that Wei Wei can’t not know who she really likes. So, who does Wei Wei choose – Zhi Chen or Han Fei? She chooses neither, or rather both. Seriously. Wei Wei does not want to commit to making a choice. She can honestly say that she loves Zhi Chen, but (always that but) when Han Fei came back he through Wei Wei’s emotions into a tailspin. Wei Wei loved Han Fei so much and he has done so much for her. Wei Wei knows that no matter who she chooses, someone is going to get hurt. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Um, does Wei Wei know that her indecisiveness in this matter hurts more than an outright rejection? She is just stringing them both along, which is rather quite selfish. I originally liked the spunky Wei Wei, but her character’s turn her is so annoying that I am beginning to dislike her and not pity her at all.

“I know. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have loved you.”

Wei WeiWei Wei then asks Zhi Chen what he would do in her situation. Zhi Chen’s reply (which seriously broke my heart): “I know. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have loved you.” This torments the already conflicted Wei Wei. She starts crying and saying it is all her fault, not his. She then says she is going crazy and begs Zhi Chen to not make her choose – both Han Fei and Zhi Chen putting that pressure on her and forcing her to choose is driving her crazy. Actually, Han Fei is the one who has been putting the most pressure (well, and her mom) on Wei Wei so why is it Zhi Chen who’s getting the backlash from Wei Wei? Not Fair.

“If me loving you causes you pain, I am willing to pretend that all of this never happened.”

Wei Wei, Xhang Xiao ChenZhi Chen’s next phrase of forgetting it all and leaving to stop Wei Wei from hurting, seems to have the opposite affect. Wei Wei doesn’t want Zhi Chen to leave her, she just doesn’t want to be pressured, but according to her, his presence in and of itself seems to be forcing her to choose (if you really think about it). Zhi Chen tells Wei Wei he’s leaving and turns to go. Wei Wei calls out for him and grabs his arm only to fall to the ground. Zhi Chen then turns to look at her. And he leaves that way. Seriously. Zhi Chen walks backwards away from Wei Wei. I suppose in this way, you can say that he has not turned his back on her. He has just made the most difficult choice to bow out gracefully to make Wei Wei stop suffering (again, I consider Wei Wei to be selfish in that she is forcing Zhi Chen to make a choice that she cannot make while at the same time not wanting him to take the necessary steps to leave her, but then again, there is the problem of Zhi Chen just not being assertive enough and declaring his live, but with Wei Wei’s current emotional state, would his declaration and hanging around actually work?).

Wu Jian FeiThe next day, Wei Wei’s mother meets with Han Fei to discuss the failed proposal. Han Fei says that he underestimated Zhi Chen and Wei Wei’s feelings for him. He believed that Wei Wei would be so happy that he’s back, that she would accept him even after three years of pain and suffering, but he’s realized that Wei Wei really loves Zhi Chen as he has made Wei Wei’s broken heart begin to heal at last. Wei Wei’s mom still thinks that Wei Wei needs to make a choice, but Han Fei knows by now that he cannot force Wei Wei into choosing. Wei Wei’s mom proposes throwing money at the Li family to get rid of Zhi Chen which makes Han Fei chide her for again resorting to money and bribes to get the unsuitable suitor away from Wei Wei. Her mom apologizes and Han Fe says he has another plan up his sleeve. What tactic will he take now – especially when Zhi Chen has already decided to give up?

Zhong KaiWhile Zhi Chen’s heart has been broken (in a weird combo of Wei Wei’s and his own doing), Zhi Kai has yet to realize his feelings for Ai Fan. You can tell that he likes all of the things that Ai Fan does for him (the flower arrangements, food, and coffee). His coworkers finally break down and tell Zhi Kai that Ai Fan does this because she likes him. This throws Zhi Kai for a loop (for a smart man, he is seriously dense). He says that he never made Ai Fan do anything for him and then tells his coworkers to shut up so they can start the meeting. Poor Ai Fan hears this and thinks the worst, I suppose. That Zhi Kai doesn’t like her or approve of all her efforts at all (which definitely isn’t true, you can tell he does appreciate all that she is doing even if he doesn’t quite get the motives behind it all).

My Prince episode 7 Ai FanA depressed Ai Fan goes to her flower arranging class where Xiu Yun notices her young friend’s depressed mood. When she asks what’s wrong, Ai Fan confesses that she feels so tired. She has done all she can to make Zhi Kai like her, but he just doesn’t. Xiu Yun encourages Ai Fan to not give up and keep working as Zhi Kai is very dense (how Ai Fan has not figured out that Xiu Yun knows Zhi Kai personally yet is beyond me). Ai Fan decides to follow Xiu Yun’s advice and boldly confess her feelings to Zhi Kai. And how will she fare?

Ai Fan, Zhong Kai, Zhi KaiApparently Ai Fan’s bold maneuver is to text Zhi Kai. Seriously. She texts him that she likes him and asks him to go out on a date with her. Zhi Kai gets the message and you can tell that he is seriously conflicted. He just doesn’t know what to do. So, poor Ai Fan waits and waits and waits until it gets dark out. But Zhi Kai does not come. This makes Ai Fan cry as she believes that it is confirmation that Zhi Kai doesn’t like her. Oh, Zhi Kai, Zhi Kai. First we have the quiet Zhi Chen deciding to give up on love to make the woman he loves stop hurting and now we have the dense Zhi Kai who can’t seem to sort out what exactly he actually feels for our poor Ai Fan. Needless to say, Xiu Yun is disappointed when Zhi Kai returns home and learns that he has just been working overtime and did not go meet Ai Fan.

Zhong KaiThe next day Xiu Yun calls up Ai Fan’s dad (Manger Lin) and learns that Ai Fan spent the entire night depressed and crying. Xiu Yun then invites them both to the flower shop in hopes of working out a new plan of attack. At work, Zhi Kai learns that Ai Fan has officially quit. She left behind a letter and his ID card from the elevator incident. He finally realizes it was her (eyeroll, unbelievable that it took him that long to figure it out). Zhi Kai seems really touched and troubled about Ai Fan’s letter. Before he can do anything, though, he gets a call from Mr. Wang who says he slashed Manager Lin’s tires (well, not that he knows who manager Lin is, he’s just jealous because he thinks Xiu Yun likes him). Zhi Kai then runs out of the office to try to help sort out the situation.

Zhong Kai, Ai Fan, Zhi KaiZhi Kai scolds Wang immediately upon arrival and Wang says that for Xiu Yun there is nothing he wouldn’t do. Zhi Kai goes into the flower shop and is shocked to see Manager Lin, his mom, and Ai Fan. Xiu Yun tries to play him off as a stranger, but Ai Fan finally puts two and two together. She is horrified to believe that everyone already knew except her and she runs out of the store, followed by Zhi Kai. He quickly catches her and there is one of those scenes where Ai Fan confesses her love and how she doesn’t regret it even though it was painful. She plans on leaving and never seeing Zhi Kai again. He apologizes, says he had no idea that she knew his mother or that she was Lin’s daughter. He then says that he didn’t meet her because he was still sorting out his feelings, but he has them all sorted now. Zhi Kai asks her to give him another shot as he likes her. Finally! Well, it actually hasn’t been that many episodes, but with everything that goes on in a single episode, them getting together seemed to take forever. Of course, Lin and Xiu Yun are ecstatic that their plan to get the two together was a success and they can really call each other “mother of my son-in-law” and “father of my daughter-in-law.”

Song Xiao Bo, Zhang Xiao Chen, Zhong Kai, Yu Ya, Wu Di WenWe shift gears from romance to Zhi Wen and his modeling career. He presents tickets to his entire family. Zhi Chen gets two (one for Wei Wei – talk about rubbing salt in a wound), Zhi Kai gets two (one for Ai Fan), while Zhi Xiao and Xiu Yun only get one as they are both single. The family is not excited about the tickets as Zhi Wen has gotten them all out of bed at 2 in the morning. Zhi Kai warns his little brother not to get too cocky as no one knows what the future holds, but Zhi Wen’s happiness is irrepressible. Needless to say, but Zhi Chen doesn’t invite Wei Wei. Instead he invites his coworker and friend from the wine shop. Zhi Chen doesn’t want to pressure Wei Wei, so he won’t go looking for her.

Wu Di Wen, Ai Yin, Zhi WenZhi Wen has a successful fashion show. His family all came out to support him and they were all happy to see the show go well. Reporters did gossip about how they will write up a review of the show and Zhi Wen by reporting that Ai Yin has found herself another beautiful man to promote (and date). After the show, the models and Ai Yin all go out to celebrate and Zhi Wen does his corny magic tricks. Xiao Mi and Su Ze (fellow friend and model that you always see Xiao Mi and Zhi Wen with) get bored (Xiao Mi is also annoyed by the amount of attention Zhi Wen shows Ai Yin) and leave early. Ai Yin offers to take Zhi Wen home and offers him a contract. Zhi Wen doesn’t hesitate (or read it) and automatically agrees to sign. He then asks if he can bring Xiao Mi with him as she has always been there helping him out. Ai Yin agrees to the condition. You can tell that her intentions are not completely honorable. Whether or not Zhi Wen honestly likes her as well is another unknown factor complicating matters as well.

Wu Jian Fei, Zhang Xiao ChenThe Li family celebrates Zhi Wen’s success and Zhi Kai’s new girlfriend. Xiu Yun says that with all the luck and great strides the family is making, Zhi Chen will drag them all down. This surprises Zhi Chen to hear. He asks what about him and Xiu Yun asks about the situation with Wei Wei and how it is progressing (I really wish Zhi Chen would not keep everything bottled up. He likes to over think versus taking the necessarily actions). Zhi Chen then gets a call and rushes to the bar. Apparently the bar has been sold to none other than Han Fei! Zhi Chen immediately expects to be fired, but that is not Han Fei’s plan at all. He is willing to keep Zhi Chen as he has found out that he is a highly respected local wine taster and further more Han Fei would love to send Zhi Chen to France to study. That way Zhi Chen can come back and Han Fei can have a successful wine business with a French-licensed wine connoisseur. Zhi Chen knows this is supposed to force him out of the picture and he initially refuses Han Fei’s offer. If you ask me, Han Fei’s idea really isn’t all that different from Wei Wei’s mom’s idea of trying to buy Zhi Chen, except Han Fei isn’t using a monetary amount, but rather Zhi Chen’s lifelong dream.

Zhong Kai, Zhang Xiao Chen, Yu YaZhi Chen comes home drunk and Zhi Kai and Xiu Yun learn from his coworker that Wei Wei’s ex has come back into the picture. Drunk, Zhi Chen spills out more information than he does sober so Zhi Kai and Xiu Yun pretty much get the picture that there are problems with Zhi Chen and Wei Wei. The next morning, Zhi Kai took off work for both him and Zhi Chen. He tells his younger brother to be stronger and talk to Wei Wei. Zhi Chen decides to gather his courage and try again.

Wei WeiWei Wei is definitely still feeling conflicted, She has all of these pictures from her past with Han Fei. Each picture has a little note that Han Fei wrote on them. So, does Wei Wei want to be with Han Fei out of love or pity? She feels sorry for what happened, especially now that she knows the truth, but she has already fallen for Zhi Chen. Oi. Can it get more complicated? The conflicted Wei Wei jumps into the shower fully clothed. I fail to see how showering with her clothes on will make her feel better. Zhi Chen comes in with a huge bouquet of roses and notices the pictures of Han Fei and Wei Wei. Instead of staying to talk, he leaves. Man, he is really good at leaving. And that is where episode seven leaves us hanging.

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