Gloria Episode 2 Recap

Seo Ji Suk

Jin Jin tries slapping Kang Suk awake

Everyone is still in a state of shock that Jin Jin accidentally punched Kang Suk. Oddly enough, even though it happened in the station, the police won’t do anything about it unless Kang Suk decides to press charges (but he needs to be conscious to do that ๐Ÿ˜›). Jin Joo asks if he is dead and that snaps Jin Jin out of her stupor. She goes and starts slapping Kang Suk to wake him up (lmao – why is it that people try beating the unconscious to wake them up?). Dong Ah scolds her for slapping Kang Suk and pulls her away, but the slaps must’ve worked because the next thing you know, Kang Suk is awake. He asks where he is making them wonder if he has amnesia (know, he just woke up in a strange place, lol).

Chun Bu Geun, Lee Chun Hee

“How about you, grandma?”

After Kang Suk leaves, Jin Jin and Jin Joo are locked in a cell (Jin Joo is as well because she refuses to leave her big sister). Dong Ah and Dong Chul come home and Eo Jin asks if Jin Jin got locked up. Dong Ah says yes and then they ask after Jin Joo. Dong Ah says that Jin Joo is in jail as well. Everyone protests Jin Joo being in jail, but not poor Jin Jin (true, she has a violent temper and can take care of her self for the most part, but shouldn’t they worry about her, too?). Dong Ah says that Jin Joo is only in jail because she doesn’t want to leave Jin Jin, so she’s not being punished as well. Dong Ah then broaches the subject of money and asks everyone to donate some to help save Jin Jin. Funny how as soon as money is mentioned people changed the subject and walk away. Granny is the only one who says she has some money saved up that she will donate to help Jin Jin.

Chun Bo Geun, Oh Hyun Kyung, Bae Doo Na

Eo Jin visits the Nas

The next day the policeman buys Jin Jin and Jin Joo some food. They are eating when Eo Jin comes to visit. Jin Joo is really excited to see her young friend. The policeman, like Dong Chul, wonders if Eo Jin and Jin Joo are dating from the way they act (pfft!). Eo Jin and Jin Joo calm down and Jin Jin slams her hand into the table. She gets angry every time someone comments on Eo Jin’s and Jin Joo’s relationship. The policeman asks if Eo Jin is there to post bail – Eo Jin doesn’t know what this means and Jin Jin hisses at the policeman. Eo Jin then hands over his piggy bank to Jin Jin. He wants her to use what little there is to help deal with the guy so he won’t press charges against Jin Jin (such a sweet boy, though he is doing it more for his good friend Jin Joo than for Jin Jin).

Lee Chun Hee

“What’s this?”

While Eo Jin is at the jail, his uncle is back at the hospital with the money he managed to scrape together. The man and his wife say that isn’t enough to cover the hospital fees nor the emotional trauma. This angers Dong Ah, but he tries to keep his anger in check and asks them how much they want. They don’t bat an eye and say at least 100,000. Definitely a sum that is hard to come by for Dong Ah and Jin Jin. He says they are not rich, so they should just take this sum, but they are adamant in pressing charges if they don’t get more money. Dong Ah stops at the nurses station and asks if the fees really cost as much as they say and she replies that they don’t, but what can Dong Ah do? He then asks after Yoon Seo and learns that she is the wealthy daughter of some big shot. This intrigues Dong Ah more – he wonders why a rich man’s daughter could want to kill herself.

Jung So Nyu, Kim Ki Hyun, So Yi HyunMeanwhile, Yoon Seo’s dad comes back from Japan to visit his daughter. His wife says that she just isn’t strong enough to handle the situation and was glad he wasn’t farther away. President Jung (Kim Ki Hyun) is shocked by how fragile Yoon Seo looks. Her mother states that she did everything she could and just can’t believe that Yoon Seo actually tried to kill herself – it was just an accident (yeah right, if her mother was really concerned for Yoon Seo’s well-being, she wouldn’t treat her the way that she does). As soon as Jung leaves, Yoon Seo’s mother lights into her. Basically telling Yoon Seo if she was going to kill herself, she was better off to do it in America versus coming home to Korea. Yoon Seo said that she did try and she failed, that’s why she came home – she knew where her mother’s sleeping pills were. This shocks Mrs. Jung. She then does the whole “let’s die together” spiel. Oh, really. Talk about annoying, but maybe that will snap Yoon Seo out of her funk, then again, maybe not.

Chu Bo Geun, Oh Hyun Kyung, Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun HeeAt the station, Eo Jin is talking with Jin Joo, telling her that she can’t go to prison because she is too fragile and innocent. Jin Jin would do okay in prison, she’s strong. Jin Joo says that she will follow wherever Jin Jin goes. She then says that Eo Jin will visit her in prison and they can play. This upsets Eo Jin because Jin Joo doesn’t really understand what prison means and he loses his temper and yells at her. While Eo Jin is talking to Jin Joo, Dong Ah is talking with Jin Jin about the money. She obviously doesn’t have that amount. Jin Jin asks Dong Ah to take care of Jin Joo for her if she happens to end up going to prison. This angers Dong Ah who doesn’t want Jin Jin to give up yet – it will make her already hard life harder if she goes to prison (you can tell just how much he cares about Jin Jin [again not romantically] – wonder if there is a story behind their close friendship?).

Seo Ji Suk, Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun Hee

“I’m glad you’re all right”

At this moment Kang Suk walks in, this worries Jin Jin and Dong Ah as they are afraid he’s there to press charges against Jin Jin. Kang Suk is there only about the matter of assault and robbery. They caught the guys using his credit card, but since they hit him from behind, he has no idea if they are indeed the same culprits (they really are), so he won’t be pressing charges against them, much to the policeman’s dismay. Dong Ah and Jin Jin then ask if Kang Suk is all right from the punch the other night and he says that he is fine. Dong Ah tries to make sure that Kang Suk won’t renege on this, but Jin Jin stops him by pinching him (loved Jin Jin’s horrified expression when Dong Ah was trying to confirm Kang Suk wouldn’t later go after Jin Jin). Jin Jin then says it is a relief that Kang Suk is well and bids him farewell. Once he’s gone, she starts beating Dong Ah again.

Seo Ji SukWhen Kang Suk goes to the company there is a crowd of people around a bulletin board. His friend and coworker In Joon comes up and asks what is going on, at Kang Suk’s blank look, he then asks if his sunbae hasn’t heard yet. Kang Suk goes over to the board where a notice of employee changes has been posted. Looks like big brother Ji Suk (I have such problems with this name as Kang Suk is played by Seo Ji Suk and I constantly confuse the two names, so apologies if I accidentally call Kang Suk by his real name and end up confusing the hell out of you) is taking over Kang Suk’s position in the construction company. How low! His own father didn’t even inform him of the decision. Kang Suk keeps his cool and tells his friend to calm down, but In Joon just can’t. Rumor is that in order to keep his position as the successor, Ji Suk needs to oust Kang Suk, this seems to get Kang Suk thinking. And speak of the devil, in walks Ji Suk!

Seo Ji Suk, Lee Jong Won

“Congratulations, Vice President”

He is congratulated on his new position. Ji Suk looks at Kang Suk, but his little brother says nothing and doesn’t really look at him. Ji Suk says it doesn’t seem like a celebratory matter, but thanks. I have to wonder if Ji Suk really cares for his little brother and does not like what his parents are doing in regards to Kang Suk (especially when it looked like Ji Suk wasn’t too happy to be thrown back into the office so quickly). Ji Suk then asks In Joon if he will be reassigned so he can continue to help out Kang Suk. In Joon says probably. Ji Suk tells him not to feel too badly about he decision and walks away. In Joon really could not believe Ji Suk’s attitude at all. Kang Suk goes to see Lee who asks if he is disappointed. Kang Suk lies and says no and Lee wishes him luck in moving to Double Sharp Entertainment – a company that Lee is particularly fond of. Alone in the bathroom, Kang Suk finally lets his rage out. Poor guy.

Choi Jae Hwan, Lee Chun Hee

Dong Ah goes crazy for money

Meanwhile, Dong Ah goes to Jin Jin’s landlady for money. She says that she doesn’t have that kind of money. Dong Ah yells, kicks, throws things, but gets nowhere with the ahjumma. So he finally pulls off the clothesline and threatens to kill himself if she doesn’t give him the money. She doesn’t care if he dies, she just doesn’t have it. Knowing that tactic isn’t working, Dong Ah orders Dong Chul to bring some kerosene – they’ll all die together. This makes the other tenants unhappy and they beg the ahjumma to just give in. She threatens to call the cops, and Dong Ah tells her to do so, then they can all die together, too. Dong Chul begs the ahjumma to just give the money as he knows that Dong Ah would seriously die trying to help Jin Jin. A funny scene, plus we get to see Lee Chun Hee strip, nothing like eye candy I suppose.

Lee Jong Won, Seo Ji SukThe Lee family is having dinner when Mr. Lee receives a call from Jung Nan (aka Kang Suk’s real mother). Mrs. Lee is upset that Lee gets up and leaves the table. Once he is gone, she congratulates Ji Suk on his new position and then is really snotty to Kang Suk. He is now in charge of Double Sharp Entertainment, but he should get a lot of help as he knows someone in the business (aka his mom). What a snarky comment, but what woman likes the illegitimate child of her husband? At that comment Kang Suk gets up and leaves the table. She wants to no where he is going since he has not finished his food. He says he is done eating. Ji Suk reprimands his mom for her comments, but she doesn’t care if she hurts Kang Suk’s feelings. While the Mrs. Lee was throwing barbs at Kang Suk, Jung Nan is asking Lee to meet her. He refuses, calling her “Kang Suk’s mother.” Jung Nan knows that he is telling her that she means nothing to him besides this, but she insists on seeing him and he admits to being too afraid to hear what she wants to say. What a complicated relationship.

Seo Ji SukLee heads to bed where his wife tells him that she is happy he brought Ji Suk back and is giving him a chance – he felt so bad when he was sent to America – like he was worthless. Lee says nothing, but decides to read in his study, versus reading in the bedroom (how funny, they have separate beds). Meanwhile, Kang Suk is at a … fight club (?) … for lack of better description. Man, who knew Seo Ji Suk knew how to fight like that? Apparently Kang Suk does some fighting (kick boxing? some form of mixed martial arts?) to relieve his pent up stress and frustration. He is quite good as well. More eye candy as we get to see him half naked, glistening in sweat while he kicks the crap out of somebody else, well, the other guy gets some good hits in, too.

Lee Chun Hee

Dong Ah resorts to threats

Dong Ah goes back to the hospital where he gives the man the rest of the money he collected from Jin Jin’s landlady. The man and his wife still want more money, but Dong Ah puts his foot down this time. He tells them that he is a gangster and he had to bully and threaten just to scrape up that sum of money. He then grabs the guy by his hospital gown and threatens him with what Dong Ah will do if he doesn’t take the money and drop the charges against Jin Jin. The man and his wife finally agree. Yay! Jin Jin won’t be going to jail. I am impressed that Dong Ah did all that he could before threatening the man given he has just as short a fuse as Jin Jin (though not as explosive).

So Yi Hyun, Lee Chun Hee


Dong Ah goes up to the roof where he sees Yoon Seo. He goes up to her and asks if she would like help in figuring out how to end it all (omo, what a way to introduce yourself by offering to help her commit suicide). This definitely surprises Yoon Seo. She asks who he is and Dong Ah says nobody. He then says that she should have calculated things out better as it is embarrassing to have to go through everything once you’ve failed at killing yourself. Dong Ah tells her that he hopes she succeeds next time as she should die if she has completely lost the will to live. He does ask her why, but she doesn’t tell him. Before he leaves, he gives her back her bracelet. He restrung it for her! How sweet, and yet creepy at the same time. Though I think Dong Ah is good for Yoon Seo – he just might be the answer she needs to stop her from trying to kill herself again.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo Naa, Oh Hyun KyungThe next day, Jin Jin and the man’s wife sign an agreement that all charges will be dropped. The woman is still unhappy about the amount of money they received in compensation, but she says she feels bad for Jin Jin because she has a crazy sister. This sets Jin Jin off again, but Dong Ah manages to stop her before she does anything disastrous again. After the woman leaves, Jin Jin asks where Dong Ah managed to come up with the 100,000. He tells her it was her deposit on her apartment and Jin Jin goes crazy. It took her along time to save up that money, plus it means that she and Jin Joo have no place to stay now. Dong Ah says that he had no other choice – he couldn’t let Jin Jin have a criminal record (really, such a good friend). Jin Jin collapses and says so what as she would still have the deposit money and a place to say. Dong Ah then says that they can live with him and Eo Jin. An offer that Jin Jin doesn’t want to accept at all.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo Na, Choi Jae HwanThey got to Jin Jin’s place and all of her and Jin Joo’s things are packed up and thrown outside the door. Jin Jin asks for a few months to get the deposit money back, but the landlady refuses saying that she basically doesn’t want the crazy Jin Joo living there anymore. Oh, seriously. And of course at this moment the sky opens up and it starts raining. So Jin Jin and Jin Joo have no choice but to go to Dong Ah’s. They get their stuff moved in and Dong Chul asks if this is the beginning of their cohabitation earning him a double smack on each side from Jin Jin and Dong Ah. He gets another when he asks if it is Eo Jin’s and Jin Joo’s bridal suite. He really deserved that one.

Na Young HeeJin Jin goes to the club and apologizes to the Woo Hyun who tells her that she no longer works for him. Poor Jin Jin, but it is to be expected after what she did in his club. It makes sense that he is angry and doesn’t want her back. Jin Jin goes outside and Jin Joo asks about the flowers. Jin Jin says they won’t be selling flowers there anymore and Jin Joo asks where they will be selling flowers then. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lee catches Jung Nan shoplifting. Seriously? Why is Jung Nan even bothering, she should have enough money for nail polish at least. Of course Mrs. Lee has the gleeful joy of telling Jung Nan that Kang Suk has been given Double Sharp Entertainment. This surprises and infuriates Jung Nan as Kang Suk has been working in construction all of this time. Great. Another reason for her to be peeved off at Kang Suk’s dad. Jung Nan tries calling Lee, but he’s in a meeting and he likes ignoring her calls anyway. She then leaves him a threatening message about his mistreatment of their son. At least she knows how to act like a real mother at times.

Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo Na

“I can’t live without my sister”

Jin Jin, Jin Joo, Eo Jin, and Dong Ah are all walking down the street. Jin Jin tells Jin Joo not to run and be careful. Jin Joo sees a woman getting into a car in a wedding dress and immediately runs after her and pulls on the veil. She thinks it is really pretty. Jin Jin comes up and tries to get Jin Joo to let go and the veil gets ripped. Jin Jin apologizes and the woman criticizes the crazy Jin Joo. Jin Jin says her sister is not crazy, just unwell. Dong Ah and Eo Jin chime in with the same phrase. In the end, Jin Jin gives up the rest of her part-time savings to pay for the torn veil. While Eo Jin and Jin Joo are playing, Dong Ah suggests putting Jin Joo in a home for awhile until Jin Jin can get back on her feet. Jin Jin immediately starts yelling and beating Dong Ah again. He resists at first but then tells her to keep hitting him until she feels better. Jin Jin says that everything else has been taken away from her, she can’t lose her sister, too. Totally understandable, plus Jin Jin doesn’t have money to put her sister away, but you know that it actually might be better for Jin Joo to be in one versus running around and getting in trouble all of the time.

Na Young Hee, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Young HaAt the night club, the singers are no shows – apparently all on strike in hopes of … more money, I suppose. Jin Jin is working with the granny outside of the club when Kang Suk comes. Dong Ah is worried he is there to ask for compensation, but Kang Suk says he is meeting someone and Dong Ah is scolded for acting that way with a customer. Kang Suk meets with his mother and Woo Hyun. Jung Nan announces that she wishes to return to her singing career and asks Woo Hyun if he will hire her. This shocks Woo Hyun and Kang Suk. Jung Nan says that she really wants to sing, and annoy Mr. Lee while she’s at it. Why not? If you’re goign to have revenge, might as well have fun while you’re getting it.

Bae Doo NaMeanwhile, Jin Joo is asked to take the stage. Jin Jin yells at her former coworker who then looks Jin Jin up and down and asks her to do it. Dong Ah says that Jin Jin doesn’t sing – she wouldn’t even sing for a grade in music class. But then Jin Jin is offered 5,000 won and told she can lip-sync, so Jin Jin agrees. When she initially gets on stage she is wooden and lip-syncs horribly, but then she gets into the swing of things and lets out an amazing performance. The recording is turned off and you can here her loud and clear. Jin Jin flashes back to her hard life. How she was so proud of her older sister who was a singer, but then their parents died in a car accident and Jin Joo went crazy. Jin Jin had never thought she had a purpose in life until now. Has Jin Jin found her calling? We’ll have to wait and see.


  • aww thank you so much for the summary. I’m in love with ep. 1 and 2, but can’t continue watching because the vids aren’t available on viikii. It’s great that you’re following the show. I’d love to read more thoughts about it on your blog.

    • You’re welcome. I was a little wary going into this show, but am loving it thus far. I can’t wait until HaruHaru releases the next episode. I definitely plan on keeping up with the recaps and insights for this show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for recaps and I’m a huge fan of Suh Ji Suk and also looking for your further recaps.

    • I am excited to see him with a big role in this drama. I still remember he had a small part in Mr. Goodbye and it’s hard to find the drama he starred in with Goo Hye Sun. So I was really happy to see he is one of the main leads of Gloria.

  • I’ve just finished watching this and would love to find the ringtone on Dong Ah’s phone. Where would it be found, I wonder? lol

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