Pure Episode 4 Recap

Best Toru-Yuka Moment: When Yuka asks how Toru knew where she was with the puppy and he replies that the “magic bell” rang. Seriously – how cool is that?

Best Yuka Moment(s): When Yuka tells Ryo that she “has secrets too”. And when Yuka wants to know why she can’t make her own decisions (in regards to adopting a puppy)

Best Toru Moment(s): When Toru confesses to honestly liking Yuka’s art. And when he smiles and watches Yuka. And when he goes to search for Yuka when she’s missing and puts his own coat around her.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Toru walks away

The episode picks up with Toru abandoning Yuka to the vultures. It looks like he really wanted to go back and help her, but he just couldn’t bring himself to (plus there is the chance that him trying to protect her could make things worse in the long run, but still…). Yuka is walking home dejectedly when a worried Ryo finally finds her. He runs up to her calling her name. Yuka turns around and Ryo hesitantly apologizes for not revealing the truth about the magazine article. He isn’t quite sure how to put it to Yuka, but he does his best. It didn’t exactly praise her work, but it didn’t necessarily slam it either. Yuka does her iconic cocked head and serious look. Ryo tries again, but Yuka cuts him off.

“Life isn’t … only nice and … pretty … right?”

Takahashi Katsunori, Wakui Emi

Yuka surprises Ryo

This remark of Yuka’s catches Ryo off guard. He doesn’t really know what to say and Yuka follows it up with “everyone has their share of bad times.” I think Ryo (and probably Yuka’s mother as well) would rather not have Yuka begin to understand the truth about life. True, Yuka’s life hasn’t been sunshine and roses, there has been bad times with people teasing her for her disability and her father’s death, but she has never really understood on quite the level that Toru is introducing her to. Is it a good thing, a bad thing? Time will tell.

Tsutsumi ShinichiToru heads back to the office, not in a great mood (then again, when is Toru ever in what we can consider a “good” mood?). Not helping his mood is Asako who immediately asks how it went with the murderer’s mother. Toru says nothing and Asako stops pestering him. Toru looks down and sees the three candies Yuka gave him and he recalls her words – that he is a nice person because he told her the truth that everyone else was intent on keeping her from. I don’t think that makes poor Toru feel any better, though. Meanwhile, Yuka is preparing for bed and recalls Toru’s comment about being a bird without wings. This comment really struck a chord with Yuka.

Wakui Emi

Fubuki Jun

Takako gets an unpleasant surprise

The next morning, Yuka is going about watching the forecast like she normally does when her mother brings in the paper. Takako opens it and is shocked to find an article about Yuka. She immediately looks at her daughter who is engrossed in the television and quickly puts the paper away. Always hiding things from Yuka is not a good idea. Toru gets an early morning call from a friend, which wakes him up. His friend asks if the person they refer to in the article (writer from Move) is Toru. He then reads the article aloud to Toru, who says nothing – he is surprised, but who wouldn’t be?

Japanese Drama Pure Episode 4

“An important project”

Meanwhile, Komiya and her counterpart meet with Oya to talk about the unexpected newspaper article. Oya comments about how Komiya is on top of things given that it is not her job. Komiya says that as an art professional she is concerned (I really don’t like this woman. She seemed okay at first, but has shown her true colors. She isn’t doing anything for Yuka’s best interest, but rather her own). The other guy (whose name I still don’t know) tells Oya (Toru’s editor in case you’re wondering) that Yuka is an important project for the company and for Oya himself as well. How so? Following Yuka could help get Oya out of being a despised chief editor of a gossip rag.

Takahashi Katusnori

Ryo suspects the truth

Takako is looking over the article again. She folds the paper and asks Yuka if she saw that man. Yuka repeats “that man,” uncertain of what her mother is talking about. Takako then decides not to ask Yuka any more about it. At the restaurant, Ryo’s coworkers are reading the newspaper article. His boss asks if that means Yuka saw Toru again. Ryo who was spacing out finally wakes from his stupor and says that is impossible as Yuka would have told him if she did. His coworkers agree with him and then ask Ryo what Yuka means when she says that Toru has a broken wing. Ryo thinks about this and says that Yuka has obviously perceived that Toru is not a good person (not hardly, it is more of a reference to Toru’s emotional state and problems as we all know Yuka thinks Toru is a good person). Jun says that it is amazing Yuka being so perceptive. Ryo smiles and walks away where his cheerful demeanor is placed by a more serious expression. He is definitely worried about what is going on with Yuka and Toru, but won’t admit it.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

Publishing company wants to promote Yuka

Oya goes to Toru and says that it is the publishing company’s decision to promote Yuka. Oya says that it helps Yuka is young, pretty, and good looking. Toru asks if that is why Oya said at the start that Yuka had high marketability. Things are starting to click in Toru’s head and he understands now why he is being told to keep up on Yuka. Oya then says that he and Toru are going to apologize to Orihara Takako for the recent newspaper article. Toru is upset that he has to go to and is not happy when Oya calls him the “reporter with a broken wing.” Asako has been listening the entire time and you can tell that she is definitely not happy that Toru is being drawn even further into Yuka’s world. Meanwhile, Yuka is out in search of Toru and is unhappy at not being able to find him. A little boy passes her and drops a scrap of red transparency. Yuka picks it up and goes to give it back. The little boy says that he does not want it and walks away. Yuka is happy wondering if she can keep it then.

Pure Episode 4 little boy and puppy


Takako searches for Toru’s business card and just as she is about to call him, there is a knock on the door. It is Oya and Toru. Takako invites them in while Yuka keeps following the little boy and finds out that he is taking care of an abandoned puppy. The boy is irate that Yuka followed him and discovered his secret. He tells her to leave and Yuka turns to go, but looks at the red transparency in her hand and decides to thank the little boy. She digs into her pocket and pulls out one of her trademark candies. She says “candy” and the boy wonders how she knew the puppy’s name (lol). And after that, they start to become friends.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

“I like her artworks”

Back at Yuka’s house, Takako turns down Oya’s offer and tells both him and Toru to stay away from her daughter. Oya says that he understands why Takako doesn’t trust them. That’s one of the reason’s they are making this offer – to apologize and to help Yuka (if only that was his honest intentions). Oya then asks her to please reconsider as they are sincere and Takako should be thinking about Yuka’s future (sounds like something Ryo-chan would say, ne?). Throughout this entire exchange, Toru has kept silent and kept a strict poker face. Takako turns to him and says he doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about this offer. Oya immediately says that he is, but Toru is just normally like that (which is actually true, but whether or not Toru thinks this is good for Yuka remains to be seen). Toru says that he has nothing much to say, just that he likes Yuka’s work. This definitely seems to take Yuka’s mother by surprise.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

“I was just doing my job”

Afterward, Oya and Toru are walking and Oya congratulates Toru on a job well done as Toru’s final words seemed to get Takako thinking. Toru says that he was just doing his job (truthfully, he really does like Yuka’s art, so it’s not like that was the only reason he said what he did 😛 Toru just doesn’t want to shwo how much he actually cares). Oya lights a cigarette and smiles, telling Toru to keep it up. At least out of all the people surrounding Yuka (excluding her mother and Ryo of course), Toru is the one who honestly likes Yuka and sees no other opportunity in her like these others are doing. Sure it’s great if Yuka can grow up some and achieve great things with her art, but the people around her are exploiting her for their own means, not just because they think she is talented. I wonder if we’ll get a scene where Toru tells Oya to shove the job where the sun don’t shine because he wants to protect Yuka. I think that would be a great scene to have.

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi Katsunori

“Turn them down!”

Ryo is surprisingly (and at the same time, not so surprisingly) upset by Oya’s offer to help Yuka. He can’t believe they really want to help Yuka after she was ridiculed in their magazine (Ryo has a very good point here). He then pounds the table and says that if he had been there, he would have beat them up (never a good idea – someone has a temper issue). Ryo then accuses them of playing dirty as they saw Yuka behind their backs. Takako who has been silent through all of this finally says that Toru said that he and Yuka met by accident, which Ryo doesn’t believe. Although, for the most part, many of Yuka and Toru’s meetings were accidental. Ryo then tells Takako to turn them down immediately. This shocks Takako as Ryo is always the one telling her to let Yuka experience new things and find her true potential (how much do you want to bet that Ryo wouldn’t be so against it if the article hadn’t come out and if Toru was never in the picture?). Ryo says that it is true, but he doesn’t want Yuka involved with Move or Toru.

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi Katsunori, Wakui Emi

“You don’t need to know”

Yuka comes out of her room and hears Toru’s name. Takako then says that Toru doesn’t seem like that bad of a person and this shocks and angers Ryo. Then in comes a happy Yuka who wonders if Toru visited. Both Takako and Ryo are shocked by her entrance. Takako says that Yuka doesn’t need to know why Toru came because it will be too complicated for her (in a way maybe, but Takako is just using this as an excuse not to tell Yuka). Ryo jumps in, but Yuka persists in asking until Takakoo loses her temper and tells Yuka that it doesn’t matter because she will make the decision for Yuka. Her daughter readily accepts this, but Takako should feel badly for that. Using her daughter’s handicap as an excuse to keep her ignorant is low. I know that Takako wishes to protect her daughter, but if she’s not careful, she will end up smothering Yuka. Yuka may not have all the processing capabilities, but she should be allowed to think for herself more. Yuka goes out to work in her shop. She puts the scrap of red into her special box and takes out the zoo ticket. She bets that Toru would tell her what is going on (more than likely he will if she asks).

Wakui Emi

Poor Yuka!

Toru returns to the apartment where the mother of the teenage murderer lives, trying to talk to her once more. He can’t bring himself to knock and when he looks down, there is Yuka! She is looking for him again. Yuka sees one bike is knocked over and she goes to pick it up, and ends up knocking over the entire line of bikes. She goes to pick up another one and knocks over the one she just uprighted. This keeps going for a little while, making Toru smile (the man looks so much better when he smiles. With him as the stoic, serious Toru, it’s hard to believe that he played the silly Ken-nii in Lunch no Joou – he’s definitely a multifaceted, talented actor).

Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka makes Toru smile

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Toru watches Yuka

Yuka then goes to visit Candy not knowing that she is being followed by the person she was looking for. Yuka plays with and pets Candy. She tells the puppy that he is small so he still has small wings, but don’t worry, he will be able to fly some day. This makes Toru recall what Yuka told him about him having a broken wing. His pager goes off and Toru immediately hides. Yuka hears the “magic bell” and immediately looks around for Toru. When she looks at where Toru had been hiding, he is already gone.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

Toru has a chance to go back to his old job

Toru was paged by an old colleague from the news desk. He wants to enlist Toru’s help in investigating a construction company with connections to a politician. Toru says that he is no longer part of the news desk, and his friend chides him for giving up already. If Toru can complete this successfully, then he can go back to his old job. Besides, the waters have cooled down already (apparently Toru was relegated to Move for telling the truth and upsetting some higher ups). His friend then asks after Asako and tells Toru to take care of her (now what is going on here?). This surprises Toru who wonders how the two know each other.

Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

A gift for Yuka

Yuka is working on a dog house for Candy. She can’t wait to finish it and ring the magic bell to show Toru. As she is working, Ryo comes up with a marble for Yuka. He looks at it before bracing himself and going in to the workshop where Yuka immediately covers the dog house (she wants Toru to be the first one to see it). Ryo asks if she is working on a new piece. Yuka says yes, but she it’s not finished yet. Ryo tells her when it’s done to show him and they’ll display it in his restaurant. He then shows Yuka the marble. Yuka likes it and he goes to put it in her box when he sees the zoo ticket. Ryo notices that it is dated for the day of the exhibit. He asks if she went their alone and Yuka tells him that it is a secret! Yuka.

“I have secrets, too”

Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

Yuka keeps secrets from Ryo

This surprises Ryo as Yuka has never kept anything from him before. I do feel badly for Ryo as he loves Yuka in a way that she can probably never return. She doesn’t know about his feelings, so her relationship and sharing secrets with Toru really causes him a lot of unintentional pain. I really wonder what will happen with Ryo in the course of this drama. On one side he likes Yuka who likes Toru, and on the other there is Machiko whom he regards as a friend, but who likes him as more than that. Hopefully, Ryo will be a mature person and want whatever makes his favorite cousin happy. I don’t want him to go down the darker, selfish road that a lot of people go down in these dramas.

Wakui Emi, Fubuki Jun

Yuka asks for a puppy

The next day Yuka asks her mother if she can adopt a puppy. Takako’s immediate response is no. Why? Puppies are too fragile and will become sky to easily (recall that her mother told Yuka that when her father died he became the sky). Takako says that it’s best if no one else becomes sky other than Yuka’s dad. Okay, I understand that Takako is afraid about how more deaths will impact Yuka, but come on, I think Yuka could definitely take care of a puppy. Takako then goes for another doctor’s visit (something we habitually see in every episode). She is concerned about what is going on with Yuka. The doctor admits surprise at Yuka’s rapid emotional development. He did not think this would progress quite as fast as it is. He then tells Takako to try explaining death to Yuka and to allow her to listen and try to make her own decisions in some regards. He also thinks its a good thing to ask Yuka questions and monitor how she reacts to them.

Wakui EmiYuka is urgently looking for a seal and accidentally spills the contents of an entire drawer. While cleaning it up, Yuka notices Toru’s business card. She grabs that and the seal and goes to the front door where a deliveryman with a package awaits. She stamps the seal and asks him about the card. He tells her it is a business card. Yuka then asks what that means and he explains that it has Toru’s contact information on it. This excites Yuka and just as she is about to ask his help in finding out what it says, the phone rings. The deliveryman leaves and Yuka goes to answer the phone. It is Komiya who asks Takako to consider the publishing company’s deal for Yuka about publishing a book of her work and sponsoring an individual exhibit. This surprises Yuka as it is the first time she has heard about it.

Wakui Emi

“Adults are selfish!”

Yuka takes the newly finished dog house to Candy. Her little friend comes up as she takes Candy out and gets worried that she is doing something to him. Yuka says that she is just putting Candy in his new home. She then says that her mom won’t let her take Candy in and the little boy says his dad is the same way. Yuka asks why they won’t let them and the boy replies that adults are all selfish. Sometimes he would like to be able to make his own decisions. Aren’t there times when a child can be allowed to do so? Empathizing with the little boy, Yuka reaches in to her pocket and takes out a red candy. She smiles and hands it to the boy who smiles and takes it.

Pure episode 4 flashback

Toru’s flashback

Meanwhile, Toru begins investigating the case that he turned down. Looks like he just can’t let it go. Good for him. While Toru is searching we get some flashbacks of a child at a funeral. Does it have to do with the case that got Toru demoted? Or is it something that Toru went through as a child (I think it’s this one, personally)? We don’t know yet. Yuka asks the boy if its okay for her to bring another person there to show the dog house to. The boy is unhappy as he realizes it will be another adult (because only adults have business cards). The boy then explains the card in more detail than the deliveryman could before he had to leave. It sets Yuka thinking. We all know that she is going to use the card and seek Toru out.

Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi

Yuka asks Machiko for help locating Toru

Yuka goes to Ryo’s cafe and meets with Machiko who is reluctant to help Yuka as she knows that Ryo will probably disapprove. Machiko asks Yuka to ask Ryo, but Yuka doesn’t want to (probably because she is aware of what Ryo’s answer will be). Yuka pleads with Machiko as she really wishes to see Toru. This surprises Machiko and Yuka says that there is something she wishes to ask him. Seeing how much Yuka really wants to see Toru, Machiko caves in and agrees to help. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Ryo is at a pachinko parlor where he is lost in thought, recalling what Yuka said about having secrets. Looks like Ryo is definitely a brooder.

Wakui EmiYuka and Machiko wait in the lobby of Toru’s building as he is apparently out. Machiko thinks of leaving, but after seeing Yuka’s expression, decides to keep waiting for a little while longer. Yuka keeps an eager watch out the window and Machiko asks if Yuka likes anyone. Yuka replies yes and counts down who she likes: her mother, Ryo, Machiko, and then Yuka spots Toru. Machiko has a niggling suspicion that even if Yuka doesn’t necessarily know the difference between likes that Machiko was hinting at, Yuka definitely has some sort of feelings for Toru.

“Make decisions for yourself. While you’re depending on people, you can’t fly.”

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“Decide for yourself”

Yuka approaches Toru who is with Asako (who definitely doesn’t look happy seeing Yuka there). Toru is surprised by Yuka’s presence. Yuka says that she had thought about ringing the magic bell as she had wanted to see him sooner. Toru asks what Yuka wants and is even more surprised when she asks him about the book and gallery show. Yuka is seeking his advice about what to do and Toru tells Yuka that she needs to make her own decisions or else she will never be able to fly. This shocks Machiko who thinks that Toru is being rude given Yuka’s mental capacity for understanding. Toru doesn’t defend himself and just walks away. Yuka’s face is in her little puppy mask. She isn’t necessarily hurt by Toru’s words, she is just thinking them over and trying to figure things out for herself.

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Focus on the bribery case

At home, Yuka’s spirits are dampened and she is not eating like normal. Takako notices and is worried about Yuka. She asks if everything tastes okay, and Yuka says that it is delicious. Later Yuka goes to her worksh0p and contemplates Toru’s words to her. Yuka walks to the window and opens it to ask he dad what he thinks and she notices that it looks like rain. Meanwhile at the office, Asako asks if Toru told Yuka that to make her stop depending on him so much. Toru says nothing and gets up to get ready to go home. Asako then says she heard he didn’t immediately accept the News Bureau job, but she knows he is investigating it. She then tells him to let go of the Orihara case and concentrate solely on the bribery case as that is what the Sawatari Toru she knows would do (does she really know him or just think she does based on reading his articles?). Toru then comments about how former colleague Kuroiwa from the News Bureau is good to her. Asako asks if that bothers him and Toru says nothing and just leaves. Does it? I think he only mentioned Kuroiwa to get Asako off his case about dropping Yuka in favor of the bribery article (fingers crossed).

Takaoka Saki, Takahashi Katsunori

“How much does Yuka understand?”

Ryo and Machiko are cleaning up at the cafe when Ryo confesses that Yuka is acting strange of late. Machiko asks how and Ryo says he doesn’t know, he just feels that she is. Machiko then asks how much can Yuka actually understand. Ryo sits and thinks about this and says that Yuka remembers what she experiences, but he is not too sure about Yuka’s emotions and feelings. When Ryo goes on to continue, Machiko cuts him off and asks about romantic feelings. This really surprises Ryo and he immediately replies that Yuka does not understand romantic feelings at all (if she did completely understand romantic feelings, would she realize that he loves her, truly loves her and not as her cousin/older brother?).

Tsutsumi Shinichi

Toru worries about MIA Yuka

Takako calls for Yuka and looks in the workshop, but Yuka isn’t there nor is she in her room. Takako is worried because Yuka is not at home. She calls Ryo’s house, but gets the machine (cause he’s drinking at the cafe with Machiko). So Takako goes looking for Toru’s card and lo and behold she cannot find it. She wonders if Yuka found it and took it. She then calls the general number for the office and finds out that Toru has already left. Toru gets a page and he goes to a payphone where his coworker asks if Orihara Yuka is with him (you can practically see Asako’s ears perk up when this question is asked). Toru replies that he is alone and his coworker can tell that to Yuka’s mother when she calls back. He looks at his watch – it’s 11 pm and to top it off, it starts raining. Toru is worried about Yuka!

Takaoka Saki, Takahashi Katsunori

Machiko confirms Ryo’s fear

Takako runs out of the house with two umbrellas in a worried search for her missing daughter. Toru is walking in the rain when he recalls his last conversation with Yuka and the quasi-hurtful words he had said. He makes up his mind and turns around. Does he know where Yuka is? Meanwhile, Machiko has broken the news to Ryo about taking Yuka to see Toru (which he is obviously not happy about). Machiko apologizes and then says that Yuka had insisted on going to see Toru. Even so, Ryo says that Machiko didn’t have to take Yuka (I give Machiko kudos for taking Yuka. Yuka is getting more assertive and is held down in equal parts by her mother and Ryo, so she needs outsiders to help her and it’s not like seeing Toru is that bad – yet). Machiko then says that Yuka wanted to seem him badly. Ryo is shocked to learn that Yuka wanted to meet with Toru that badly (but there has to be a part of him that is not surprised as he has been worrying about their exact relationship for awhile).

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Toru finds Yuka

Toru reaches his destination and sure enough, there is Yuka with the puppy! Yuka is doing her best to protect Candy. She berates herself for not building the puppy a house with a roof, but she was in a hurry to finish the house and show it to Toru. Next time, she will definitely do a better job. Yuka then starts talking about making her own decisions. She wishes to fly (and I think she, like the little boy from earlier, wishes to be able to have the freedom of making her own decisions as well, but since it is something she is never really allowed to do, she doesn’t know how to start) and wants to make a decision like Toru told her to do, but she is so confused right now. Toru watches all of this and you can tell he feels guilty that his words have put Yuka in such a state.

Yuka takes off her gloves to cover Candy and then takes off her coat to drape over the box. Then she squats, shivering, wet, and cold, watching over the puppy. Then up walks Toru who puts his coat around her. Yuka turns and is surprised to find Toru there behind her. Yuka asks him why (this scene just makes me shiver because 1. it is good and 2. it looks like its flipping freezing out and we have two coatless people). And Toru says “The Magic Bell rang.” That was an unabashed ‘squee’ moment for me. What will happen next for our burgeoning couple?Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

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