Bae Doo Na Sings in Gloria

I knew that Bae Doo Na could sing from watching Japanese movie Linda, Linda, Linda, but I didn’t think she was all that great – just average. Her singing seems to have improved from her jrock attempt. Although, the more iffy, not-the-best singing went with the movie’s theme and fit the character’s situation well. And I must say, I really did enjoy the concert scene at the end of the movie (though it was a weird movie to begin with).

So I was a little worried at how Gloria would go since she wasn’t the best of singers, but she did well with the singing in the drama. It is still not the best, but it is a definite improvement. See for yourself and be the judge.

Here is Bae Doo Na along with her Japanese friends performing in Linda, Linda, Linda:

And here is a smoother, nice sounding Bae Doo Na in Gloria performing in her native language. The song is called “Ready to Fly”. She sounds a lot better, ne?

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