Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 7 Recap

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi Episode 7

Eikura Nana

Miki gets a chance

Kirino announces to Miki’s team that their will be a competition for the food fair. Their concept must use whole tomatoes (the new product they are promoting), and the winner will be in charge of the leading the project. All workers are allowed to submit no matter their skill level or years in the company. This excites Miki as it is her chance to prove herself – to prove that she is capable and not the weak link everyone seems to think she is.

Kimura Yoshino, Fukiji Naohito

Sano & Kirino announce winner

Miki takes Ai out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and Miki becomes inspired by the dishes and information that she decides to do a combination Italian and Chinese proposal using tomatoes as the main focus. Miki hands in her proposal, satisfied that she did her best. Sano goes through the proposals and tells Kirino that Miki constantly surprises her. Sano then asks what to do as Miki’s proposal is the best out of all of them. At the project meeting, Kirino announces that Miki’s proposal won, but since she is a new employee and doesn’t know the ropes yet, she will need help. A bitter Nishijima is then appointed as her helper as he had the next best idea. Nishijima is definitely not happy that his idea wasn’t chosen (he also implies that Miki due to favoritism and not skill).

Eikura Nana, Igarashi Shunji

“I have a chef in mind”

Sano tells Nishijima and Miki to come up with a list of clients and gets up to leave, but not before smiling and Miki and tell her to do her best. After Sano leaves, Nishijima tells Miki to do the client list while he looks into a chef. Miki tells him that she already has a chef in mind. Nishijima becomes angry and tells her to get the chef then. This man is moody for no reason all of the time. Meanwhile, Sano tries to figure out just what was going on with the money problem she told Umezawa about earlier. His reaction wasn’t good and he has never gotten back to her about the discrepancy.

Eikura Nana, Igarashi Shunji

Nishijima succeeds where Miki fails

Miki tries calling the chef, but he doesn’t wish to talk to her. Nishijima hurries and grabs the phone, explaining things with more authority and detail. He then makes an appointment to meet the chef the next day and scolds Miki for not being able to do the phone call properly. He does have a point. Miki needed to be more assertive than she was. Ai gets a text message (isn’t translated, so I have no idea why it depresses her so much), and becomes very unhappy. Umezawa contacts former employee Yamauchi who was bullied before Miki came. Something stinks. What exactly is Umezawa plotting, and why?

Eikura Nana, Kawaguchi Haruna

“It wasn’t your fault”

Miki goes to visit Ai at the hospital. Ai is sitting in her room, back towards the door and all lights off. Miki senses something off and asks what is wrong. Ai says that is is not fair that she is the only feeling the way she is (doubtful). Miki then confesses that she was to blame for Ai’s accident. Ai says that she remembers it clearly and that Miki was not at fault. Nonetheless, she tells Miki to stay away from her for a few days. Ai doesn’t blame Miki, yet she is angry at Miki? Doesn’t that mean that she does think Miki is to blame – at least in part? The doctor tells Miki not to put too much responsibility on herself as it is a hard time for Ai. Miki says that she didn’t know what to say to her little sister. She wants to become a person who has something to say. The doctor smiles at this. Yes, Miki’s attitude has gotten better and more positive. Thankfully.

Eikura Nana, Igarashi Shunji

“Follow my lead”

The next day, Miki is congratulated by members of Tachibana’s group. Nishijima walks in at this moment and you can tell he isn’t thrilled to hear them praising Miki and congratulating her on getting her idea chosen. Miki then asks Nishijima if he has all the necessary information prepared for the meeting. Miki has the business proposal, but the cost summaries and other information fell to Nishijima as he has more experience in the field. Nishijima tells Miki that she doesn’t need anything. All she has to do is be quiet and follow what he says. Jerk. And in my gut, I had a feeling that Nishijima was setting Miki up for a fall.

Umezawa meets up with Yamauchi and asks her why she left AOI, as if he didn’t know. He mentions bullying and Sano and you know that he is setting Sano up for a big fall. Does she deserve it, probably, but she has learned her mistake and is getting better. That doesn’t do anything for the tortured Yamauchi, but there isn’t much you can do about that.

Eikura Nana

Nishijima’s trap

Miki goes to the restaurant and waits for Nishijima. It is almost three and he is still not there. Miki calls the office and Chiaki answers. She tells Miki that Nishijima has not returned from his errand. Chiaki asks when the appointment is and Miki tells her three. Chiaki checks her watch and tells Miki that she will have to go in and start without him. Miki does and the chef is less than pleased that the man he talked to was not present at all. Miki presents the promotion and the chef asks about costs, compensation, and work agreements. All the things that Nishijima was supposed to have taken care of. He is angry that Miki virtually knows nothing and came unprepared. He even had his whole team of chefs there for the meeting and they just ended up wasting time. Ouch.

Cast of Nakanai to Kimeta Hi

“It’s your own fault”

When Miki gets back to the office, she sees Nishijima talking with Chiaki. Miki immediately asked him what happened as she waited for him to come. Nishijima then asks if Miki was able to explain all about the fair. Miki says nothing and Nishijima smiles saying that her failure was her own fault (yes and no. Yes because she should have made sure to have the necessary materials, and no because Nishijima was supposed to be there to help). He is such a jacky. Sano comes in and asks if anything is wrong, but Nishijima is quick to say nothing – just a simple misunderstanding. Sano doesn’t quite believe this as she sees Miki’s upset expression, but before she can do anything, Umezawa calls her into his office.

Eikura Nana, Kaname Jun

Nakahara is worried about Miki

Umezawa tells Sano about talking with Yamauchi. He then shows her a formal complaint that Yamauchi filed with the company saying that Sano ignored rampant bullying leading Yamauchi to have a complete breakdown. Yamauchi says that she will not sue the company if Sano tenders her resignation. Otherwise, if this is leaked, it will hurt AOI considerably. Meanwhile, a depressed Miki runs into Nakahara who is leaving the office. He asks how she is doing and congratulates her on her project being chosen. Miki tries to keep smiling, but Nakahara senses there is something wrong, especially when Miki says that she has to work hard before she says goodbye and walks away.

Kaname Jun, Anne

Tachibana sick of hearing about Miki

Nakahara goes home and begins talking about his worries with Miki. Tachibana is making dinner and you know that she is annoyed every time he mentions Miki’s name. Tachibana says that she is at the office so Nakahara should be at peace as she will help support Miki (snort). After Nakahara falls asleep on the couch, Tachibana covers him with a blanket and takes his cell. Now what is our psychopath stalker doing?

Eikura Nana, Katase Nana, Konno Mahiru, Machida Marie

“I’ll do it myself”

Umezawa asks Sano if she has considered her resignation. Sano remains silent and Umezawa reminds her again about what will happen if the media finds out. Kirino comes in and greets Umezawa, but you can tell he senses something is wrong, especially when he sees Sano looking all depressed in the meeting room. Meanwhile, Miki has finished the client list. Nishijima tells her to work on the list when she comes up to talk about visiting the chef again as he is already working on hiring a different chef. This upsets Miki. She tells him the list is done already and that this is her project. She has a particular idea in mind and really wants this fair to be a success. Nishijima blows his top and tells her to do it by herself then. Miki, like an idiot says she will.

Eikura Nana, Fujiki Naohito

“You know what is needed”

Miki makes a detailed list and works hard. Everyone goes home and she is the only one still working. She stays at the office all night to put together budgets and other information to present to the chef. Miki doesn’t want to give up, but you can tell the work is taking it’s toll. The next morning Kirino comes in and asks if she spent the night. Miki says that she was told to do it all by herself, but she knows that it is just too much work, especially as she doesn’t know quite what she is doing. She really wants the fair to be a success, but doesn’t think that she is the right person for the job. Kirino tells her to think about what she needs to do to make the fair a success, especially since she understands that she cannot do it alone.

Arisaka Kurume

“You are not alone”

Miki goes up to the roof to think and then goes back to the office where she gets a call from Shiraishi asking her out to lunch. Chiaki, Kudo, and Kurita talk about Miki at lunch. They are worried that it is too much work for Miki alone. Finally these girls are beginning to understand that Miki is not a bad person and are beginning to sympathize and worry. Will they help Miki out? Shiraishi congratulates Miki on the fair and tells Miki that was one of her favorite parts of working at AOI. Shiraishi then says that Miki will come to enjoy it and feel that being at AOI is just where she belongs. Also, Miki will come to realize that she is not alone in the company. These words help encourage Miki to keep giving it her all.

Eikura Nana

“Teamwork is important”

Miki goes back to the restaurant where she gives the chef all of the information she has worked out. He asks if she did it all herself. Miki said yes. The chef then says that teamwork is essential and important. Without great teamwork, things will get messy and not work out. The chef then tells her that he is responsible for overseeing his team and making sure that everything goes well. They depend on him. As much as he would like to help Miki out, he does not want to work with a company where teamwork is blatantly being ignored. This disappoints Miki, but she understands where he is coming from (his crew even prepared dishes for the fair for Miki to try).

Kimura Yoshino, Eikura Nana

“Please help me”

Miki goes home and thinks about what Kirino, Shiraishi, and the chef told her. She comes to her decision. The next day she goes into the office and asks for help with the fair. She admits that even though she said she would do all the work, she just cannot do it all alone. She doesn’t know everything and there is just too much. Miki bows her head and asks for help knowing there isn’t much time left. Nishijima outright rejects to help and takes Tazawa with him. The trio who were really concerned with Miki say nothing. Disappointing.

Nakanai to Kimeta Hi episode 7 key moment

Miki is not alone!

Miki goes out to the restaurant again. The chef is now getting angry at her disturbing him as he has already turned her down. He yells at her to get out. A disappointed Miki turns to go and as she is leaving, three people walk by her. It is Chiaki, Kudo, and Kurita! They introduce themselves and say that they are from AOI as well. They offer to go over and redo the business proposal and budget plans. They bow and ask him to please work with them. Kurita turns and tells Miki to ask him properly once more. The shocked Miki goes back and bows and asks too along with the others. The chef asks for the business proposal. Success!

Kimura Yoshino, Fujiki Naohito

“Now you know”

Things get busy at the office. The girls are all working together to make the fair happen. Sano and Kirino watch from a distance and Sano wonders if Miki got that far despite her not noticing the bullying and problems that were going on. Kirino tells Sano that she knows now and can start again and stop making the same mistakes. True, true. It is not too late. Nishijima even offers his help later, but I don’t think it is a good thing. His personality is too bent for him to do an immediate 180. Later, Nakahara notices that Miki looks happy. He is glad that she is doing well.

Kimura Yoshino

“I can’t forgive you”

Sano gains the courage to meet with Yamauchi. She sincerely apologizes for her blindness and not believing what Yamauchi told her. Yamauchi asks if she is just doing that to save her job. Sano says that she is thinking of quitting because of how blind she was. Yamauchi then says that won’t make up for what happened. Her life and confidence where destroyed. She starts crying and Sano tries to comfort her, but Yamauchi doesn’t want the embrace. She asks Sano to give her back her life. Poor Sano, but she does need to understand the consequences, but she shouldn’t let that failure destroy her own life just as she is starting to work things out finally.

Kimura Yoshino, Eikura Nana

Sano tries to kill herself?

Suzuki is looking for Sano, but no one has seen her since the afternoon and no one has heard from her at all. Not good. You can tell that Miki is concerned about her boss. Nishijima is in charge of putting through the supplies order and when everyone leaves he changes the order so that he orders quantities that are much less than needed. I knew he wasn’t actually going to help. Ass. Tachibana goes to Umezawa with a fake email sent by Miki to Nakahara. Umezawa decides to help out by having Miki transferred. Oh, for the love of Mike! Miki goes to Sano’s place. She knocks but there is no reply. When she turns to leave, Miki hears a bottle break. She knocks again and then tries the door – it opened! Miki walks in and sees a house full of empty liquor bottles. And then she sees Sano with her wrist slit. She holds her and yells her name. Um, call 911 or 119! Just to sit there and shake her. We then see a worried Kirino running. Did Miki call him or did his spidey sense go off?

My thoughts: I have a lot, but will save them for a little later. My biggest one to leave you with is WTF! Only one episode left and there is all this drama? How can they neatly end it without it being forced or rushed? I wonder (the SP doesn’t look like an actual continuation per se, but a new story line in the same vein as the series). Gah! How many people are going to try killing themselves and just how low will Nishijima, Tachibana, and Umezawa stoop? Again, I don’t think this will end nicely at all, but oh well.

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