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If the cast wasn’t enough to draw people into the drama, then the two main songs of Sunao ni Narenakute are another great reason to check out the drama. The main theme was done by hot new group Weaver who are signed to A-sketch, the same label that flumpool now belong to (they did the themes for the Bloody Monday series). Okay, and not just the main songs, but really all the songs and instrumentals used really added something special to the drama.

Not quit sure what the weird feather girl has to do with the meaning behind the song, but hey, it’s a great song. It would be weird if the videos actually made sense.

CDJapan – Regular | CDJapan – Limited | YesAsia

01 Hard to say I love you ~言い出せなくて~<
02 つよがりバンビ
03 旅立ちの唄
04 Hard to say I love you ~言い出せなくて~(Instrumental)

To go with the catchy beat and more upbeat(?) opening song, we then have the prolific Sugawara Sayuri contributing a softer, no less addicting, track to the drama.

CDJapan | YesAsia

01 素直になれなくて (Sunao ni Narenakute)
02 Stay With You
03 Glow
04 素直になれなくて (Instrumental)
05 Stay With You (Instrumental)
06 Glow (Instrumental)

The title of the drama is based on a song from Chicago “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” and it is referenced in the drama during one of the gang’s meetings at Emotion, when they formed the Sunare(sp?) club. This song is really fitting for what happens throughout the drama.

English songs prominent in the series include music by UK group The Ting Tings, i.e. “Great DJ,” “That’s Not My Name,” “Be the One,” and “Keep Your Head.” Some people can take or leave the English music, but it wasn’t the worse and there were two great, addictive Japanese tracks that got more playtime anyways.

01 Be the One
02 Great DJ
03 Great DJ (Acoustic)
04 Keep Your Head

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Stereophonics “Maybe Tomorrow.”

All of these, plus the instrumentals add up to make a killer soundtrack for a great drama.

01 Glasgow Love Theme
02 Portuguese Love Theme
03 Got Ur Number [Nadia Oh]
04 Riots [A.R. Rahman]
05 Busy Guy
06 Cry
07 If I Wanted to Call You
08 Iris and Jasper
09 Maestro
10 Separate Vacations
11 The ‘Cowch’
12 Fight Song [The Republic of Tigers]


  • Hooray for the vids!

    Well, it’s no secret that I think this soundtrack is off the freaking charts. It’s perfectly up-to-the-minute yet still maintains a timeless coolness.

    And yes, A-Sketch def know what they are doing. WEAVER, flumpool… ❤

    • I know. I loved how the music works with the drama and carries a timeless coolness like you said. I ❤ WEAVER and can't wait to see more from them. I really wish iTunes carried flumpool and other J-artists (it's cheaper dling the MP3s vs buying a CD :P)

  • thanks you so much I found a song it was almost impossible to find, really Thanks a lot.

  • I’ve been looking for a while for the instrumental song that plays usually when the title of the drama comes up, but I haven’t been able to find it at all. Do you have any idea what the song might be? :/

    • I know what you are talking about, but am not sure which song it is exactly. I have updated the post with other music from the drama, so hopefully, one of them is the song you are looking for.

  • Rebecca Rimmer

    Please can you help? I really love the song that goes “everytime, everywhere i go i think of you, everything i do reminds me of you” but I can’t find out what it is???

  • Rebecca Rimmer

    It’s played sometimes on the title screen but you hear it during episode 9 while they’re doing fireworks at the beach

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