Gloria Episode 1 Recap


Romanized title: Geulloria
English title: Gloria
Braodcast station: MBC
Broadcast dates: 31 July 2010 – 30 January 2011
Episodes: 50
Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun Hee, Seo Ji Suk, So Yi Hyun, Oh Hyun Kyung, Lee Jong Won, Yeon Kyu Jin, Chun Bo Geun, Na Young Hee, Kim Young Ok, Choi Jae Hwan
Synopsis: Gloria follows the lives of people who are devoted to surviving their hard existence. From a hardworking, soon-to-be nightclub singer who cares for her mentally handicapped sister, the coldhearted, illegitimate son of an entrepreneur who cannot live up to the legitimate son, a gangster who is strong and fiercely loyal, and a broken ballerina who wants to commit suicide, this drama will follow their connections and their journey to find themselves and carve out their own place in the world.

We open with Na Jin Jin (Bae Doo Na) waking up to the sound of several alarm clocks in the wee hours of the morning. Her elder sister wakes up too, but Jin Jin tells her to go back to sleep. Jin Joo (Oh Hyun Kyung) wishes to go with her sister, but Jin Jin insists that she closes her eyes and go back to sleep, which she quickly does. When Jin Jin is out washing her face, the landlady yells at her for having multiple alarm clocks which disturbs her sleep. She then says that she is a nice person as she lets the Nas stay there even after Jin Joo almost burnt the house down, so stop using all the alarms. Jin Jin tells her that she will get used to it and the landlady calls after Jin Jin that she will not and that they have to be out of the house by fall.Bae Doo NaWhile Jin Jin is out making her rounds and delivering newspapers, Lee Kang Suk (Su Ji Suk) gets a call about an accident at a construction site. He is on his way to the scene, very unhappy with what has happened. He pulls out of his drive and almost hits Jin Jin who was driving by. Jin Jin yells about his driving, but Kang Suk ignores her and speeds on by, knocking Jin Jin over. Even if he was in a hurry, he did not have to be that ignorant. Jin Jin is understandably angry over the near accident and Kang Suk’s behavior. She yells after his retreating car that if she ever sees him again then he is dead. Typical threat in these dramas. 😛

Bae Doo NaSeo Ji Suk

Kang Suk gets to the accident site to find out that the fire was caused from drunk workers who were cooking food that ended up causing the blaze. Kang Suk’s men said that the workers were overly stressed from working overtime and needed time to relax. Needless to say Kang Suk does not like this excuse. He asks after Manager Kim who is supposed to be in charge of the workers, but no one can find our get a hold of him. This definitely doesn’t improve Kang Suk’s mood, especially when a mini fire breaks out again. Kang Suk rushes over and quickly puts it out, cutting his hand open. His men apologize for not getting the fire completely put out. What a crappy start to the day. To make matters worse, a worker calls from the hospital saying that two of the injured are in critical condition.gloria1-accidentJin Jin finishes up her paper route and heads off to the next job. She goes to pick up kimbap made by a granny. Jin Jin is close friends with the granny and the people who live at the house. Jin Jin begins helping roll up the kimbap when Ha Eo Jin (Chun Bo Geun) comes out and the granny scolds him for peeing at the gate instead of the toilet. Eo Jin says he will pee at the pothole instead. Why doesn’t he pee at the house? The granny charges him money to use the bathroom, making the granny complain on how a kid that young is such a miser. Jin Jin tells her not to worry, at least he is not like his uncle. And speaking of the devil, Eo Jin’s uncle Ha Dong Ah (Lee Chun Hee) comes out of his room to use the bathroom at that moment. He complains that Jin Jin and granny woke him up and granny asks him why he isn’t taking toilet paper with him. He retorts that he is going to pee and when he leaves, granny complains about how all the young people these days sass their elders.gloria1-sleeping-tigerJin Jin goes out to sell her rolls and Eo Jin comes out to help her sell as well. She tells him that unless he can work for free, he can’t work for her as the price to buy the rolls has gone up and she needs the profit. Eo Jin isn’t crazy and so he won’t work for free, so he and Jin Jin make a deal that if they sell all the roles, then Jin Jin will give him 1500 won.gloria1-partnersOn a plane heading to Korea, Jung Yoon Seo (So Yi Hyun) is being cajoled by the flight attendant to eat something or at least have some tea. Yoon Seo only keeps apologizing and turning down everything offered. When the stewardess leaves, the man sitting next to Yoon Seo, Lee Ji Suk (Lee Jong Won), puts down his paper and asks her if she knows that is all she has said since the flight started. Yoon Seo does not reply to this and Ji Suk tries again. He says that her expression makes it seem as if there was an open window, she would jump from it (what an ass). Again she says nothing. This just seems to intrigue Ji Suk more. He believes them meeting is fate and introduces himself. Again Yoon Seo keeps quiet. It’s best not to encourage arrogant jerks like him, though not talking doesn’t deter him at all.So Yi Hyun, Lee Jong WonAt the supermarket, Jin Jin is trying, unsuccessfully, to get new subscribers to her newspaper while Jin Joo and Eo Jin are having a blast running around the store. When Jin Jin sees this, she scolds Eo Jin for doing such things with Jin Joo. Eo Jin says that Jin Joo follows him around so he can’t help it. Jin Jin then scolds him n for calling her sister so informally as he should call her noona. Jin Joo says she prefers it when Eo Jin calls her by her name versus calling her noona. The two then run off again and Jin Jin smiles after their childish antics.Chun Bo Geun, Oh Hyun Kyung, Bae Doo NaMeanwhile Dong Ah and good friend Park Dong Chul (Choi Jae Hwan of Pasta, Call of the Country) are buying groceries for the club the work at. Dong Ah sees Eo Jin and asks why his nephew isn’t in school. Eo Jin replies that he is on vacation and Dong Ah asks if he is a college student to have so many breaks. Eo Jin then asks his uncle how he would know since he was never a college student. Boy does that kid have a smart mouth! He then runs back off with Jin Joo and Dong Chul wonders if Eo Jin is secretly dating Jin Joo noona. This earns Dong Chul a slap from both Jin Jin and Dong Chul. Jin Jin asks why they are buying groceries and they say the cook quit the club because he was offered more money to work elsewhere. Jin Jin wished someone would offer her that much money. She then gets a call to go to work and runs out.Lee Chun Hee, Choi Jae Hwan, Bae Doo NaDong Ah quickly follows and asks where she is going. Working on her scooter, Jin Jin says to the car wash. She then complains the scooter has stopped working. Dong Chul tells her the scooter is over the hill and should just be allowed to rest for awhile. Dong Ah decides to help fix it despite Jin Jin’s protests and he manages to break off the mirror. This angers Jin Jin, but she has no time to really fight so she tells Dong Chul to take the scooter for now while she runs to the carwash. Dong Ah runs with her and says he will take a shower there as bathhouses cost money. Jin Jin gets there and starts working on the lined up cars while Dong Ah soaps up. She sprays him down for a little while, the other workers watch this odd display with amazement), and then gets to  work.Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo NaAt the hospital, Manger Kim finally shows up making excuses for what happened. Kang Suk’s other men come in and say the surgery will take longer. Kang Suk asks if the injured workers will live and he is told the doctor believes they will, but they will have to wait and see the results. Kang Suk goes to leave and Kim follows saying he will make sure such a thing never happens again. Kang Suk says that he doesn’t have to as he no longer has a job with Kang Suk’s company. Kang Suk also shocks his workers by telling them to prepare to file a lawsuit against the drunk and injured workers for destroying the site  (can you blame him for wanting retribution for their carelessness?).Seo Ji SukBack at the airport, Ji Suk continues to hit on Yoon Seo. He even offers her a lift if no one is there to pick her up. Talk about disgustingly persistent. When Yoon Seo continues to ignore Ji Suk he says that he isn’t the type of guy who tries to pick up just anybody. At this point Yoon Seo’s mother calls out to her and Ji Suk finally learns her name. Seeing her mother, Yoon Seo’s dreary face gets even drearier and she heaves a big sigh before walking over to her mother who immediately begins complaining about Yoon Seo’s appearance from her face to the state of her skin. With a mother like that, who needs enemies? Ji Suk doesn’t look to happy at the treatment Yoon Seo gets from her mother who asks her newly returned daughter for a hug. Yoon Seo still says nothing and remains a lifeless doll even while being embraced by her mother (but with her mother’s attitude, I definitely don’t fault her for not being more warm).Jung So Nyu, So Yi HyunSomeone then calls out for Ji Suk and it is Kang Suk! He came to pick him up right after leaving the hospital. Ji Suk is definitely surprised to see him. Ji Suk asks his little brother if he is less busy these days, but Kang Suk says it’s the same-old-same-old. Ji Suk then asks why Kang Suk didn’t send driver Lee instead. An expressionless Kang Suk says that his brother has returned after just a year, so how can he not come pick him up. Ji Suk then chides his brother for being a suck up, first to their father and now to him. Ji Suk then commends Kang Suk for having a lot of patience. There is definitely something between the brothers and it is not love or respect. Competition? Dislike?Lee Jong Won, Seo Ji Suk

Jin Joo gets in a slight accident and the ahjumma she ran into is screaming and making a fuss. Jin Jin and Dong Ah go to help and Jin Jin gets really upset when the ahjumma calls her sister crazy. Jin Jin says that her sister is not crazy and the lady says that Jin Joo is crazy and should be kept at home instead of being allowed to run around. Poor Jin Joo meanwhile looks just like a hurt and frightened child.  Knowing Jin Jin’s temper, Dong Ah quickly steps in and scolds the ahjumma for talking that way. Jin Joo may seem like a child, but she is not crazy at all. The ahjumma says to ask anyone in the neighborhood and they’ll tell you Jin Joo is crazy. Jin Jin starts heating up again and yelling. Dong Ah tells her to remain calm and then says that as a mother, the ahjumma shouldn’t speak that way about people. Jin Jin begins cleaning up the mess and Dong Ah pushes the angry ahjumma out of the way.Chun Bo Geun, Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun KyungAt home, they clean Jin Joo up and Jin Jin tells her sister to stop running, look every direction, and try to avoid things coming her way. Eo Jin then says that the ahjumma was the one who bumped in Jin Joo versus the other way around. Jin Jin asks if this is true and Jin Joo nods. Jin Jin then asks why she didn’t say anything and Dong Ah said there was nothing to do with the ahjumma screaming and acting that way. Jin Joo nods in agreement and then asks her sister if she is crazy. This enrages Jin Jin and she starts yelling again. She has told her little sister over and over again that she is not crazy. No, not crazy, she is just a child in an adult’s body, there’s a difference. This appeases Jin Joo and Jin Jin says that she is so well-behaved that she can seem like a child. Jin Joo parrots this and then says she has to sell flowers.Lee Chun Hee, Bae Doo Na, Oh Hyun Kyung, Chun Bo GeunKang Suk and Ji Suk return home to be greeted by their mother. She asks if Kang Suk picked Ji Suk up (did she even really need to ask?). Kang Suk says yes and she tells him good job (like he’s a dog or little child, omo). Ji Suk then says that he has such a great little brother that Kang Suk is almost like his older brother. Kang Suk and their mother both do not like this display. Ji Suk goes upstairs to rest while Kang Suk goes back to the office. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo’s mother keeps complaining about her appearance (this time it’s her weight). She then asks about Yoon Seo’s leg and says you can’t notice it at all – she just can’t do ballet anymore. So that is why Yoon Seo is so depressed. Looks like her mother just doesn’t get it at all (I hate parents like that the most, grrr). The phone rings and it is Yoon Seo’s father. He talks to her briefly about visiting someone in the hospital and then they hang up (her mom is peeved that her dad didn’t want to talk to her as well, :P). Her mom asks who Yoon Seo is supposed to visit and Yoon Seo says “big mother” and her mom gets angry and tells her to call her “grandmother” instead. Oy. I am really not liking that mother.


Kang Suk goes back to the office where he is called into the chairman’s office (Yeon Kyu Jin). The chairman asked about the accident and Kang Suk said he took care of it. His father than says he overheard that Kang Suk wants to pursue legal action. Chairman Lee does not like that his son is going after people who only make a meager minimum wage. Kang Suk replies that if they don’t take action now, the same incident could be repeated in the future. Lee tells him to drop the suit and Ji Suk reluctantly agrees and turns to leave. His father then tells him to stop acting so unkind (gee, I wonder what could have made him that way? Any guesses?). People won’t stay close if you are unkind. If Ji Suk wishes to manage people, he has to be a warmer person in order to attract people to him. Not exactly bad advice, but Ji Suk doesn’t really seem to appreciate it.gloria1-adviceDong Ah, Jin Jin, Jin Joo, Dong Chul, and granny are all getting ready for their nighttime job. Granny sells food at a stand outside the club where Dong Ah, Jin Jin, Jin Joo, and Dong Chul work. Jin Joo sells flowers to customers, Dong Ah is a bouncer, Dong Chul is a waiter, and Jin Jin seems to do a little bit of everything from bag checking to kitchen work. Things seem to start out right. Jin Jin manages to buy some cheap, pretty roses for Jin Joo to sell, the club starts filling up, and business is booming.gloria1-watching-jin-jooAn old acquaintance of the club owner Woo Hyun comes to granny’s shop and he  is surprised as he hasn’t seen her, Yeo Jung Nan, in quite some time. He invites her in to the club for a drink where they begin to talk about old times and catch up on the past 30 years. The boss asks her if she came to meet “that” person. Before she can say something he has to take a brief leave for business so she makes a call to Chairman Lee who is shocked to learn that she is not in Hong Kong.gloria1-old-friendsA maid comes and tells Ji Suk that the chairman is asking for him. Ji Suk meets his father who tells him that his mother is there and to go pick her up and take her home as she seems drunk. Ji Suk agrees and his father reminds him to be kind and gentle to his mother. This explains Ji Suk’s cold attitude and his bad relationships with his father, brother, and “mother.” Back at the club, Hyun Woo asks after Jung Nan’s son. And wouldn’t you know that’s when Ji Suk shows up. Jung Nan is disappointed that Lee did not come himself. Ji Suk takes his mother out of the club and tries to take her home, but she insists on eating and drinking more. Needless to say, Ji Suk is not very kind or gentle at first with his mother, but he does cave and eat and drink with her.gloria1-reunionJi Suk tells his mother to stop and to go back to Hong Kong as his father won’t do what she wants. It seems that he does not dislike his mother, he is just unhappy with the situation. Why did she go for a married man who won’t even see her now? Why must she get drunk and throw tantrums for attention? Jung Nan says she is not like the woman that Ji Suk calls mother and then comments on how her own son never calls her mom. He asks if she wants him to and she says she doesn’t want to force the words out of him. She gets up and insists on seeing his father and almost passes out. Ji Suk holds her and actually calls her mom! He has his driver pick her up and take her back to her place.gloria1-motherMeanwhile, gangsters come looking for Dong Ah. They want to recruit him to work for the new boss. Dong Ah declines as he is still loyal to the old boss that the new boss turned into the cops. Then a fight breaks out, of course. Dong Ah can both fight well and yet seems to take quite a few hits himself. At the club, a drunk trio are hitting on Jin Joo and won’t let her go. Jin Jin notices this and tells them to leave her sister alone. They don’t listen and soon there is name calling, pushing, and slapping. Jin Jin finally snaps and begins fighting to protect her sister who is being grabbed.gloria1-wildcat

Dong Ah is walking back to the club a trifle bruised when he sees Yoon Seo. He is immediately taken with her. He gets a little nervous as he sees her step out onto a ledge. He unconsciously reaches for her and she turns and looks at him. She gets down from the ledge and walks away, leaving Dong Ah staring at her retreating back. Dong Ah then begins walking back to the club where he bumps into Ji Suk who had just put his mother in a car. Dong Ah tells him to watch it. Ji Suk says nothing and just walks away. Then up runs Dong Chul who tells Dong Ah that there is big trouble. Jin Jin and Jin Joo were arrested!gloria1-in-awe-of-yoon-seoAt the police station, the men say that Jin Jin started it all and Jin Jin says that she was only defending herself and her sister. Things don’t look good as there isn’t much damage to Jin Jin while the guys have missing teeth and one even ended up in the hospital. In comes  Dong Ah and Dong Chul. Dong Ah immediately starts scolding Jin Jin for not controlling her temper and hitting people. Jin Jin screams and tries to kick Dong Ah. Yeah, that is so not helping her case. Dong Ah goes to the hospital to try and convince the other guy not to press charges against Jin Jin as she is just a young girl who doesn’t need a criminal record. The guy doesn’t like Dong Ah or his manner of addressing him. Dong Ah gets angry, but tries to control his temper. He even gets down on his knees and asks the man to let the situation go. When that doesn’t work, Dong Chul and Dong Ah leave to go back to the station where they see Yoon Seo being brough in on a strecher. Apparently the girl overdosed on some drugs. Not surprising given her emotional state from the start. You could tell she was deeply hurt and depressed.gloria1-troubleMeanwhile, it looks like Kang Suk had some more to drink after he parted with his mother as he is now kind of staggering around. While walking, guys come up behind him, hit him with a brick and steal his wallet. Some police find him and mistake him for a passed out drunk and take him to the same jail where Jin Jin and Jin Joo are. The police officer tells Jin Jin that he knows the truth, but there isn’t much he can do as her assailants are more injured than she is. He then warns her that she can spend time in jail and Jin Jin yells that she acted in self defense. At this time, Kang Suk wakes up and asks for water. He is told to get it himself and then is knocked down when Dong Ah rushes in. He asks what Jin Jin intends to do, does she have any money. Jin Jin says no and Dong Ah then starts scolding her for losing her temper, hitting strangers, telling her that it looks like it won’t be settled easily and that she might spend time in jail. This seriously makes Jin Jin angry and she begins fighting with Dong Ah. The police officer tells her not to do that in a police station, but Jin Jin doesn’t listen. She aims her fist for Dong Ah who ducks out of the way and manages to hit Kang Suk who had finally gotten back up again. Talk about the day from hell.gloria1-endingAnd somewhere in here, Ji Suk was told by Lee to stop goofing around and come to work. What will happen next now that all of these people’s lives are starting to intertwine?

My thoughts: Looks like this could be a pretty good drama. It’s got equal parts comedy and seriousness so that it doesn’t hit into melodrama and become too over the top. Bae Doo Na is great as the feisty Jin Jin and Seo Ji Suk is in his element as a rich bad boy. Lee Chun Hee is great. You can tell he really cares for Jin Jin and her sister, but he has such inept and horrible ways of going about and expressing himself. So Yi Hyun is okay,  but we’ve only seen her as a doll with one expression in several variations. So hopefully we’ll get more from her later.

I am liking how it doesn’t seem that there will be an romantic interest between Jin Jin and Dong Ah as that is a greatly overdone story line. Well, so is the poor, feisty girl, and the cold, rich boy, but hey. Why argue with classic plotlines I suppose. But still, can’t wait for the release of episode 2.


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