Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 4 Recap

San Daek does her best to keep Yoon from noticing the changed Yeon up in the tree. She slips and begins falling off the cliff. Yoon catches her, but she slips from his grasp, falling into the water below. Yeon starts screaming for her mother and Yoon jumps into the lake to save the weakened San Daek. Yeon spies the cow organ on the ground and when Yoon comes out of the water with San Daek, down comes Yeon in human form. San Daek sees this and then passes out.Jang Hyun Sung, Han Eun JungWhen San Daek regains consciousness, both Yeon and Yoon are sitting by her bedside. Yoon then scolds  San Daek for running off with a sick child (Yeon is completely recovered, so he needn’t be so harsh). Yeon says that it is all her fault, not her mother’s. Yeon goes to get San Daek water and Chun Woo comes to help her lift the bucket out of the well. The maids are shocked to see Yeon who was so sick the day before walking around like she is fine today. Cho Ok’s maid asks if the other maid wanted Yeon Yi to die then. The other maid denies this, but I don’t think she’d mind if the child had died and thus one of her mistress’s problems would be gone.Kim Yoo Jung, Suh Joon YoungWhile Yeon is getting water, Yoon once again scolds San Daek for being irresponsible and leaving. He is hurt that she tried to run away again. San Daek doesn’t really say anything in her defense and Yoon once again proposes San Daek and Yeon join his family and he will protect them. Apparently San Daek agrees because the servants starts setting up a new room and Lady Yang expresses her malcontent to her husband. She doesn’t care if Yoon takes another mistress, but she cannot abide him adopting a child as he has two sons and a daughter already. Yoon says Lady Yang will understand when the time comes that he is doing this all for Cho Ok. Lady Yang says she does not understand at all. Of course not. Why would Lady Yang understand that Yoon is adopting Yeon Yi only to be able to kill her for his daughter?Kim Jung Nan, Jang Hyun SungMeanwhile, Kye Hang is also not taking the news well. She is lying down and moaning, not believing that her man has turned to another woman. Kye Hang once had Yoon wrapped around her little finger. If she told him sugar was salty, he would believe her. She asks her two sons what to do and Choong Yi tells her that sugar is sweet not salty. Oy. Kye Hang then asks if he understands what Yoon’s actions means and Choong Yi looks around for sweet rice cakes. The boy only has food on the mind. Choong Il tells his younger brother to shut up and Kye Hang says that he is the only one she can rely on and she then asks him to keep an eye on Yeon and make sure to put her in her place. Choong Il agrees, but you can tell that he doesn’t wish to do anything to Yeon anymore as he likes her now. Ah, the Choong boys give a lot of comic relief to a heavier, more serious drama. Choong Yi is especially funny with his stupidity and love for good trumping everything else.gy4-conflicted-choongilSuh Joon YoungLater, San Daek sits with Yoon and he apologizes to her for having their first night without a pairing ceremony. He is having their first night without her even having completely recovered from the whole Yeon ordeal. What a Jacky. San Daek remains quiet through all of this. Yoon then says San Daek is now his (I HATE it when people begin to refer to others as their personal property. He then tells San Daek to come closer. Meanwhile, Chun Woo is standing outside watching the shadows of San Daek and Yoon move. He is very unhappy that San Daek now belongs to Yoon. Aw, poor Chun Woo. He runs from the scene and begins angrily beating a tree before collapsing to his knees and banging his head against the aforementioned tree. He doesn’t need to beat himself up like that. Steward Oh comes and tells Chun Woo that he knows how he feels. Their burden in life is to never be able to have the loves in their hearts. How sad!

Suh Joon Young

Yoon is denied by San Daek as he tries to sleep with her. Yoon asks what is wrong and San Daek apologizes. Yoon asks what for and San Daek says she is still not ready to accept him as of yet. Her husband died not even a month ago. She will accept him only after the 49 days of mourning have passed. She asks him to understand. Yoon says that he does and he apologizes for rushing. He will go to her only when she is ready. San Daek thanks him for this. Waiting for the 49 days, means that San Daek can hold him off until Yeon’s 10th birthday comes and the two can leave (but you just know it won’t be that simple).Kim Gyu Chul, Suh Joon YoungThe next morning the maids are arguing over whether or not the eggs are rotten. Cho Ok’s maid sees Yeon Yi and decides to test out the eggs on Yeon. The other maid scolds Cho Ok’s for calling Yeon Yi by her name. She calls her “miss” and holds the egg in front of Yeon’s nose, asking her to see if its rotten. Yeon is upset by this and breaks the egg asking the maids to never make suck a request again. This has nothing to do with putting on airs and everything to do with Yeon thinking that she is some monster. Our poor little Yeon is a complete mix of emotions right now. She just doesn’t know what to think now that she’s seen her fox side.gy4-egg-testYeon goes to the flower bushes and recalls replanting the pulled flowers with Jung Kyu and how happy she was playing with him. Yeon then recalls seeing her reflection in the shattered mirror. She is confused and just doesn’t know what to do. Speaking of Jung Kyu, he sneaks into the Yoon household that night to see Yeon. She picks up his sound and rushes out to see him. Yeon calls out to him and he is happy to see her, but she tells him not to come any closer to her. Jung Kyu just doesn’t know why Yeon is telling him to stay away. He asks what he has done wrong and Yeon says that he has done nothing. Then why? Yeon just can’t see his face right now. Jung Kyu says all right. He really wants to see Yeon’s face, but he’ll bear it as he will bear not asking her the reason and wait until she is ready to tell him. Will Yeon ever be ready? Jung Kyu tells Yeon that if she is not upset tomorrow morning, then to come to Daejungsa temple as he has something he wishes to show her. Jung Kyu goes to leave and gives Yeon the lantern as the paths are dark at night. How sweet! Young love is so cute. I feel really bad for Jung Kyu and Yeon. What does the future have in store for them?Lee Min Hoo, Kim Yoo JungAn unhappy Yeon looks back as Jung Kyu leaves. She takes his lantern and slowly walks back to the house where her mother meets her. When they get back inside, San Daek tells Yeon Yi that she cannot be with that young master, that she must stop seeing him. Yeon then asks for the truth. Why was she like that earlier? San Daek is unhappy that Yeon is asking the same question again. Yeon says that she just can’t forget about that incident. She just keeps thinking about it. Since San Daek won’t tell Yeon about why she looked like a fox, Yeon asks if she will die. San Daek immediately replies that Yeon won’t die, there is no reason for her  to. San Daek takes Yeon’s hand and asks her daughter to trust her and wait for another two full moons until her 10th birthday.Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun JungThe next day Lady Yang and Cho Ok are on their way to the temple. Cho Ok is very excited and Lady Yang asks why. Cho Ok says no particular reason, but then Lady Yang says that she heard young master Jung Kyu will be there. No wonder Cho Ok is so happy. She will get to see her beloved Jung Kyu (who likes Yeon Yi more so than her). I must admit to feeling for Cho Ok more when she is like this then when she is like her usual, nasty self. Meanwhile, Yeon is sitting with Jung Kyu’s lantern, recalling his request for her to go to the temple if she is no longer upset. Will she go despite her mother’s words and her own misgivings about who and what she is?Seo Shin AeJung Kyu waits impatiently at the temple for Yeon. He looks all around and there is Yeon with his lantern, watching him. Noticing that he has spotted her, Yeon turns to leave, but Jung Kyu hurries towards her and asks her not to leave. Yeon slowly turns around and faces him. She tells him that she came to return his lantern. She places it at his feet and says she will be leaving. Jung Kyu tells her not to go and that they should leave together. Yeon Yi insists that she will go. Jung Kyu then asks her why she is treating him like that. Yeon replies that she is different from him. This surprises and hurts Jung Kyu who asks what. Yeon reiterates that they are two very different people. Jung Kyu then says that she is right, startling Yeon. He says he has something to show her and grabs the lantern and her hand, pulling her after him.Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo JungJung Kyu takes Yeon to a hill overlooking the temple and the lanterns. Yeon is impressed and happy to see the view. Jung Kyu asks if she thinks the same person put up all the lanterns. He may be wrong, but he thinks each lantern is hung by someone different. But no matter who hung them, the lanterns hold the same feelings. What feelings, pray tell? The feelings of the person they care for. Yeon’s head snaps around to look at Jung Kyu who is looking at her rather tenderly. Jung Kyu says that people may seem different in this world, but their feelings are all the same. Aww, what a sweet confession that follows those words.

You and I hold different ranks but don’t we both care for each other? So although we are different, we are the same.

Hearing Jung Kyu say this, puts little Yeon’s mind at ease and she soon returns his smile. Jung Kyu hangs his lantern on a nearby tree and the two fold their hands and pray. Both faces very earnest. What do they pray for? Yeon turns to Jung Kyu and smiles, asking what he wished for. Jung Kyu replies that he wished to married (uh, a little young for that kind of wish, aren’t we?). This surprises Yeon who asks “Don’t you still have time?” The answer should be yes, as they are both very young right now. Jung Kyu laughs and says it was a joke. Yeon Yi asks him again what he really wished for. Jung Kyu’s smiles leaves his face and he gets a serious expression. Yeon keeps smiling at him and he leans towards her. Yeon’s smile slips from her face and she closes her eyes. Aww, their first kiss! How sweet.Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min HoThe wind picks up, blowing the lantern and causing it to fall off the tree just as Lady Yang and Cho Ok are walking by. The falling lantern catches their attention, causing them to look up and see Yeon Yi and Jung Kyu’s kiss. Lady Yang is in shock and Cho Ok gets her quivering angry face on. This is not good, not good at all. Jung Kyu finally pulls away and the two smile at each other, but Jung Kyu’sc and Yeon’s smiles fade when they sees Lady Yang and Cho Ok below them. With a disapproving Lady Yang and a furious Cho Ok, you know things won’t be good for our little Yeon.Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min Ho, Seo Shin Ae, Kim Jung NanYeon is  dragged by servants and thrown in front of Cho Ok and Lady Yang at the Yoon household. Lady Yang calls Yeon a not very nice name when San Daek comes running up and throws herself at Yeon. She apologizes saying it is all her fault and says that she will receive the punishment in place of her daughter. An angry Lady Yang asks San Daek how she could dare side with her daughter after what Yeon had done (Cho Ok stands by her mother with a very satisfied face). San Daek refuses to move away from Yeon Yi so Lady Yang has the servants pry the two apart (not without a lot of struggling on both mother’s and daughter’s sides. After they are wrenched apart, Yeon apologizes to Lady Yang who asks if Yeon knows what she did wrong (while Cho Ok grins evilly). Yeon says nothing at first and Lady Yang says that if Yeon dies, she should know what she did wrong. OMG, how crazy is that. Lady Yang basically says that Yeon has bad blood and it’s both her mother’s and her own fault that such a shameful display happened. Lady Yang is most unhappy that they have disturbed the system of the Yoon household and spat on the family’s good name. And that’s not all. For Lady Yang, the greatest sin is rumors that could possibly spread and destroy Cho Ok’s future. For that, Lady Yang won’t let the two women off and will make sure they cannot walk around and do such things anymore.Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child episode 4 screencapSuh Joon YoungLady Yang calls for the servant to bring a stone. This shocks even Cho Ok and really sets San Daek off. She begs for Lady Yang to let Yeon Yi go and let her receive the punishment instead. Lady Yang says San Daek spoke to soon as she will be receiving punishment also. Lady Yang then orders Yeon to have her legs broken. Talk about punishment that does not fit the crime (not that it’s even really a crime to begin with). Yeon yells to be saved and in rushes Chun Woo who stops the other servant just before he can crush Yeon’s legs. This infuriates Lady Yang. Chun Woo kneels and rubs his hands together, pleading for Yeon and her mother. Lady Yang scolds him and orders him to be locked up in the storage room for his impertinence. Chun Woo is dragged off and the other servant picked up the stone again. He is reluctant (no one present save Cho Ok and Lady Yang honestly wants to see such a punishment inflicted on a child), but after Lady Yang threatens him, he closes his eyes and goes to smash Yeon’s legs only to be stopped by Lord Yoon who pushes him out of the way.

Jang Hyun Sung, Seo Shin Ae, Kim Jung Nan

Lord Yoon tells them to stop and orders San Daek to take Yeon back to her room. A relieved San Daek leads the poor Yeon away while a disappointed Cho Ok and an angry Lady Yang watches. Yoon then orders everyone to disperse. He then tells his wife that it is just young puppy love (yep, that’s all it is). Lady Yang does not like this response and says that she is just maintaining the order of her command. Yoon then says he told her to to treat them properly. Is maintaining his wife’s command more important than maintaining his as head of the household. Lady Yang wasn’t expecting  that tact. Cho Ok then pipes up saying that he is too much as she is losing everyone she likes. First Yeon stole her father, now Jung Kyu, Cho Ok feels like there is a whole in her heart. This hurts Yoon to hear. Lady Yang takes the crying Cho Ok into her arms and tries to comfort her distraught daughter.Seo Shin Ae, Kim Jung NanSan Daek is cleaning Yeon up when Yeon asks her if she hates her. San Daek replies that she does (how cruel!). This shocks little Yeon and she starts crying. Then San Daek asks how much she could possibly hate her daughter as she knows how horrible Yeon feels. San Daek hates herself more or not being as understanding as she needs to be. San Daek takes Yeon’s hand and asks her to promise not to see the young master anymore and Yeon should know the reason why better than San Daek. Yeon keeps crying and does not promise. San Daek asks her if it was really that hard. Yeon says that it was and it is also scary. San Daek tells her the feelings of love will fade with time and then offers to tell Yeon the secret. San Daek says she has the same disease as Yeon. Yeon asks how this is possible as she doesn’t have fur and is very beautiful. San Daek says the appearance comes with time. Yeon asks how much time she will need. San Daek says in just one more month when Yeon is ten, then it will happen to her as well. Yeon asks if this is true and her mother tells her to believe in her.Han Eun Jung, Kim Yoo JungWe then cut to Chun Woo is tied to a pole in the storage shed. He is struggling desperately to get free when the door opens and in walks Steward Oh. Chun Woo keeps struggling and Oh tells him to stop it as both mother and daughter are fine. Actually, I have been wondering for awhile. It appears that Chun Woo can hear, so why can’t he talk? Chun Woo is immediately relieved to hear that they are fine. Oh then asks why Chun Woo has been behaving oddly of late as there is nothing to be gained from catching the eyes of the adults. Oh asks if Chun Woo understands and then says he will plead with madam after she cools down so stay put until then.Suh Joon Young, Kim Gyu ChulJung Kyu’s mother, meanwhile, is trying to talk some sense into him by telling him his relationship with Yeon is impossible and not just because she is a commoner. Yeon is a nobody who was brought to the authorities for grave robbing and even punished for it. Jung Kyu’s father will not be pleased if he hears that Jung Kyu kissed such a child. Of course at that moment Jung Kyu’s father comes in and asks what they are talking about. “Jung Kyu did what with who?” Just what they were trying to avoid.gy4-lord-jo-overhearsLord Jo immediately goes to meet with Lord Yoon who again expresses that it is just puppy love and nothing to be alarmed about. Jo says that men and women are different and not to mention they are of two different classes, so how can Yoon say such nonsense. In Jo’s eyes, Yeon and her mother should be hit at least 100 times for their crime (again, not really a crime, but oh well). Yoon laughs at this, and then says that Jo is indeed very angry, but Yoon has something to say as well. It seems that Jung Kyu was not behaving as a young noble should behave (well, guilty as charged). Of course Jo doesn’t like hearing this. Yoon then says he fully understands what Jo is trying to say and he will make sure such an event does not happen again, which slightly appeases Jo.gy4-not-againThe two men finish their talk and go outside where they run into San Daek. Jo looks her up and down carefully noting her new way of dressing and the pin in her hair. He then looks at Yoon and smirks. After San Daek leaves, Jo says that he had heard that Yoon had taken a new wife, but he did not know it was that woman. If he had known Yeon Yi was Yoon’s adopted daughter, he would never have done such a thing. This worries Yoon who asks what he means. Well, Jo would not have raised his voice over the matter – he lacked the common sense. However, that does not change matters. If another event likes the previous night’s happens again, Jo will not sit back and idly watch. Nothing like two men getting into a p*ssing contest. The gauntlet has been thrown – what will happen now?Jang Hyun Sung, Yoon Hee Suk, Han Eun JungCho Ok is running a fever and can’t seem to swallow San Daek’s medicine. Lord Yoon comes and asks what is wrong, worried about his child’s well-being. Cho Ok’s maid believes that Cho Ok has really become lovesick making Lady Yang scold her for talking nonsense. San Daek says she will make more medicine and Lady Yang calls her insane as Cho Ok is throwing everything up. San Daek says that she was going to make medicine to try and calm Cho Ok’s stomach. Yoon then sends San Daek away as he wonders just what is wrong with his only daughter now.Seo Shin Ae, Han Eun Jung, Jang Hyun Sung, Kim Jung NanYoon goes to the shaman to ask after Cho Ok as this malady is not one of her usual ones. The shaman says that after nursing Cho Ok for nearly ten years, Yoon has practically become a doctor (not quite sure if this is sarcasm or not). Yoon doesn’t like to hear this at all. The shaman then says that she has black bags under her eyes and that she keeps throwing up. He looks at Yoon and says that Yoon’s heart must be turning black as well. Is Cho Ok’s malady connected to her father? The shaman then says that all of this points to the nearness of Cho Ok to death’s door. Yoon is shocked to hear this and asks if that means Cho Ok could die before the appointed day of the ritual. The shaman tells Yoon not to worry as Cho Ok isn’t ordained to die as of yet, but can Yoon trust that? Yoon tells the shaman that if Cho Ok dies, then he will kill him. The shaman smiles and asks if he is really that worried. He then says he will make a potion that will restore Cho Ok for the next few days.Jang Hyun Sung, Chun Ho JinAfterward, San Daek finds Yoon standing outside alone in the rain without even an umbrella. She scolds him for doing that, saying he will get sick. She moves the umbrella so it covers both of them and he tells her too look at the trees. Earlier they were drooping, but now they have sprung back to life. Yoon likes to feel their radiation energy. San Daek says that she is fine and that she has heard of a skilled doctor nearby. She encourages Yoon to send for him immediately for Cho Ok. Yoon asks if San Daek has no confidence in herself and her medicines. San Daek says she is saying this because she is saddened by how nothing she does seems to help Cho Ok. Yoon tells her that he has had doctors from all over the country and none of them have managed to help. San Daek asks what she can do and Yoon tells her to care for Cho Ok as he cares for Yeon Yi (he genuinely likes Yeon, but he has the intention to kill her, so he really shouldn’t want San Daek to treat Cho Ok thusly).Jang Hyun Sung, Han Eun JungWhen San Daek returns to her room, Yeon is sitting happily before a small feast. San Daek asks what is going on and Yeon says that the kitchen ahjummas said that Yoon ordered the food all for Yeon to eat. While San Daek feeds Yeon, Yoon stands outside and watches, recalling the shaman’s words to feed Yeon well to ensure a plump, healthy liver for Cho Ok to eat. Yeon smells Yoon and goes out to thank him for the gift of food. Yoon asks how she knew he was there and she says that is because she could smell ink. Yoon wonders how he could smell of ink and Yeon points to a amulet at his waist. Yoon looks at it and says that it is made of the same material to make Yeon’s inks. San Daek comes out and invites Yoon in, angering Lady Yang even more as she cannot believe he is acting in such a manner while their daughter lies ill in bed near death.Kim Yoo Jung, Jang Hyun SungThe next day, Jung Kyu sees Choong Il and Choong Yi in the marketplace and asks them to deliver a message to Yeon for him. Choong Il is not pleased to hear this, but Choong Yi asks what Jung Kyu will give them to hand the messages to Yeon without the adults around. Choong Il pushes Choong Yi and agrees to give the letter to Yeon. Jung Kyu beams and thanks the brothers saying he’ll trust them and then takes his leave. As soon as he is gone, Choong Il rips up the letter, much to the shock of his little brother who had wanted to bargain with Jung Kyu for food. When doesn’t he think of food? Looks like Choong Il is jealous of Jung Kyu. ^_^Kim Woo Suk, Woo Min Gyu, Lee Min HoCho Ok isn’t getting any better so Lady Yang wishes to call in the shaman Man Shin. Yoon tells Yang to be quiet as he doesn’t really want San Daek to know about the shaman in case she gets too suspicious. Lady Yang misinterprets this as Yoon being too sensitive to San Daek’s feelings. Yoon then says that Yang must never mention the shaman again. Yang goes into the kitchens and sees the feast being prepared for Yeon and tells the kitchen staff to throw it out as Cho Ok can’t even stand the smell of food. Lady Yang also sees a pot of medicine brewing for for Yeon Yi as well. Her anger is reaching a scale of massive proportions. Would it help if she knew that Yeon has to be healthy in order to save Cho Ok?gy4-everything-is-for-yeonKye Hang’s maid reports that the head mistress is getting very angry and won’t possibly let this go this time. Kye Hang then says that a tigress always catches a fox and that the vixen can’t do anything in the face of the head madam. The maid happily smiles and tells Kye Hang that even if she does nothing, head madam will probably kill San Daek. Kye Hang doesn’t like this passive attitude and decides to stir up the pot and instructs the maid as to what to do.gy4-fanning-flamesLady Yang catches Yoon and San Daek going out for medical supplies. She is less than pleased. As she turns to go into the house, there is a beggar banging a little drum. She bows and then says she will send servants out with an offering. The man says he does not need an offering. He stopped because he felt an evil presence as he was walking by. He was chanting in hopes of blocking the evil presence. He then says there is an overwhelming evil presence there and that her life is like a flickering candle flame – a wicked thing is choking the life out of her. Lady Yang invites the man in and asks how he knows such things. The man says that since ancient times, if any household has children of the same age there will be a dark presence and one of those two will definitely die. Looks like Lady Yang is finally realizing the truth behind Yeon Yi’s presence.gy4-one-must-dieYoon feels guilty and sentimental towards San Daek. He regrets making her his woman and still being unable to  truly protect her. San Daek tells him not to worry as she is happy and grateful for all that he does for Yeon. She then spots a certain plant they need. Yoon offers to get it, but San Daek doesn’t listen and manages to fall and hurt her ankle. While looking for a splint, Yoon finds the plant and pulls it. Meanwhile our exorcist has found San Daek. Unable to really fight, San Daek rushes off with the exorcist close on her heals. Yoon follows the trail of blood for San Daek’s ankle to find her.gy4-foundIt turns out that the supposed psychic was actually a man paid by Kye Hang to say such stuff to Lady Yang. Great. Of all things, I honestly can’t believe that Kye Hang came up with something that close to the truth. Kye Hang is happy that the plan is working and says that all they need to do know is keep fanning the flames to push Lady Yang to kill Yeon and her mother.gy4-an-actSan Daek can run no more and has no strength to fight and falls. The exorcist deduces that she must have used her fox bead which has weakened her considerably. He doesn’t want to kill her in the weakened state, but cannot let her live. The full moon then comes out and gives San Daek the power to fight the exorcist. She hears Yoon calling and hides herself and the exorcist (who got his arse handed to him again). When Yoon finds San Daek she barely manages to transform herself back. He scolds her for wandering when she was injured and she says getting hurt was an ill omen and they need to leave the forest tonight. Yoon reluctantly agrees to this.gy4-sandaek-fallsLady Yang calls for Steward Oh and asks him to go against Lord Yoon’s wishes. Oh says that he knows perfectly well what Yoon wants, so he cannot do as Yang wants him to. Lady Yang then threatens Chun Woo’s life (I didn’t know Chun Woo was Oh’s son, go figure). Lady Yang tells Oh to take care of her request before Yoon gets back. Oh gets Yeon and takes her to the market. A messenger comes for Yoon and Lady Yang learns he is from Man Shin. She takes the message and opens it. It is a picture of Yeon with the words death written across her face. Lady Yang then reads the letter and learns of the sacrifice. Things then begin clicking in place and she rushes to go find Yeon Yi. Oh has taken Yeon to the market place and told her that he has already paid for art supplies for her. Men follow Yeon as she leaves looking for Oh. Will Lady Yang save her in time?gy4-learning-the-truthLady Yang asks after Oh and learns he has already left with Yeon Yi. Lady Yang collapses and drops the paper in her hands. It flutters and drops in front of the newly returned San Daek and Yoon. San Daek picks it up and is horrified to see that it is a picture of her daughter with death written on her face. And that is where this episode leaves us.

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