Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku Episode 2 Recap

Natsu-no-Koi-wa-Nijiiro-ni-Kagayaku-episode-2This show hasn’t completely redeemed itself, but it’s not quite as bad as the first episode. Again we have love at first sight without rhyme or reason, this time with Taiga’s brother Daiki. Oi. Matsumoto Jun is cute as an arrogant actor and yet hesitant and uncertain man. His chemistry with the little girl who plays Umi is great as well. Who knew MatsuJun could act so well with children? And I totally love Kobayashi Toshiko as Umi. She does a very impressive job and is just adorable.

The episode opens with an intense audition of Taiga’s for a role on a medical drama. Not too bad in my opinion. The panel asks him questions about his father and his experience. Taiga is a little too eager and off-putting in his answers unfortunately (LOL he does chest compressions to the beat of Doraemon’s theme song). He goes into the bathroom where he congratulates himself on nailing the part only to hear the auditioners bash his acting and his pronunciation skills.Matsumoto JunMeanwhile, Shiori goes to Umi’s new school to introduce her and get everything set up for her first day. The school is where Taiga’s brother Daiki teaches. Daiki  is hitting on a female teacher when Shiori and Umi show up. He immediately abandons the teacher to take care of Shiori. Daiki is thrilled to find out that Shiori is single and raising her little girl all alone (means he might stand a chance). Daiki says that he will support Shiori and Umi as a teacher and a man (funny how Shiori didn’t notice Daiki’s meaning). Daiki then says that since it is so close to the end of the year, Umi’s class will hold an emergency Parents’ Day. This makes Umi and Shiori happy as Shiori missed Umi’s last Parents’ Day. The female teacher asks if that is really okay and Daiki, seeing the mother’s and daughter’s happiness says that it is.Takeuchi Yuko, Sawamura IkkiBoth Taiga and his friend Keita go out to dinner after the failed audition. Taiga tells Keita about Shiori having a daughter. Taiga then says he has made up his mind to forget Shiori as he doesn’t want to go after someone else’s wife. Keita asks if Taiga really intends to give up and Taiga says of course because he doesn’t want to go against society’s laws. He then muses what kind of man Shiori is married to. Keita says it definitely sounds like Taiga hasn’t given up yet. Taiga switches the subject to the audition and the two failed actors take pity on themselves and wonder just when will their time come.Matsumoto Jun, Kasahara HideyukiThe Kusunoki maid Toshiko is looking through Kotaro’s things to find any information on his relationship with child star Sakura. She is caught by Machiko and breaks down about finding a picture of Sakura in a bathing suit on Kotaro’s desk. Machiko chides Toshiko and says that her husband and Sakura were just pen pals – they didn’t have that kind of relationship. Toshiko is relieved to hear this and feels guilty for going through Kotaro’s things looking for information in regards to this matter in order to spare Machiko’s feelings.Nekota Nao, Matsuzaka KeikoShiori is working on a flyer for the company and when she goes to print it out, she sees a calendar of Taiga’s father. Flipping through it, she almost runs into Taiga. Taiga wishes to apologize about what happened the other day when he tried to kiss her, but Shiori ignores the topic. Taiga is also unhappy with how easily Shiori is fitting in to the flow of things at the office. Hisao comes out of his office to present Taiga with work, not a drama, but a special for children who are “basking in the light” of their parents’ glory. Taiga needs money so he doesn’t dare turn down the offer. Shiori shows Hisao what she printed out and Taiga is horrified to see his profile is tiny next to child star Sakura’s. Shiori is annoyed by Taiga’s “I…I…I…” speech and Sakura comes in and tells Taiga that he may be older, but she has been working at this longer. Sakura even laughs at his small lists of credits. It’s just not Taiga’s day.Takeuchi Yuko, Matsumoto Jun, Matsushige Yutaka, Kiritani MireiSakura and Hisao are getting ready to work and Shiori tells Taiga not to let it bother him.  Taiga angrily stalks over to point at his small picture and when Shiori turns, their lips almost meet, causing Shiori to react in shock and horror (a little too over the top if you ask me). Shiori quickly puts her hand over her mouth and Taiga again tries to apologize for almost kissing her before. Shiori says it’s not a problem as she is used to old men at the fish market touching her bottom and pressing her for dates. Taiga is horrified to be classified with dirty old men and all the workers in the office give him bad looks after hearing this. Taiga tries to defend himself, but everyone ignores him.Takeuchi Yuko, Matsumoto JunShiori and Umi are walking home from school and Umi tells her mother that she got praised in Japanese class when reading from the book. Shiori is happy to hear this and asks how Umi is doing making new friends. Umi says that they have only just moved, so she hasn’t made any yet. This makes Shiori unhappy as she is worried that Umi will not make friends. Shiori pauses and then turns around saying she knows that he has been following her for quite some time. She turns and there is Taiga. He says that he did not follow them, they just happen to live in the same area. Shiori points out the apartment where they live and goes to leave, but she then turns and asks Taiga for help.Takeuchi Yuko, Kobayashi SeiranTaiga goes into their apartment and connect their TV to the DVD and VHS player. Taiga explains it all to Shiori and then asks why she just doesn’t buy a new TV that isn’t so complicated. Taiga then comments about the smallness of the apartment. It only takes him six steps to get from one side to the other (reminds me so much of Two Weeks Notice when Hugh Grant does that in Sandra Bullock’s place). Shiori says that it works well for two people. Taiga’s ears perk when he hears only two. So Shiori doesn’t have a husband! Shiori says they come from two different worlds with different priorities. Shiori wishes she could do more for her daughter (clothes, shoes, food, etc). Shiori then gets ready for dinner and Taiga asks if he’s invited. Shiori says no as they have nothing to suit his tastes and kicks him out. Taiga asks her to please not talk about him in that way. He then mispronounces a word and gets Shiori and Umi both laughing at him. This hurts and angers Taiga who storms out. Umi says she doesn’t like Gin-san’s (Kotaro) son. Taiga heard that and is hurt even more.Matsumoto Jun, Takeuchi Yuko, Kobayashi SeiranTaiga goes to a bookstore to find books to help with his pronunciation problems. Doing his best to make sure no one recognizes him (which is funny considering he is mostly never recognized). Afterward, Taiga goes to supermarkets and checks out their pricing on vegetables and meats (Shiori doesn’t realize that he is a good cook and knows more about household stuff than she would think). He then goes back home where he practices pronunciation and mastering certain phrases and tongue twisters. His mother bursts into his room thinking something is wrong (because of his mouthpiece he has in while talking). Toshiko bursts in with a broom looking for the source of the noise. Poor Taiga.Nekota Nao, Matsuzaka Keiko, Matsumoto JunThe next day at the office, the coworkers admire Shiori’s homemade bento. Shiori then offers to make some for the entire staff. This excites the males. Hisao says that they will all have to chip in 500 yen to pay for the ingredients. Shiori says that only 300 yen ins enough. Taiga comes in and is immediately taken with Shiori eating her lunch. Shiori notices him staring and welcome him back. He waves and immediately goes into his own office to practice his pronunciation. Shiori witnesses this and wishes him good luck. (Anyone else thinks MatsuJun looks like a creepy stalker in this photo?”)Matsumoto JunDaiki goes home and tells his mother that he might be getting married soon as he has found the woman he was destined for. Machiko asks if it is someone from school and Daiki says that is a secret for now. He then wonders how he will make the girl fall for him. Taiga comes in and says that Daiki should be more focused on teaching instead of women all of the time. Daiki says that he will marry and bring his wife into the Kusunoki home to brighten up the home. This excites Machiko who then mentions what a pity it is that Kentaro never got to see any grandchildren. Daiki says if things work out, then Machiko will be an instant grandma. Taiga tells his older brother to stop talking nonsense and then sets out a place of fancy little snacks for which his older brother chides him for making. Taiga turns on the TV and it is showing the drama he failed to get a role on. He immediately wants to change the channel, but his mother likes the drama and wants to watch it. So Taiga storms up to his room. His brother comes up and says that it is now Taiga’s turn to watch out for their mother and handle all the bills and the stuff around the house. Is their mom really that incapable of doing anything?Matsumoto Jun, Matsuzaka Keiko, Sawamura IkkiThe next day Keita and Taiga go to film their second generation star talk show and they run into their most hated enemy (the non-second generation actor) wearing a lab coat. It turns out that he went to the audition and talked himself up. Taiga and Keita are upset that he got the role when he already had a lot of work and they have basically none. He teases them for being  their for a talk show while he is there to film an actual drama. As revenge, Taiga and Keita plaster their visitor badges on his car. Immature, but it makes you feel good no matter how childish it is.      Smile with tongue outnnkwnnk2-getting-revenge The next day Sakura is upset about being offered a supporting role of a girl who dies. Taiga doesn’t understand why Sakura isn’t excited because a death role is a good role to show your acting chops. Sakura dislikes it because with her resume, she should be the lead role. Hisao can’t believe he is stuck with two actors who won’t act. Sakura asks for Shiori to be made her manager as the male manager managed to bungle things earlier. Hisao promises to talk to Shiori about it and Sakura agrees to try out for the role, but not the one the directors want her to try out for. (They say they want a fresh face in a lead role and being a child actress, she is not fresh.) Another time to feel bad for Taiga as Sakura makes a comment that she is not like him and shouldn’t need to take on such a role. He is  getting his arse handed to him all of the time.Kiritani Mirei, Matsushige Yutaka, Matsumoto JunAt school, little Umi is all by herself at recess when a ball rolls up to her. A little boy comes and asks for the ball. He is friendly and asks after Umi. He calls her cute and runs away when his friends call for him (his name is Sora). Umi longingly looks after him as if she wishes to join in. Back at home Shiori is breaking down the last of the packing boxes. She notices the time and starts thinking about what to do for dinner. Umi comes in and shows her perfect marks in Japanese and then tells her when Parents’ Day is and what class it is for. Shiori promises to be there and asks about Umi and making friends. Umi changes the topic saying she will help with dinner. Aww, little Umi still hasn’t made any friends. 😦Kobayashi SeiranAt the office the next day, the guys are e all eating instant noodles when Shiori comes in with Umi. Her daughter had a half day and Hisao said she could bring the little girl into work. Hisao asks to talk to Shiori and tells Taiga to play with Umi. Taiga doesn’t want to as he has no experience with kids. Right now, Taiga is the only one in the office with no work to do so he reluctantly takes on entertaining Umi who wants nothing to do with his fake cuteness. She may be a little girl, but she is not a baby who needs to be talked to in a cutesy way and MatsuJun sounded so silly doing that.nnkwnnk2-deniednnkwnnk2-bondingTaiga and Umi go into his office where he studies his pronunciation book and she studies her Japanese language book for the next day’s recital. Taiga goes to ask about her father and she tells him to stop bothering her as she is trying to learn her part for tomorrow’s Parents’ Day. Hearing this, Taiga asks if Umi wants him to read her textbook for her. Giving his pronunciation, I don’t think that’s a good idea. When Umi doesn’t answer and keeps reading her book, Taiga tells her being unsociable like that will keep her from making any friends. Ouch, this hits close to home. Taiga realizes this and recounts his own friendshipless childhood. Everyone poked fun of him for being Kotaro’s son. Then one day a boy approached him and asked if he was Kotaro’s son. Taiga says yes and the little boy replies that he is Ueno Mary’s son. From that day on, Keita and Taiga were best friends. Taiga turns around and Umi’s nose is still buried in her book. He chides her for not paying attention and Umi starts reading Taiga’s exercise book and unlike Taiga she can say them fast and well with no hesitations or problems. LOL. They then have a phrase war with Taiga losing horribly. It is such a cute scene between the two. And shows they are on the same level. 😛


Shiori agrees to take on the job of managing Sakura even though she doesn’t really know anything about it. She and Hisao overhear Taiga and Umi arguing and laughing. Hisao wonders why he sounds so irritated, but Shiori isn’t worried as it looks like both of them are having fun. Taiga is saying the phrases and thinking he has done so correctly, but Umi insists he is saying them wrong. It is nice to see them both smiling so brightly. Hisao then looks at Umi and says she has really grown up. So he has met Umi and Shiori before? What exactly is going on? Is Shiori connected more with Kotaro than we know?


nnkwnnk2-having-funAt home, Umi and Shiori watch one of Kotaro’s movies that starred diva-to-be Sakura. Shiori blubbers at the final scene and Umi hands her weeping mother tissues. Shiori promises that she will make it to Parents’ Day no matter what, but she might be late. Umi says she understands that if her mom doesn’t work, then they won’t have money. What a mature and yet sad thing for a child to know already.

The next day Keita invites Taiga skydiving, but Taiga’s license hasn’t been reinstated yet. Taiga is going through his stuff and sees Umi’s book. He recalls what she said the other day and asks Keita what day it is. He realizes that the presentation is today. He hangs up on Keita and tries calling Shiori who is busy at Sakura’s audition (Sakura nails the role but is denied it as she isn’t fresh enough. Shiori was going to rip the directors a new one, but Sakura intervenes and accepts the bit role offered her.) Not being able to get a hold of Shiori, Taiga rushes to get the book to Umi on time. Sakura thanks Shiori for wanting to stand up for her and tells her to hurry to her daughter’s Parents’ Day. Shiori and Taiga are now both running for the school. Who will get there first?nnkwnnk2-running-for-umiDaiki can’t delay the start of the special presentation and so it begins without Shiori. Daiki is shocked when Taiga sneaks in. He asks what he is doing there, but Taiga can’t really explain. Daiki makes Taiga take off his sunglasses and hat he had put on. When the kids are supposed to take out their books, Taiga calls Umi’s name and slides her book up to her. This makes Umi happy and just as they are about to begin reciting, Shiori bursts in apologizing for being late. Daiki opens up the floor and Umi happily volunteers to read first, making both Shiori and Taiga happy.nnkwnnk2-proud-parentsAfterward, Umi’s classmates ask if Taiga is her father. Umi looks back at him and says he isn’t her father, but her friend. The other girls are impressed that Umi has a such a friend. Shiori and Taiga are both happy that Umi is finally making friends. Daiki is surprised to learn that Taiga is Umi’s friend. Walking out of the recital, Taiga gives Shiori information on the markets he visited. Shiori is touched and impressed that Taiga did that for her and Umi. The three continue walking together like a little family while a worried Daichi watches and wonders if his little brother has become his rival in love.nnkwnnk2-familyWhile the recital was going on, Machiko was looking through Kotaro’s correspondence and is relieved to find out there really was nothing between him and Sakura, however, she finds a picture of Shiori with baby Umi. This freaks Machiko out. Again, what is the real connection between Shiori and Kotaro?

My thoughts: Will this turn out like Sunao ni Narenakute when they hint at a scandal that has turned out to be nothing at all? I think the whole scandal thing is overrated, but oh well. Oh, and we have another rainbow at the end of this episode as well. We really don’t need to see one every episode. It’s funny that Shiori calls Taiga a stalker when Daiki’s behavior is more stalkerish. I don’t like how instantly both brothers fell for Shiori and Daiki is way too serious for just meeting Shiori and her daughter.


  • Good call on the Two Weeks Notice bit. I’m still not taken with the love story but I find the stuff about Taiga’s attempt at establishing a career hilarious. It’ll probably be the only reason why I’ll watch this series… it’s funny to see MatsuJun play all the comedic bits with a straight face. He has great chemistry with the kid.

    Thanks for the recap. And who would’ve guessed? Another rainbow appeared at the end of the ep. 🙂

    • Yes, there still is no real “romance” feel in the drama. If anything, it’s almost like Takeuchi is a mother to both Umi and MatsuJun. They give off a family air, but not as a mother, father, daughter combo. It seems like comedies sacrafice substance. They have good stuff going for them if only they could put a little more believability. I think I liked Takeuchi’s acting more in Lunch no Joou – she just seems way too over the top in every one of her reactions.

      Yeah, I was waiting for that rainbow and they didn’t disappoint. Now, I will have to keep an eye out in every episode to make sure they do it.

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