Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 10 Recap

Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 10

No, not Linda. Seriously, what happened? He was doing good and then boom! Bye-bye Linda. A lot is being thrown at you from the penultimate episode of Sunao ni Narenakute.


Nakaji collapses

We open with a stunned Nakaji with the injured Linda, then we move to the hospital where Haru and Doctor arrive soon after followed by Peach. They ask how Linda is doing, but Nakaji is obviously still in shock. He stutters out that Linda’s parents are there and then the doctor comes out and tells them that Linda is all right. Well, at least he is alive and stabilized. The doctor does warn that complications may arise later. Hearing that Linda has survived, Nakaji collapses in relief and a whole lot of other emotions. The poor guy had quite the shock and no time to take it in. He learned that Linda has feelings for him and then Linda tries to kill himself and Nakaji is the one who finds him. Talk about one bad day for our resident photographer.

Seki Megumi, Hero JaeJoong, Ueno Juri, Eita

“Glad he has such great friends”

Haru takes care of Nakaji who is still shaky. She asks him if he is okay as it must have been quite a shock to his system. Nakaji ignores the question and asks after Linda. Haru says that he hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Haru and Nakaji join the others in Linda’s room. Linda briefly opens his eyes, but does not stay conscious for very long. Outside Linda’s room, his mother thanks them all for coming and staying the whole day with her son. She is happy to know that her son has such good friends. Linda’s mother then says that ever since he was young, Linda has had a nervous disposition and has always had a weak side. Linda’s mom then bows and thanks Nakaji for finding and helping Linda so quickly. Nakaji, who already feels guilty, seems to be hurting even more with those words and Haru notices this. She tells Linda’s mom to go lie down and the four set off to leave, with Nakaji saying he will stay in the lobby just so he can be near Linda. Haru wants to stay as well, but is told to go home and they can take turns visiting Linda.

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Nakaji watches over Linda

Linda wakes up and touches his bandaged neck, Nakaji sits outside Linda’s room hurting over his friend’s tragic actions and blaming himself for it, Doctor and Haru walk home and try to figure out what happened. Haru tells Doctor that Linda’s mother said it all. Linda puts on a strong front, but is really weak and must have had a lot of problems that he did not share with them. This makes Doctor feel bad as he always told his problems to Linda and asked for his advice, but never reciprocated and listened to Linda’s issues. Truthfully, all of them were like that, well except for Peach who was the only one who truly knew Linda’s personality and predilections. Nakaji goes into Linda’s room and puts his hands over Linda’s and stays there all night with him. I feel so bad for Eita’s Nakaji. He (and everyone else in the drama) have had a lot of downs and not so many ups.

Hero JaeJoong, Kinami Haruka

“Can’t leave until Linda can smile”

Unable to sleep, Haru stays up all night trying to study, but she just can’t get over what happened to Linda and Nakaji’s emotional state. Her mother scolds her for staying up when she has school. Haru says that she will catch a nap before she has to leave, but gets a call to meet Peach. Meanwhile, Doctor is sitting scrunched up by his window. Minha cooks breakfast and asks what is wrong. Doctor tells her that his friend had an accident and Minha immediately gets concerned and asks if Linda is all right. Doctor then asks if it is okay to postpone their trip to Korea as he wants to stick around to make sure Linda is okay. He figures he will be able to leave when he is able to see Linda smile again.

Haru meets up with Peach. Looks like Peach is coming clean, to Haru at least, that Linda likes Nakaji. Haru asks in what way and Peach says in “that” way. Haru knows what Peach means. She doesn’t look disgusted, just surprised. It also explains why Nakaji was acting  the way he was the other day. Peach says that she has no idea if Linda liking Nakaji was the reason behind the attempted suicide, but they should do their best to support them and to act normal. Haru agrees to this, saying “Of course.”

Seki Megumi, Ueno Juri

“Linda likes Nakaji”

Linda wakes up and is surprised to see Nakaji there. He reaches out his hand to touch Nakaji’s hair and Nakaji wakes up, startled. He immediately grabs Linda’s hand and says that he must live. No matter what, Linda cannot die. While saying this, Nakaji keeps holding Linda’s hand and starts crying. Linda tries to move his hand. Nakaji asks what and Linda manages to say “tears.” Nakai immediately wipes his eyes. It is such an emotional scene. Nakaji is relieved to see Linda awake and lets his real emotions be known to his good friend. Eita does a great job with Nakaji’s crying scene with him begging Linda not to die, to please live. I think that Linda probably understands that Nakaji cares deeply for their friendship and is extremely hurt by thinking that Linda tried to kill himself because of Nakaji. Nakaji wipes away his tears and asks Linda to promise that he won’t die. He then says he will not allow Linda to die. Linda, still weak and his throat is slit, just manages to nod. Is this really a promise he can keep? But the two smile at each other. Looks like the healing can now begin.

Peach, Haru, Doctor, and Nakaji get together and go to a florist and a magazine shop to buy presents for Linda. Peach picks out the flowers, Doctor gets teased for trying to buy Linda porn, but the mood has definitely improved since Linda is on the mend. The gang then heads over to the hospital to visit their convalescing friend. Peach presents her flowers, Haru says that she arranged them, and Doctor says that Linda can flip through the magazines when he is bored and feels better. Linda is touched and grateful to his friends. He cannot talk the best, so he does his best to make hand motions to express himself. Nakaji, Peach, and Doctor go to lunch. Peach asks when Doctor is leaving, Doctor says that he has delayed the trip to Korea because of the incident with Linda, so he is not exactly sure when he will be leaving now. Peach asks if he will be taking Haru with him and Doctor says yes, that he intends to bring her along.

Meanwhile, Haru has put the flowers in a vase and brings them to Linda. She tells him the others went to lunch and it is her turn to be with him. She tells him that she is staying with a great guy and Linda points at himself. Haru says yes and Linda smiles and shakes his head. Haru says that he is a great guy. He then motions for her to raise the bed. She does and he beckons her closer. He tells her that he likes Nakaji. Haru nods, she knows this. Linda says that Nakaji thinks the incident was his fault, but it wasn’t. Linda was just too weak. There were a lot of things going on at work and in his life. Haru apologizes for not noticing. Linda shakes his head and says that it’s not her fault either. Linda then says that he wants to tell Nakaji himself that he likes him and wants to do well at work. Linda then asks if Haru likes Doctor. She smiles and nods, but then Linda asks if she is satisfied. This surprises Haru. Is she satisfied? Then Linda says that there is still something that Haru can do. What would that be? Even now Linda is acting like the big brother of the group.

Nakaji develops the pictures from the beach excursion. He looks at the photographs, one by one, recalling the happiness of that time, He particularly focuses on the pictures of Linda, saying that Linda has a great smile. Haru is at Doctor’s and he tells her that he is thinking about going to Korea at the end of the month (what with Linda doing better) and will be there for at least a month. He of course wants Haru to go with him. Haru is still uncertain as she is still in the process of preparing for her teaching exam. Everything is hedging on this it seems. Doctor is displeased that Haru won’t give him a definitive yes, but he does understand that teaching is her dream, so he will impatiently await for the test and its results.

Peach goes to visit Linda and they have a nice talk. Linda admits that he felt unneeded, like he was not necessary at work or at home. This surprises Peach. Linda goes on to say that he has friends now. Peach says he is right and that everyone likes him. Linda smiles, closes his eyes and enjoys the breeze. He says that he feels so blessed. Peach asks him what he means. He then says that the breeze feels nice. Peach then says that everyone will be there for him in the future, so he needs to believe in them. Linda’s smile widens. I get a bad sense from this scene. Not because it is a bad scene, it isn’t, it is a great scene between Peach and Linda. The problem comes from that fact that is just seems ominous. That now that Linda realizes he isn’t alone and is finally becoming happy, the other shoe will drop. Meaning that after deciding he wants to live, he will die. T_T

Haru is walking and studying and Nakaji comes up behind her and tells her that walking and reading is dangerous. It’s almost like their earlier relationship has returned. He asks when the test is and she says next weekend. Nakaji asks if Haru is going to Korea after the test. Haru says she is not thinking about it until after the test. I think that makes Nakaji a little happy to know that she is concentrating on studying and achieving her goal versus leaving with Doctor.

Test day comes and both Haru and her mother feel like it’s a flashback to the past when Haru was taking her high school entrance exams. Haru takes off only to be stopped by Nakaji. He hands her an envelope which contains a charm for good luck on her teaching exam. He says he feels like a junior high school again. Haru says he looks it to since he is riding his bike. Nakaji says he got the pictures from the beach developed. Haru wants to see them, but Nakaji reminds her she’ll be late. Haru says she will visit Linda and Nakaji when she is through with the test. Haru then runs off and Nakaji stops her again and finally says “ganbare” (keep trying) to Haru in person. Haru is touched and thanks him before heading off again.

When Nakaji gets to the hospital, nurses are running out of Linda’s room. He rushes to see Linda and drops the photographs. Linda is in obvious pain and they are doing their best to save him. Nakaji grabs Linda’s hand and asks if Linda is okay and to hold on as the doctor is coming. Linda manages to say that seeing Nakaji’s tears earlier had made him happy. This entire time, Linda has his phone in a death grip. Nakaji is kicked out of the room when the doctors come in. He stands in the doorway watching them try to save Linda. In the end, Linda dies and Nakaji is the only friend there. Sad day. I was hoping Linda would live (for a truly happy ending, but maybe his death is the catalyst for the others characters to finally start being honest with each others and themselves). But, I suppose, at least Linda dies in peace after confessing his love to Nakaji.

Haru finishes the test and sees the message on her phone. She bolts to the hospital while Peach and Doctor get the call and are in shock and grieving for the sudden loss of their dear friend. Haru makes it to the hospital and goes to the roof where Nakaji is huddled and crying. Haru goes over and puts her hand on his back and begins patting. Nakaji stills her hand, by placing his over it, getting the comfort he needs by being connected with his beloved Haru. All four friends are having a hard time accepting a world without their beloved friend Linda in it.

One week later, Haru gets her test results back and finds out  that she failed again. Poor Haru. She says that she didn’t study properly and her mom mentions the ordeal with Linda. Haru then says maybe she isn’t really cut out to be a teacher after all. A depressed Haru goes to the park where she looks at the results again and Doctor comes to see her. She tells him what happened and that working at school will be harder now. Doctor then reinvites Haru to go to Korea with him. Even though being a teacher is her dream, he would like her ure to consider making a life and a future with him. Doctor says that they are still torn up about Linda, but that they need to move on with their lives. True, but it has only been a week. You can definitely see Haru waiver as she is feeling very down and insecure about failing.

Meanwhile, Nakaji is having issues dealing with Linda’s death. He takes the envelope of pictures that had gotten run over and stepped on by the nurses and medical equipment. He focuses on the ones of Linda and starts crying. He wipes away his tears when he hears a knock. It is his father who brought his camera to go and take pictures. Nakaji is happy to see that his father is taking pictures again. Hid dad asks why he looks sad and Nakaji tells him about Linda’s death and how he feels beaten up over it. His father says some very uninspiring words about how things like that happens. His father then says that he isn’t dead yet, but will be one of these days as will Nakaji. Everyone dies whether they like it or not as life is a constant battle. He then tells Nakjaji that since he is alive, he should live life to the fullest. Very true, life should not end when someone you love dies and Nakaji’s father’s words, seem to help him a little.

Haru tells her mom about going to Korea. Sachiko isn’t against it, but thinks that Doctor is more serious in his wanting Haru to go, see his hometown and meet his parents. Well, duh! Sachiko asks if Haru likes Doctor and she says yes. Sachiko really wants her daughter to find happiness in marriage and to marry someone she truly loves. Nakaji runs into Haru at their store where she is buying stuff for her trip overseas. Nakaji is shocked to learn Haru is leaving for Korea the next day. She also tells him about failing her test. Nakaji wishes her well and leaves, disappointed that she didn’t tell him earlier about her results and disappointed that she is leaving for Korea almost without telling him as well.

Haru runs after him and apologizes again for not telling him about the test. She then asks how he is doing. Nakaji says nothing and Haru tells him that Linda’s death is not his fault. Linda was worried that Nakaji would blame himself. Linda just wants Nakaji to be happy. Then Haru says that she will always support him. He tells her that isn’t possible as she will be in Korea, so she can’t be his support. That is true and Haru doesn’t like to hear it. Nakaji can’t tell her why he’s so upset yet. But he wishes Haru the best with Doctor and asks her to be happy. Both Nakaji and Haru like each other and look like they want to cry as they part ways.

Nakaji gets call from Linda’s mom. He goes to meet her and she gives him a cell phone. It was Linda’s. Throughout his hospital stay, he never once let go of the phone as it was how he could be connected to his friends at all times. On the phone, Linda has left emails for each friend. They were his last thoughts and everything he wishes to tell his friends. Linda’s mom asks for Nakaji’s help in passing the messages to the rest of the gang. Nakaji reads his. In it, Linda confesses his love and says that seeing Nakaji cry for him despite his actions, really made Linda happy. He likes that Nakaji is nice and concerned, but wishes that Nakaji will live his life being honest to himself and others without being too concerned about hurting others. Linda tells Nakaji to be brave and face up to what he really treasures.

Nakaji looks around at the photos of Linda and the gang and at Haru’s coffee can that tells him to keep trying. He then rushes out  and gets a  taxi and tries calling Haru who is at the airport with Doctor. Nakaji makes it just as Haru and Doctor are about ready to board (Haru is looking around as if she is expecting someone to show up and is reluctant to board). He yells out her name and says that likes her. Doctor looks unhappy, Nakaji looks desperate, and Haru looks confused. And that is where the episode ends.

Oi. What a cliffhanger, ne? Who will Haru choose? Stay tuned for the finale!


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