Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 9 Recap

Seki Megumi, Eita

Nakaji rejects Peach

T_T How one drama has so many highs and lows in one episode, I’d like to know. Happiness in one moment quickly turns to tragedy in the next in this episode. Nakaji turns Peach down, Haru rejects spending the night at Doctor’s, Linda stops going to work, Doctor takes on a second job to buy Haru a ring and contemplates going back to Korea as his father is ill. Nakaji becomes more and more aware of his feelings for Haru, but keeps them under wraps. Peach reveals Nakaji rejected her to Linda and she says that no matter who Linda loves, she will support him. Apparently Peach is the only one who really knows Linda’s secret. The gang get together at the beach to set off fireworks and to try their best to cheer the depressed Linda up. And after nine episodes, the question that has been digging at us from episode one is finally answered. Of the five friends, which one tries to kill themselves – read on to find out.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

“I’m rushing things again”

Nakaji pullsĀ  away from Peach and tells her that he cannot have that type of relationship with her. Looks like he won’t do something stupid and try to start something with someone else now that he has officially started realizing his feelings for Haru. Good for him! This will make the drama definitely less complicated as a lot of other dramas have the characters force themselves to be with someone else in trying to forget their true feelings (kinda like Haru and Doctor right now). Peach asks if its because of Kiriko, or maybe Haru. Nakaji admits to nothing and just sincerely apologizes to Peach. Meanwhile, Doctor realizes that he is rushing Haru again and retracts his invitation, embarrassing them both. Haru apologizes as she has too much on her plate right now (studying for the teacher certification again) and cannot spend the night with him. That’s not the only reason. Haru just doesn’t like our Doctor in that way. Yes, he treasures her, but her heart has always belonged to Nakaji.

Kinami Haruka, Hero JaeJoong

“Reading porn again?”

The next day Doctor is looking at rings again and trying to figure out how to afford one for Haru when Minha comes home. Doctor quickly sweeps the stuff off the table and uses his body to cover it. Minha teases him about hiding his porn collection and Doctor adamantly denies that he was, saying those girls do nothing for him. Of course not, he has Haru. šŸ˜‰ Meanwhile, Nakaji visits his father with information about different hospitals that can treat his cancer. His dad tells Nakaji to stop focusing on him and just concentrate on himself and his career. Nakaji comes back and says that he will reject the new offer if his father refuses to go into the hospital for treatment. Nakaji’s dad shrugs it off like he doesn’t care, but you can tell how much his son’s concern touches him. It’s a little late, but at least these two are beginning to fix their broken relationship at last.

Kikkawa Koji, Eita

Nakaji coerces his dad

Ueno Juri, Eita

“Let me know if I can help”

Haru goes to the convenience store and runs into Nakaji who is definitely less talkative than he normally is. Haru comments on it and Nakaji ponders awhile and sees that Haru is right. The two walk home together and Haru apologizes for not properly talking to him when he called the other night. Nakaji apologizes for calling during her time with Doctor. Haru then asks if he’s okay because he usually doesn’t call her. He thinks about this and it seems that Haru is right again. Haru then comments on how Nakaji seems lonely. Nakaji plays off the night before as being drunk and dialing his entire contact list. I wish he would just tell Haru the truth that he likes her and wanted to see her, that’s why he called her. Nakaji does tell her about his father’s cancer. Haru is surprised to hear it and immediately asks if he is all right. Nakaji asks if she means him or his dad. Haru says the both of them. Nakaji says that they are both fine right now and Haru says that if he should ever need anything to call on her – how touching, they both have now promised to be there for each other no matter what. They reach Nakaji’s apartment and Haru says goodbye and heads for home. Nakaji stares after her retreating back and then shakes himself from his stupor. He asks himself why he is staring after her and heads up to his apartment. Why? You like her, that’s why.

Hero JaeJoong, Kinami Haruka

“Mom still writes to us”

Doctor takes on a janitorial job to earn more money. He doesn’t tell Minha that he has taken on another job, but his sister is worried by how late and how tired her brother is when he comes home. Doctor collapses on Minha’s futon and she tries to talk about their mother’s letters. Even though Doctor ignores them, she has always faithfully written and cares about her two children. They still don’t talk about just why they left Korea. I want to know!

Fubuki Jun, Kikkakawa Koji

Proud of Nakaji

Ryosuke meets with Sachiko. She apologizes for telling Nakaji everything, but she just couldn’t keep silent. Ryosuke isn’t mad about her telling his son. He talks about it being a beautiful day and that he is inspired to take pictures again and he snaps pictures of Sachiko. He then comments on Nakaji’s photos and how he thought he could still do better than his son. Sachiko comments that Ryosuke must be proud of Nakaji. Ryosuke denies that he is, but Sachiko says his face betrays the truth – he is proud of his son’s accomplishments despite of his nudy photography. Ryosuke then begins taking pictures once more. Sachiko is happy to see Ryosuke smiling and taking pictures like in the old days.

Tamayama Tetsuji

Linda worries Nakaji knows

Speaking of Nakaji, he is doing a photo shoot for Linda’s magazine when his editor-in-chief comes up and asks after Linda. Apparently he has not been into work for several days and his ignoring the editor’s calls. You can tell that she is really worried about Linda, but she has to realize that she is part of the problem. Even if she genuinely likes Linda, she still used her power to force him into a not-so-nice position. Nakaji had no idea Linda was in such a bad state and tries calling him. Linda is lying dejectedly in his apartment, recalling his embracing Nakaji days earlier. He is probably afraid that Nakaji realized at the time that he likes him. Linda picks up his phone, notices Nakaji is calling and ignores it. This makes Nakaji even more worried, because he remembers Linda’s state wasn’t all that great the last time they met and he keeps trying to get a hold of Linda to no avail.

Seki Megumi, Tamayama Tetsuji

Peach supports Linda

Linda ventures out of his apartment to meet Peach. He apologizes for his behavior the other night. Peach then tells Linda not to worry as Nakaji did not notice. Apparently Peach is the only one who is aware of Linda’s sexuality. Linda is relieved to hear that Nakaji did not understand that Linda likes him as more than a friend. Peach then says that Linda is a lot like her. Linda then points out that at least it is okay for Peach to like Nakaji as it is unnatural for a man to like another man. Peach says that it doesn’t matter who you love, what matters is that you love. She does not condemn Linda for loving another man, nor does he disgust her. In fact, Peach will always be his friend and support him. I think Linda really needs that boost and to have someone to talk to who fully understands the situation. I just want to know when exactly she found out. Was it the failed hotel room date? Or did he tell her when they were going through the baby tests initially? We aren’t told when, but Peach does know. She also tells him that Nakaji rejected her point blank. I think that even helps cheer Linda up more – but it doesn’t mean he stands a chance with Nakaji.

Eita, Tamayama Tetsuji

Nakaji checks up on Linda

Minha seeks Haru out at school to tell her about Doctor. Minha is worried that Doctor has taken on a part-time job along with his full-time job. He always comes home late and is tired. Haru then tells Minha that Doctor isn’t emailing or calling Haru as often as he usually does of late. Linda heads home and finds Nakaji waiting for him. Nakaji asks him if he is okay as the other night he mentioned a work problem and since then has not been going in. Linda says that he just needs a break right now to recharge. Nakaji scolds Linda for not picking up his calls and tells him to make sure to do so in the future as he was really worried about Linda. He then tells Linda that the editor is worried about him and that he should at least call his office and let them know what is going on. It is weird to see Linda’s and Nakaji’s roles reversed. Usually Linda is the one carefully watching out for the others and giving them advice, but here we see Nakaji easily stepping into those shoes. It’s hard to tell what affect this visit has had on Linda, but he doesn’t look too much better.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

“Thank you, but…”

Haru finds out where Doctor’s second job is and pays him a visit. She tells him that he will wear himself out if he continues what he is doing. She asks him why he needs a second job and he says that he wants to buy her a ring. He then takes out a picture of the ring Haru said she liked in a previous episode. Haru thanks him, but tells him that she does not need such an expensive ring. Doctor looks like a disappointed child as he really wanted to do something nice for Haru. Meanwhile, Peach calls Nakaji and says she wished she had never confessed as she wants them to be good friends if they can’t be lovers. Nakaji and she work things out and go back to being just friends. They then talk about Linda and his depression. Nakaji wants to cheer him up so he and Peach plan an outing to gather the gang and lift Linda’s sunken spirits.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

Doctor and Haru pick out a ring

Doctor finally reads his mom’s letter. The next day he and Haru go shopping and they pick out a small, cheap ring for Haru. Doctor then breaks the news that next time he wants to work hard and buy her a diamond ring. Haru asks what he means and is shocked to hear that he is talking about an engagement ring. Doctor then tells her that he has heard from his mother that his father’s health is bad and he will probably have to go back to Korea soon to help take care of the family business. He then asks Haru to go with him. Again, talk about rushing things! Haru doesn’t know what to say. She tells Doctor that is a decision she cannot make right away as she needs to considerĀ  things. Doctor then remembers her dream of being a teacher and tells her that there are Japanese schools in Korea. Haru is about to reiterate needing time, but Doctor tells her he knows she needs to think things over before she can give him her final answer (which I hope is no unless she can unequivocally decide that she does indeed love him and not Nakaji, which I don’t foresee happening).Hero JaeJoong, Ueno Juri, Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita, Seki Megumi

Peach, acting on her plan with Nakaji to cheer Linda up, invites everyone to the beach. They gather together, play, take pictures, have a picnic and Linda thanks them for cheering him up and getting together like this. Doctor then announces he may be returning to Korea in the near future. This dampens the mood a bit and they sense that this really might be the last time they can all be together and happy. When their fireworks run low, they do rock, paper, scissors to see who has to go buy more. Haru and Nakaji are elected to go and pick out the fireworks. On their way back, Nakaji asks Haru to sit down for a spell and they stare at the moon over the water. Nakaji is definitely feeling strongly towards Haru, especially when she confesses that Doctor asked her along (he kind of figured Doctor would do that). But he doesn’t confess. Instead he plays a firework bet with Haru and while she is smiling and having fun looking at the sparkler, his eyes are intently trained on her. While this is going on, Nakaji recalls all of the times he and Haru had together so far. Linda witnesses this and his previous happiness seems to go down the drain.Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 9 screencaps

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Linda’s love revealed

Later Nakaji shows up at Linda’s apartment. L.inda says after the day at the beach, he is feeling much better, but will still continue taking time off from work as he still isn’t ready to go back. Nakaji is happy just to see him doing better. Nakaji tells him about his busy schedule and Linda worries whether Nakaji is sleeping and eating right. Nakaji says he is fine and Linda insists on going to a store to buy some food for them. Nakaji doesn’t turn down the offer. While Linda is gone, Nakaji falls asleep. Linda is happy to see the sleeping Nakaji when he returns. He sets about eating, but can’t take his eyes off of Nakaji. He finally goes over to where he is sleeping and lays his head on Nakaji’s. This startles Nakaji awake. Linda doesn’t know what to say or do and Nakaji has finally realized that Linda has real feelings for him. Uh-oh. Before anything can be said, Linda bolts from the apartment and Nakaji chases after him, only to lose him.

Tamayama Tetsuji

Linda’s pain becomes unbearable

Nakaji goes to work at his new job, but can’t get Linda off of his mind. He tries to keep his mind on business, but flashes of Linda keep running through his mind. Linda notices that Nakaji has repeatedly called him and finally calls Nakaji. Linda asks if Nakaji is disgusted and Nakaji replies that he isn’t and says that they will talk soon. Linda agrees and hangs up. Nakaji resumes photographing, but a bad feeling hits him. He apologizes and runs out to find Linda. Where is Linda? He is at Emo in the bathroom with a freshly bought knife. Unlike most suicides, he goes for the jugular versus the wrists. Which, given your desire to die, is the way to go as you have your jugular in your neck and that will bleed out faster than your wrists. Oh why couldn’t Linda wait until Nakaji was done to talk?! But then again, Linda lets everything build to a breaking point versus talking and letting out his emotions – it was just too much for him.

Eita, Tamayama Tetsuji

Nakaji finds Linda

Nakaji gets to the club and asks for Linda. The store owner says he must be in the bathroom. Nakaji bangs on the door and asks Linda to open it with no repsonse. He finally starts throwing himself against the door until he manages to open it. His worst fear is realized as he knows the pool of blood seeping out is indeed Linda’s. We end the episode here with Nakaji staring in shock at his friend lying on the floor, covered in his own blood.

My thoughts: I want Linda to live. I want him to have a chance at some form of happiness. I doubt that will happen though and you just know that Nakaji will blame himself even though it isn’t his fault that Linda’s mental state became a little unbalanced.

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