Pure Episode 3 Recap

Before I go into detail on this episode, I just have to say Thank God! Thank God that it was not Toru who wrote the article in a negative light about Yuka. I really didn’t think that he would go that far as he seemed to have more integrity than that and more reluctance to pursue a course that could hurt such an innocent girl like Yuka. That being said, I am a annoyed that he ran away from Yuka at the end of the episode. After what happened, it’s understandable, but I was still hoping he would stay and protect our fragile Yuka. Plus, in any drama and in real life, since when does running away ever solve anything anyways? Running away leads to misunderstandings and tends to exacerbate situations versus helping them. Yuka and Toru’s relationship is getting more complicated and we have some jealousy entering into the picture on both sides.

Takahashi Katsunori, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Ryo attacks Toru

Everything starts off normally enough, but then Takako sees the magazine with the article on Yuka while Ryo reads it aloud during a break at work. Needless to say, neither one of them are happy. Ryo gets angry, notices the name that went with the picture of Yuka and charges out of the restaurant in search of Toru. When he gets to the office, Ryo asks if Toru is in and Asako tells him that Toru is out. Toru then walks in and Asako stops him. Ryo doesn’t even really talk before he starts throwing punches. He tells Toru that he has no idea what he and Yuka went through. Toru’s coworkers pull Ryo off and threaten to call the cops. Ryo struggles to get free and asks how Toru could do such a thing to Yuka. You can tell that Toru is visibly shaken by what happened with Ryo.

Wakui Emi

“We’re rooting for you!”

Yuka is out sketching and remembering what happened the night before with her mother. Yuka hopes that her mother will understand that Toru isn’t a bad person. No, Toru is grumpy and anti-social, but he isn’t a bad person at all. Yuka is then approached by two high schoolers who ask if she is Orihara Yuka. She says that she is and the girls say they support her and tell her to work hard. She doesn’t really understand what is going on, but she is warmed by the encouragement.

Fubuki Jun

Takako wants to sever ties with Komiya’s foundation

Meanwhile, Takako goes to the art foundation to figure out what is going on. Takako complains about the article only mentioning Yuka’s handicap versus focusing on her art, which is what Takako was afraid of to begin with. They ask if she wishes to sue Towa publishing and Takako says no as it will only bring more attention to Yuka, hurting her. Takako then says that she wants to sever ties with the foundation to protect Yuka’s privacy and keep things from getting worse. Komiya says that she will make sure that nothing like that happens again. I don’t like this woman. She is too pushy and I think that she might be using Yuka for her own purposes.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

“Not fair you get all the blame”

Yuka continues on her usual routine. She goes into a book store to look at art magazines (which is right next to Toru’s). People stare at her as they recognize her from the article, but she seems unphased. Meanwhile, at Towa publishing Asako tells Toru that it is not fair that he gets all the blame for the article. Meaning? Meaning that Toru’s boss was unhappy with the blandness of the article and the pictures Toru took. So he went through and chose his own picture and rewrote the article to make it more sensational. So much for editorial integrity. Toru tells Asako that its okay as he is through with the whole ordeal. It’s not okay, but what can he do now that the article has been revised and published?

Wakui Emi

“It’s bitter”

Yuka is at home making coffee and is about to put sugar in hers when she remembers Toru saying the other day that he takes his black. Yuka imitates his voice and then decides to try drinking it back. She smiles and takes a sip, but her smile is quickly displaced with a frown of distaste as the coffee is bitter (probably a great metaphor for their budding relationship – it will be bitter(sweet)). Takako gets a call from Komiya who tells her that the media has been taken care of and she has sent Yuka tickets for a modern European art exhibit. Takako doesn’t really want Yuka to go, but the lady insists that Yuka come and experience the exhibit to help her grow as an artist. Takako thanks her and hangs up.

Fubuki Jun, Takahashi Katsunori

“I want to support Yuka”

Ryo and Takako meet on the way home and talk about the article and Komiya from the foundation. Ryo wonders if they can trust Komiya and Takako says that Komiya wants to protect Yuka’s potential and Takako wants to do what is best for her daughter and help her develop her true potential. This both surprises and touches Ryo who has always encouraged Takako to let Yuka develop as far as she can go. Ryo is happy that Takako is becoming more open-minded about Yuka. Takako says that she can’t change that she will die before her daughter so she wants to do her best for Yuka while she is still around. Ryo tells her to stop saying depressing things as aunty still has a long life ahead of her. The two then tease and play there way up the drive.

Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori, Fubuki Jun

“We should tell Yuka about Toru”

When they get in the house, Ryo asks if Takako thinks that Yuka saw the article. Takako says that’s impossible because Yuka only ever looks at art magazines. Ryo then asks about Sawatari Toru and if Yuka knows him. Takako nods and says that it is likely that Toru was also the one who showed Yuka the newspaper article. Yuka then comes out and welcomes the two home. She then confuses her mom and Ryo by running out of the room right away. When she comes back, she has a stack of Toru’s magazines. She tells them that she is in it and opens it up. She asks if they say good things about her again. Takako and says that they do. This makes Yuka happy, but she is not thrilled that Toru used the photo she didn’t want him to. She then says aloud that she forgives him. Takako then asks if Yuka saw Toru. Yuka replies no, but she had two girls come up to her and encourage her – she deduces that it must be because of the article he wrote. Ryo becomes angry and goes to tell Yuka the truth about Toru. Takako stops him by telling Yuka to promise not to take any more interviews on. Ryo asks why as Yuka needs to know just what kind a person Toru is. Takako says that Yuka does know Toru and honestly thinks that he is a genuinely good person.

Pure Episode 3 screencap

“Keep following the Orihara story”

Toru’s boss goes to meet either his boss or someone that is part of the art foundation. He tells him that Orihara Yuka’s mother won’t be suing the magazine, which is good for them. He asks who the editor assigned to Yuka and he replies Toru. This makes the man happy as Toru is a very capable reporter. He also informs the editor to continue following Yuka and reporting on her. Why? Why is Yuka being made cannon fodder for the media? Toru’s editor asks why and he is told that following Yuka just might turn into a major project. For why? This surprises the editor.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

“Yuka won’t trust me anymore”

Takako is worried about letting Yuka go to the art gallery alone, but Yuka assures her mother that she will be fine as she has been there quite often. She then tells her mother how much she looks forward to the exhibit. Meanwhile, the editor calls Toru in to tell him to keep on Yuka. Toru can’t believe that the editor wants to pursue the article on Yuka even further. Toru tells him that he doesn’t think Yuka will trust him again, but the editor insists that Toru do the job and get back in on Yuka’s good graces. The editor says that he knows Toru is angry with the article change, but he had to make it interesting to the readers. The editor then says that Yuka is media gold and that Toru has to keep following her.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“I forgive you”

Yuka is at the gallery enjoying herself. Komiya watches her from a distance and in comes Toru looking for Yuka who smiles brightly when she sees him which is definitely not the reaction Toru expected. Yuka then approaches him and her smile turns into a frown. She tells him that she saw the article and you can tell that he is visibly uncomfortable and waiting for Yuka’s anger, but she thanks him for praising her (he now knows that people have kept the truth from her about the content). She then chides him for using the picture he promised he wouldn’t, but Yuka has already forgiven him for it. Yuka then asks him to leave with her. Poor Toru is really being thrown for a loop today as he doesn’t quite know how to take Yuka. She puts her finger to her lips and tells him that they shouldn’t talk in the gallery, so they must leave if they want to talk.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“I like being me after all”

They end up going to a nearby zoo.  They stare at the giraffes and Yuka says that she likes them because they are so close to the sky – that makes her envy them (because they are closer to her father than she is). Toru then replies that she can just go up to a rooftop to be even closer to the sky than the giraffes. Yuka replies that is true, but she can’t go to the roof all the time. She then notices how hard a time giraffes have because they are so far from the ground. This makes Yuka decide that she likes being herself after all. Toru then says it is cold and Yuka immediately runs to go get coffee which is not what Toru meant. More time for Toru to feel guilty and to like Yuka’s innocence even more.

Takaoka Seki, Takahashi Katsunori

Machiko crushes on Ryo

At the restaurant, Machiko asks if the media has calmed down and Ryo replies that it has and then says that his punch must have been effective (LOL). Machiko then comments on how happy Ryo seems when he talks about Yuka. He says yes and is then called over by the boss. Ryo gets up and Machiko notices a tear on his uniform. She tells him to take off his shirt so she can fix it right away. Ryo first refuses her help, but then accepts it. Machiko sits down and happily begins working on it. I knew that she had a crush on him!

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

“You shouldn’t dirty the zoo”

On her way back with the coffee a child falls in front of Yuka and she drops one cup of coffee and manages to grab the kid’s balloon before it flies away.  The kid thanks her, but then he scolds her for dirtying the zoo. Yuka is upset that she dropped the coffee and  Toru smiles at the incident (yay another smile). She tells him that his coffee was luckily fine. She then gives it to him and he throws his cigarette on the ground. Yuka bends down and picks it up repeating what the child told her about dirtying the zoo (heehee, classic!). The two then go to a coffee shop and Yuka says that she has only been to such places with Ryo. Toru is amazed at how happy Yuka is. Yuka states that she is happy and this surprises Toru and really seems to affect him. He then asks if she is always happy – doesn’t people’s remarks hurt her? Yuka replies that they do hurt, but everyone goes through such times. There will be good and bad times. Yuka then looks intently at Toru and asks if he is happy. The questions surprises Toru and I think the honest answer for Toru is no. She then reaches out and touches his face (near the bruise that Ryo left at the corner of his mouth) and says that it looks painful. She hopes that he will be better soon. Yuka then smiles and takes out another candy to give to Toru (this time green). Asako is nearby and while waiting to cross the street she notices Yuka and Toru. She does not look pleased at all to see the two together. Yuka says that she needs to leave as she is happy and feels like working. She then asks Toru if he will visit her workshop again. He says he will and she makes him pinky swear before leaving.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“Are you not happy, Toru?”

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi


Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

“It’s a date”

At home, Ryo asks about the art gallery. Yuka says that she went by herself, which is true, she only met Toru there. Ryo said that if he had the day off then he would have gone with her. He then proposes that on his next day off they go out and have fun together. Yuka agrees and Ryo says it’s a “date,” the two then do a pinky promise and Yuka notices something different between the promise with Ryo and the promise with Toru. The difference being that Ryo is just a friend while Toru is a guy that Yuka is slowly, but surely starting to fall in love with. Meanwhile at the restaurant, Ryo’s coworkers are drinking and lamenting that Ryo left. One coworker suggest he has a date, but no, he is with Yuka. The boss then said that Ryo had a chance to go to France to cook, but he turned it down because of a girl. The boss first thought it was his girlfriend, but he now thinks that its all because of Yuka. Machiko doesn’t really like to hear this. I think she is starting to become suspicious that Ryo just might think more about his cousin than she originally thought. Yep, the guy is in love with his pure-hearted cousin.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoka

“Get out!”

And speaking of women who are unhappy with their men being around Yuka, Asako is visiting Toru who is not happy to see her there, probably as he is still a trifle bruised from his encounter with Yuka. Asako is not happy with Toru’s cold reception (it’s not that surprising as he is usually always cold anyways). She picks up his assignments and looks them over. On top is Yuka’s schedule and on the bottom is a request to get a comment from the mother of a 17-year-old murder and rapist. Toru really doesn’t seem to like the job of getting the comment from the mother, I wonder if it has anything to do with his past or the incident that got him demoted. Asako snottily says that Toru will of course take Yuka’s case over the other one. Toru takes the paper from Asako and sits on the bed. Asako then mentions she was in Ueno on an errand and saw him with Yuka and it appeared like they were on a date. Jealousy rears its ugly head. Toru then yells at her to get out. She deserved that one.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

“You abandoned your son first!”

Yuka puts her zoo ticket in her treasure box and recalls her happy time with Toru. She finally finishes her sculpture and decides that it would look nice in Ryo’s restaurant. She packs up the sculpture and heads on over. Meanwhile, Ryo is getting upset at a customer who is talking about the article and how he wants to meet Yuka for himself. As he goes to leave, Ryo gets ready to launch himself at the customer, but is held back. He then demands that they get rid of the magazine the customer left there. Asako asks the editor why they have to pursue Yuka and the editor says as a newbie, Asako doesn’t need to know. Meanwhile Toru is trying to get a statement. The mother ignores everyone, but Toru goes to the door and then asks if it isn’t the mother’s fault as she committed a crime first by abandoning her son. This incites her to give him a statement. Again, you can tell that this incident really seems to hit close to home for Toru. I really want to know what happened. Will we?

Wakui Emi

Yuka learns the truth

Yuka happily walks to the restaurant. She reaches the restaurant where she overhears Machiko talking with a fellow coworker, Jun about Toru’s article. She learns that it wasn’t a good article like she thought and mentioned her disability. Yuka drops the statue and leaves. She walks listlessly in shock while Toru is complimented for getting the mother to finally speak. According to Toru, the reporters and he are just as bad as the mother. They are not good people. The other reporters go off and Toru smokes alone. Ryo finds out that Yuka overheard Machiko and Jun’s conversation. They apologize and Ryo runs out to find his cousin who is standing at a newstand looking at a copy of the magazine.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“Just like a caged bird, you’re a bird who cannot fly”

Night falls and wouldn’t you know that Yuka manages to find her way to Toru where he is still staking out the apartment still. He is surprised to see Yuka there. She asks him about the article, how she heard it talked about her negatively. She tells Toru that she will believe him if he says that it isn’t true. Toru breaks down and says that it is all true. The article only mentions her disability and says nothing of her art at all. He then says that she is a caged bird with broken wings and ta that people can’t be happy all of the time. Toru is right, but it seems almost too much. He didn’t have to go that far. Yuka is happy that Toru told her the truth which her mother and Ryo have concealed from her. Toru then leaves as the other reporters notice Yuka. He hesitates when he sees them begin to swarm her, but then he turns around and leaves Yuka to the swarm. Poor Yuka! Will Ryo save her from the reporters that Toru left her to?

Wakui Emi

Toru leaves Yuka alone

**Totally forgot to add the part about who leaked the information about Yuka to Towa Publishing. This came near the end where all the action piled up. But long story short, it is Komiya who is doing it. She says that she wishes to build up Yuka’s reputation and press. They hope to be able to have rights to all of her works and creations. They are good, but exclusive rights to a single artist’s work? That doesn’t sound kosher. Yuka is talented, and her works are very interesting to look at. But it seems a bit unfair to have the foundation take exclusive rights for Yuka’s pieces.**

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