Pure Episode 2 Recap

Takahashi Katsunori, Fubuki Jun

“I don’t want her to see it”

Yuka is lying in bed and recalling the press conference. Despite the adverted disaster, she is very depressed because she could not remember to say “Thank you very much” and “I will continue to work hard.” Ryo comes over and is very pleased to see the positive write up that Yuka received. He can’t wait for Yuka to see it, but Takako says that she doesn’t want Yuka to see it. This surprises Ryo as he thinks the good things in the article will lift Yuka’s spirits, but Takako says Yuka has never read a newspaper before and she sees no reason for Yuka to change her habits and ways now.  Ryo understands this, but you know he would much prefer to share the good news with his cousin.

Wakui Emi

Something is different…

Yuka is surprised to see Ryo so early in the morning, but continues on with her usual routine, spirits visibly dampened. She watches the weather and then goes to get dressed. While she is changing, the phone rings and it is a reporter asking for an interview which Takako immediately refuses. Ryo asks what’s going on and Takako tells him that its ironic. Yuka’s innocent offhand comment about wanting to be a bird, makes people see her as a genius while just the opposite is true. Before leaving for work, Takako tells Yuka that she is not allowed to answer the phone at all and then tapes up a new sign on the door telling Yuka to not let strangers in the house. Yuka goes to send her mother off and tells her that she understands that she can’t answer the phone. Takako pauses and says something is different and then asks whether or not she needs an umbrella. Yuka says no and Takako leaves. Yuka tips her head sideways and agrees with her mother that something has changed.

Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi

“Everyone else thinks she’s a genius”

Toru’s boss is happy that the other newspapers are toting Yuka as a genius as it means they have an exclusive scoop that will break into a major story once revealed. Toru acts nonchalant about the assignment saying that Yuka could turn out to be normal for all they know. Asako says there is definitely something strange about Yuka and Toru replies that all artists are a little strange, which is definitely true in some cases. As cold and aloof as Toru seems, you can tell that he really doesn’t want to do the article on Yuka. It has nothing to do with journalistic integrity, but rather his feelings that exposing Yuka is wrong. It seems he does have a heart after all.

Takaoka Saki

“Throw her a big one”

At work, Takako is bothered by more requests for interviews. This worries her even more. Her boss asks why Takako is working so hard to cover up Yuka’s disability when she has always been open about her daughter’s impediment before. Takako says it is different this time around. It would be different if Yuka was going to be a professional artists, but she’s not. Takako just doesn’t want her daughter’s life to be dramatically changed because of winning the award. Understandable, but you know that initially hiding it will make the big reveal even worse later. Meanwhile, at Ryo’s work, everyone is congratulating him over Yuka’s success and how they are happy to have such a talented friend. This warms Ryo’s heart. Machiko asks the boss if they can throw a party for Yuka and he readily agrees. Ryo shakes off his funk and says he will call Yuka and tell her about it knowing that she would enjoy such a party.

Wakui Emi


Yuka, still depressed, is at home. The phone rings and Yuka goes to answer it before remembering her mother told her not to. She lets the answering machine pick it up and is surprised to learn the call was for her (it was Toru!). This really confuses Yuka now as she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do. Her mother told her not to answer the phone, but the call was for her. While she is trying to figure this out the phone rings again. This time it’s Ryo. Yuka immediately picks up the phone upon hearing Ryo’s voice. He invites her to the party, making her happy. But before agreeing to go, Yuka asks if she will have to give a speech. Ryo, understanding Yuka’s worry, replies that is not necessary. Yuka immediately says she will go then.

Tsutsumi Shinichi

Toru thinks about Yuka

Toru, unable to get a hold of Yuka on the phone, gets his jacket and decides to visit her house. He finds the candy she gave him in his pocket and takes it out, recalling her actions and words that day. He tosses it on his desk and heads out. Yuka is in her workshop talking to her father about all that has happened with the awards and not being able to say what she was supposed to. She goes into her candy jar and thinks about Toru as well. She wonders if he is finally feeling better (she thought he looked tired and unhappy the last time they met). Yuka sets off for the party, repeating her lines for the press conference in a very dejected mood. She is very excited when she runs into Toru again. He tries to tell her that he is there to interview her, but Yuka doesn’t let him. She asks if his magic bell rang because she was thinking about how she wanted to see him. Toru is at a loss, but he finally manages to say that’s not how it works. A dejected Yuka sinks down onto a bench. Toru asks her about the newspaper article and is surprised that she had no idea about it. He takes out the paper and shows it to her. She asks if it says bad things about her and Toru says that it says good things. Yuka smiles at this, relieved that what she thought was a horrible blunder wasn’t all that bad.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

“Can we meet again?”

She and Toru officially introduce themselves to one another. Yuka asks Toru what he does for a living as the last time she saw him he had a camera. Is he a camera man? A perfect opening for Toru. He says that he works for a publishing company but before Toru can try again to talk about an interview, Yuka remembers that she has a party to go to. She apologizes and gets ready to go. She gives Toru another candy to thank him (for the introduction?). As she heads off, she turns back and asks him if she can see him again. Toru is surprised by this and says yes. This makes Yuka very happy and she goes off saying she will ring his magic bell when she wants to see him again. It is cute as Yuka still doesn’t know you have to physically call the pager – that thoughts alone do not make it work. While Toru was talking with Yuka, Ryo and gang were preparing for the party and Toru’s coworker Asako was trying to find out why Toru was demoted to the gossip magazine.

Takako goes to the doctor’s after work again. She talks about the article and then wonders again about Yuka’s bird comment. The doctor tells Takako that all the outside stimulation will be too much for Yuka as she is going through an emotional growth phase and such over stimulation can possibly hurt her. At this time, it is important for both Takako and Yuka to take things slowly. The doctor warns Takako with the new developments Yuka’s feelings will become more complex and she will start to change her views and opinions. Takako asks if she was wrong to tell Yuka that when her father died he became the sky. The doctor says that Yuka was not emotionally ready to handle her father’s death and probably still isn’t, so Takako telling Yuka that is not a bad thing.

Fubuki Jun

Takako visits the doctor again

Yuka has a fun time at the party and Ryo and the gang are shocked to hear that Yuka already knows about the newspaper article. Machiko is shocked to learn that Yuka can read. I guess his coworkers have known about Yuka all along. Yuka and Ryo enjoy themselves at the party while Toru is passed a document with an initial report on Yuka and her disability (apparently gotten from one of the art committee members). Toru goes out to drink with Asako who asks if he will stake out Yuka’s house. Toru says no as he drinks at night and sleeps during the day. Asako takes out his articles and he tells her to put them away. I really do wonder what the cryptic story is behind his career. The party is still going strong and Ryo notices the time and tells Yuka that she has to head home. Ryo is worried when one of his coworkers asks Yuka to say a few words before she leaves as it was getting quite late. Yuka stands up and finally manages to say the words that refused to come out at the press conference.

Takaoka Saki, Takahashi Katsunori, Wakui Emi

Celebration for Yuka

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Yuka is easily distracted

The next day Toru goes to visit Yuka again. She is on her way home with supplies for her art and she is happy when she sees him. She begins waving her arms and ends up spilling all of her supplies in the case. She lets Toru into her house and automatically tells him to lock the door right away, which he does. He then notices the signs on the door. He asks if it’s okay for him to be there. Yuka said her mother put it up yesterday, besides, Toru isn’t a stranger. He is her nice friend.  Yuka makes coffee and asks him how he takes his, he says black and Yuka keeps repeating it to herself, forgetting that she wanted sugar in hers. She goes to take the whole tray back and Toru says to leave it and just bring the sugar. Yuka goes to do this but then remembers she has some yummy cookies. It’s cute how easily distracted she is. Toru finally screws up the courage to tell Yuka why he’s there.

Fubuki Jun

“Who showed Yuka?”

Takako talks to Ryo on a brief break from work. She tells him that Yuka was very happy and was in a good mood thanks to the party. Ryo then says that Yuka showed up in a good mood and then he says he is glad Takako changed her mind about showing Yuka the article. This surprises Yuka who wonders just who showed the article to Yuka as she definitely did not.

Toru sits down and tells Yuka its his job to write an article on her because of the reward she received. Yuka smiles at his and asks if he will praise her as well. Toru says that he will only praise her work it if it deserves it. Plus, he will tell only the honest truth (he stresses this). I think it’s kind of like him trying to make amends for what he’s about to do by telling the innocent Yuka that he will only tell the truth. Yuka takes him into her studio where he begins photographing her work. He seems pretty drawn to Yuka’s work, especially the sun that she made. Yuka can tell him exactly when each piece was made. She becomes fascinated with the camera and asks if she can try. Toru gives it to her and the first thing she does is take a picture of him, to which he protests. She then begins photographing her own artwork while Toru watches.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Toru then starts photographing Yuka while she works on her latest sculpture. He asks her what she’s doing when she takes paper and starts ripping it up and putting it in water. Yuka says that is how she adds color to the clay. All of a sudden a strong wind blows, scattering the paper. Yuka tries to stop it but then the tiny pieces start flying around and Toru starts taking pictures of Yuka caught up in the swirl of paper. Yuka says he isn’t allowed to use that picture. She then says she is happy as it is the first time she saw Toru smile. Yep. It was his first real smile. While she is picking up the papers, he asks her why does everything have wings. Yuka then asks if its strange. Toru says no and that he likes them. This perks Yuka right up as she gets down whenever she thinks that she is strange and different from others.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Takahashi Katsunori

“A big brother, huh?”

Ryo is at work and a coworker hands him ingredients for dinner. Ryo thanks him and the coworker says that he is just like a big brother to Yuka-chan to which Machiko is quick to agree and add her two cents. She thinks it will be interesting when Yuka falls in love because Ryo will act like the disapproving older brother. Ryo smiles at this, but it fades and he says “big brother, huh?” I wonder if Ryo has ever thought of himself as a brother to Yuka or if he was always interested in her as a female? Because he definitely is not happy with the big brother label. And when he finds out about Toru, I just bet his unhappiness will quadruple. And you know he definitely won’t approve of Toru and Yuka ever being in a relationship.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Fubuki Jun

Takako gets an unpleasant surprise

Takako comes home and sees an extra pair of shoes. Thinking it’s Ryo, she goes through the house until she comes to the workshop. Takako is horrified to see a stranger in her home and is even more horrified to learn that he is with a magazine. She yells at him to get out. He says that Yuka agreed to the interview and Takako says that Yuka doesn’t have the capacity to agree. Yuka is upset with how her mother treats Toru and goes to follow him, but her mother holds her back, telling her not to go. Yuka sees that he left behind his scarf and decides to take it to him. Takako again tries to stop Yuka, telling her she doesn’t understand about Toru and Yuka turns the table on her mother and says it is her mother who doesn’t understand. Toru is a nice person and Yuka’s important friend. Yuka then runs out of the house and chases Toru down. She wraps his scarf around his neck and smiles brightly at him while he just kind of looks guilty as Takako is partly right about him.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka makes Toru feel guilty

The next day Ryo, Yuka, Takako, and Toru continue on with daily routines. Toru is the only one who is aware of what is about to happen. Asako delivers the proofs for the next magazine’s issue and the editor immediately turns to the article about Yuka. I don’t know if Toru is responsible for the article content or if it was Asako, but we are only given a few glimpses at what it says. Is hell set to break loose on Yuka and friends?

My thoughts: Please, please don’t let the article be horrible and negatively affect our growing Yuka. Since Toru was so against it, I can’t believe there will be anything over the top, but he definitely seemed guilty and uneasy at the end of the episode. You can also see that no matter how much Yuka surprises and confounds him, she touches him as well. Toru is in need of Yuka’s child-like innocence to get him out of his emotionless funk.

It is amazing how different a person’s acting can be in one episode. Both Wakui and Tsutsumi do admirable and believable jobs with their characters and then you have Takahashi. When he is being upbeat, he tends to overact and get really annoying, but when ever he sobers up and has to be serious, his acting improves greatly. Why can’t he be like that all of the time? I think I’d like Ryo more.

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