Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 3 Recap

Han Eun Jung, Jang Hyun Sun

“Become my mistress”

San Daek and Yeon Yi arrive at their destination and are frightened to see Yoon’s shadow brandishing a sword. Yeon is sent away to wait while San Daek and Yoon talk. So Yoon isn’t going to do anything rash or try to take Yeon’s liver early (thankfully), but has come to the decision that it will be best if San Daek becomes his concubine and Yeon his daughter. Omo, didn’t see that coming, but it’s not too much of a shock because he obviously lusts after San Daek. But come on, with one wife, one concubine and three children, does he really need more? Some men are just selfish. And do you think San Daek will appreciate all of this if she knew the truth, I think not? San Daek points out his mistress and wife, saying it is not a good idea, but Yoon insists it is the best solution and asks San Daek to seriously think it over before giving him an answer.

Seo Shin Ae, Kim Jung Nan

“I wish they were both dead”

While Yoon is proposing this new relationship, his wife is attending their injured daughter’s legs. Cho Ok is crying and saying she hates her father to which her mother is unhappy to hear (though you know she isn’t happy with her husband now either). Then she says she hates the new situation and San Daek and Yeon. She even wishes for their deaths. Normally I am sympathetic with children, even the worst of children’s characters, but I just can’t bring myself to like Cho Ok and be sympathetic towards her as she seems pretty vicious to the core. Is there hope of her turning over a new leaf? I doubt it, but it would be nice. Lady Yang reminds Cho Ok to watch her tongue or else Lord Yoon is likely to beat her again. But she deserves it, honestly!

Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo Jung

Jung Kyu brings Yeon fireflies

San Daek and Yeon return to the household. While San Daek packs things up, Yeon is outside trying to catch fireflies again. She then notices young lord Jung Kyu with his tube. Aww, he brought her fireflies! How sweet. He then says he has a wonderful place to take Yeon. She hesitates at first as she remembers what her mother said about leaving, but eventually agrees. When she goes back into the room, she sees her mother has packed their things and plans on leaving that very night. Yeon asks to stay one more day (so she can honor her promise to Jung Kyu and say goodbye to him, Lord Yoon, and Chun Woo). San Daek insists that it has to be tonight and the two set off only to be stopped by an upset Lord Yoon who cannot believe that San Daek would choose to leave without thinking the matter over and replying. She tells him goodbye and he requests that she stay and brew at least one more potion for Cho Ok. Looks like they are stuck there for at least another day.

Kim Yoo Jung, Lee Min Ho

“Pretty!” “Yes, pretty.”

The next day Yeon goes with Jung Kyu to see the place that he wanted to show her. It is a field of water lilies (possibly lotuses, are the two flowers related?). Yeon is pleasantly surprised and very happy. She crouches on the edge of a stone bridge crossing the water and stares at the blossoms, calling them pretty. Jung Kyu has his eyes on Yeon and agrees with her. Aww, touching first love! He then comments that if Yeon listens to him, things will go well and Yeon replies that he and his mother say the same thing 😛 As they are walking through a field, Yeon’s senses pick up something strange and soon a flock of birds (that remind me of crows) comes winging out of the nearby forest (reminiscent of scenes from Hitchcock’s Birds) and begin attacking the two. They try to run away, but Yeon falls. Jung Kyu goes over and tries to keep the birds off of her, but eventually he takes a hard hit and goes down unconscious. A worried Yeon stands up and tries to beat away at the birds to no avail, then her anger and fox powers take over and she frightens the birds away.

Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo Jung

Yeon protects Jung Kyu

A stormy night falls and San Daek, Yoon, and their servants are on the hunt for Yeon. San Daek is really worried and keeps falling as she struggles to find her daughter as soon as possible. Cho Ok learns from the maid that Jung Kyu is missing and that has caused quite an uproar. To make matters worse, Yeon seems to have gone missing with him. Why couldn’t the maid keep quiet? She knows how much Cho Ok likes Jung Kyu and how much she hates Yeon. Meanwhile, Yeon manages to drag Jung Kyu to a shelter under a hut. She pulls down some straw and covers him up while she sits frightened and cold.

Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo Jung

“Are you all right?”

The next day Cho Ok checks to see of Yeon is home and is enraged to find that Yeon has apparently spent the entire night out with Jung Kyu. It’s not like they were having fun or anything. Sheesh. Jung Kyu wakes up and is horrified to see the huddled, shaking Yeon. He asks if she stayed like that all night and she nods. He yells at her for not waking him up. Cute, he wanted to be able to protect and help her. Yeon says that she is all right, but Jung Kyu checks her forehead. He helps her up and they begin walking back towards home. He then holds up Yeon’s bell and says that she almost lost it again. While walking it keeps ringing. San Daek is searching with Chun Woo in the woods when her keen fox ears pick up the sound of the ringing bells. She quietly listens and sets off to find her daughter. Chun Woo is happy to see mother and daughter reunited. Yeon is at least safe for now.

Han Eun Jung, Kim Yoo Jung, Sun Joon Young

Lord Jo orders strict punishment

Steward Oh goes to Yoon to give him a report on the situation. Yoon is wondering why they haven’t returned with Yeon yet. Oh tells him that they managed to find Yeon, but just as they were about to come home, they were waylaid by Jo’s men. Lord Jo accuses Yeon of leading Jung Kyu astray. San Daek says that as Yeon’s mother she is to blame. Jo gets a good look at the two and recognizes them from earlier. He won’t let them escape without a sound beating this time. His men begin to rope the mother and daughter together and Chun Woo tries to intervene. Jo tells his men to rope him as well and they can be beaten together. Before he can do anything, Jung Kyu and his mother arrive. Jung Kyu tells his father (that surprised me) that Yeon saved him and doesn’t deserve such punishment. His mother agrees, saying that given the circumstances, they should let Yeon and her mother go. How did such an awful man end up with such a kind wife and son?

Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun Jung, Lee Min Ho

“This child saved my life!”

Seo Shin Ae

“Beat me instead!”

Yoon gets ready to head off to save Yeon and San Daek when Cho Ok stops him, telling her father to leave them be. Yoon does not heed Cho Ok and goes to leave again only to have her stop him again. She says that she would rather her father beat her than to have those two return as she hates them. This upsets Yoon, as he needs Yeon healthy and alive in order to save his daughter. As he is about to try to leave again, San Daek, Yeon, and Chun Woo return. Looks like Lord Jo was cowed by his son and wife. Good. Both Cho Ok and her mother are both less than thrilled to see the two return again.

Kim Yoo Jung, Jang Hyun Sun, Han Eun Jung

Yoon comforts Yeon & San Daek

That night, Lord Yoon sits up with San Daek and Yeon (who is resting with a slight fever). He takes Yeon’s hand and says that he is thankful that nothing serious is wrong. What would he do if she were seriously hurt. He then looks at San Daek and says she must have had a great shock and takes her hand as well. This makes the uncomfortable San Daek even more uncomfortable. She tries to pull away, but Yoon refuses to let go of her hand. He smiles warmly at her and then glances down affectionately at Yeon. It looks like San Daek is conflicted with this warmth. After her husband’s betrayal, she decided to hate and not trust all humans and here is this man, who for no reason (at least none that she is aware of at the moment), is helping her and her daughter. Cho Ok is outside and sees the shadow of this touching seen and quiver ins anger. She is quite good at that. Kind of like an angry dog shakes.

Im Seo Yeon

Cho Ok steals the fox blood

While a hurt and angry Cho Ok heads back to the house, she overhears a woman talking with Kye Hang. The woman is peddling remedies and ingredients. She has dried fox’s genitals. The male’s can give a man great vitality in the bed arena, while the female’s will make no male be unable to resist her. The lady then shows Kye Hang a jar which contains the blood of a young fox. That baby fox’s blood is to be given to the woman who is trying to steal your man. If she drinks it, he will not be able to go near her if she wants. This intrigues Kye Hang and she asks for more as she wants to shove a whole bowl down a certain woman’s (San Daek’s obviously) throat. Hearing this, Cho Ok storms in. The lady gets up and takes her leave and Kye Hang tries to play it off as buying ingredients to help Cho Ok’s father. Cho Ok grabs the fox’s blood and goes to leave. Kye Hang tries to stop her and Cho Ok gives her a good glare and asks if Kye Hang was trying to poison her father, to which Kye Hang replies no. What does Cho Ok have up her sleeve now?

Park Soo HyunOur resident exorcist is back and on the hunt for San Daek and Yeon. Not good at all. Meanwhile, little Yeon is having a nightmare. San Daek wakes her daughter and Yeon points to the wall and says look at the birds. San Daek looks, but no birds. She tells Yeon she is just dreaming, but Yeon says no. She then tells her mother what happened with the birds. This shocks and upsets San Daek, especially when Yeon said that she somehow managed to send the birds away frightened. San Daek knows that the closer they get to Yeon’s birthday, the more Yeon will start exhibiting powers of the gumiho.

Shin Seo Ae, Kim Yoo Jung

Cho Ok plays nice

Cho Ok goes to Yoon and says that she would like to make friends with Yeon and requests that Yeon be made her companion. This gladdens Yoon who wishes for the two to get along well with one another until the time comes to kill Yeon. He quickly agrees to Cho Ok’s proposal. Yeon comes in and stops short when she sees her tormentor. Cho Ok gets up with a smile and leads Yeon over to her father. Yoon tells Yeon that Cho Ok wants her for a companion. Yeon is not happy, you can tell she doesn’t trust Cho Ok at all. You can’t blame her. As soon as they are alone, Cho Ok begins showing her temper. She tells Yeon she stinks and tells her to strip. Yeon doesn’t and so Cho Ok begins taking off Yeon’s clothes for her. Chun Woo witnesses the struggle and goes to Yoon and San Daek. Yoon and Oh get there first and Yoon demands to know what is going on. Cho Ok says she is hurt and pulls Yeon out. Apparently she gave Yeon one of her dresses. This impresses her father, but Yeon still looks uncomfortable and unhappy. San Daek and Chun Woo arrive on the scene and Yoon tells them it was a false alarm this time. San Daek doesn’t really trust this and goes to see for herself. Apparently Cho Ok is giving even more things to Yeon.

Kim Jung Yoo, Kim Woo Suk, Woo Min Gyu

Choong Il is taken with Yeon

The troublesome Yoon brothers finally make their appearance. Choong Il and Choong Yi are planning a surprise attack on Yeon. Choong Yi has his slingshot at the ready to launch an attack as soon as Yeon steps out the door. When a person finally approaches, Choong Il quickly puts his hand in front of the slingshot taking the full impact of the rock. Ouch! Choong Yi wants to know why his big brother ruined his perfect shot. Choong Il says they have to be careful not to hit their sister Cho Ok. Choong Yi says he doesn’t see Cho Ok. Choong Il looks again and is stunned to find Yeon standing there in Cho Ok’s dress. Heehee, he’s mesmerized by her new look. Choong Yi asks about the dress and Yeon says that she didn’t steal it, that Cho Ok gave it to her. Choong Yi says that she is lying and turns to his elder brother and is shocked to see him standing there with a goofy look on his face. Choong Yi asks Choong Il if the slingshot hit him in the head as well. This wakes Choong Il up and he looks at his hand. Yeon notices it is bleeding and quickly tends to the wound. Choong Il is surprised that Yeon is being so nice. Yeon says that she likes him at that moment because he can’t be mean to her. This touches Choong Il. He is starting to like our little Yeon! At first I thought that would happen until he showed himself to be an ass and Jung Kyu entered the picture. But it’s not a bad development if he and Yeon can become friends and stop the bullying.

Kim Woo Suk, Kim Yoo Jung

“I don’t hate you right now”

Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo Jung

Jung Kyu gives Yeon a present

Yeon meets up with Jung Kyu (who is still sporting scratches while Yeon is completely healed already). Jung Kyu, like Choong Il, loves the new look of Yeon’s. He thanks her for the other day and takes out a pouch. He pulls a jade pendant from it and says it is a gift of gratitude for Yeon’s help the other day. Yeon is shocked to see such a valuable item being given to her. As much as she would like to accept it, she turns it down. Jung Kyu then changes tact. He tells Yeon that the truth is it is a symbol of their friendship (he really means a symbol of his affection, lol). This perks Yeon right up. Looks like she is happy for a gift of friendship versus one of gratitude. Don’t necessarily blame her for that. Yeon happily accepts the gift while our angrily quivering Cho Ok looks on. Not good, not good at all.

Seo Shin Ae, Kim Yoo Jung

Cho Ok forces Yeon to drink fox blood

Cho Ok goes back to her room and takes out the bottle of fox blood. She quickly pours it into a bowl and starts acting as if she is in pain when Yeon walks in. Yeon immediately rushes to see what the matter is and Cho Ok says Yeon’s mother’s medicine has made her ill. Yeon does not believe this. Cho Ok angrily accuses Yeon of calling her a liar (so much with her illness facade, but Yeon doesn’t seem to entirely notice the slip). Cho Ok demands for Yeon to drink the tonic to see if it is bad. Yeon doesn’t recognize the tonic as one her mother made, but takes the bowl and drinks it all down. Yeon immediately gets sick and runs out while a victorious Cho Ok watches with a smile. Apparently Cho Ok hoped that by giving the blood to Yeon, Jung Kyu wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

Kim Yoo Jung, Han Eun Jung

Fox blood is poison to gumihos

San Daek does not understand why her daughter is so ill. No matter what she does, she cannot seem to bring Yeon’s fever down. She asks Yeon what she ate and notices blood on her hand. San Daek asks if Yeon had the blood of a fox. If so, that is one of the deadliest of poisons to a gumiho. San Daek goes to use her fox’s bead, but refrains as it could mean big trouble if she uses it to cure Yeon. Meanwhile, Yoon questions Cho Ok about the tonic. Cho Ok is displeased that her father thinks that she did something to it (well, honestly it was animal’s blood and not a tonic). Yoon doesn’t mean to place blame, he is just trying to figure out why Yeon is suddenly so sick after drinking the tonic Cho Ok made her drink. Lady Yang goes to visit Yeon and San Daek. Instead of comforting San Daek, Lady Yang immediately asks what she did to the tonic that would make a child that sick. Apparently Yang thinks that San Daek was trying to poison Cho Ok. Before San Daek can say anything, Yoon storms in and scolds his wife for being so cruel at such a time.

Han Eun Jung, Kim Yoo Jung

San Daek uses the fox bead

Lady Yang seeks out the shaman. Why? She wants his help in getting rid of Yeon and San Daek. The shaman offers no help in this quarter. He tells Lady Yang that she will regret sending them away, but he won’t say why. Lady Yang asks him and he says the bitterness will turn into the best of medicines. Why is it that Yoon and Oh know that Yeon can save Cho Ok, but that no one else must know? Will that really change the outcome? Lady Yang is not happy to hear she must endure the mother and daughter, but goes along with it as it seems she has no other option at the moment. Yoon sends for a doctor who is mystified at Yeon’s condition and how she seems different than normal. Yoon is most displeased by this and sends the doctor away ridiculing him for his ineptitude. San Daek begs him to let her take care of Yeon her own way and Yoon yells at her saying that Yeon isn’t only her daughter (actually she is, but whatever). He decides to send for a physician who has even treated the royals. San Daek does not like this. Yeon gets worse and San Daek begs her daughter to stay and be well, but Yeon stops breathing. San Daek has no choice but to use her fox’s bead. Using saves Yeon but weakens San Daek. Until spring comes and San Daek can get another bead, she will be virtually powerless and unable to handle any crises.

Kim Yoo Jung

Half transformed Yeon

Yeon is horrified at her mother’s weakened state and goes to get San Daek a drink of water. While she is doing that the exorcist comes into the Yoon household. Yeon is distracted by fireflies again and wonders if Jung Kyu has shown up again. While she goes looking for him, the exorcist sees her and throws powder at her (purifying salt?). This causes Yeon to transform into a half human, half fox state. San Daek is horrified when she sees her daughter like that. She manages to hide her from Lady Yang who has just come home. Yeon is shocked to see fur on her hands and feel it on her face. San Daek tells her to lock herself in their room until she can prepare an antidote. While San Daek is off killing a cow for one of its organs (the liver or heart, I wonder?), Yeon takes a look at herself in a mirror and freaks out.

Kim Yoo Jung

“Am I a monster?”

When San Daek gets home, Yeon is nowhere to be found. The worried mother sets out after her missing daughter and Yoon sets out for the missing pair. San Daek finds Yeon in a tree. She begs her to come down as she is too weak to do anything. Yeon refuses and demands to know if she is a monster. San Daek says she is just different. She wants to keep the truth from Yeon as long as possible. Yeon refuses to come down or eat the cow organ. Mother and daughter have reached an impasse (each threatening to die because of the other) when Yoon approaches on horseback.

My thoughts: Why is it necessary for San Daek to keep the truth from Yeon? It would be better for the little girl if she knew the stories her mother told were in fact reality. And can someone explain why fox’s blood is lethal to a gumiho? But some good cute moments with Jung Kyu and even the jerk Choong Il.

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayak


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