Bad Guy Episode 4 Recap

Bad Guy Episode 4

Han Ga In, Kim Nam Gil

“I did this for you”

As soon as Gun Wook sits down and barely acknowledges Mo Ne, the girl launches into her speech about how she has told her family that she loves “oppa” and that he is the man she wants to marry. Poor Jae In is at a loss, not understanding what is going on. Especially when Mo Ne says she wants to marry her brother. Jae In points out that it is impossible and Mo Ne apologizes for lying to Jae In. She tells her that Gun Wook is not Mo Ne’s brother, but rather the guy that she likes. Jae In is in shock and soon becomes angry asking Gun Wook if its true. He says that he never claimed to be Hong Tae Sung, she called him that from the beginning herself. Jae In grabs her purse and storms off, shocking Mo Ne.

Gun Wook excuses himself and goes after the stinging Jae In. He says that she started the game by planning the coffee run in. Jae In admits to going after him because she thought he was Hong Tae Sung. Gun Wook then says he continued with the charade in hoping to be able to put a stop to her doing such a thing – basically if he hurt and shamed her enough, then she wouldn’t think of doing such things in the future. Jae In says that she never wants to see him again and then admits that she had started to like him for being who he was and not being Hong Tae Sung. And you know when the real Tae Sung enters the picture, this is going to get even MORE complicated. You can tell how conflicted Gun Wook is in deliberately hurting her because just like Jae In did him, he had opened his heart a bit.

Kim Hye Ok, Oh Yun Soo

“Sometimes I think about that child”

Tae Ra just can’t get Gun Wook off of her mind. She keeps thinking about him and his discussion about love. While she goes to pick up her daughter, Gun Wook is teasing his boss about knowing who got into his apartment and cleaned it (cute scene, but does nothing to drive the plot forward). After picking up So Dam, Tae Ra meets with her mother where Madame Shin discusses plans for sending Mo Ne to study abroad to get her away from Gun Wook. You can tell Tae Ra doesn’t really like this idea – she seems more motherly to her little sister than their mother is. While watching So Dam, Tae Ra mentions that she sometimes thinks about that child – the one the Hongs threw out. Madame Shin is surprised that Tae Ra brings up the fake Tae Sung after all of these years and even more surprised to hear her eldest daughter say she wonders what happened to him. Tae Ra asks if Madame Shin ever thinks about him to which Madame Shin replies of course not. Well, good to see Tae Ra does have a conscience, though it wasn’t her fault that Choi Tae Sung got thrown away when Hong Tae Sung came and since she was a little girl, there really was nothing she could have done for him.

Kim Nam Gil, Shim Eun Kyung

Gun Wook points out the Haeshin Group to Won In

Won In sees Gun Wook walking and she gets off her bus to ask him for her money, which he of course doesn’t have. Mo Ne tries calling him again and he gives the phone to Won In again. She takes out his battery and chases after him. Won In’s guess is that he’s running from creditors and drowning in debt. He points out the Heishin Group building and says that there are ropes there that people try to climb, but most of them are rotten, causing people to fall. He only has this one good rope left and he is hanging on to it with all of his might. Won In doesn’t really get it, but she likes the sound of what he said. She tells him to not give up (still thinking he is drowning in debt) and to get a decent job instead of wandering around all day. An upset Jae In deletes Gun Wook’s number from her phone and calls him a jerk again. Mr. Hong tells Tae Ra and Madame Shin to leave the Shim Gun Wook matter to him. He will try meeting him once and see what happens from there. Looks like Gun Wook’s plan to shake up the Hong family is having the desired affect from So Dam and Mo Ne, he got to Tae Ra and Mr. Hong.

Shim Eun Kyung, Han Ga In

“A rope will come down from heaven so don’t worry and live your life with a smile”

Won In comes home to a spaced out Jae In. She tires to comfort her older sister who is sitting on the floor just scribbling repetitively on a drawing pad. She doesn’t even flinch or stop when Won In takes the pad away. Won In finally snaps Jae In out of it and gives her some advice (trying her best to repeat what Gun Wook said), which is really funny because Won In has no idea that it was Gun Wook who hurt her sister this time. A curious Gun Wook goes to Madame Shin’s gallery looking for Jae In. He sits outside where he sees Madame Shin who doesn’t like the looks of him and tells security to tighten up around the gallery before opening (It seems as if some of his mannerisms reminded her of someone from the past). She tells Jae In there was a strange man loitering outside. Jae In goes to check it out, but Gun Wook was already leaving. Even though Jae In is connected to the Hong family and respects Madame Shin, Gun Wook should really just leave her alone because you know she will be inadvertently drawn in to his own personal tragedy along with everyone else.

Kim Nam Gil, Jun Gook Hwan

“You seem familiar”

Gun Wook goes home where he recalls the tragic events of the past while going through the new information found on the Haeshin Group. He gets a call from Mr. Hong inviting him to go to the office for a talk. Looks like thing are going according to plan for Gun Wook. Mr. Hong has his assistant investigate Gun Wook who went to the same college Mr. Hong graduated from and even got a degree in business – so why was he a stuntman? Once inside the office, Gun Wook recalls how he used to meet Mr. Hong there and how pleased he was when his Tae Sung came to see him. Mr. Hong is shocked that Gun Wook seems so familiar even though its their first time meeting. He makes a proposal for Gun Wook. If he accepts this job and does well, then Gun Wook can date Mo Ne. Gun Wook could care less about dating Mo Ne, but he won’t refuse and offer that will take him further inside the Hong family and Haeshin Group.

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In

Gun Wook pretends to be Jae In’s new boyfriend to get back at her ex

Jae In is also at the Haeshin Group headquarters to bring a painting to the gallery for Madame Shin. Unfortunately she has to deal with her scummy ex who doesn’t talk about business, but about them. Gun Wook is leaving when he notices Jae In and overhears her conversation. This makes him understand her a little more. Her ass of an ex says that she should have known that a marriage between them was impossible as they are from two different worlds. He then tries to hook up with her because his wife is out of town. Talk about low! Gun Wook comes up and puts his arm around Jae In and asks who the guy is. Her ex asks if that is her new boyfriend and says that she didn’t waste any time in finding someone new. Jae In shakes of Gun Wook’s arm and scolds him for trying to help her. She then lights in to her ex and asks why he hasn’t even been promoted yet. He then lets her know that thanks to his advantageous marriage, he had been promoted so next time she comes, she’ll have to talk to his subordinate. Ouch. Jae In goes to leave, but Gun Wook stops her and gets in the car. She tells him to get out and he does and takes the keys and gets back in to start the car. Jae In can’t believe her luck, but she does get in and lets Gun Wook drive her.

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In

Gun Wook cheers Jae In up

Jae In remains quiet with her head turned away from Gun Wook. He rolls down the windows and cranks up the stereo. Jae In sticks her hand out the window, feeling the breeze and slowly begins to unwind. Gun Wook is happy to notice that her mood is improving – she even smiles! They arrive at a beach just as the sunsets. Jae In asks why he brought her there. He says that at that beach there is no one to look down on you and put you in your place, there you can scream. Gun Wook then screams. Jae In laughs and eventually joins Gun Wook in yelling. While this is going on, Tae Ra tells Mo Ne about Gun Wook’s agreement with their father. Gun Wook will go to Japan to get Tae Sung. If he successfully brings him back, then there is a chance they can date. This just makes little Mo Ne’s day. The two then go out to dinner and Jae In tells him about her ex when Gun Wook asks if that man was the reason she wanted to date the heir of the Haeshin Group. Jae In says that he was her college sunbae who chased her around for years. They finally started dating and she really loved him and had hoped to marry him, but just like that her hopes were dashed. All of those years of love just flushed down the drain for a girl with money from a good family. From that moment on, Jae In said that she believes love does not exist. She then tells Gun Wook that they will never meet again. Gun Wook asks if she is confident in being able to do so and gives her a present that he said he picked up. Jae In laughs at the corny line and opens the box to find the pen she lost on Jeju Island. She just can’t believe it. She then realizes that means Gun Wook was the stuntman who choked her. They laugh and from that moment on, they are friends again. So much for avoiding him 😛

Han Ga In, Shim Eun Kyung

“I’ll go somewhere and bring a guy”

Won In immediately asks where Jae In was as she was gone all night. Jae In said she had to stay overnight at work. Won In busts her as she can smell the alcohol on her sister. Won In threatens to call their mom if Jae In doesn’t talk. Jae In tells her not to and Won In says her sister is going further down the path of ruin. Won In then stands up and declares she will go get her sister man. LOL, so cute and funny. Jae In stops her and then tells her that she will be going on a business trip to Japan to get a glass mask. If Jae In succeeds in her mission, then there is a chance she could get hired on by Madame Shin permanently. Won In says she understands and to bring back presents. Jae In says that she will not forget to.

Kim Nam Gil

“What do I do, Tae Sung?”

Chief Kwak asks if Detective Lee found the cell phone yet, but still nothing. Kwak says if they find the other guy who argued with Seon Young before she died, then they will find the phone (which Gun Wook has). Gun Wook is packing his things to leave for Japan when he looks at Seon Young’s phone and recalls the day of their argument. She was pleading with him to help her and then she changes tact and says that she will tell them everything. She gets out her phone and Gun Wook wrestled it away asking if she had gone crazy. She asks him what to do and he hugs her and she calls him Tae Sung. He tells her never to call him that again. End flashback. He gets a call from Jae In scolding him that he gave her a broken pen. He asks if he should take it back and she says no and hangs up. Right afterward she gets the pen to work, making her sheepish for calling and chiding Gun Wook.

Han Ga In, Kim Nam Gil

Jae In and Gun Wook fly to Japan

Gun Wook goes to visit Seon Young’s grave, but leaves when he overhears the police talking to the caretaker about calling them if he notices anyone visiting her memorial. The man then says that there was a person who was just standing there. Kwak goes running out, but Gun Wook is roaring away on his motorcycle all ready. He gets home, takes one last look at his revenge wall and leaves. Meanwhile, Madame Shin and Tae Ra express their unhappiness at Hong for giving Gun Wook this mission. Madame Shin urges Tae Ra to hurry and send Mo Ne overseas to study. Madame Shin is very unhappy to hear that such trash left a favorable impression on her husband. Unbeknown to Jae In, she and Gun Wook are actually on the same flight to Japan! How you can’t notice a person you know sitting not too far from you on an airplane is beyond me, but they don’t meet on the plane or at either airport. Meanwhile, an ecstatic Mo Ne watches the sky with a smile.

Kim Jae Wook

Tae Sung arrested in Japan

When they get to Japan we have some random scenes. We get to see how horrible a lifestyle Tae Sung is living and we see Gun Wook and Jae In settling down in Japan. Gun Wook meets with a young Japanese man and gives him money. An old homeless man sees this and asks Gun Wook for some (Kim Nam Gil speaks Japanese pretty well, and, of course, so does Kim Jae Wook). Gun Wook says that he was told you should work for money (heehee, that’s what little Won In said). The man again pleads for money saying he will do anything. Never say that! Then Gun Wook asks if he could kill a man for him. Meanwhile, the young guy who took the money goes up to Tae Sung and offers him drugs. Tae Sung ignores him and then goes after him. He takes the drugs and the police raid the club. Tae Sung runs, but is caught. At the police station, Tae Sung says nothing except that he doesn’t want to go back to Korea. The cops then let him go telling him not to act so suspicious with vitamins. Tae Sung is completely ticked off to find out that he was played for a fool.

Han Ga In

Jae In literally ran into Tae Sung

Jae In goes to her Japanese friend’s workshop (Han Ga In speaks Japanese, but doesn’t sound all that good compared to her male costars) to find out that Ryu-sensei is missing and his lecture has yet to be rescheduled. This bums Jae In out as she was hoping to speak with him and get the glass mask right away. Her friend then gives her an invitation to a boat party where Ryu may show up. Upon leaving the police station, Tae Sung goes looking for the guy who swindled him. He finds him and chases him and wouldn’t you know, Tae Sung literally runs into Jae In. He stops briefly but continues running, leaving Jae In with a broken bag and her belongings scattered everywhere. She accidentally leaves behind the invitation which is picked up (most likely by Gun Wook). Like Gun Wook, it seems that Jae In is fated to keep crossing paths with Tae Sung.

Kim Eung Soo

“Tae Sung was thrown away by the Haeshin Group”

Back in Korea, Lee and Kwak are staking out Seon Young’s place when they see a young man. They run him down and they show him their badges. He asks if anything happened to Seon Young. The detectives mention Tae Sung’s name and the young man knows him! Hong Tae Sung was at the orphanage with Seon Young, was she seeing him again? Lee says that Tae Sung is the son of the Haeshin group. The young man said no, this Hong Tae Sung was the boy thrown away by the Haeshin group. Duh-duh-dun. Looks like Gun Wook’s careful plans are unraveling a bit as the detectives are now aware of the second Hong Tae Sung.

Kim Jae Wook, Han Ga In

Tae Sung fails at seducing Jae In

Jae In goes to the party only to find that Ryu did not show up as planned. Tae Sung sees her and approaches her. They begin conversing in Japanese, but when he grabs her bag and the strap breaks again, Jae In starts talking in Korean. Tae Sung asks if she is Korean and Jae In is happy to find a fellow Korean in Japan. He complains that the party is boring and takes her outside to talk. He hits on her, and when she turns him down, he says she must be man-hunting for a guy with money as she isn’t wearing a party dress and she is carrying a battered designer bag. Jae In is insulted (as she should be). She stalks off, but stops when a man goes overboard. She asks Tae Sung to do something before the man dies and starts screaming for help. Recalling the detectives telling him that Seon Young’s death was his fault, Tae Sung jumps in. Once in the water, Gun Wook grabs him and tries to keep him under. Tae Sung manages to break fee and even rips of Gun Wook’s mask. What will happen next?

My thoughts: If only Jae In and Gun Wook knew how to walk away. If they did then you know what’s to come in future episodes wouldn’t happen, but then where would the melodrama and all the heartache be? I like how we are starting to piece together more and more of the puzzle that is Tae Sung’s and Gun Wook’s pasts. I can’t wait for the coming episodes as we’ll have more of Kim Jae Wook who is doing a pretty good job at playing the tormented bad boy Hong Tae Sung. If Gun Wook knew how badly Tae Sung was treated and how much he is suffering already, would he still include Tae Sung in his plot? Who knows.

I really do like the scenes with Won In and Gun Wook, which have been increasing. They are really cute together, like a brother and sister always teasing and playing around. When will they find out the truth that Won In is Jae In’s sister and that Gun Wook is the man Jae In likes? And, do you think if Jae In knew who Hong Tae Sung really was, would she have changed her answer and rejection? How ironic that the man she set out to seduce is hitting on her in the cheesiest and silliest of ways.

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