Bad Guy Episode 3 Recap

Kim Nam Gil

Oh Yun Soo, Jung So Min

“Stop seeing him”

After a very brief recap from the previous episodes, we see Tae Ra sitting and telling Mo Ne that she is not allowed to see that Shim Gun Wook ever again. If Mo Ne doesn’t listen to Tae Ra, then Tae Ra will tell the Hong parents and Mo Li should know what will happen then. I wonder, will they ruthlessly go after Gun Wook, or will they just keep Mo Ne under lock and key? Mo Ne doesn’t like this threat, but you know she won’t be an obedient girl either. Also, Tae Ra holds her wrist and recalls what Gun Wook said about it being warm. Seems like this really bothered Tae Ra? Is she starting to become attracted as well to the mysterious Gun Wook? Meanwhile, Gun Wook returns home and takes out Jae In’s card, recalling the run in they had. He isn’t stupid, so you know that he is probably on to Jae In’s scheme. Will he use the girl to help exact his revenge on the Hong family?

Kim Eung Soo

“What is going on?”

At the police station, the detectives are getting ready to wrap up Seon Young’s death as a suicide, when a criminal notices the picture and recognizes the lady. This surprises the Squad Chief Kwak who asks him what he knows and when he last saw her. The guy says that she was arguing with someone. Kwak asks when and where and after thinking about it, the criminal states that it was they day of a big soccer match against Japan and it was pretty late (1 or 2 am). Kwak asks if the criminal got a good look at the guy Seon Young was fighting with. He didn’t, all he saw was the person’s back, but after thinking carefully, he says that he thinks Seon Young called the man Tae Sung. In the flashbacks they show, it is pretty obvious that the Tae Sung being referred to isn’t the real one, but rather Gun Wook. What exactly is going on? The squad chief calls up Hong Tae Sung who is at the airport on his way to Japan. He says that Seon Young had only one man and that was him. After hanging up with Tae Sung, the Kwak tells the young detective to start investigating Seon Young’s phone records. Looks like the case won’t be closed just yet.

Han Ga In

Jae In cleans for Tae Sung

Meanwhile, Gun Wook calls up Jae In and tells her that the coffee just won’t come out of his shirt. At first Jae In is confused, but then she remembers her ploy to run in to Hong Tae Sung. Gun Wook then calls her over to his place (which isn’t his at all because his place is roomy with sparse furnishings and very clean) to wash the shirt for him. Jae In happily goes over in hopes of getting closer to the Hong son. She is horrified to see the filthy apartment and less than thrilled to learn she has to wash the shirt by hand as she doesn’t even have to do that with her own clothes. Gun Wook then leaves her alone in the apartment and goes out for a walk, plays some soccer with neighborhood kids, and buys them all ice cream all while Jae In is slaving away. Once she gets his shirt clean, she looks around the apartment and decides to clean it up. Whether or not this is because she is trying to impress Hong Tae Sung or just because she hates the filthy mess, is kind of up in the air.

Jung So Min

Mo Ne’s secret uncovered

While Gun Wook is treating the kids to ice cream, he gets a call for Mo Ne, which he ignores before heading “home.” Mo Ne is upset because he won’t answer and gets her things to set off to find him. Tae Ra comes in to announce dinner and is surprised to see Mo Ne going out. Tae Ra tells her she can’t go to the practice studio anymore because Tae Ra knows that it is now and excuse and a place for Mo Ne to meet up with Gun Wook. Mo Ne gets upset and says she is not a doll to be kept at home. Tae Ra asks why she has become so defiant and then says that if Mo Ne doesn’t start behaving, then Tae Ra will have no choice but to tell their parents. Mo Ne tells Tae Ra to go right ahead. Tell Mr. Hong and Mrs. Shin about Gun Wook and how Eom has a famous actress as his lover. Mrs. Shin comes in having heard the raised voices and most of the conversation. She is bewildered to know that Eom has a lover while pursuing Mo Ne and even more disturbed when she hears her younger daughter talking about how she likes this Gun Wook oppa.

Oh Yun Soo, Kim Hye Ok

“What to do?”

Tae Ra and Mrs. Shin sit down to talk about Mo Ne and the problems they have. Mrs. Shin asks if it’s true that Eom has a lover. Tae Ra said she did some investigating and found out that he is seeing an actress whom he also financially supports. Tae Ra says it looks like the marriage will have to be called off. Mrs. Shin says they cannot do that as it will make a mess of their negotiations with the Eom family and breaking into a new business that Mr. Hong has been wanting to enter for awhile. They must approach the problem carefully and get Eom to break off the engagement instead of the other way around. Tae Ra asks how. Mrs. Shin doesn’t know, but they need to get that figured out before the actual engagement takes place and they need to do it in a way that will not adversely affect their group (business). Mrs. Shin then asks who Gun Wook is, but instead of waiting for Tae Ra’s answer, she just says that the chauffeur will follow Mo Ne around so that no strange men can approach her.

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In

“Let this noona take care of you”

Gun Wook comes back to the apartment and is surprised to find it spotless with Jae In working hard. He tells her that she didn’t have to clean. She says she couldn’t leave the apartment empty and that she likes things to be clean, so she figured she’d tidy the place up. Next follows a scene where Gun Wook asks her if she likes him because he’s Hong Tae Sung and she says yes and then corners him tells him to let this “noona” take care of him as he is not living his life right to be in such a sorry state, but that apparently was just a little daydream of Jae In’s. Gun Wook asks if Jae In is doing this all because he is Mo Ne’s brother. Jae In says yes, because Mo Ne is nice to her she wanted to do something nice for Mo Ne’s brother. She then says his clothes should be dry soon. Gun Wook tells her to leave if she has everything done. This surprises Jae In, but she gets her stuff together and leaves.

Kim Nam Gil, Han Ga In

Gun Wook catches falling Jae In

On her way home, Gun Wook follows her all of the way. She asks if he is taking her home and he says he is just taking a walk. On the bus, he asks what she does to be so free. This annoys Jae In as she had given him her business card earlier. He then asks what it means to be an art consultant. she tells him about how its her job to plan exhibits and pick out art pieces for galleries. The opening she is doing for Mrs. Shin is her first and she is really nervous. The ride continues with Gun Wook doing one of his spacing moments and Jae In just stares at him. The bus jerks and she goes flying, but Gun Wook catches her and then chides her for spacing out and falling. He asks if she is always like that and she says that people call her smart and sharp. He then asks if she isn’t embarrassed to be praising herself like that. Poor Jae In! After getting off the bus, Jae In asks if Mo Ne ever mentioned her to him, she trips and nearly falls and Gun Wook catches her again. He clucks his tongue at her recklessness. She then says she is not usually like this. Gun Wook says that’s right, she is smart, spaces out, and falls. Not quite the impression Jae In wanted to have. She tells him that she is home and they say goodbye and Gun Wook turns and begins walking away. Jae In wonders if he might like her as his “doing his own thing” ended up being him taking her all the way home. Gun Wook turns back, startling Jae In. She nods to him and continues on to her house. Gun Wook smiles before leaving. He does like her, I think, in a way.

Kim Nam Gil, Shim Eun Kyung

“You owe me 1000 won”

Won In and her friends are playing rock, paper, scissors to see who will approach an adult to see if they can get them to buy cigarettes. Won In loses and she approaches none other than Gun Wook, whom she does not recognize at first. She tells him her sob story about needing to buy cigarettes for her father and gives Gun Wook the money to buy them. He goes into the store and comes out with a drink, but no cigarettes. Won In asks him what is going on. He said he never promised to buy the cigarettes, besides, she owed him 1000 won. This surprises Won In, but then she remembers the bus fare incident. She still wants her money back, but he bought the drink with it. He says that he is poor and doesn’t even have bus fare, and then he turns out his pockets. This annoys Won In and she begins searching his pockets herself. His cell begins ringing and Won In asks if he is going to answer it. He tells her to. She takes his phone and looks at whose calling before answering it (it says “life-saving rope”). Gun Wook laughs as Won In answers saying that the ahjussi refuses to answer the call and to never call again. She hangs up and gives Gun Wook back the phone and asks for her money. He smiles and says “arigatou” (thank you in Japanese) before running off. It’s cute to see the playful side of Gun Wook.

Jung So Min

“I miss you”

The “life-saving rope” that called was Mo Ne. You have to wonder why he chose to list her number in his phone that way. Is it because she was his in to get back at the Hong family? Mo Ne picks up the walkie talkie that she has kept since Jeju and yells into it for Gun Wok to answer the phone because she misses him. Awww, I feel bad for Mo Ne. She was just an innocent little baby when Mr. Hong and Mrs. Shin kicked Choi Tae Sung/Gun Wook out of the Hong mansion. She doesn’t deserved to be used in a revenge plot even if she can be a baby and a selfish brat. Two other girls are thinking of Gun Wook, too. Won In is working on her homework and is annoyed by the loss of her 1000 won while Jae In is happily thinking about how Gun Wook saved her on the bus. Meanwhile, Gun Wook’s boss comes home to find his apartment spotless. This totally freaks him out and he dumps a canister to check if his money is all there. It was. How funny. Then he complains because he has a giant mess to clean off his newly cleaned floor.

Jung So Min, Ha Joo Hee, Kim Jung Tae

“I’m Gun Wook’s girlfriend”

Mo Ne calls Tae Ra, who is in the middle of a massage with Mrs. Shin, to complain about the chauffeur following her around everywhere. Too bad, Mo Ne has no choice. Talking with Mo Ne brings Gun Wook to Tae Ra’s mind and she starts getting a little flushed. Looks like she just might be attracted to Gun Wook. Mo Ne manages to ditch the chauffeur and get a taxi. She heads off to Gun Wook’s gym. How she knew about it, is beyond me, but maybe he told her. Choi Hye Joo is there working out. She notices little Mo Ne and asks her what she is doing there. Mo Ne ignores her and asks Jang (Gun Wook’s boss) if Gun Wook was there. Jang replies he isn’t and then asks who Mo Ne is. Mo Ne looks at Hye Joo and says that she is Gun Wook’s girlfriend. Ah, a little rivalry is settling in. Hye Joo then asks Jang if the amusement park shoot was still on, to which he replied as for as he knew. Hye Joo then tells Jang to have Gun Wook call her because she wants to see him before she leaves. This is of course to stake her own ownership. These two girls are definitely acting like teenagers. Hye Joo is doing this for a reason. Not sure entirely what. Does she just want to cause a scene? Embarrass Gun Wook? Or what? As soon as Mo Ne hears this, you know the girl is going to show up at the amusement park looking for Gun Wook.

Oh Yun Soo, Kim Hye Ok

“How could you let her go!?”

At home, Tae Ra and Mrs. Shin are discussing Mo Ne’s behavior (the poor chauffeur is getting screamed at for letting Mo Ne escape) and the problem with Eom when Mr. Hong walks in. He wants to know what is going on, but Mrs. Shin doesn’t wish to tell him, so he asks Tae Ra who doesn’t want to lie to her dad, but also doesn’t wish to reveal the truth. She says that nothing is wrong, but that Mo Ne … before she can finish her sentence, Mrs. Shin jumps in and says that Eom apparently has a woman and that Tae Ra and she have been discussing the issue. Mr. Hong is upset to hear this and says that he will not give his Mo Ne to such a man. He tells Tae Ra and Mrs. Shin not to worry as he will take care of the matter himself.

Shim Eun Kyung, Han Ga In

“Let’s meet for coffee”

Meanwhile, Won In and Jae In are in the theater watching a movie (with Han Hyo Joo and Hero JaeJoong). Won In is totally into the movie and bawling while Jae In just sits quietly. Her phone rings and Won In stares at her and tells her to be quiet. Jae In apologizes and quickly hangs up the phone. Afterwards her sister scolds her for claiming to be an intellectual while answering her phone. Jae In tells Won In that it is enough and that she didn’t really like the movie. Won In says that her sister must have been into it as she looks very glum. Jae In says that she is said because of men problems. Why does she always have problems with men? Won In says this is because Jae In sets her sights to high. Apparently Jae In is bummed because she hasn’t gotten a call from Tae Sung/Gun Wook. Won In takes her phone and texts Gun Wook, much to Jae In’s horror. Won In said that Jae In was free and they got a reply back from Gun Wook saying that he was free, too. Jae In doesn’t know what to do next, so Won In takes the phone and asks Gun Wook out for coffee while Jae In tries to get it back, not believing what her little sister did. It is a really cute sibling scene. How is it that Won In seems to know more about relationships and how to act better than her elder sister?

Kim Nam Gil, Han ga In

“Please take our picture”

The next day, Jae In is out for a walk with Gun Wook. He asked if she called him there just to drink that. Jae In apologizes, saying that she forgot Mrs. Shin doesn’t like instant coffee either. Gun Wook says that he likes the canned instant coffee best and Jae In says she is surprised that he is so down to earth as Mo Ne is pretty picky herself. Gun Wook then says he had high hopes from Jae In’s call. What high hopes? He has laundry and dishes piling up. This annoys Jae In who tells him to get a maid and he tells her that she is much better than one. LOL, that’s what you get for cleaning a guy’s entire apartment. Her annoyance amuses Gun Wook. A woman stops Jae In and asks for her help in taking a family photo. Gun Wook smiles at Jae In doing so, but the smile soon fades as he recalls his happy times he had with his original parents. When Jae In finishes, Gun Wook shakes himself out of his memories and Jae In says she wishes she could take a spring excursion again. Gun Wook asks to where and Jae In tells him about a small little place they used to go to every year when she was a child. But that was when her father was a live. It just isn’t the same without him. Her sadness of losing her father seems to resonate with Gun Wook and he reaches out to comfort her, but just can’t bring himself to do it. They are then stopped by an older gentleman who asks if they young couple would like their picture taken. Jae In goes to say they aren’t a couple when Gun Wook tells the man to go ahead and take their picture. He puts his arm around Jae In and pulls her close while smiling for the camera. This stuns Jae In who doesn’t look at the camera, but at Gun Wook.

Kim Nam Gil

“Don’t make this hard on yourself”

Later, Gun Wook meets with his investigator who gives him more information on the Hong family business and on Tae Ra’s husband. The investigator warns Gun Wook to stay away from the husband’s and his family, but Gun Wook smiles and says it will be much more fun. This surprises the investigator, but Gun Wook says nothing more. What is he plotting now? Gun Wook meets with Mo Ne outside of her school and gives her a harmonica telling her its a present. Mo Ne then scolds him for not answering his phone and tells him how much she missed him. She then asks if he will pick up his phone from now on and come to see her and race to her if she says she wants to see him. He says he has no intention of doing so because they really have nothing to do with each other. Ouch. This shocks and hurts Mo Ne. Gun Wook tells her that he is not a hobby that she can immerse herself in for a few months and then just drop on the basement floor and forget about. He doesn’t wish to become like that. Mo Ne tells him that she has never once thought like that. She asks him how long he has thought this way and Gun Wook tells her since she hid him. Gun Wook tells her not to do it again as she is prettiest when she is most confident unreserved. He doesn’t want her to become nervous and unhappy while hiding him. He tells her not to make things so hard for herself. Again, he seems very big brotherish, like he wants to protect Mo Ne even while using her.

Kim Nam Gil

“I don’t even know who I am sometimes”

Later that night, Gun Wook reminisces about the past and how he had three identites:

  1. Choi Tae Sung
  2. Hong Tae Sung
  3. Shim Gun Wook

He then goes on to say that even he doesn’t know just who he is most of the time. Is he Choi Tae Sung whose parents were killed in an accident? Is he Hong Tae Sung, the child of Hong’s mistress, or is he Shim Gun Wook, the person he became because of the Hongs’ cruelty and his parents’ deaths? Ah, poor, tortured Gun Wook. But I don’t think his revenge will help solve his identity crisis and if he does fall for Jae In (which is highly likely), his revenge will only bring them both pain.

Ha Joo Hee, Jang Seung Oh

Hye Joo is happy her plan succeeded

Mo Ne is on the walkie again when Tae Ra comes and tells her that Eom is on the house phone as Mo Ne won’t answer her cell. Mo Ne says she doesn’t wish to talk to him, but then changes her mind and asks him to take her to an amusement park on Sunday. Here we go. Tae Ra asks why she wishes to go to the amusement park all of a sudden and a lifeless Mo Ne says she has something final she needs to say.  We then cut to Eom who called Mo Ne from bed where he is with Hye Joo. Talk about despicable. Hye Joo asks what’s up and is pleased to hear that Mo Ne will be going to the amusement park (I guess she knew who Mo Ne was when she came to see Gun Wook?). Hye Joo tells Eom that she thought Mo Ne was just a baby, but turns out that she is slier than she thought, which makes her happy. I am not quite sure if Eom has any idea what  Hye Joo is talking about.

Kim Nam Gil, Jung Seung Oh, Jung So Min

“Hong Mo Ne likes Shim Gun Wook!”

At the amusement park, Mo Ne rushes out into the scene that was being filmed and stopped Gun Wook. She tells him that no matter who it is, she will proudly show him off and not try to hide him anymore. She proudly likes him. She looks at Eom and states that Hong Mo Ne likes Shim Gun Wook. This tickles Hye Joo (who was on the motorcycle behind Gun Wook for the action sequence. Eom grabs Mo Ne and starts pulling her away with Mo Ne screaming that she doesn’t want to. Gun Wook follows behind on the bike and tells Eom to let go of Mo Ne’s hand as the kid doesn’t seem to like it. Eom lets go and then yells at Mo Ne to go back to the car. Mo Ne resisted at first, but then goes to the car. Gun Wook tells Eom he should be nicer to his girlfriend and Eom asks Gun Wook if he is seeing her behind his back. Gun Wook asks which girl, Mo Ne or Choi Hye Joo. This surprises Eom and Gun Wook says it seems neither woman is really interested in Eom (while this conversation is going on, Mo Ne has started the car and begins to leave). Eom said he thought Mo Ne was acting strange so he guesses that Gun Wook told her about Hye Joo being Eom’s lover. Eom tells him to never hang around Mo Ne again and Gun Wook says he’s going to gag – it is a typical and corny line. Gun Wook then says that just because Eom was born into a rich family he pants after every woman he sees, thus he finds Eom laughable and disgusting. Eom goes to hit him, but Gun Wook easily dodges the punch and throws Eom to the ground. Gun Wook asks if Eom has bus fare. Eom looks around and realizes his car and Mo Ne are gone. Gun Wook throws money at him for the fare and chases after Mo Ne who is driving like crazy. Gun Wook does some pretty serious crazy driving to catch up to her and make her stop.

Oh Yun Soo, Kim Nam Gil

“I’ll get it my way”

After that incident, Mo Ne stays in bed and refuses to eat and has a fever. The wedding and engagement are officially called off after the amusement park incident. Mrs. Shin tells Tae Ra that they will probably have to send Mo Ne away if she continues to see Gun Wook. Tae Ra doesn’t want to send Mo Ne away, but Mrs. Shin really doesn’t see any other option to keep the two apart. Her idea? Send Mo Ne to Tae Sung in Japan. And we find out that Jae In is going to Japan to try to get a glass mask for Mrs. Shin. Will she run into the real Tae Sung? Mrs. Shin also tells Jae In to look in on Mo Ne and take her out to eat as she has been feeling unwell and not eating of late. Tae Ra meets with Gun Wook to talk to him about Mo Ne. She wants to know his plans and he says he has no plans for Mo Ne. This upsets Tae Ra who cannot believe he would come in and disturb her baby sister’s world for no reason. Gun Wook then asks if she ever had a first love. It is weird to see Tae Ra who was always so feisty in the beginning episodes seems so unsure and cowed in this one. Gun Wook says that if Tae Ra had a first love, she should know that it isn’t important who the person is because you are immersed in the feeling. Gun Wook then says that Tae Ra’s husband is more than likely not her first love. This angers her and she demands to know what he wants. Gun Wook says he doesn’t want anything and even if he did, he would get it his way. He goes to leave and Tae Ra asks if he doesn’t care that Mo Ne is hurting because of him. Gun Wook turns the tables (I think he does care that Mo Ne is hurt) and asks if Tae Ra has ever been hurt. He then leaves telling Tae Ra to pass on the message to Mo Ne not to hurt because of a guy like him.

Han Ga In, Jung So Min, Kim Nam Gil

Jae In’s surprise for Tae Sung

Mo Ne is still refusing food when she gets a call from Jae In who invites her to dinner with Jae In and her oppa. Mo Ne is confused at first and then Jae In says the man in the car that Mo Ne said was Tae Sung. Mo Ne who was initially going to refuse the invitation immediately jumps at it as it is her way to see Gun Wook again. Jae In is surprised to see such a dolled up Mo Ne at the restaurant and she tells Mo Ne that she looks very pretty. This pleases Mo Ne who asks if Tae Sung is for sure coming. Jae In said that she just got off the phone with him and he is on his way. Mo Ne asks if Gun Wook knows she’s coming and Jae In said that she wanted it to be a surprise. The episode ends with Gun Wook coming. He doesn’t show any shock at Mo Ne being there and just greets her like normal. Oy.

My thoughts: Things are such a tangled mess already and it is only three episodes in AND the real Hong Tae Sung has only had a brief appearance, which is sad as I love Kim Jae Wook. Even though Jae In is being mercenary, you can still see her bumbling innocence. Now if only she could give up on being with the Hong heir . . . though you have to wonder if she would go as far as marrying a person she didn’t love just for material security. And what exactly is going through Gun Wook’s head when it comes to Mo Ne, Jae In, and Tae Ra? It seems that he is definitely going after Tae Ra for vengeance and that Mo Ne was just a springing board that he doesn’t necessarily want to hurt, so how does Jae In figure into the equation? So many questions and no real answers in sight.


  • Ooooh I’ve caught a glimmer of Bad Guy but want to get onto all of it soon, pending subs. Loving on Tae Sung xD Kim Jae Wook has this eerily androgynous charm about him that for some reason, draws me the heck in &… *hits self control button now* lol

    Look fwd to the rest of your recaps (no pressure! ;O)

    • I know, I love Kim Jae Wook, there’s just something about him… LOVE him, can’t wait to see him do more dramas and movies after his two year hiatus in which I missed him. The only reason I started watching Bad Guy was because of him and I just love and sympathize with his character.

      • Have you seen Antique (the K-movie based on the Japanese series [oh Takki! Spring chicken Takki!] & manga)? Kim Jae Wook + Ju Ji Hoon + cake = 120thousand million kilojoules of, er, slobbery lol

        Got your msg (realised I accidentally sent a msg instead of leaving a comment lol)- that’s so cute that you’ve gotten your God-daughter into the world of JE!!!!! (or is it evil lololo) Ah well, it’s always nice to have someone to share your hobbies w/ hey :))

        • Have seen Antique. LOVED KJM in it! Oh and Ju Ji Hoon wasn’t bad at all 😛 She is 13 and is going through a vampire phase, so I took the opportunity to introduce her to JE and Japanese drama. But for the most part, I can’t get her to watch too many as she doesn’t like subtitles. Go figure. But my stepsister has no problem with Asian dramas or subtitles. I got her addicted to kdrama My Girl and she watches Filipino telereyes all the time (sans subtitles as Tagalog was her first language).

          • Ji Hoon was downright delicious. His reaction to KJW’s touchy-feeliness would always make me aaaaaww+laugh xDD

            Oh schunks, the vampire phase… do I smell a Twilight lil fan in her?? ;O

            Many, many yrs ago (when I was still a teeny bopper) I used to be anti-subtitles, too. I think it was the youth laziness thing. But once you learn the art of reading them, there’s no turning back. It’s THE ONLY way to watch them *throws tomatoes @ dodgy language voiceovers*

            Are you from the Philippines?

            • I did love how Ji Hoon reacted to KJW’s touchy-feeliness, too and how at the end of the movie he was actually ok with it.

              Yep, my god-daughter is a huge Twilight fan. I guess I can’t complain because the series got her interested in reading, but I really don’t like it. 😛

              I hesitated with subtitles, but learned from HanDan and Fruits Basket that they were a good thing. Now, I am a subtitle junkie and cringe at voice overs. I really don’t like it when words don’t match up with mouths. It distracts me from what could have been something enjoyable.

              I am not from the Philippines, but my step-mother and step-sister are. I hail originally from California, but have lived in Michigan for most of my life.

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