SuJu, 2AM and 2PM take on Rain

I laughed when I saw this the other day and just had to share it. They actually did a fairly decent job of mimicking Rain’s choreography though none of them can quite match up to Rain. The best part is Shindong from SuJu at the end doing Rain’s belly dance, which coincidentally you can see him do again when SuJu took on the Dream Team this month.

So here is Rain’s original Music Bank performance:

And this is 2Am, 2PM, and Super Junior members taking on the challenge of reproducing the performance:

In case you’re wondering, from Super Junior we have Eun Hyuk and Shindong; from 2PM Chansung and Nickhun; and Jo Kwon from 2AM. This clip is from KBS’s Music Bank’s Mid Year Special.

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