My Prince Episode 6 Recap

Wu Di Wen, Song Xiao Bo

“Mary is using you”

Zhi Xiao is working on one of his creations when Zhi Wen comes to talk to him. Zhi Xiao asks what is going on and Zhi Wen tells him point blank to stop seeing Mary as she is Zhi Wen’s ex (out of all the brothers, Zhi Wen is the only one who doesn’t use sign language when talking to Zhi Xiao – weird). This surprises Zhi Xiao. Seeing the look on his little brother’s face, Zhi Wen then further drives home the point by saying Mary was upset with him for dumping her, so she is only using Zhi Xiao to get back at him. Zhi Xiao bolts up from his seat and adamantly shakes his head. He doesn’t believe Mary could be that kind of girl.

Zhi Wen then tells Zhi Xiao the ugly truth that Mary has agreed to date Zhi Wen again. Zhi Xiao tells his older brother to stop lying. Oh, but he isn’t. Poor Zhi Xiao! Zhi Wen then calls Zhi Xiao gullible and naive and tells him that while everyone else may lie to Zhi Xiao, his “ge ge” never will. Of course, Zhi Xiao wants to believe in Mary, so he tells Zhi Wen to stop talking about it or he will get angry. Zhi Wen tells him there is no reason to get mad. Zhi Xiao says it doesn’t matter if she used to like Zhi Wen or not because right now she likes Zhi Xiao and that’s all that matters. It should be, but I am afraid Mary is using him T_T Zhi Xiao then actually kicks Zhi Wen out of his room!

Yu Ya, Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen

“I will fix this”

Zhi Kai and Xiu Yun are waiting for Zhi Wen to return and are surprised to see him shoved out of Zhi Xiao and Zhi Kai’s room. They ask him how it went and he tells them the truth: Zhi Xiao refuses to believe that Mary is conning him. Zhi Kai says he knew this would happen. Since Zhi Xiao is so innocent, once he falls for someone, he will refuse to believe anything bad about them. Xiu Yun worries about her poor baby and wonders why it had to be him of all of her sons. Zhi Wen tells her not to worry as he will come up with something. Zhi Kai wants to know what plan Zhi Wen has and Zhi Wen says that he is still thinking. Not very inspiring. Zhi Kai tells Zhi Wen that he doesn’t care what plan Zhi Wen comes up with as long as Zhi Wen takes care of this mess as quickly as possible so that Zhi Xiao won’t get hurt. I think we all know that it’s past the point where Zhi Xiao won’t get hurt, especially since Mary has kissed him and said that she will be his voice. I honestly wanted to believe those feelings.

Wu Di Wen, Mary

“Him? It doesn’t matter, he can wait”

The next day, Zhi Xiao is happily putting the finishing touches on a heart necklace and placing it in a pretty gift box. Xiu Yun sees this and sighs, worried about what will happen to her baby. She forces a smile when Zhi Xiao leaves, but once he does, it is replaced by a mask of worry and Xiu Yun wonders if Zhi Wen has finally thought of a plan. Zhi Xiao goes to the meeting place with his gift and texts Mary. He anxiously paces and waits for her to come. Mary is on her way to see him, but is stopped short when she sees Zhi Wen. Mary asks what he is doing there and he says he promised her a date. She looks at her watch and asks if he means right now. He says yes and then asks if she has another date (coy boy knows she’s supposed to be meeting Zhi Xiao). Mary says yes and and that she is meeting a really cute boy. Zhi Wen (quite fakely) acts disappointed and asks for a second chance. Mary smiles and says she will give him one more chance, but he better perform well. Zhi Wen asks about her other date and Mary says that it isn’t important and he can wait. For a brief moment, you can see how disappointed Zhi Wen is in that answer (it really confirms that she doesn’t care for his brother and is just using him). He forces and smile and says “let’s go grab dinner.” She smiles and puts her arm through his and they go off.

Mary, Wu Di Wen

Guilty Mary knows she’s been caught

Meanwhile, poor Zhi Xiao is still waiting, but now you can tell he is getting worried about what happened to Mary. Why hasn’t she come yet? Mary and Zhi Wen finish their meal and Mary asks what is next. Zhi Wen says he has an amazing place to take her. Zhi Wen’s face gets ominous and serious and he says that she will see when she gets there. He then puts back his usual smile and off they go. And where is this amazing place? It is, of course, the spot where Zhi Xiao has been waiting for Mary all of this time that she was with Zhi Wen. Mary is shocked to see the meeting place and Zhi Xiao. She asks why they are they and Zhi Wen says because it’s a lot of fun. Zhi Xiao sees them and you can tell he is wary that something bad is going to happen. The three begin to make their way towards one another. Zhi Wen stops in front of Zhi Xiao and tells Mary that he thinks she has something to tells his “di di.” He then pushes her towards Zhi Xiao. Oh, you just want to be there to hold him because you know he’s going to get hurt.

Song Xiao Bo, Wu Di Wen, Mary

A sorry Mary runs away

Wu Di Wen, Song Xiao Bo

“Why didn’t you listen to me?”

Zhi Xiao goes to take Mary’s hand and when she looks at his face, it has such a sorrowful, puppy expression. You can tell that she is surprised. Does she feel bad (it actually looks like she might have some tears in her eyes)? She tells Zhi Xiao to think of their time together as a dream. Why? Because no matter how beautiful, you always have to wake up from dreams. A cruel kindness I suppose. She tells him that he is a kind person and that she will repay him the feelings that she owes him. Yep, definitely looks like she feels sorry. Perhaps she really did like Zhi Xiao in some way, but it’s too late. Or is it? Most of the time in dramas these failed beginnings lead to successful ends. Mary apologizes and then runs off. Zhi Xiao goes to take after her, but Zhi Wen gets in Zhi Xiao’s way and stops him. Zhi Wen tells Zhi Xiao not to go after her. Throughout the whole exchange you could see Zhi Wen suffer along with his brother. Zhi Xiao’s face changes from hurt to anger and he punches Zhi Wen! Who knew the kind young man could have a fighting streak in him (though not surprising given his stubborn streak in regards to family matters). Zhi Wen asks if Zhi Xiao has gone crazy to hit him over a girl who has lied to him. Zhi Xiao’s face is a mixture of sorrow and anger and he hauls off and hits his big brother again. Zhi Wen hits the ground and Zhi Xiao lands on top of him, repeatedly punching him. Zhi Wen tells him to keep hitting if he hasn’t had his fill before angrily saying that none of this would have happened if only Zhi Xiao had listened to him to begin with. Zhi Xiao finally stops and both brothers look like they are doing their best to hold back their tears.

Zhang Xiao Chen

Zhi Chen stays with Zhi Xiao

Zhang Xiao Chen, Yu Ya, Zhong Kai, Wu Di Wen

“Let Zhi Xiao be for awhile”

Later, Zhi Xiao is lying in bed, back to the room while a silent Zhi Chen (let’s face it, the guy is usually silent) sits on the floor by his bed worried about the emotional state of his baby brother. Xiu Yun is downstairs tending to Zhi Wen’s injuries while Zhi Kai paces back and forth, back and forth. Xiu Yun asks what they can do as Zhi Xiao refuses to eat and drink and has buried himself under covers since returning home. Zhi Kai says that it was Zhi Xiao’s first experience with love and it was a very hard and bitter one. If this continues on, Zhi Kai is afraid the trauma will only worsen for Zhi Xiao. Zhi Kai then asks why didn’t Zhi Wen try talking with Zhi Xiao. Zhi Wen replies that if Zhi Xiao had been willing to listen, then none of this would have had to happen. Zhi Chen finally leaves the room and the rest of the family surrounds him. Xiu Yun asks how things are and Zhi Chen says he is afraid that Zhi Xiao has suffered a temporary setback. He will come to understand later that it was all done for his own good, so just leave him alone. This doesn’t make Zhi Wen feel any better. Why should it? He is mostly to blame for his brother’s broken heart.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Di Wen

“How could I hurt him the most?”

Zhi Chen asks Zhi Wen if he is okay and Zhi Wen says his injury is fine. Zhi Wen then asks why he has been so unlucky of late. There are four brothers at home and two of them hit him (in the face no less, which he uses to try to make money). Zhi Wen says it will be even harder now to find a job. Zhi Chen says that Zhi Xiao will eventually come to his senses and smiles before heading to the liquor cabinet to pour himself and his elder brother a drink. Zhi Wen then says that he is even sadder than Zhi Xiao at the moment (and no, not for a completely selfish reason). Why? Ever since they were kids, Zhi Wen made sure that no one would pick on his beloved baby brother. Ironic isn’t it that he should be the one to cause Zhi Xiao the most pain? Zhi Chen says that Zhi Wen didn’t do it intentionally and hands him the drink he poured. Zhi Wen takes it and says that maybe he should finally start looking seriously for a real job.

Wu Di Wen

“I know I am a useless person”

He then turns to Zhi Chen (whom he addresses as 3rd brother) and says that it is apparent that in their family, Zhi Wen will never be outstanding. Zhi Chen replies that no one ever asked him to be – as long as Zhi Wen is happy, then that is enough for everyone. Zhi Wen says he understands that, but that doesn’t make him happy. Zhi Chen says that he understands that Zhi Wen wants to help out the family, but Zhi Wen can’t force the situation. Zhi Wen then states that he has never been smart, didn’t go to college, and found a useless job. He feels just how lacking is, especially whenever Zhi Kai looks at him and gets mad. Zhi Chen takes a drink and looks at Zhi Wen and asks if he really cares what Zhi Kai thinks of him. Zhi Wen immediately refuses, but you know that’s not true. Zhi Chen also knows that Zhi Wen is just pretending not to care when he really does. Zhi Chen says out of the entire family, Zhi Wen is the one Zhi Kai pays the most attention to. Zhi Wen thinks Zhi Chen is crazy, but Zhi Chen insists that it shows just how much Zhi Kai cares for Zhi Wen since he worries about him so much. Zhi Wen says he doesn’t want that.

Zhang Xiao Chen

Wise Zhi Chen comforts Zhi Wen

Zhi Chen says that Zhi Kai is amazing. The entire family relies on his support. Zhi Chen says that while this is true, there is a lot of pressure from Zhi Kai. He says that if they can’t be like eldest brother, then they feel useless. Zhi Chen confesses that Zhi Wen isn’t the only one feeling that way, Zhi Chen feels that he doesn’t live up to Zhi Kai either. But, Zhi Chen goes on to say that he believes that each person has their own place and that no one can replace them or take their place because each one being there is what makes them into a family. Ah, Zhi Chen is so wise. He is the smartest of the four brothers. Zhi Wen again says that he doesn’t care about Zhi Kai which makes Zhi Chen laugh. Zhi Wen then asks if he thinks Zhi Xiao will never talk to him again. Zhi Chen smiles again and says of course not, before telling his big brother to turn in. You can tells Zhi Wen is grateful to his little brother and also shocked to find out that silent Zhi Chen actually feels the same about Zhi Kai – they both feel inferior to him.

Song Xiao Bo

The Li family shows their love

Later that night, Zhi Xiao comes downstairs for a drink of water. He notices on the table that there are four bowls of food with four notes from four worried family members. We have congee from Zhi Kai who tells his little brother not to blame second older brother as he loves Zhi Xiao a lot and only did what he did to save him future pain. Already starting to cry, Zhi Xiao picks up the next note from Zhi Wen who apologizes, promises to change his horrible dating habits and to introduce Zhi Xiao to girls even prettier than Mary. The note accompanies a bowl of noodles made by Zhi Wen himself. Next we have Xiu Yun’s note who says that her heart aches for her precious boy and that she will beat up his jerk of an elder brother and find Mary and bring her back if it will only make him happy and eat again. Her note goes with Zhi Xiao’s favorite wontons. Zhi Chen’s note tells Zhi Xiao that seeing him cry makes the entire family sad. Zhi Xiao sits quietly crying and eating at the table, touched by his families caring and worry over him. The next morning, the Li family is happy to see that Zhi Xiao ate, though they are shocked that he ate all four bowls and wonder if that will make him sick later. And to add icing to the cake, Zhi Xiao has made breakfast and is back working in the flower shop! His broken heart isn’t mended, but he knows his family loves him and will continue on. Zhi Wen is happy knowing that Zhi Xiao has forgiven him and believes that means he will definitely succeed in his interview. Seeing everyone happy, Zhi Chen wonders if today is a lucky day and if he should go look for Wei Wei.

Wu Di Wen

Zhi Wen saves the day!

Zhi Wen is at the interview, waiting for it to start when a woman walks in. As she is walking, a button pops off her blouse and the female models start tittering. The woman is at a loss and Zhi Wen jumps up and takes off his scarf. He tells the woman that it is cold today and that she can use his scarf as a shawl. He drapes it around her and the woman thanks him. Later, he fails the audition while his friend and model passes. So much for being lucky. Leaving depressed with Xiao Mi scolding him, a car stops and it is the woman from earlier. She gives him back his scarf (she had bought a new shirt) and tells him that he is to come back as he has been given the job as the lead runway model! Who knew the woman he helped would be the main person behind the fashion show? It does look like his luck is finally changing.

Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

“I’m the main model!”

Zhi Wen goes home and tells of his good news. He gets a thumbs up from the back-to-normal Zhi Xiao and a lecture from Zhi Kai about how luck can’t be depended on. Zhi Kai says a person’s own capabilities will take them farther than luck so Zhi Wen needs to be careful and be extra diligent and hard working. Party pooper. Though there is a lot of truth in what Zhi Kai says. Depending on luck alone will get a person nowhere in life. Zhi Wen tells him to stop nagging and Zhi Kai says that he just wants his little brother to understand that things come quickly and can leave just as quickly again. Zhi Wen complains that Zhi Kai scolds him for not having a job and then getting a job – just what can he do to satisfy his big brother? Xiu Yun tells them to stop arguing as they should be happy for Zhi Wen and give him their support. She asks Zhi Wen to bring home a bottle of wine in celebration of Zhi Wen finally getting a good modeling job.

Wu Di Wen

Practice for fashion show

Xiao Mi is anxious that Zhi Wen is late. She has been saving him a dressing table, much to the annoyance of their mutual friend and other models who want the table for themselves. Their friend says that Zhi Wen is fortunate as Xiao Mi is beside him always helping and planning and Zhi Wen just happened to help a woman and gets made the lead model. It’s really unfair as he works harder and has had more jobs and still hasn’t managed to be a lead model yet. Xiao Mi says that Zhi Wen is too unlucky that if it weren’t for her, he’d be a heck of a lot worse off. True. Zhi Wen finally shows up and is scolded by Xiao Mi. Meanwhile, the lady, Ai Yin, is talking with a reporter and telling her about Zhi Wen. Apparently she thinks he’s got the spark to make the show a big success and she tells her friend to give them a positive write up. Her friend says that whoever she eyes becomes successful and she will do her best to help out Zhi Wen.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wei Wei, Wu Jian Fei

Han Fei proposes! What to do?

At work, Zhi Chen is surprised to see Han Fei who gives him an invitation to a party that is important to him and Wei Wei. You know it doesn’t bode well and that Han Fei has something up his sleeve. Especially when we see Wei Wei’s mom being really picky about what her daughter is wearing. Zhi Chen goes to the party, dressed casually so the doormen don’t want to let him in even with his invite. Han Fei steps in and says that he especially invited him. Wei Wei is shocked to see Zhi Chen there and wouldn’t you know that Han Fei proposes? This shocks both Zhi Chen and Wei Wei whose mother urges her daughter to except the man mommy dearest sent packing three years ago. Oi. I really hope Zhi Chen will tell her not to, but he is the kind to suffer through things quietly. Will he have the nerve to stand up and fight for the woman he loves (and who I think loves him now instead of Han Fei who is devious and calculating anyways)?

My thoughts: Still angry and sad that Zhi Xiao’s first love had to turn out that way. I am a little surprised that he went back to his old self quickly afterward. It was nice to see Zhi Chen and Zhi Wen have a little heart-to-heart about personal feelings and gain a little more insight into the family. Hopefully Zhi Wen’s luck holds and he can become a success. Will there be love around the corner with Ai Yin or Xiao Mi? Will his friend’s jealousy get in the way? And just what will Zhi Chen do now that Han Fei has proposed to Wei Wei? Can’t wait til the next episode is released.

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