Personal Preference Episode 12 Recap

Personal Preference Episode 12: The Secret of Sanggojae

The Secret of Sanggojae

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

Kae In stays by injured Chang Ryul

Chang Ryul is rushed to the hospital with a worried Kae In. He smacked his head pretty hard when he tackled her out of harm’s way and has yet to regain consciousness. Jin Ho explains and apologizes to Choi who is shocked by Jin Ho’s confession of actually being straight. Choi goes back to his room where his present for Jin Ho sits wrapped up prettily. The hurt Choi picks it up and smashes it. Meanwhile Sang Joon and Young Sun are getting plastered and making up from their fight earlier as well. Jin Ho goes to Kae In’s room where she doesn’t answer the door. In Hee comes up and tells him that she isn’t there as she saw Kae In go with Chang Ryul earlier. She gives him a big crow-eating smile and leaves him annoyed at her barb and at the thought that Kae In is with Chang Ryul.

Kim Ji Suk, Son Ye Jin

“Are you all right?”

Jin Ho calls Kae In to find out where she is. He is unhappy to hear that she is with Chang Ryul. Before she can tell him that they are at the hospital and that Chang Ryul is hurt, Jin Ho hangs up on her. This annoys Kae In who was trying to explain the situation wasn’t as bad as Jin Ho thought. Chang Ryul then wakes up and asks if Kae In is alright. Kae In says that she is fine and asks again if he is alright as he smacked his head into the ground. He winces, but says that he thinks he is fine. He is fine because Kae In is unharmed. Kae In isn’t sure whether to believe him or not because he had been unconscious for five hours. Chang Ryul is happy to learn that Kae In stayed by his side the entire time until he woke up. Kae In said that she had to as he saved her life. Kae In then asks Chang Ryul why he did that as it could have been disasterous. Chang Ryul makes light of it and then says that he should have died in battle for her. Kae In doesn’t like that remark and he says it was only a joke. He then tells Kae In not to feel indebted to him as it is a man’s duty to run out and save a woman. Kae In then sincerely thanks him and he says that just may be the last time he hears that from her. To Chang Ryul, thank you is a lot less sad then goodbye. He then gets up and they leave the hospital.

Lee Min Ho, Wang Hye Ji

“You’re not that genuine of a person”

Jin Ho goes down to the hotel bar to drink. In Hee gloatingly finds him there and joins him even when he insists that he wishes to drink alone. In Hee says that people need the same amount of time to break things off as they did to date. Now, its been a month since things ended between Kae In and Chang Ryul and I think they only dated for a month. It’s safe to say that Kae In is safely over any romantic feelings. Now there is a little bit of guilt over what she tried to pull. Jin Ho tries to get In Hee to leave, but she keeps talking. This time she says Chang Ryul and Kae In are alike as they are both sentimental and have a hard time letting go. In Hee then says that she and Jin Ho are alike as they won’t let go until they get what they want and if they decide they don’t like something then they ruthlessly cut it out of their life. In Hee takes a drink and asks if Jin Ho told Choi everything to which he said yes. In Hee really cannot understand why he would do such a thing and he replies that he cannot keep deceiving Choi – something that In Hee wouldn’t have had a problem doing. Jin Ho doesn’t like being dishonest, but In Hee states that pretending he was gay was dishonest to begin with. Jin Ho never actually pretended to be gay. Kae In misunderstood him and thought that he was and Choi thought that he was because he overheard Kae In announce to the world that Jin Ho was gay. Jin Ho only admitted he was gay to Chang Ryul because he couldn’t stand the thought of seeing Choi hurt. So, in my book at least, Jin Ho isn’t as devious as In Hee. She makes a snarky remark about why he went that far to move into Sanggojae. This startles Jin Ho. We all know why.

Ryo Seung Ryong

Choi drinks away his woes

Meanwhile, Choi is sitting on the beach drinking while children nearby are setting off fireworks. Choi recalls when he saw Chang Ryul call Jin Ho out on being gay. You can tell that an understanding is dawning on him. Even though he is depressed and hurt – he understands to an extent what Jin Ho did. He then flashes back to Jin Ho saying that he will willingly pull out of the Dam project if Choi is uncomfortable. Jin Ho just couldn’t insult Choi’s sincere feelings anymore and he sincerely apologized for letting this go on for as long as they did. Choi then says to himself that Jin Ho is an idiot as he would have left him keep deceiving him.

Wang Ji Hye, Lee Min Ho

“Watch what you say”

Kae In returns to the hotel with Chang Ryul who she advises to get a full checkup if the pain doesn’t go away. Chang Ryul said he didn’t die when he saw Kae In go off with Jin Ho so that little pain won’t kill him either. You can see more guilt and worry heaped up on Kae In because of this. In Hee follows Jin Ho into the elevator where she tries to guess his reason for entering Sanggojae. Jin Ho tells In Hee to stop and she asks why. It is obvious that she is thoroughly enjoying herself when she asks if she stumbled upon Jin Ho’s Achilles heel. She says she knows they originally asked Professor Park (aka Kae In’s dad) to do the designs for the Dam Art Gallery. Since they can’t get Park, then wouldn’t his son-in-law be the next best thing? He never had that intention, but you know In Hee thinks that Jin Ho is as conniving as she is. The fact that he doesn’t deny it doesn’t really help. Yes, he moved into Sanggojae for a purpose, but that purpose wasn’t to get close to Kae In, but the house itself. Meh. Jin Ho shoves In Hee against the elevator wall and tells her to watch herself and she says she must have hit close to the truth. Then the elevator doors open and Chang Ryul and Kae In see the two in a not very good looking position. Jin Ho angrily storms from the elevator and Kae In runs after him. In Hee steps out and tells Chang Ryul that she thought he was giving Kae In up. If not, then they are still in the same boat. Chang Ryul sighs in disgust and tells In Hee that she really knows how to make people fed up. That the witch does.

Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ho

Another lover’s squabble

Kae In catches up with Jin Ho and scolds him for hanging up on her instead of letting her explain. She then asks if he has been with In Hee the entire time as well. Jin Ho turns the tables and asks what she did with Chang Ryul this entire time. Kae In says the situations are different as she had no choice and Jin Ho brings up that she always has a choice. Yeah, but it would be really terrible to walk out on an injured person, right? Especially when they saved your life. Jin Ho then says that if Kae In didn’t leave such openings for Chang Ryul, then she could kick him out of her life versus letting him sneak back in and having his father bring her gifts. Kae In states that she has never given Chang Ryul an opening. In fact, she clearly met with him to end things, but when she turned around Chang Ryul got hurt because of her. Jin Ho then says the fate that binds them together must be strong if she ended it, but then they were forced together again. Kae In tells him to stop saying things he doesn’t really mean, but Jin Ho says that he really does mean them. Oi. Their relationship is complicated enough without all of this to go with it. He says that he is just a childish jerk who cannot understand the situation and walks away leaving a stunned and annoyed Kae In. Chang Ryul is watching from afar and sees the upset Kae In. You know it hurts him to see her hurting because of him yet again. He knows that the fight had to do with at least him (probably In Hee as well).

Ryu Seong Ryong, Lee Min Ho

“I don’t want to lose such an important friend”

Choi is heading back to his room when he notices Jin Ho sitting outside alone. He wanders over to Jin Ho to talk. Choi asks if Jin Ho won’t regret being so straightforward since it wasn’t something that Jin Ho had to tell him. Jin Ho admits that he had thoughts about not telling Choi the truth, but he believed it was an unfair thing to do with Choi who sincerely cared for him and it wouldn’t be fair to the woman who loved him either. Choi then tells Jin Ho it was heartless of him for not telling him sooner (Jin Ho did try to clear it up earlier, but Choi had said he wasn’t interested in Jin Ho’s personal life), but because of Jin Ho, Choi had a fleeting moment of happiness. Choi then launches into the difficulty of growing up different, with him always wondering why he wasn’t the same as everyone else. Choi also says that he doesn’t wish to lose Jin Ho’s friendship, especially since he realized how much Jin Ho cared for him to be able to confess to being gay when he really wasn’t just because he didn’t want to see Choi get hurt. I am glad that Choi understands Jin Ho (and much better than In Hee I might add).

Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk

The two rivals bury the hatchet

The next morning a hungover Young Sun asked how things went with Jin Ho and she is disappointed to see Kae In’s long face. Knowing that Chang Ryul is part of the problem, Young Sun tries to get Kae In to realize just why Jin Ho was angry and jealous. Jin Ho and Sang Joon get out of the seminar and Sang Joon admits it was a bore to him. Chang Ryul approaches Jin Ho and asks to talk. Chang Ryul reiterates what Kae In said the previous night. Jin Ho does thank him for saving Kae In, but he doesn’t want Chang Ryul to have anything to do with Kae In in the future. Chang Ryul says that he envies Jin Ho because he has never once fought with Kae In. She always held everything inside. Jin Ho stops and actually asks if Chang Ryul is okay where he got hurt protecting Kae In. Chang Ryul then says he is leaving Kae In alone and will fight with Jin Ho fairly on the Dam project. It’s not a budding friendship, but at least the two seem to be burying the hatchet and not being quite so angry at the other. Not that it lasts long thanks to In Hee.

Son Ye JIn, Lee Min Ho

Kae In outsmarted Jin Ho

Jin Ho goes to find Kae In, but has a hard time getting up the courage to knock on her door. Just as he is about to, Kae In steps out of the room. The two both find it really hard to apologize for their reactions the previous night. They then go out shopping together. Kae In wants to buy his mom a present. She knows that Jin Ho’s mother is less than thrilled that they are dating and she wants to do something nice for her. They come across a puzzle where if you can solve it, you can get couple watches. Jin Ho says that with his intelligence, it will be no problem. They try at it and Jin Ho says he has it almost figured out when Kae In tells him he’s over-thinking and butts him out of the way to enter a code (123456 :P). So simple and it worked, shocking Jin Ho.

Wang Ji Hye, Kim Ji Suk

“Use your brain for once”

Chang Ryul meets with In Hee and all of the things he promised Jin Ho go flying out the window. Why? In Hee tells Chang Ryul that the original Dam Art Gallery concept is based on Park’s Sanggojae. In Hee then asks if Chang Ryul really believes Jin Ho loves Kae In. Hearing all of this, and with In Hee’s vindictive help, Chang Ryul believes the worst of Jin Ho. He believes that Jin Ho doesn’t love the adorably innocent Kae In, but is just using her for the Dam project. It is funny because at this time Kae In and Jin Ho are acting like a very loving couple and having a blast together at the beach. Kae In also shouts her love for Jin Ho to the world. We then cut back to the exes and Chang Ryul gets angry at the idea that Jin Ho moved into Sanggojae with such a purpose. He goes off to immediately find Jin Ho and beat him to a bloody pulp, but In Hee stops him. She tells him that it is better for Chang Ryul to wait and bide his time for a better moment and then do a big reveal of the situation. Chang Ryul should know better by now than to listen to In Hee and her poison.

Lee Min Ho, Park Hae Mi, Choi Eun Seo

“How could you disappoint me like this?”

Jin Ho takes Young Sun and Kae In back to Sanggojae when they leave Jeju. Kae In tells him to go to his mother immediately and not linger as his mom will be upset if she finds out he went to Sanggojae first. Young Sun agrees to this, saying that Jin Ho’s mother hates Kae In already so he doesn’t need to make her hate Kae In more. Jin Ho reluctantly agrees and leaves where an angry Hye Mi and his mother await. Neither can believe that he went on a trip with Kae In. He tells them it was just a business trip, it wasn’t a holiday, but the two are less than inclined to believe him. Jin Ho says that his mother will change her mind about Kae In if she only gets to know her. His mother insists she will never like a girl entangled in Chang Ryul’s family and she berates Jin Ho for doing something like that to her. This is going nowhere fast and getting old. We know why Jin Ho’s mother is so angry toward the Hans, but carrying her hatred over the past to the present and the naive Kae In is just a little much and very annoying.

Awn Suk Hwan, Kim Ji Suk

“I am not a weakling”

Han tells Chang Ryul that he has the transfer paper done and is sending him off to China. Chang Ryul then tells Han that he will not be going to China now. Han goes to hit his son, but Chang Ryul catches his fist and tells his father that he didn’t let him hit him because he was weak. Chang Ryul won’t let his father hit him now. He is asserting himself. He will start over on the Dam project and he will do whatever it takes to win Kae In back. This new attitude of Chang Ryul’s stuns his father who can’t believe his son wants to start over on the project. Looks like Chang Ryul will do his best to throw himself into work and win the project in hopes of winning Kae In back. His assistant brings him all of the information on Sanggojae and Chang Ryul is less than enthused by how little there is. This is because Park kept it closed off to the public and still refuses to let others in to see the house, which is actually one of the reasons Jin Ho moved into Sanggojae to begin with. It will be difficult to compete with the Sanggojae concept with the lack of information. I must admit one of my favorite scenes in this episode is Chang Ryul standing up to his father and no longer letting himself be a punching bag. Even though I don’t like him going after Jin Ho, I must say his serious side is a good point. Even though he is rash, Chang Ryul is a strong and decent character when he gets his opportunities to shine.

Wang Ji Hye, Son Ye Jin

“I hate people like you”

At the gallery, Choi asks In Hee to get him enough food for two and to invite Kae In to lunch. This makes In Hee less than thrilled. She relays the message to Kae In who feels guilty and is afraid to face Choi. In Hee then says she hates people like Kae In who never have to work for anything and get everything handed to them. Oh, how not true. Kae In has struggled and worked hard. True, she got the children’s room project in part because she was Park’s daughter, but Choi is not one to invest in something he doesn’t believe in. He honestly told Kae In that he wants her to work for him on the room as he believes she can make what he envisions. Kae In asks if that is the reason that In Hee stole Chang Ryul from her and In Hee agrees. In Hee then starts in on Kae In about Jin Ho. No, she doesn’t blurt out the truth, she just strongly suggests that Kae In is crazy for thinking a man like Jin Ho could actually fall for a dorky woman like Kae In. She refuses to listen to In Hee’s bitterness and leaves, saying she feels sorry for her once good friend. Why? Because In Hee is acting pathetic. Heehee. Chang Ryul and Jin Ho both told her the same thing too. Gotta love it. After Kae In leaves, In Hee says she knows Jin Ho better than Kae In. Wrong! But let the girl carry her delusions.

Kae In nervously meets Choi who says he is inviting her to lunch to make her uncomfortable as revenge. Seriously? We know Choi likes Kae In and he knows that none of this was intentionally done to harm him. Plus, he isn’t the type for revenge. Kae In is very uncomfortable, and says that she honestly didn’t know that Jin Ho was straight and that he would ever return her love. Choi then congratulates Kae In on finally graduating from her unrequited love. This surprises Kae In, but makes her happy. Looks like occasionally eating lunch with Choi won’t be that much of a punishment for Kae In. I am glad that there appears to be no residual bitterness lurking in Choi.

Ryu Seong Ryong, Son Ye Jin

“This is your punishment”

Jo Eun Ji, Son Ye Jin, Jung Sung Hwa

“Don’t just throw your money away”

Kae In gets news that the company that canceled their order last time wants to give her a brand of her own geared towards singles! This makes Kae In ecstatic and she can’t wait to share the good news. Only problem is, Jin Ho’s having problems of his own. His office building has suddenly been sold (he was a renter, not an owner). Meaning he and his team need to pack up and leave ASAP. The main problem with this as there is no money for it. Young Sun takes Kae In to a bank to learn about investing for the future (meaning her marriage to Jin Ho) and Kae In says she doesn’t care and that is jumping the gun a little. The two go to the office and Sang Joon tells them what happens and Kae In immediately wants to give them her money which makes Young Sun angry as the last time Kae In tried to help a friend, she got hosed big time. Kae In says she doesn’t care, she will help Jin Ho and she talks things over with Sang Joon.

Kae In invites Jin Ho over for dinner and works on trying to give him the money he needs to move offices. Jin Ho asks why she wants to give him money and she says that she would like to invest in him as she believes he’ll land the Dam project and become recognized and highly sought after. Jin Ho thanks her, but doesn’t want her money. Kae In doesn’t like that he is turning he down as she knows how much he needs the money. Young Sun calls later and says that she will not be going to Sanggojae as she has finally made up with her husband. This makes Kae In happy and Jin Ho (who overheard the conversation) as well. But really, the two are so awkward. They dance around each other and get heated up until Jin Ho can’t take it anymore and heads for home. This is after he gets to see Kae In’s childhood pictures and learn that her father destroyed all the pictures of her mother after her death. Kae In even advises Jin Ho to treasure his mother and understand her and treat her better.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Suk

Chang Ryul won’t play fair anymore

The next day, Sang Joon asks about Kae In’s proposal. He then goes to call the furniture company as he knows someone who works there (to find out how much Kae In will get paid). He comes back into the room like a deflated balloon. Why? Sang Joon learned that Chang Ryul was the reason the company started a furniture line for Kae In. Jin Ho confronts Chang Ryul who also says that he owns Jin Ho’s building. Jin Ho asks why he isn’t fighting fair like he promised. Chang Ryul said that Jin Ho was the one who started the dirty tricks and he should think hard about his own actions before condemning Chang Ryul’s. This confuses Jin Ho as he is not sure what Chang Ryul is talking about. Jin Ho goes to see Kae In who is still ecstatic about getting her own line. He asks her if she has to take the offer and she says it is something that you just can’t pass up. But Kae In would if she learned that Chang Ryul was behind it, but Jin Ho is keeping that mum, which is probably a good thing.

Jin Ho goes back to the office where he meets the foreman of their last construction job who came to see how Jin Ho was doing after learning that Jin Ho paid the workers out of his own pocket. They get to talking and the man reveals that Sanggojae was his first project. Jin Ho and Sang Joon begin grilling him about it. The man says he remembers it because it was his first house, but details are sketchy as it was so long ago. He then tells Jin Ho about the one odd feature he can remember. Apparently there is a basement to Sanggojae. Jin Ho immediately goes in search of it and finds it. When he goes into the basement, he finds a dusty workshop and a picture of Kae In’s mother. When Kae In gets home, he takes her down and shows her the workshop and her mom’s picture. He then points to the ceiling where it is boarded and says that there was once a window there where her mom could check up on her. Kae In flashes back and remembers sitting on the glass, tapping it trying to get her mother’s attention. Jin Ho wonders why the glass is gone and it is boarded up when Kae In remembers the glass breaking and her falling into the workshop. She becomes very distressed and passes out, shocking and scaring Jin Ho.

Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin

Traumatized Kae In collapses

My thoughts: These two always bicker, always make up. It’s cute and at times annoying. But I am glad that things are working out somewhat well for them at the moment. I am definitely happy that Choi is understanding of Jin Ho a lot more than In Hee was and that he is not going to force him from the project. Chang Ryul, although being childish and underhand still, at least is more mature than at the beginning. I feel bad that he is doing all of this because of In Hee’s lies and half truths. He should know better than to listen to the wench.

I am definitely curious as to know what exactly happened that traumatized Kae In so much (though falling through a glass roof is definitely traumatic enough without needing anything else added to it). At least now we know how she got the scar on her ankle. In Hee had some more mature moments and almost seemed to regret her actions, but now she is back and badder than ever. Why! We really don’t need her mucking things up on top of everything else the couple faces.

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