Bad Guy Episode 2 Recap

Bad Guy Episode 2

Kim Nam Gil

“Are you happy now?”

Jae In has managed to acquire some new pieces for the grand opening of the Hong gallery while the Hong’s gather together at the hotel to celebrate Mo Ne’s birthday. Mo Ne is upset at what she has learned about Eom. As she is driving back to the hotel, she passes an ambulance coming for Gun Wook and Hye Joo. An unconscious Hye Joo is loaded into the ambulance while Gun Wook wraps up his injured hand, noticing the assistant from before. Looks like she didn’t take Gun Wook’s words to heart and almost got both him and Hye Joo killed. The director scolds Gun Wook for the accident – not that he thinks it’s Gun Wook’s fault, he was just terrified that both Gun Wook and the actress would die. Gun Wook says he is fine, and doesn’t tell the director that it was indeed the assistant who cut the rope.

Bad Guy Episode 2

A paper crane for Hye Joo

When the director tells the crew to pack up and leave, Gun Wook asks if the assistant is happy now that she tried to kill her tormentor. The assistant said that she was too rash and she apologizes for what she did. Gun Wook smiles and asks aren’t both he and Hye Joo still alive? Basically no harm, no foul. He’s quite the understanding man. The assistant smiles and thanks Gun Wook – for not accusing her and for not turning her in for cutting the ropes on the parachute. Gun Wook then takes a box and hands it to the assistant, asking for her help in handing it over to Hye Joo. The assistant is upset that Gun Wook wants her to hand the box to Hye Joo because he knows that she hates her. She then asks doesn’t Gun Wook hate her as well. He says nothing and just smiles and the assistant stalks off with the box. Out of curiosity she opens it and sees only a small paper crane.

Kim Jae Wook, Han Ga In

“It’s not that easy”

Jae In is leaving Jeju for Seoul and in typical kdrama fashion, she passes by her target. They don’t meet each other nor see each other. They just happen to cross paths without noticing. As Jae In is leaving Jeju, Tae Sung is just coming in. Too bad for Jae In. Further adding to irony is that when talking to her little sister, Won In asks if she met the son of the Haeshin group to which Jae In says it’s not that easy. That’s when an airport employee calls out Hong Tae Sung’s name and says his car is ready. It actually could have been easier than she thought.

Jung So Min, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Nam Gil

Gun Wook meets Tae Sung!

Meanwhile, Manger Eom gets to the hotel and the Hong family is upset that Mo Ne is not with him. Mr. Hong asks if they quarreled. Eom says no, Mo Ne just took the car and drove off. You can tell this greatly worries Tae Ra. Mr. Hong orders Mo Ne to be called at once so they can find out where she is. Where is she? She is in the park listening to music and sitting listlessly. Gun Wook sees her and goes to sit next to her on the bench. Mo Ne pulls out her earphones and asks Gun Wook if he was skydiving with Hye Joo today. Gun Wook makes a committal grunt and Mo Ne says that it is really irritating. Gun Wook asks if she meant him and Mo Ne says that adults are irritating. Makes sense for her to think that way as she has just graduated from high school and isn’t quite an adult herself yet – plus she still acts like a little kid at times. She then says her birthday is ruined. Gun Wook asks if today is her birthday and she replies that it is. He looks around and then goes and picks some flowers. He then comes back and kneels in front of Mo Ne and tells her to blow out her candles. Kind of a cute moment. Then enter Tae Sung to ruin it all. Tae Sung asks who Gun Wook is and what he is doing with Mo Ne. Gun Wook says nothing and Mo Ne quickly picks up her purse, apologizes to Gun Wook and leaves with Tae Sung. Kim Jae Wook has such a nice, murderous glare. It can send shivers down your spine. Gun Wook then recalls when he first met Tae Sung. That night in the pouring rain when he was kicked out of the Hong household for not being the right Tae Sung.

Bad Guy Episode 2

Hong family drama

Tae Sung and Mo Ne meet up wit the rest of the Hong family at the hotel to celebrate Mo Ne’s twentieth birthday. Gun Wook goes to the hotel where he observes the family joyously celebrating their youngest’s birthday. Mo Ne is then lectured and scolded by her mother, father, and elder sister for making them worry about her when she disappeared from the yacht earlier. Tae Sung then asks why everyone wasn’t eating as you don’t even bother a dog when they eat. I supposed his way of helping out Mo Ne and being the obligatory black sheep of the Hong family. It works, though. Mr. Hong turns his attention to his youngest son and complains that Tae Sung didn’t even mention coming. Madame Shin then says that she is the one who called Tae Sung there. For a woman unhappy about her husband’s infidelity, she keeps including Tae Sung in everything. She even scolds Mr. Hong for treating Tae Sung like an outsider! Tae Sung then asks who Eom is and if he is Mo Ne’s fiance. Eom stands up and greets Tae Sung who chides his father for pushing Mo Ne off on some ahjussi, even if he is from a powerful and wealthy family. Snap! Though, Tae Sung is totally right. Tae Sung is then scolded by Madame Shin and Mr. Hong who tells his son to either shut up and eat or leave. Tae Sung chooses the latter. He wishes Mo Ne a happy birthday and gets up and leaves, followed by Mo Ne. Quite the birthday dinner, huh? Eom tries to stop Mo Ne but she tells him not to touch her and that such a gathering is disgusting, so the Hong family should refrain from doing so again. Eom leaves and Hong says everything will be okay when Tae Sung matures. Madame Shin asks when that will be. She has a point as the is now a man and no longer a boy or teenager, but with the way that family behaves, I can’t find fault with Tae Sung’s attitude.

Kang Soo Han

“I am Hong Tae Sung!”

Tae Ra, Mo Ne, and Tae Sung are all leaving the hotel. Mo Ne looks out the window and sees Gun Wook. Tae Ra tells Mo Ne to not even look at him as Gun Wook gives Tae Ra a bad feeling. Well, he is out for revenge after all. At the airport in Seoul, Gun Wook and Tae Sung come in at the same time where the detectives are waiting for Tae Sung. When Tae Sung is stopped by the detectives, Gun Wook pauses briefly with a slight smirk and keeps on walking. When he gets to his apartment, you can tell how that he has a very unhealthy obsession with the Hong family as he has pictures, newspaper articles and more on them plastered over a wall. A road map to his revenge? He gets a call about the information he requested. The person on the other end uses code names and tells Gun Wook where to look for more information. He washes his face and when he wipes the mirror clean, he recalls another birthday party. The Hong’s threw Tae Sung an elaborate birthday party when Mr. Hong is informed that there has been a mix up, that the child he thinks is Tae Sung is not. Tae Sung ignores the conversation and continues eating his cake. He is then thrown out of the house and yelled at for lying. It’s not the kid’s fault. Tae Sung insists that he is Tae Sung and Hong says he shouldn’t still insist that he is Tae Sung and then the little boy points out that is what every one called him, even when he didn’t wish to be called that. Mr. Hong repeats that he wants the boy thrown out and leaves Tae Sung out in the pouring rain while servants throw out all of his luggage and furniture.

Kang Soo Han

Thrown out of Hong family

Gun Wook pounds on the locked gate, but no one will open it and let him in out of the rain. He crouches in a corner with his puppy and jumps up when the car returns with Mr. Hong, Madame Shin, and another boy. Mr. Hong calls out for Tae Sung and Gun Wook answers. Mr. Hong asks why the boy is still around the house and his servant says that he is waiting for Choi Tae Sung’s parents to come and get him. The servant is scolded for that. The Hong’s then go in and Gun Wook calls out to Madame Shin, calling her mother and saying that he was a good boy like she asked of him. Gun Wook is pushed away and he lands on the glass door of a wardrobe that was thrown out. That’s how he got his pretty wicked looking scar. The servant says to wait for him while he gets medicine for the wound. Gun Wook asks if his parents are really coming and then runs off down the street with the puppy to wait for his mom and dad.

Bad Guy Episode 2

Tae Sung questioned

The flashback ends and we are with Tae Sung at the police station where he is being questioned about where he went, what he did, and why he turned off his cell. Tae Sung says nothing, he just remains silent. He does seem to be in a state of shock. A young woman then comes in and says she came as soon as she got “oppa’s” call. The lead detective asks the girl if she was with him seven days ago. She thinks about it and replies that she was. The detective asks where and the girl says she was playing at Tae Sung’s and the detective asks for more details. C’mon we all know what she means. She doesn’t go into detail, but says they weren’t studying and didn’t pull an all-nighter. The detective then holds up a picture of the woman who fell off the roof. The girl recognizes her as the woman who slapped her when she was caught in a compromising position with Tae Sung. We get the flashback of the event and the girl asks if Tae Sung left the country with the other girl after she left. The young detective said with immigration records and the news that Tae Sung was cheating, then it is case closed – meaning the young woman did just commit suicide. Tae Sung look up at this and the shocked expression finally leaves his face. You can tell that the news of Choi Seon Young’s death weighs heavily on him. The detective tells Tae Sung to send her on her final journey as she has no family in this world.

Kim Jae Wook

“I know why you’re like this”

Tae Sung flashes back to a family dinner, probably not long before he left for Jeju. He and Seon Young are eating with his family. Everyone eats in an awkward silence. Tae Sung wants to know why the Hongs aren’t asking about Seon Young. She is a mass communications major and she is older than he is. She does well in work and is now a supervisor. His father tells him to shut up and eat as that is what Tae Sung is there for. Tae Sung then asks isn’t he there because he wants to marry Seon Young. Tae Ra tries to stop Tae Sung, but he keeps going. Seon Young has no parents and wishes to live with her in-laws like a virtuous daughter-in-law. Tae Ra tries to stop him again and apologizes for her brother’s behavior to Seon Young and Tae Sung says its okay as Seon Young has no pride and thus can’t be hurt by his words. This does hurt Seon Young and Mr. Hong tells him to stop while Madame Shin tells him to continue to see what he’ll say next. Tae Sung says she is just like mother. Madame Shin asks how Seon Young is like her and Tae Sung replies like his birth mother. The witch deserved that. She then asks where is mother is and Tae Sung replies that he didn’t fall from the sky. Everyone then gets up and leaves Tae Sung and Seon Young alone. Tae Sung says it is always like that, that he is always treated thusly. He then tells Seon Young to eat up as the food is very expensive. Seon Young admonishes Tae Sung for his behavior, saying she knows why he acts like he does and why his family is the way they are. She tells him to not be like he is. He stops eating and makes a snarky comment about her being an orphan (why does she put up with him?). Tae Sung asks if she still wants to marry him even if he’s like this. Seon Young tells him that him being him is why she wants to marry him. Seon Young takes his hand and says she wants to stay by his side. This infuriates Tae Sung who jumps up and screams that he doesn’t need her and that she should understand what he’s saying – they’re over.

Kim Jae Wook

“It’s not supposed to be like this”

End flashback. Tae Sung is in front of Seon Young’s apartment, staring at the outline of her dead body that is still on the road. A security guard comes out and says they are doing their best to erase it and that it should be gone shortly. Tae Sung tells him not to erase it. The guard says the other residents worry about house values falling because of the incident and goes back to scrubbing it. Tae Sung again tells him not to erase it and completely breaks down. He starts crying and falls to his knees. The guard asks what’s wrong and Tae Sung puts his hand on the outline. He says it wasn’t supposed to be like this. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this Seon Young.” He turns to the guard and says the same thing and the guard, realizing that Tae Sung knew the dead woman, put his arm around Tae Sung’s shoulders while he cries. It just makes you want to hold him. He shows so much pain and remorse over her death. Good acting on Kim Jae Wook’s part. Now, I can’t tell if Gun Wook is across the street watching or not. But we cut to him with a ciggie in his mouth, playing with his lighter.

Bad Guy Episode 2

Gun Wook’s parents are dead

Gun Wook flashes back to the past where he was injured and waiting for his parents to come get him. Every time a car would pass by, he would jump up and run to see if it was his father. Meanwhile, his parents are on their way to pick him up, both extremely upset. His mother takes his picture off the rear view mirror and starts crying and apologizing to her son. She asks why they said Tae Sung was the Hongs’ child and let him be taken away. Mr. Choi glances over and sees his distraught wife. She tells him to hurry up as their son is out their waiting for them. Choi pulls over and hits his chest, crying. If this was going to happen, they should never have taken Tae Sung from Choi and his wife. They promised to take care of him. Mrs. Choi urges him to go on and get Tae Sung. Choi starts up the car again and pulls out from the curb. Gun Wook loses hold of his puppy who runs out into the street and he goes to run after him. Choi swerves to miss an oncoming car and you can pretty much guess what happens. The puppy is dead, run over, and so are Gun Wook’s parents – their truck flipped over. Gun Wook has the puppy on his lap asking him to wake up. He takes out the hearing aid and puts it in the puppy’s ear and asks if he can hear him now. Gun Wook says he is lending the dog the hearing aid until his mom and dad come and then the dog has to give it back. A heart wrenching scene, well-acted by Kang Soo Han.

Han Ga In, Shim Eun Kyung

“I didn’t find him scary at all”

Jae In is going home and meets her little sister on the way. They go out for dinner where they see the news report about Seon Young’s death having been fully resolved. Won In says it happened on the same day as Jae In’s accident and that the reason for suicide was that her rich boyfriend dumped her for the same reasons Jae In got dumped earlier. Won In then warns Jae In to stop pursuing a rich boyfriend as she could end up like Seon Young. Let’s hope that isn’t a foreshadowing of what is to come for our heroine. Though you know a lot of bad things are probably around the corner. Jae In recalls that she had her accident near where the suicide took place. She recalls running into Gun Wook and his wicked looking scar. Won In then says that the weird guy Jae In hit might actually have something to do with the suicide. Jae In laughs and says its just Won In’s imagination. Nope. Gun Wook did have something to do with it. We just aren’t quite sure if he pushed her or if she just fell on her own. But regardless, he is involved. Jae In takes out her wallet and drops the paper crane she found in Jeju. She picks it up and tells Won In about the scar on Gun Wook’s back and how she did not find it scary at all. I do worry because Won In says she wants to investigate to see if Gun Wook and the suicide are connected. Hopefully she won’t get put in harm’s way.

Ha Joo Hee, Kim Nam Gil

“Don’t you know what it means?”

We see a practically comatose Gun Wook at a bus stop. Won In comes up and realizes she doesn’t have money for the bus. Won In notices Gun Wook just sitting and staring. She asks him what he is looking at and he says nothing and doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. She asks Gun Wook for help and he says nothing – he just keeps staring off in the distance with a glazed look in his eyes. Won In then goes into his pocket and takes out the money for the bus fare. Talk about brazen! Won In tells him that she will return him his money when they meet again. I wonder if he will remember the incident at all? When she leaves and gets on the bus, we see that it is the Haeshin building he has been staring at so intently. The next day Gun Wook is out running and Hye Joo is waiting for him with the box in hand. She asks how he’s been and says she dreamt of falling of a cliff which must because she saw him fall into the sea. She then asks him to eat with her and he finally speaks and asks if she understands the meaning of the crane he sent. She asks what it is, but Gun Wook says nothing and walks off. Hye Joo wonders if there’s a letter and thinks its cute, until she opens the crane and sees that it is a pretty large bill. An angry Hye Joo goes to her van where her assistant is goofing off and kicks out the driver. She then turns on her assistant and asks if she meddled with Gun Wook’s paper crane. The assistant asks what and then Hye Joo says that there is no way her assistant would have that kind of cash. She insults the assistant and tells her to hurry and get her Gun Wook’s number.

Kim Nam Gil, Ha Joo Hee

“What’s this?”

The angry Hye Joo goes to the gym where Gun Wook is showering. Calling him all the while. The other men who are changing are freaked out when they see Hye Joo by the lockers. She finds Gun Wook’s and gives it an angry kick. She then stalks into the shower and turns off the water while Gun Wook was shampooing his hair. She holds out the money and asks what it means. He says its obvious that he’s returning it to her. She asks what he means and he replies that both he and the motorbike are fine so he doesn’t need her money. She can return it to Eom for him. Omo, priceless. Hye Joo asks if he is joking with her and Gun Wook says no. He then tells her to get out otherwise she will be suffering from a pretty big scandal. Hye Joo rips up the money and leaves a whistling Gun Wook who turns the water on and finishes his shower.

Kim Jae Wook

“I am the son of this company!”

Meanwhile, Tae Sung is at his apartment, curled up on his couch, drunk. He hears someone calls his name and when he looks up, there’s Seon Young, telling him that it’s time to eat. She’s happy and smiling and urging him to get up. But there is no Seon Young there – she is dead. He goes to the Haeshin office where he is refused entry. The guards don’t believe that he is really Hong Tae Sung, Mr. Hong’s song. Tae Sung manages to break through the guards and locks himself in the broadcasting room. Mr. Hong is told that Tae Sung is trying to get in the office and then Tae Sung’s voice comes over the income. He announces that he is Mr. Hong’s son and that no one at the company knows this so he screams into the microphone that he is Mr. Hong’s son. Jae In is there and hears the PA announcement from Tae Sung as well. Tae Sung says he is going to Japan and tells his father to live well before signing off and getting dragged and thrown out of the building. Mr. Hong just laughs at Tae Sung’s antics, saying he is indeed his son. I really don’t get their relationship at all. Tae Sung takes out his wallet and pulls out a picture of him and Seon Young. I think he definitely liked her more than he ever let on and her death is just eating him up inside.

Han Ga In, Jung So Min, Kim Nam Gil

Jae In keeps crossing paths with Gun Wook

Mo Ne is parked at a stoplight, waiting for pedestrians to cross when Gun Wook opens the door and gets inside the car. Mo Ne jumps and says he gave her a fright. He admonishes her for not having her doors locked and tells her to remember to do so in the future. He is bent on revenge, but at times, he seems to honestly care about Mo Ne in a brotherly/fatherly way. MO Ne asks how he knew she was there. He doesn’t answer and tells her the light has changed while he buckles up. Not like Mo Ne really cares, she’s just happy to see him. At some point they switch seats and Gun Wook drives. He drives like he’s racing! They hit a red light and wouldn’t you know? Jae In pulls up beside them. She notices Mo Ne and rolls down her window, trying to get her attention, but to no avail. She then wonders where she has seen Gun Wook before and just who he is. Mo Ne returns with coffee and asks what Gun Wook thinks of her school. He says nothing. She then asks if he went to university and again he says nothing. She laughingly says that he probably didn’t, but that’s okay because the brother he met last time didn’t go either. Gun Wook hands her back the coffee and leaves.

Oh Yun Soo, Kim Hye Ok

“What family is she from?”

Jae In meets with Madame Shin and Tae Ra to show the spoils of the Jeju trip. Madame Shin is impressed to see what Jae In managed to bring home. Tae Ra asks about Jae In’s relationship with Mo Ne. Jae In says that she was hired by Madame Shin to tutor Mo Ne in art. Madame Shin sent them to Europe last winter to study various art galleries. During their time in Europe, Mo Ne and Jae In became close. Tae Ra wouldn’t know about it as she was in New York at the time. Jae In asks where Mo Ne is. Madame Shin tells Jae In that Mo Ne went to her practice studio. Mo Ne has professional tutors in everything and when she gets a bit bored, she goes out to play at the practice studio. Must be nice to be able to do that. Madame Shin then tells Jae In to retrieve an art piece from Mo Ne’s studio and bring it to the gallery. Jae In leaves and Tae Ra asks about her background. I can’t tell if she’s got a bad feeling about Jae In, too or if she likes the girl. Madame Shin says that she is from no family (well, no good family) and that she is clear headed girl who learns quickly and knows her place. Never once has Jae In overstepped her boundaries. What would Madame Shin think if she knew that Jae In is thinking about landing her stepson?

Jung So Min

Mo Ne’s practice studio

Jae In gets the painting and gives Mo Ne a ball-jointed doll to make up for the weird present on Jeju. Mo Ne loves it as she has an entire collection she keeps in the studio. Jae In tells Mo Ne that she likes the practice studio and then says that Mo Ne is very fortunate as she can do what she wants and have what she wants. Mo Ne replies that there are times that she must really do things that she doesn’t really want to do. Jae In asks her like what and Mo Ne says she will tell her next time. Mo Ne then says she envies Jae In, making Jae In laugh. She can’t believe that anyone would envy her, let alone rich girl Mo Ne. Mo Ne looks at her watch. Jae In notices that and says she will get going, but before she  does, she asks about the guy in the car she saw earlier. Mo Ne replies that it is her brother. Jae In asks if its her second brother to which Mo Ne agrees. Jae In thought he was going to Japan and Mo Ne said he didn’t end up going and then urges Jae In to leave as she is meeting someone. Jae In leaves and notices Gun Wook going in. She then goes across the street to wait for him to come out.

Kim Nam Gil, Jung So Min

Gun Wook deliberately incites Tae ra

When Gun Wook comes in, he sees Mo Ne dancing and he watches and smiles. Don’t know if it’s a sardonic one or if he is pleased by watching the young girl dance. Mo Ne finally sees him and happily pulls him into the room and tells him to dance too. Then the buzzer rings and their is her sister and Eom! She tells her sister to wait and grabs Gun Wook and throws him into another room to hide. Tae Ra and Eom let themselves in. Mo Ne should never try to lie, she acts too guilty. Mo Ne gets Tae Ra and Eom juice, which she proceeds to spill all over. Tae Ra then hears a noise and opens the door to find Gun Wook who says there is no harmonica. How can Mo Ne expect him to teach her the harmonica if she doesn’t even have one? Tae Ra sees him out and says she doesn’t believe he’s there to teach Mo Ne the harmonica. Gun Wook laughs and says that she would be a fool if she did. Tae Ra then asks what his intentions are with Mo Ne. He says he wanted to see Tae Ra because its hard to forget someone who hurt you (I think this implies their childhood days and not her slapping him at Jeju). He says he has wanted to see her since then. Tae Ra then goes to slap him and he catches her hand. Mo Ne runs out and gets in the elevator with Gun Wook. Tae Ra worriedly looks to see what floor they stop on so she can follow. Gun Wook asks after Eom and Mo Ne apologizes. Gun Wook says there is no need as they are not dating. Heehee, that kind of hurts Mo Ne. He stops the elevator (thus letting Tae Ra know where they are) and tells Mo Ne to find a good man who will look only at her. He sees that she is bleeding and lifts her finger to his mouth. He stops himself and apologizes. Mo Ne hugs him and Tae Ra grabs her and pulls her onto the elevator with her.

Han Ga In, Kim Nam Gil

Jae In got the wrong person

Jae In sees Gun Wook exit the studio and hurriedly orders a coffee. She follows him and then makes her move. When she turns the corner, she bumps into him, spilling coffee all over his shirt. She apologizes and asks if he’s okay. She then surprises him by asking if he’s Hong Tae Sung. He asks what and she says that he is Hong Tae Sung, right? He asks who she is and she hands him her card, saying she is Moon Jae In. He takes the card and looks at it. She tells him that she saw him with Mo Ne in the car earlier. Jae In then says she heard that he is Mo Ne’s second brother. Gun Wook asks if Mo Ne told her that. Jae In says yes. I wonder if he knows that she had the whole thing planned? Jae In asks what should they do as they have met in such a situation (meaning what to do since he is covered in coffee). He says he is fine and walks away.

My thoughts: I really don’t know what to say, except that both Gun Wook’s schemes and Jae In’s do not bode well for them. Despite all the bad things that happened to Gun Wook as a result of the Hong family, he should not go about getting revenge on the entire family when it was really Madame Shin and Mr. Hong who wronged him the most. Plus, Jae In should wise up and learn that wealth will not bring happiness. When will she learn the truth about Gun Wook? Will she still pursue Tae Sung?

The previews are very ominous.

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