I Do? Episode 1 Recap

I Do幸福的抉擇 (幸福的抉择)

Romanized title: Hsing Fu De Chueh Tse (Xing Fu De Jue Ze)
English title: I Do?
Broadcast station: TTV / TVBS
Broadcast dates: 22 December 2008 – 27 January 2009
Episodes: 20
Cast: Lan Cheng Long, Annie Liu, David Chen, Margaret Lin, Yang Gui Mei, Maggie Siu, Sa Sa, Figaro Ceng
Opening theme: 屬於 “Belong To” by Fish Leong
Ending theme: “PK” by Fish Leong and Gary Cao
Synopsis: We start off with a really dramatic event blazing by in the blink of an eye and then we fast forward to five years later. Where Summer is praying at sunrise for a mystery man – the one she loves. The only problem is that she doesn’t know his name, where he is, or how to contact him. This leads her to reject the love of hardworking photographer Joan, much to her best friend’s (and nighttime DJ) annoyance. Summer designs dresses and plans weddings for a living. Joan goes to work at the biggest wedding house in Taiwan and wants Summer to come with him. There Summer meets the man she’s been praying for these past five years. Of course their is a hitch. He is engaged to her good friend from school! Is there love over before it even had a chance to begin?

Annie Liu

Summer falls

A dark and stormy night, a crying girl on a rooftop slips and falls, caught at the last moment by a man. He tries his best to hold on tight to her hand, but she slips out of his grasp and falls. Fast forward five years later. The same girl (so she obviously survived) is on the beach praying as the sun comes up that god gives “him” (we don’t know who) a strong will to live and to give him the world’s general goodness at every sunrise. It’s a nice prayer, full of love and affection.

Annie Liu, Sa Sa

“Are you jealous?”

We then cut to Summer (Annie Liu) working on a wedding dress (wearing a very manly watch on her wrist) when her friend and roommate comes home from her shift as a DJ on a local radio show. Summer prepares Si Yu breakfast and Si Yu comments about how she opens the door of love for her listeners. Summer replies that she will open and close the door for Si Yu everyday then. Si Yu then asks how much experience Summer has as she “worships” the sun everyday for a man whose name she doesn’t even know. Summer says she is praying, not worshipingand asks if Su Yi is jealous. Su Yi then tells Summer that her program got extended.

Annie Liu

“You’re death sentence is here”

The two girls start screaming and hugging. Summer congratulates Si Yu and then Si Yu says that she won’t congratulate Summer as her death sentence has arrived. This confuses Summer who asks her friend what she means. Apparently, it was a year ago when Joan (a guy, not a girl) asked Summer to marry him and gave her a crystal heart. Summer asked for a year to think it over and the year is now up. Summer sits down and then gets a call from Joan saying he’s getting gas and will be over soon. Su Yi says that Summer’s groom awaits to which Summer replies that she never promised Joan that she would marry him. Su Yi then scolds Summer saying that Joan is a decent guy, tall, good looking, and who definitely would never cheat on Summer. Regardless of her reply, Summer should finally answer him today. Summer says that she is not in love with him and can’t wear his gift of love lightly. To top things off, Joan even shouldered Summer’s father’s debts. Summer says she’ll pay him back and Si Yu says that Joan would rather spend his life with her instead. Si Yu then advises Summer to step into Joan’s fantasy.

Figaro Ceng

Bread delivery a success

Joan picks up Summer and the two head off to work. Summer has to deliver the dress and see to other details while Joan is in charge of photography. They stop by a bakery on their way where the baker, Zhang Ming Liang (Figaro Ceng) is wheelchair bound. He has a secret admirer who leaves him baked goods. Apparently Joan, Summer, and Ming Liang are all friends and Ming Liang launches bread at the two to eat on their way. Looks like we’ll have a little side story love going on here.

Annie Liu, David Chen

“I can wait”

The wedding is a success! At the end of the day, Joan and Summer take the bus home. Instead of actually talking, Joan and Summer just end up texting. Rather pathetic, and they do this rather often versus talking face to face. Never a good thing, really. Joan asks if Summer still has the mystery guy on her mind and she replies that she still has not forgotten him yet – he is still in her heart. Joan then says that he can wait. He will wait until Summer can completely forget that man and turn her attention to Joan who has always been by her side and loves her devotedly. Joan then tells Summer that he went to a bridal mansion for an interview and he encourages Summer to go as well for an interview as a designer as he is so used to working beside her. Summer makes no comment. She falls asleep and misses her stop so Joan piggy backs her to her house.

Annie Liu

Summer remembers love

When Summer gets back home, she immediately begins working on another dress and listens to Si Yu’s radio show. Si Yu tells Summer’s story and also says that there are a lot of people out there who don’t realize what love exactly is. Si Yu is basically trying to tell Summer that her encounter five years ago should just be forgotten and might not even be real love. It has to be something as it left such a deep impression on the girl. Summer holds the watch on her wrist and recalls the hazy memories of that moment five years ago. I don’t know if its because she can’t completely recall the man’s face, but it is always fuzzy and blurry (though we all know that her mystery man is Lan Cheng Long’s character). The next morning, Si Yu asks if the program changed Summer’s prospective to which Summer shakes her head. Si Yu still isn’t getting through to her. Si Yu hands Summer a bag and tells her that Joan gave her love and bread and still couldn’t get Summer’s heart. What a failure.

Margaret Lin, Annie Liu

Old friends reunite

An annoyed Summer goes upstairs leaving Si Yu trying to nap when a girl walks in. The girl is obviously well off and touches things with a handkerchief as if they are unclean. Si Yu wakes up and sees the girl rummaging through stuff and demands to know what she’s doing – is she a thief. The girl says that the workshop has nothing worth stealing and asks if Summer is in. Si Yu and the girl (Mei Li) cannot stand each other all and bicker and fight until Summer comes down. Apparently Mei Li (Margaret Lin) is an old high school friend that Summer hasn’t seen since graduation. Mei Li says that Summer’s quality of living and friends have deteriorated since they last met. This insults Si Yu to no end. I have already made up my mind that Mei Li’s character is going to be an annoying one that I’ll hate. Mei Li scolds Summer for not asking for her help to handle her father’s debts. Summer says that since they were her father’s she didn’t want to ask anyone else for help. Summer then officially introduces Mei Li to Si Yu and the two butt heads even more. You can’t blame Si Yu as Mei Li constantly launches insults at her. Mei Li then asks Summer if the boy in all the pictures (Summer used herself and Joan as models for her dresses) is Summer’s boyfriend. Summer replies that she doesn’t had one and Si Yu says that Summer only has the sun god in her life. Mei Li then tells Summer she is getting married and wants Summer to meet her fiance so she has arranged a small get together with friends from high school in order for them to meet her fiance. Si Yu says she will take care of the new photographer interview and so Summer goes with Mei Li.

I Do? Episode 1

Awkward lunch

At the coffee house, Mei Li shows her friends her fiance’s picture (its just of his back). She said that even his back was pretty handsome. She’s known him since high school and did everything she could think of to defeat her rivals in love to finally win him in the end. Summer seems rather out of place and uninterested as Mei Li gossips with the other friends who also scold Summer for hiding and not seeing them for a long time. Summer said that she didn’t end up studying abroad like she wanted to and now owns her own wedding dress shop. Mei Li says that she opened it in such a small town and asks what the use is as Summer will never find a rich husband that way. Summer doesn’t care about material wealth, she just cares about love. The girls congratulate Summer for doing something they know she loves and that she is good at. Mei Li then asks Summer to be her bridesmaid after boasting about how she is marrying the heir to a huge wedding mansion.

Annie Liu

Summer excuses herself

Summer gets a call and Mei Li grabs her phone. It is a message from Joan asking if Summer had managed to find a replacement photographer. If not, he can always come back and help her. Mei Li then texts Joan back saying that no one can replace him. Summer gets really upset about this as she doesn’t have any feelings for Joan and that message will just be too cruel to him. Summer then gets a new message about sending the Hello Kitty pictures. Summer actually had forgotten! She excuses herself and takes her leave much to her friends’ disappointment. As she leaves the restaurant she drops something and goes to pick it up just as a man walks by. It looks like its her mystery man that she prays for every morning. When shall they meet again?

Sa Sa, David Chen

Do whatever you can to win her

Later, Summer calls Si Yu to ask if her friend managed to break the news to Joan that Summer did not send the text message. Si Yu says that she is waiting for Joan and will take care of it though she is not looking forward to telling him such a thing. Joan arrives and is quite upset by Si Yu’s news. You can’t blame him, but he should have known better than to think Summer would text him such a message. Si Yu pushes all the blame on Mei Li (where it does belong). Though, Summer really should have told Joan herself. Si Yu says that she wants Joan and Summer to end up together and will do her best to help Summer get over her first love. This is of course after she pounds into Joan’s head that the one Summer loves isn’t him. Ah, the irony. I wonder if those two will end up together in the end as they always talk about love and other things.

Annie Liu

Chaos erputs at interview

After listening to Si Yu’s radio show, Summer begins to think more and more about possibly giving up on her impossible love. The next day she goes to the wedding mansion to visit Joan. Boy, mansion doesn’t do it justice. The place is crazily huge! The greeter contacts Joan and his assistant comes down to lead Summer to where Joan is taking photographs. He puts on a smile and they eat lunch together. Summer apologizes for not accepting his offer to work together at the mansion. Joan says that is okay as the interviews are today. They can try again at a later date. At that moment a package arrives and in it is Summer’s portfolio! Apparently Si Yu sent it to nudge her friend towards Joan and to working in a place bound to give her more exposure and can test Summer’s abilities. Summer goes to the interview and tells about why she hand makes each dress and how important it is to the wedding. This seems to touch the boss, perhaps its what she’s been looking for in all the other designers she’s rejected. An urgent calls comes in and coffee gets spilled on Summer’s portfolio. Thinking she is dismissed, she picks up the portfolio and leaves.

Lan Chen Long

Hao Zhe notices Summer’s watch

A disappointed Summer tries to clean the coffee off of her designs while Mei Li is at the mansion trying on dresses and getting her makeup done. The girl loves being the center of attention. A hot red sport scar pulls up, announcing the arrival of her fiance. The girls crowd around the window and gush over him. Mei Li rushes out to greet him and he runs past Summer who recalls a flash of memory from the past as he rushes by. She slowly turns – is he the one? And sees Mei Li throw herself into his arms (which he definitely doesn’t look happy about). Li Hao Zhe (Lan Cheng Long) then scolds Mei Li for telling people they are getting married when he never asked her. Oh, snap! Yep, I knew it. I knew I would definitely not like her. Summer begins walking towards the arguing couple. Mei Li sees her and introduces her to Li Hao Zhe. Summer finally finds him again and he’s her friend’s fiance! (Well, not really.) He turns and you can see the recognition on his face as well. So he’s been looking for Summer as well! Before they can say anything, the boss’s assistant runs out and tells Summer that she has been hired – it’s a good thing she hasn’t left yet. The two part ways once again.

Lan Cheng Long

Hao Zhe prays for Summer

We then cut to Li Hao Zhe on the beach, hands folded in prayer. He is praying the same prayer that Summer prayed at the beginning of the episode! He also adds on another line – he is thankful that he could finally meet her again. And that’s where we end it.

My thoughts: This show really keeps you watching if only to see what exactly the mystery events are that happened five years ago. How did these two meet? What brought them together and what tore them apart? I at first thought it was a case of amnesia, but no. So how can these two be so strongly bonded and not know each other at all?

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