Summer’s Desire Episode 6 Recap

Summer's Desire Episode 6

“Jealousy is a kind of fear. Afraid of losing you.” ~Ming Xiao Xi (novel author)

Barbie Xu

“No choice but to declare war”

We start with where we ended episode five, with Xia Mo vowing to unsheathe her claws against Hui Ni. Xia Mo didn’t want a fight, but since Hui Ni isn’t letting go and making things worse, Xia Mo has no choice but to defend herself, even if that means helping to destroy Hui Ni’s career. Meanwhile, Ling Hao is upset with Hui Ni’s schemes. Hui Ni says that she is really pitiful and pathetic as she is such a kind and good person and she is being forced out of show business. Ling Hao says that she may seem pathetic, but he knows that everything she said in her press conference were lies. Hui Ni says it doesn’t matter as Yin Xia Mo isn’t the good girl Ling Hao seems to think she is. Hui Ni insists that  Xia Mo tried seducing Ling Hao while filming and that Xia Mo wanted the two to breakup. Hui Ni is just revealing Xia Mo’s true nature to the world. Um, yeah, when did Xia Mo ever try seducing Ling Hao? Seriously?

Maggie Wu, Yang Han

Hui Ni tries forcing Ling Hao

Ling Hao asks why Hui Ni thinks of Xia Mo as her enemy when she isn’t. Ling Hao says that Xia Mo has been keeping a low profile ever since entering the entertainment world. Hui Ni says that Ling Hao is too naive for his own good. Definitely as he has stayed with the conniving Hui Ni all of these years. Hui Ni asks if Ling Hao wants her to read the newspaper. She picks it up and begins reading about how Luo Xi and Ou Chen both helped Xia Mo jump start her career. Ling Hao doesn’t believe the newspaper as he doesn’t think Xia Mo is that kind of person. Which is definitely true as Xia Mo didn’t want either Ou Chen’s nor Luo Xi’s help to get her where she is. Ling Hao then says that as for Yin Xia Mo seducing him, wasn’t it Hui Ni who sent Xia Mo the text to meet Ling Hao at the hotel after their big fight? Hui Ni definitely doesn’t want to admit it, but we all know its true. Hui Ni then changes tact and says that if Xia Mo wasn’t interested in Ling Hao, then she would never have gone to meet him in the hotel. Ling Hao says nothing and walks away. Then, and this is really pathetic, Hui Ni grabs him and forces him down on the bed. After all of that, she tries to have her way with him! Like I said, pathetic. Ling Hao pushes her away and finishes packing and leaves while she sits on the floor crying. Why can’t she see that she’s brought this all on herself?

Serena Fang, Barbie Xu

Xia Mo’s scandal hurts everyone

The next day, Xia Mo’s company is surrounded by an angry mob that calls Xia Mo a tramp and other names. Zhen En quickly rolls up her window and starts handing Xia Mo a disguise. Xia Mo asks when Zhen En prepared all of this and Zhen En says she has everything from running shoes to ear plugs to help Xia Mo run away if needed. When they are getting ready to leave the car, Zhen En gets a call saying that filming of the drama has been indefinitely postponed. This upsets Xia Mo as well, but what can they do? When they get inside, Cai Ni scolds Xia Mo for creating such a scandal. Zhen En speaks up and says that Xia Mo didn’t do it and even Pan Nan has shown her support of Xia Mo. Cai Ni then says that Pan Nan’s album is being boycotted, Wei An who didn’t jump to Xia Mo’s defense, but did say something in support of her is also getting scolded by fans for being the same as Xia Mo, and Shu Er who came out in defense of Xia Mo was thoroughly put in her place as an aging star who has no say in the matter. Xia Mo says that nothing happened, will Cai Ni believe her? Cai Ni says it doesn’t matter as this has already gone to the press. Cai Ni wants to fire Zhen En and get Xia Mo a real manager, but Xia Mo refuses and says that she will do her best to get Ling Hao to refute Hui Ni’s lies. Can they depend on him?

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

Ou Chen tackles Xia Mo to safety

When Xia Mo and Zhen En try sneaking out of the office, they are spotted and mobbed. Zhen En tries to get the crowd to leave Xia Mo alone, but they keep cursing, pushing, and then begin throwing things. Xia Mo and Zhen En get separated and then a wall of a chest is protecting Xia Mo from the eggs and other things being thrown at her. Xia Mo is shocked to see Ou Chen standing as her shield. He even picks her up and begins carrying her back towards safety. Xia Mo quickly tells him to put her down and to stop helping her. She then begins walking away and is nearly struck by a car. Ou Chen sees this and tackles her out of the way, horrifying Xi Meng as he flashes back to Ou Chen’s car accident five years earlier.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

Ou Chen holds Xia Mo’s hand

Both Xia Mo and Ou Chen are knocked unconscious and are taken to the hospital. Xi Meng wants Xia Mo put in a separate room, but the nurse cannot pry Ou Chen’s hand from Xia Mo’s. Xi Meng says that Xia Mo is the jinx in his young master’s life. Xia Mo wakes up and is terrified when she sees Ou Chen lying silently next to her – is he dead? Xi Meng tells her not to jinx Ou Chen by saying such bad luck words. Xia Mo is relieved to know that he is otherwise unharmed. Xi Meng says that if anything happens to Ou Chen this time, then he won’t forgive her. Xia Mo says she wouldn’t forgive herself either. When Ou Chen wakes up he tells Xi Meng to get six bodyguards for Xia Mo so that nothing like that happens again. This surprises Xia Mo, and I think displeases her a little. Who wants to be surrounded by six bodyguards? Ou Chen then asks if the rumors are true. Xia Mo says they aren’t and Ou Chen seems reluctant to believe her. She says that it doesn’t matter if he believes her or not, she will prove her innocence. Ou Chen says he will have people investigate and if Hui Ni’s claims are false, then the company will do whatever they can to help Xia Mo restore her tarnished reputation. Xi Meng comes back and Ou Chen orders Xi Meng to take Xia Mo safely home – much to Xi Meng’s dislike. Xia Mo tells him its not necessary, but Xi Meng says that it is his duty. Blech. I wonder why Xi Meng can’t see how much Xia Mo actually does care for Ou Chen?

Shen Jian Hong, Barbie Xu

Xiao Cheng will forever support Xia Mo

Xia Mo goes home to find a worried Zhen En who has been waiting for Xia Mo since the accident (Xi Meng actually wouldn’t let Zhen En in to see Xia Mo at the hospital). Xia Mo invites Zhen En in, but she refuses. Xia Mo wonders what is wrong, but Zhen En says nothing and leaves. Zhen En is uncomfortable because she is hiding Xiao Cheng’s passing out from Xia Mo. Xiao Cheng is watching the news where it says that Hui Ni collapsed due to the stress and being unable to eat for several days. Sure. No one reports that Xia Mo was almost run over and had to be rushed to the hospital as well. And since Hui Ni is an actress, I strongly suspect her of faking it. Xiao Cheng hurriedly turns off the news when he hears Xia Mo come in. Xia Mo apologizes for being too busy to spend a lot of time with him and Xiao Cheng says he can take care of himself. He then takes his sister’s hand and says that no matter what everyone else says, she will forever be his innocent, pure sister and he will always support her. After her rough time, this brings tears to Xia Mo’s eyes and the two go upstairs to look at a new drawing of Xiao Cheng’s.

Serena Fang

“I will yell until you agree”

Ling Hao is watching the news and sees the briefing on Hui Ni’s collapse. The guy is just hiding out and drinking. He finally turns on his phone and answers Xia Mo’s calls. She invites him to a press conference on Saturday to discuss the rumors that Hui Ni spread. Ling Hao apologizes and says he can’t. Xia Mo says she understands and hangs up. This infuriates Zhen En who takes the phone only to find that Ling Hao as turned it off again. The press conference won’t work without Ling Hao, so Xia Mo asks Zhen En to go to his house and badger him until he agrees to the press conference. Zhen En agrees and goes to Ling Hao’s house. She bangs on the door, rings the buzzer, but to no avail. She then says that she will sit outside his door and yell until he finally agrees to come out and help Xia Mo. This really hurts Ling Hao. He loves Hui Ni and doesn’t want to see her reputation damaged any more than it already has been, but he can’t stand to see what Hui Ni is doing to Xia Mo. What will he decide to do? Zhen En also delivers Xia Mo’s message of it not being real love allowing Hui Ni to do what she wants. How true.

Maggie Wu

Hui Ni learns about the press conference

For being a sick girl, Hui Ni looks perfectly healthy and content in her room full of flowers, gifts, and food from her concerned fans. Her good mood is spoiled, however, when she turns on the television and sees the announcement that Ling Hao and Yin Xia Mo are going to hold a press conference to discuss recent rumors. The girls deserves to be nervous after all the crap she’s pulled. Xi Meng calls Hui Ni and tells her he has a plan for the press conference that will flatten Xia Mo. Hui Ni wants to know who he is, but he tells her to just follow his plan. If Ou Chen ever finds out, he will feel deeply betrayed as Xi Meng was the closet person to him (besides Xia Mo).

Barbie Xu

Xia Mo smiles at the pictures

The day of the press conference dawns and Ya Lun opens the conference and hands the floor over to Xia Mo who denies ever trying to seduce Ling Hao or break him and Hui Ni up. The reporters then ask if she is accusing Hui Ni of lying. Xia Mo says she has no right to say that Hui Ni is lying, she is just stating the truth, that she never attempted to seduce him. One reporter holds up pictures and asks Xia Mo to deny the proof. Xia Mo smiles when she sees the pictures and thanks the reporter for showing her proof as she was wondering what exactly was going on. Xia mo says the pictures clearly show Ling Hao inside the hotel room while she was standing outside (NOT in a see-through negligee) meaning that she did not call Ling Hao over to try and seduce him. The reporters then turn on Ling Hao and ask him if he visited the ill Hui Ni and to clarify his relationship with Xia Mo. Just as he is about to speak, An Hui Ni crashes the press conference!

Serena Fang, Barbie Xu, Maggie Wu, Yang Han

“Say what you really mean”

Ling Hao keeps his mouth shut. Partially due to shock at Hui Ni’s appearance and partially because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Hui Ni says that she knows now that Ling Hao really loves her and not Xia Mo. She had just received a note of apology along with a ring. Great! Hui Ni is now trying to trap Ling Hao into marriage as well as destroying Xia Mo. Ou Chen sees this and does not like this turn of events and he sends Xi Meng to call the producer of Pure Love Song to go and back Xia Mo up. Xia Mo congratulates Hui Ni on her engagement and asks to see the ring. Hui Ni brandishes her hand and Xia Mo asks where Ling Hao got it. Ling Hao doesn’t respond. Hui Ni knows that Xia Mo is calling her bluff and does her best to cover her lies. Xia Mo demands details in her seduction of Ling Hao and again Ling Hao says nothing, just apologizes. Why? Because he just can’t betray Hui Ni. But letting her get away with what she is doing is not a good thing either. Xia Mo demands clarification of the apology, saying its because the truth will cause Hui Ni’s career to fail and Ling Hao says sorry and that he will always be grateful to Hui Ni for helping him out when he just started acting. Hui Ni, nervous and angry at Xia Mo’s questions, goes to slap her, but Xia Mo catches her hand and throws her off. People get in between them and Hui Ni says that she will sue Xia Mo for violence and Xia Mo says that Hui Ni started it. Just when it looks like all chaos will break loose, Hui Ni demands proof that Xia Mo did not try to seduce Ling Hao. Xia Mo is now visibly nervous. She is running out of aces to play if Ling Hao refuses to talk. And that’s when Luo Xi walks in!

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“Let’s make our relationship public”

Luo Xi says that he is Xia Mo’s proof against Hui Ni’s rumors. How? Because Yin Xia Mo is his girlfriend. This causes quite a stir among the reporters and other people present. Luo Xi goes up to Xia Mo and she practically throws herself into his arms grateful as she is to have someone show up to help her through this. Luo Xi holds her and kisses her head. He then says that since she is his girlfriend, there is no way she would try to seduce Ling Hao and no one can disagree with that. He then explains that Xia Mo is pretty strong and thought she could handle the mess herself without bothering him and revealing their relationship, but when he say the news, he immediately got on a flight back to Taiwan to help clear up the mess. Ou Chen is shocked that Luo Xi has returned from Japan early and even more unhappy of his announcement of being Xia Mo’s boyfriend. Ou Chen didn’t get to save her in time. Xi Meng returns just after Luo Xi shows up to let Ou Chen know that the producer is on his way to the press conference to confirm Xia Mo’s story. You know hell will follow. Especially when Luo Xi kisses Xia Mo in front of everyone as well. Luo Xi also threatens Hui Ni with a lawsuit, saying that he will turn Xia Mo’s case over to his lawyer who will show how each and every one of Hui Ni’s accusations are a lie. Hui Ni is finally put in her place! If only Ling Hao had managed to put her there instead of being cowed by her, then none of this would have happened.

Huang Xiao Ming

“Never knew I could love until Xia Mo”

Luo Xi is scolded by the owner of his company for going public with his relationship. Luo Xi doesn’t care that he has annoyed them or that it could affect his career. Luo Xi promises to be good and to be careful of his relationship with Xia Mo as he respects Xia ge. Xia says to stop lying as he knows Luo Xi doesn’t like him at all, to which Luo Xi doesn’t reply, he just wears his usual smile. Xia knows that Xia Mo is the reason why Luo Xi wanted to hurry back to Taiwan earlier in his career. It is obvious they’ve known each other for awhile, or else why would Luo Xi help her out and collaborate with her when he always refused to do so with any one else. Xia also calls Xia Mo the jinx of Luo Xi’s life. Is Xia Mo really the jinx – or is it the two obsessed, possessive men who are jinxes themselves? Meanwhile, Ou Chen stakes out Xia Mo’s house. Stalker? I’m surprised that Xiao Cheng didn’t notice him standing outside when he closed the curtain and turned off the lights.

Barbie Xu, Haung Xiao Ming

“I apologzied, didn’t I?”

Xia Mo is at Luo Xi’s house and she thanks him for saving her. She doesn’t really know what else to say and he pinches her nose for her ingratitude. She asks when she has been ungrateful and he lists off all of the times he has helped her. She apologizes if she seemed ungrateful. Luo Xi gets up and walks away, wondering if she was mad at him for announcing their relationship. She’s not mad, just worried. When it looks like he isn’t going to accept her apology, she squeezes his nose right back. It’s a cute moment between the two, but you have a feeling that bad things are bound to start cropping up again. Luo Xi bats her hand away and asks if this Xia Mo is his Xia Mo as his Xia Mo is carved of ice. Xia Mo says that the ice was just the outer coating, that this Xia Mo is the real one. She also tells Luo Xi that if he doesn’t like it, he can return her. Luo Xi says whatever. He has already announced to the world that they are dating so she is now officially his. Again with the ownership. She’s a person, not a possession. He then says that he is hers and that they will never part and never betray each other.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

Luo Xi takes advantage of drunk Xia Mo

Zhen En is upset that Xia Mo didn’t tell her, though she suspected that they might be in a relationship. Zhen En then gives Xia Mo all of the pictures she secretly took of Luo Xi during their high school years. Looking at the pictures, Xia Mo asked how much Zhen En hated her back then because her face was always cut off. Zhen En waves it off and gives the drive to Xia Mo with the pictures on it, saying that Xia Mo has to show her grandchildren. Zhen En then shows Xia Mo matching t-shirts she got for Xia Mo and Luo Xi’s appearance on some show. Luo Xi goes to see Ou Chen who asks for an apology and an explanation. Luo Xi says he came to personally apologize and even brought a gift. He turns on the TV and there he and Xia Mo are talking about their relationship. The host asks about their first kiss and has them write it down. Xia Mo’s says the airport (when he left five years ago) and Luo Xi has under a cherry tree (he stole a kiss when Xia Mo passed out drunk after she gave him the cat). Luo Xi then shuts off the TV and says that was his gift. He protected Xia Mo so filming of Pure Love Song could go on and the damage to Ou Chen’s company would be minimal. Ou Chen is not pleased at all. Can’t really blame him on that one. And you know since Luo Xi goaded him, Ou Chen will reply in kind. It never ends (eyeroll).

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“It’s my fault, isn’t it?”

Xia Mo finishes filming her drama successfully and she bids goodbye and good luck to costar and friend Ling Hao. She asks what he has up next and he says that he will be taking a break. After all that’s happened, it’s probably a good idea. Zhen En comes and tells Xia Mo that Luo Xi has been axed from the film he was working on due to bad acting. This upsets Xia Mo and she rushes over to see Luo Xi who is talking with Xia. Luo Xi introduces the two and Xia asks who Luo Xi offended at the Ou corporation to make them pull him from the film. Luo Xi says it doesn’t really matter and that he can always leave show business making both Xia and Xia Mo unhappy. Luo Xi also says that he will not name the person he offended and just says that the person wants something that he cannot give up. Xia leaves and Xia Mo says that she knows its because of her. She offers to go to Ou Chen to talk him out of the decision. This angers Luo Xi who doesn’t want to have to part with her again. He says that it hurts him that to her Ou Chen will always be the wealthy young master who can get things done while Luo Xi is just helpless. Overreacting and yet not at the same time. Xia Mo then sees the paper where there is an article about Luo Xi’s past. Luo Xi notices her gaze and tells her not to look, it’s all just lies anyways before ripping it up.

Catin Lau, Chang Kuo Chu

“I will pay you back”

Meanwhile, Xia goes to see Xi Meng about pulling Luo Xi from the film. Xia asks if Xi Meng is doing this because Xia refused to sell his company to the Ou corporation and Xi Meng says that Xia is thinking he’s too important. Ou Chen comes in and Xi Meng introduces the two. Xia asks why Luo Xi is being pulled for bad acting, they should review the tapes and discuss the problem. The offer is refused, saying that it will leak the movie content out. Xia then says that it was a dirty setup by the Ou corporation as they begged to have Luo Xi in the film even when he had already declined the offer. Xia then says he is no pushover and will do his level best to get back at the Ou corporation. When he leaves, Ou Chen asks what he was talking about. Xi Meng then tells him that he did go to get Luo Xi in the film. Ou Chen is shocked and outraged that this was all done behind his back. Yeah, Xi Meng acting independently is never a good thing.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“I beg you”

Luo Xi is taking a nap and Xia Mo pieces the article back together, surprised to read what really happened. She had no idea that Luo Xi’s past was that painful (not quite as bad as hers maybe, but still pretty bad). We then get to see the flashback of Luo Xi and his mother at the amusement park. You can see how much his mother loves him. She did everything she could and they had a lot of fun. So I don’t really get why she abandons him. The scared and worried little boy waited at the amusement park for three days before being found and turned over to the authorities. Luo Xi is having a nightmare, calling for his mother and saying that it is cold. Xia Mo tells him that it is okay and that it is just a dream. He finally wakes up. He doesn’t want Xia Mo’s pity. Xia Mo says that she is with him now and they make a vow to be always together and always faithful. Not a bad vow, but Luo Xi is pretty unstable as it is. He has already accused Xia Mo as getting ready to abandon him because everyone does. Xia Mo tells him to change his attitude. You know, it is that same attitude that will eventually destroy their relationship.

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