Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 8 Recap

Ueno Juri, Eita, Seki Megumi

Love triangle?

Nothing happened between Peach and Nakaji! That’s a relief at least. Peach confesses that she likes Nakaji, but loves Haru more. If Haru still likes Nakaji, then Peach will stop pursuing him. Haru gives her the go ahead since she’s dating Doctor, even though she’s in love with Nakaji. Linda begins a mental breakdown, running to Nakaji for comfort, but in the end, he’s doused with more pain. It looks like Doctor is considering proposing to Haru. Haru’s mom tells Nakaji that his dad is sick, leaving Nakaji upset – especially when he learns his dad has cancer. Just when Nakaji has officially realized his feelings for Haru, Peach decides to become more aggressive and Doctor tries to convince Haru to spend the night with him.

Ueno Juri, Eita

“You can like Nakaji”

Episode summary: Peach immediately denies that anything happened between her and Nakaji and he comes down and gives her back her earring. Nakaji then tells Haru that Peach helped him home because he was drunk and then she spent the night. Even though nothing happened, that still doesn’t sound good. Peach and Haru then go back to Haru’s place for a discussion. Peach tells Haru that she may seem easy with men, but she would never do anything with Nakaji as she loves Haru too much. Peach then asks if its okay if she goes for Nakaji as Haru has Doctor. You can tell that Haru wishes to say no, but she is the kind of person to put her friends before herself. She tells Peach that its okay for her to like and pursue Nakaji who is lying in bed at home staring at the canned coffee with Haru’s “keep trying.”

Hero JaeJoong

No replies from Haru

Later, Haru is at school and sees that she has tons of mail from Doctor. And boy, is it inane. He emails her every little boring detail of his day. Like what he’s having for lunch and the fact that he accidentally dropped the hotdog on the ground. He gets upset when she doesn’t reply to his every message. Like she needs to when they are that stupid? Meanwhile, Nakaji is gathering up courage to go see his dad and show him his photographs in Linda’s magazine, but like always, his dad is not home. When he leaves, he runs into Haru’s mom who tries to get away before he sees her, but he calls after her and stops her. He asks if she is taking care of his dad now and then asks if her saving him wasn’t just by coincidence. The two then go to a coffee shop to talk.

Eita, Fubuji Jun

“Are you taking care of my dad now?”

Sachiko confesses that she once dated Nakaji’s dad before they were both married. They had parted ways for a long time and then happened to meet by chance (which we already know is a lie – Nakaji’s dad planned the meeting). Sachiko also says that nothing is going on between them now. Yeah, but not because they didn’t try. They did get a hotel room, but a call from Shu sent Sachiko home. But, I digress. Sachiko then tells Nakaji that she is worried over his father’s health. She doesn’t think that it was just exhaustion that caused him to collapse. This surprises Nakaji. But Sachiko doesn’t tell him everything, leaving that duty to Nakajima himself. She did warn him that she was going to tell his son if he didn’t. This bothers Nakaji all day while he is working at a photo shoot.

Eita, Hero JaeJoong, Ueno JuriHaru and Doctor are on a date and Doctor complains about Haru not answering any of his emails. Haru then says that 20-30 in one day is just too many and she can’t reply to all of them. Doctor then says that is not unusual for young couples to mail each other that often. Haru wonders if its true and then thinks that she acts like an old lady. Doctor denies this and Haru tells him that she just isn’t used to a relationship so she is not certain of what she is supposed to do. She then invites him out to a Korean movie. Afterwards, Haru asks if he liked it and he said that he cannot describe his feelings in Japanese. Haru asks if he could explain them better in Korean and he says probably. Doctor then stops and says he realizes that he knows nothing about Haru. They continue on their way to Haru’s house and Haru asks if she can stop in the convenience store. Doctor agrees and she shows him Nakaji’s magazine which he promptly puts back on the shelf. This upsets Haru and she does her best to change the subject. Nakjai is on his way home and sees Haru and is about to duck into the store when Doctor’s head pops up. Nakjai makes a beeline out of there.

Hero JaeJoong, Ueno Juri

Doctor and Haru finally talk

Doctor sees Haru to her door and she invites him in. This surprises him and make him happy. It also surprises and makes her mom happy to. Sachiko tells Doctor that Haru never had a fashion sense and never brought a boy home so she always worried what would happen to her daughter. Doctor is pleased to hear that he is the first boy that Haru’s brought home. When Sachiko leaves, Haru says that she wanted Doctor to know her better so she brought him home. Since she is still new at all of this, she is trying to figure things out. She wants to be worthy of his love, and she also wants Doctor to see the real Haru. She also tells him that even if he can’t express what he wants to say, he should know that his feelings do reach her. Doctor then talks about doing stupid things when he thinks about Nakaji – like lying about them having a physical relationship. Haru doesn’t yell at him (though I think he needed a scolding for that one). He can’t help but be jealous as he knew Haru liked Nakaji first. Doctor then asks if Haru still likes him and Haru replies no. Big lie on her part.

Kinami Haruka, Hero JaeJoong

“You don’t need to read this”

Nakaji is back at his apartment looking at all the photos from the zoo and recalling what a great time he and Haru had with each other. He holds up the picture of her upset face and says he never got a chance to give it to her. Who says its too late now? Doctor goes home and Minha quickly hides a postcard from their mother. She asks how his date went and he said it was good. He then takes out a cake he brought home for her and asks what she is hiding. She says nothing, but Doctor manages to grab it. When he sees that it is from their mother, he crumples it and throws it out telling Minha that she doesn’t need to read that. Their mother asked in the note if Minha and Doctor are still mad. What happened in the past to alienate Doctor and his sister from their mother?

Eita, Tamayama Tetsuji

“Something between you and the editor?”

The next day, Linda’s editor tells Nakaji that a publishing company is starting up a news magazine and his interested in Nakaji’s work. She says that she also put in a good word, but they can see his talent. She then says that Nakaji’s dad used to work for them too. This deflates Nakaji’s bubble a little. He then notices the odd way that Linda’s boss treats him and how uncomfortable Linda looks. After the meeting, Nakaji asks Linda if he is dating the editor (who hides to hear Linda’s answer). Linda says of course not and you can tell that hurts her (still she used her position to lure him anyways). Linda also tells Nakaji not to worry as he doesn’t think Nakaji’s dad put in a good word for him and Nakaji thinks that’s probably true as well, but he still worries about it. Meanwhile, you can see just how much emotional pain Linda is in. The boy needs someone to talk to. He’s sacrificed so much of himself for his friends and Nakaji, but he goes it all alone.

Seki Megumi, Eita

“I like you”

Nakaji goes back to his dad’s place, but again he’s not home. While waiting, he gets a call from a distressed Peach. He goes to meet her and she tells him that she met up with her ex. They go to a cafe where Peach tells him the whole story. Her ex came looking for her to see what she did about the pregnancy. He then tried to get a hotel room with her. After telling her to have an abortion and that the kid probably wasn’t his anyways, he still tries to sleep with her? What a jerk. Nakaji uses Haru’s favorite expression, which Peach recognizes. Peach is not allowed to get into that man’s car ever again. Nakaji then tells Peach that she should find a much better man who will cherish her next time. Peach then asks if she can choose Nakaji to fall in love with. This completely shocks Nakaji. Peach asks if “huh” is his only answer. Nakaji says he never thought of Peach liking him because he thought she and Linda had something going on. Peach says that she has always liked Nakaji (I have wondered about that). Nakaji then asks if Peach’s confession is some kind of joke – talk about insensitive. Peach says that she is serious. Poor Nakaji just doesn’t know what to do.

Ueno Juri, Eita

Haru is Peach’s most importan person

Linda’s boss books a room at an exclusive hotel that is hard to get reservations for. She has it booked for the whole weekend and seems to be really excited to be able to go with linda and view the sakura. Linda shows outward pleasure and says he will meet her at the train station. Yeah, you know he doesn’t want to. Haru is at the convenience store when she see Nakaji walk by. She hurries up and runs out to greet him. They go to their park to have a little talk. Haru says that Peach confessed and Nakaji asks how does Haru know. Peach called her and told her of course. Nakaji says that he just doesn’t understand women. Haru says it’s like a declaration of war, Peach had already thrown the gauntlet down earlier. Haru says that it really wasn’t like that, Peach just asked Haru if it was okay to like Nakaji. Haru then says she was surprised that she didn’t know Peach liked him as Peach hid her feelings for Haru’s sake. Nakaji then told Haru that Peach did say something of the sort to him. To Peach, Haru is a very important person, more so than Nakaji. Why? When they were in high school, Peach was alienated because she stole girls’ boyfriends. So they bullied her and refused to eat with her until one day, Haru said that it wasn’t Peach’s fault, but the boyfriends’ and she then put he desk next to Peach’s and they’ve been good friends ever since.

Eita, Ueno Juri

“Are you really okay with that?”

Haru says that she remembers and she is even embarrassed by Nakaji acting out the part where she rescues Peach. Haru then says that Peach, unlike Haru, can’t stand to be lonely. Haru then looks at Nakaji and tells him to please take care of Peach for her. This shocks and upsets Nakaji. He does not dislike Peach, but it makes him angry to think that Haru is giving him to her. He grabs her shoulders and gets in her face and asks if she is really okay with that. He asks this several times before finally letting go and laughing it off. Confusing a shaken Haru. He says that he was just joking, that he had always wanted to do that. He asks Haru if he seemed like some cool leading man and she angrily shoves him to the ground and tells him to quit playing with people’s emotions. Nakaji lays on the the ground and says that he really wasn’t lying, he wanted to know. He only did that to hide the fact that he was serious, which means that he’s been lying to himself. Took him long enough.

Tamayama Tetsuji

Linda runs away

The next day it seems Doctor is a little tight on money. He passes by a girl handing out free samples and on the package it mentions getting money without waiting or guarantors. This doesn’t bode well at all. Linda goes to meet his boss at the train station, but when he sees her, he just can’t go through with it. He shakes his head and just beings running like his life depended on it. I do feel a little bad for the editor, but like I said, she bought Linda anyways, so what more can she expect from him? Meanwhile, Nakaji finally manages to see his dad. He asks about his dad’s health and his dad replies that he has cancer which shocks Nakaji and surprises Nakajima who thought Sachiko had already told him everything. Nakaji says that he is his father’s only family and he deserved to know the truth and he wants to help take care of him. Nakajima tells Nakaji to think about the pictures he wants to take instead. Nakaji asks if his dad had a hand in him being referred for the news job and Nakajima replies that he didn’t. Nakaji then angrily storms out of the apartment. Nakajima pulls out Linda’s magazine and flips to Nakaji’s photos and smiles, saying he is still an amateur, but you can tell Nakajima is proud of his son.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

Haru lies to Doctor

Peach is at the store, anxiously awaiting Nakaji’s reply. She keeps looking at her phone, hoping it will ring as she told him that she would wait for his call. She then decides she needs to be more proactive. Hasn’t she already been proactive in her pursuit by confessing to him first and all that jazz?  Haru is at Doctor’s cooking dinner and Doctor asks Haru which ring she likes. Haru looks and says they are both way to expensive. Doctor says he was just asking and happily watches Haru cook. When they sit down to dinner, Haru notices that Minha is late and Doctor says that Minha is staying over at a friend’s house (I smell a setup). Nakaji goes to the convenience store but Haru isn’t there. So he goes to the park and Haru isn’t there. And he really needs to talk about his dad I think. So he calls Haru as she and Doctor are just about to tuck into their dinner. He says that he is at their park and she says that she is at Doctor’s. Nakaji apologizes for interrupting and hangs up. He doesn’t like it that Haru is over there. Doctor asks Haru who it was and she said that Peach asked her out to dinner. Another lie. Poor Haru just keeps lying to Doctor.

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

Distraught Linda Hugs Nakaji

Nakaji goes back to his place and sees a distraught Linda. As soon as Linda sees Nakaji, he rushes and embraces him. This shocks Nakaji. Linda holds on to him very tightly (and dare I say intimately). His hugging of Nakaji is basically a confession and it looks like Nakaji is just a little uncomfortable with what is going on. He also seems worried about Linda’s state as he starts crying. Then comes Peach. This shocks Linda and he deduces that Peach and Nakaji are seeing each other. They aren’t. At least not yet. Not officially. Nakaji asks Linda what’s wrong, but Linda won’t tell him and gives Nakaji back his jacket that he had been hanging on to all of this time. Linda then leaves. Nakaji goes to follow him, but Peach stops him and tells him that Linda needs to work things out on his own. Honestly, I think Linda really needs to talk to someone and have someone help him work things out a bit. He holds everything inside until it all bursts out at once. Not healthy. Not healthy at all.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

“Please stay the night”

Haru is at Doctor’s looking out at the moon. They same moon that Nakaji told her was pretty. She thinks about him instead of thinking about Doctor and you can tell she is sad and hurting. She wants to be with Nakaji, but Doctor stands in her way and so does Peach. She wants to be with Doctor because she knows he really cares for her, but she honestly loves Nakaji and not Doctor. Peach is her best friend who is always lonely, so she can’t bring herself to admit that she still likes Nakaji as she wants Peach to be happy. These people really need to learn to be honest with themselves and with each other. Doctor then tells Haru that if his feelings can reach her, then she should know how he’s feeling now. He doesn’t want her to leave, but to stay with him overnight. Meanwhile, Peach says that right now she is the only one who really loves Nakaji. He doesn’t say anything in reply, but just holds her.

My thoughts: These people make their lives too complicated. We also get to see flashes from the opening of the series and this episode leaves us guessing even more just who it is that is trying to kill themselves. Although at this point, I say there is a high chance it’s Linda because he seems to be on the verge of a complete breakdown. No, they don’t really know what love is and what it means so they end up causing unnecessary pain and doing stupid things. Like lying to those they really love.

I hope Haru can finally tell Doctor the truth. I hope Nakaji won’t fall into another bad relationship just because he thinks Haru is now beyond his reach. I hope Haru doesn’t spend the night with Doctor. Oy. Complicated.

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