Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 7 Recap

Eita, Ueno Juri

Nakaji hugs Haru

This episode picks up at the same point where six left off. Nakaji says he’ll always have a place for Haru and then he texts her to “keep trying” and Haru scolds him for not saying it. Nakaji suddenly embraces the crying Haru. They stay like this for awhile until Nakaji begins to fell awkward and pulls away. He tells Haru that the hug was his way of telling her to keep trying. Haru asks like what players do on a soccer field and Nakaji agrees. Come on. When will these two ever admit to each other that they really do like each other as more than good friends? After that rather awkward moment, Haru picks up her bag and leaves. After she does, Nakaji gets out Kiriko’s ring. Ah, get over the crazy married lady already.

Hero JaeJoong

Doctor casts a spell

Doctor is eating breakfast with his little sister and complaining about the food. He likes runny yolks versus hard yolks. Minha says “poor him” and Doctor asks what’s going on. Minha says she has something that she has been unable to say to him. Doctor takes his chopsticks and holds them to his temples. When Minha asks what he is doing, he says he is preparing himself so he can become brave enough to face anything. Minha asks if he is ready and then drops the bomb: she saw Haru out on a date with a good looking guy. Doctor doesn’t believe her and Minha gets out her cell and shows him the picture she took of Haru and Nakaji. Doctor recognizes Nakaji right away and tells Minha that they are all good friends and that nothing like that is going on between Haru and Nakaji. Minha seems relieved by this. Doctor goes into the kitchen where is carefree face is replaced by a worried one. He knows that Haru likes Nakaji and he suspects that Nakaji might like Haru back.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

“You’ll look great in them”

Haru is waiting for Doctor who sneaks up behind her and plays hide and seek. When he’s done playing, he hands her a bouquets of pink flowers that remind him of her. Haru seems to be taken aback by this but says nothing and follows after Doctor. Meanwhile, Nakaji is in a dour mood due to his recent breakup. He is working on film and it looks like he might have accidentally erased a roll, but I don’t know for sure. We then cut back to Doctor and Haru. Doctor sees a wedding dress shop and says they are beautiful. He then looks at Haru and says he wishes to see her in a wedding dress. Woah! Talk about moving way too fast. They haven’t been dating long at all. Haru asks him if he means in general or something else. Doctor doesn’t quite understand the question so Haru lets it go. You can definitely see her discomfort level rising the entire time. Doctor then offers his hand, making Haru carry the purse and bouquet in one while he practically drags her along after him. Poor Haru.

Ueno Juri, Seki Megumi

“Like you’re training?”

The next day Haru recounts the date to Peach who is less than happy to hear it. She says that Haru is Haru and not his pink flowers and that Haru should have told Doctor that. Peach also tells  Haru that she needs to speak up and be more assertive in the relationship. Haru then confesses that she has a hard time trying to tell Doctor to walk slower as she ends up having to jog along to keep up with his quick pace. Peach compares their date to training. Haru has to carry things and one hand and has to job. In away, you could compare their date to a marathon. Peach then asks Haru if she’s studying Korean because of Doctor. Haru agrees and Peach picks up the book and tests Haru’s knowledge and is shocked to see just how much Haru has picked up so far.


Not in the mood for work

Linda calls Nakaji about introducing him to professional photographers so Nakaji can be their assistant, but Nakaji declines, saying he’s not in the mood for work. Linda asks if he’s okay as he knew Nakaji wanted to start serious photography. Nakaji says he’s just fine and will continue to work on the magazine column, but other than that he doesn’t want any new work. You can tell Linda doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Haru is bravely continuing on with class as if nothing has happened. The principal observed her and is impressed with her perseverance. Haru asks about the withdrawal and the principal recommends a position at a private high school. He will highly recommend her for a full-time position so all she will have to do is take a test. If she passes, then she can finally stop being a provisional teacher. I do wonder if the principal is really doing this because he cares or because he wants the blight of the incident erased from the school.

Eita, Igawa Haruka

“You erased it?”

Nakaji takes a bike ride and goes to Kiriko’s house. He stops and pets a stray cat. When he looks up their is a surprised Kiriko. They go to a cafe where Kiriko apologizes about the ring. She knows she asked for it and feels bad as she knows Nakaji doesn’t have the money. Nakaji doesn’t disagree with this and the two laugh. Kiriko says its strange to be sitting there laughing with him after they’ve already broken up. Nakaji asks if it’s a definitive breakup. Kiriko says that it is and then finally admits the truth about her arm. She says that she did it herself and then asks if she’s scary. Nakaji surprises her by saying that he already knew, but he ignored it. The two leave the cafe and Kiriko tells him not to come find her again. When she turns, Nakaji notices that the tattoo is no longer on her neck. He asks her if she had it removed and she said yes. It looks like crazy Kiriko is finally out of the picture! At least at the end, she acted like a sane person and finally broke things off. Here’s hoping Nakaji’s next relationship won’t be as complicated (but we know it will be).


Nakaji gives away Kiriko’s ring

Afterwards, Nakaji is sitting on a bridge looking at the ring. He goes to the edge and leans out further and further holding the ring like he is going to drop it. A little girl asks him what he is doing. He shows the girl the ring and asks if its pretty. The little girl says it is and Nakaji gives her the ring, telling her that she can keep. The little girl wants to know if she really can and he says its like a toy anyways. The little girl takes the gift and runs off happily. Try explaining that to your parents. But I have to admit its a very cute scene. It’s also good to see Nakaji finally letting go of his past with Kiriko. It’s about time.

Eita, Ueno Juri

“You don’t have to tell me anything”

A worried Linda calls Haru and asks her for a favor. And what is the favor? It involves Nakaji of course. Linda is worried about him so he sends Haru to look after him. Haru goes to the convenience store where she always happens to meet Nakaji and waits for him. But Nakaji is hanging out and drinking at a park. You see this so often in dramas. At least he’s not drinking in broad daylight while the kids are playing like you sometimes see. By the time Nakaji goes home, Haru is no longer at the store. When Nakaji gets home, Haru is sitting on his front steps. This surprises him and he asks why she’s there. She said she was waiting at the store but the air conditioning was too cold. That’s not what he meant. He invites her in and she asks him if he’ll do anything weird. He says that he doesn’t have the energy and Haru follows him up and tells him that she is there because Linda is worried about him. She is there to get Nakaji to talk about his problems, but then she tells him that he doesn’t have to tell he if he doesn’t want to. Haru is so considerate.

Ueno Juri, Eita

Soul mates? Good friends? Close friends?

Once inside, Nakaji does open up to Haru. He tells her about Kiriko dumping him. He also apologizes for accusing her of hurting Kiriko early, saying the Kiriko confessed to hurting herself. Haru brushes off the past insult and asks if Nakaji is okay. His answer: “I don’t think so.” This worries Haru and she asks if there is anything she can do. Nakaji says that just seeing her cheers him up. Aww, how sweet! This makes Haru happy. Nakaji then asks Haru to tell him a story as she always seems to have so many. Put on the spot, Haru can’t think of anything. Nakaji apologizes and goes to make tea. Haru then asks if she can talk about what happened the other night between them. Nakaji says sure and Haru tells him that she was happy about what he said about keeping a space for her. Why? Even though she has received encouragement from others, she has never felt comfortable or at ease. Nakaji was the first person she told about her little brother’s problem. She is happy to have a place where she can finally be herself. She asks if Nakaji understand and he says he thinks so. Haru then says that she wishes to be the same thing with him – a person whom he can always talk to and be himself with. Nakaji asks like a soul mate and Haru says that sounds too cool, but yes. Nakaji says that he considers Haru a really good friend and a person he can talk to. This really does make Haru happy. Haru then tells him about the teaching test and how she plans to do her best. Nakaji is happy for her and her new opportunity to become a teacher. She goes to leave and gives Nakaji a present from the store. In it was a can of coffee with the words “keep trying” written on it. Aww, Haru took a page from Nakaji’s book. Do we finally have progress?

Tamayama Tetsuji, Eita

“It’s all up to you now”

The next day Nakaji is back at work all peppy and even offering suggestions to the photographer he works under. Linda sees all of this and is relieved to have the old Nakaji back. Linda buys Nakaji a drink and then tells Nakaji about a celebrity who actually requested to have him do her opening and closing shots. Good news for Nakaji! Nakaji asks if Linda heard about it from Haru. Linda said that Haru told him some of it, but not all. Nakaji tells Linda about getting dumped and how he didn’t mean to keep it a secret from them, he just didn’t know what to say. Linda tells Nakaji to come to him if he ever needs anything. Nakaji says he just might take Linda up on the offer and then goes back to work as the photographer calls to say they are about to begin. After he leaves, Linda’s happy face is replaced with a look of longing. Drat. It looks like my hypothesis is right. Linda likes Nakaji. As more than a friend. Oi. I’m not saying Nakaji’s a bad person, but why is everyone interested in him? Kiriko likes Nakaji, Haru likes Nakaji, Peach likes Nakaji, and now Linda? Kind of the absurd premise in a drama where multiple men fall in love with the female lead.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong

“What present would you like?”

Haru meets Doctor at Emotion and tells him about the teaching test, which Doctor is against! He doesn’t want her to be a full-time teacher after what happened to her. This hurts Haru as Doctor had originally encouraged her in a pursuits to become a regular teacher versus a provisional one. Doctor then tells Haru that it doesn’t matter as he’ll be there. Haru asks what he means and he says that he will be there to protect her. And no, he isn’t just referring to physical protection. He means that he will work and support Haru so she doesn’t have to. Again, going way to fast and you can tell this makes Haru very uncomfortable. Doctor then says they should see a movie he’s been dying to see. Haru agrees and Doctor says he mad reservations as well. Omo. How did timid Doctor become so pushy and overbearing when it comes to dating and Haru? At the restaurant Doctor says he wants to get Haru a thank you gift because since he’s been dating her, he’s been doing rather well at work. Haru says she doesn’t need a present and he should just concentrate on paying Minha’s school fees. Doctor insists and wonders if he should get a pink dress like the pink flowers that remind him of Haru. Oi. This boy is way too much.

Eita, Ueno Juri

“We were just laughed at by high school kids”

After the rather agonizing date, Haru goes to the convenience store to buy a rice ball. Nakaji comes in and is surprised to see Haru there on a Saturday looking for a rice ball to eat. Haru asks him if he knows about a certain rice ball series being really delicious and he says he does. Nakaji asks about a certain one and Haru grabs it before he can take it. Nakaji asks her to give it back and she refuses. He then tries to take it from her and she keeps it out of his reach. Two high schoolers sees this and laugh. Nakaji and Haru stop and stare and Haru says that they were just laughed at and Nakaji finishes with by school kids. Guess that shows just how immature they were being. Oh, but it was a great scene.

Eita, Ueno Juri

Nakaji and Haru talk in the park

Nakaji and Haru go to the park and split the rice ball. Nakaji shares his beer with Haru, teasing her about having her pay him for it. He then asks why she is alone on a Saturday night and she replies that she was on a date with Doctor but was so nervous she lost her appetite. Nakaji says its because she likes him a lot, but Haru replies she isn’t too certain about that. There is just something about Doctor that sets her on edge. That is never a good sign in any relationship. Haru then asks Nakaji to compare her to something, like Doctor did. Nakaji chooses a rusty bicycle and an old camera in a shop. This annoys Haru as it is all machinery needing oil. She gets up to go as Nakaji says its just because those are is hobbies that’s why he uses them. Here I was hoping he would say that Haru is just Haru. Oh well. He stops her and says that he is going to try hard at work so he won’t lose to her. Haru says she knows as she’s already heard the news from Linda. Heehee, she stole his thunder a bit. She then says that Linda is happy that Nakaji is doing well and that Linda really likes Nakaji (more than Haru knows). Nakaji then says Linda worries too much.

Ueno Juri, Hero JaeJoong, Eita

The gang gets together again

The next day Linda has his arranged date. He is none too happy about it and you can’t blame him. He then invites the gang out for drinks to celebrate Nakaji’s new success. At Emotion, the gang is having a good time and congratulating Nakaji. I think Doctor doesn’t really like the focus so he intentionally brings more drinks for everyone. Haru declines saying she can’t and Nakaji mentions studying. Apparently Peach, Nakaji, and Doctor all already knew, but not Linda. Haru says she didn’t want to tell everyone because she was afraid of what would happen if she fails. They tell her not to worry, they aren’t those kind of friends. Haru begs off and Doctor pays for her. After she leaves, Doctor makes a comment about being in an adult relationship. One, they aren’t. Two, even if they were, a good guy would never say it out loud in front of other people. This visibly upsets Nakaji who cannot believe it.

Hero JaeJoong, Eita

Doctor and Nakaji pass out

While Haru is studying hard, Nakaji and Doctor are getting wasted. Peach says that she will take the passed out Nakaji home, leaving Doctor to Linda. Peach gets Nakaji home and asks if he was really surprised at Doctor’s announcement. Nakaji says he just can’t believe that Haru is doing that too. Nakaji wants to keep drinking, but Peach tries to discourage it. Nakaji goes to give her money for a taxi, but has none so he says she can stay and drink with him til the last train. Peach hugs him and says that she is lonely. Nakaji kneels in front of her and says he has always liked her hair. Peach asks if he wishes to touch it and so he does. Oh, this doesn’t bode well. Meanwhile, Linda is trying to get Doctor sobered up to go home. He asks Doctor why he lied and Doctor says that only Linda would see through him. Linda says that he has an impossible relationship and that Doctor shouldn’t try to force things like he is.

Ueno Juri, Eita, Seku Megumi

Another triangle in the making?

The next day, Haru goes to deliver crabs from Hokkaido (a present from her father) to Nakaji. When she gets there, she is greeted by a happy Nakaji. She happens to see an earring on the floor. She picks it up and gives it to Nakaji who is uncomfortable. She says it’s fine and leaves. On her way out she meets Peach who immediately apologizes (after she turned and tried to run away). Haru asks why, wasn’t Peach on her way to Haru’s house. Peach says yes, but then things click and Haru asks if that was Peach’s earring. End episode. I am really hedging my bets hoping that nothing really happened between the two as Peach knows that despite dating Doctor, Haru likes Nakaji. Oi. Complicated.

My thoughts: I liked Doctor better when he wasn’t in a relationship. I wish that Linda would actually talk to someone about his problems. I know that he doesn’t want to come out and admit his feelings for Nakaji, but it seems so sad that Linda is the only one who isn’t getting comfort or help from the gang. He sees everything that goes on and acts as the big brother, caring for everyone else. Who will care for him, who will listen? Is the tragedy at the opening of the series involving Peach or Linda? Oh, the suspense!


  • The “Doctor” is syncere but also self obsessed, and very immature. As such he is completely wrong for Haru. Linda is very kind and caring, but hey, there’s surly a warning sign in his chosen cross-gender nome-de-plume. So he has more problems that 1 erectile disfunction 2 Not opening up and telling the truth and 3 Perhaps being homosexual. The most clearly defind characters in this story are Nakaji and Kiriko who find each other captivatingly and physically/phsycologically attactive and have the guts to act out their feelings. After them ironically the suicidal case, let’s call her Peachyie is the most truthfull and empathetic character. I think she and Nakaji are just temporary consolation for each other, in a time of loss and need for consolation, but I cannot condemn their liason: if Haru was only more assertive and aware of her true feelings/needs, then she could have redemed both her own and Nakaji’s furture by confessingher love and seeking his recognition of her true value.

    • Nothing actually happened between Peach and Nakaji, although Peach did have feelings for him. Yes, Haru needed to be more honest. It goes hand in hand with what the title of the drama is and with the theme song “Hard to say I love you.” These people, in their own way, found it hard to be honest with the people around them, their family, and themselves. Even Nakaji wasn’t always honest with his true feelings.

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