Summer’s Desire Episode 5 Recap

Summer's Desire Episode 5

“At times love is like a briar. The tighter you hold it the more it hurts.” ~Ming Xiao Xi (novel author)

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi chides Xia Mo

We pick up right where we left off, with Xi Meng asking if they should do another take so Xia Mo can hit Hui Ni. Ou Chen says there is no need. I think he is proud, in a way, that Xia Mo took the higher road and didn’t hit Hui Ni back when given the chance. We then cut to Xia Mo who is with Luo Xi after quitting for the day. Luo Xi is putting ointment on her face and asks her why she didn’t hit Hui Ni back as Hui Ni will not take it as a kindness, but rather that Xia Mo made her look bad again. Xia Mo replies that she doesn’t want to stoop to Hui Ni’s level. She asks if Luo Xi has ever had a similar experience and he tells his story of being beaten by thugs hired by a jealous rival. Luo Xi, however, chose to exact revenge by hiring thugs of his own and repaying the other person in kind. Luo Xi is surprised that Xia Mo doesn’t immediately tell him that was wrong. She says that she doesn’t believe in violence, but sometimes it may be the only choice.

She then flashes back to a moment where Xiao Cheng is being held down by thugs. She begs them to let him go, but they won’t. She sees a brick, picks it up and hits Xiao Cheng’s attacker, blood spattering her and her brother. Luo Xi asks her if she will tell him about it and Xia Mo says she would rather forget such things. Xia Mo then asks if she can stay at Luo Xi’s place for a few days until her swollen face goes down. Luo Xi readily agrees and as much as he dislikes Xia Mo being hurt, he has to thank Hui Ni for slapping Xia Mo as it means she will stay with him.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“Take you in for life”

Meanwhile, Ou Chen is looking at Hui Ni’s photos on her blog, recalling how Xia Mo looked when Hui Ni slapped her. You can tell that despite his words in the previous episodes, he still cares for Xia Mo and doesn’t want to see her hurt. He picks up his phone and makes a call. Luo Xi covers the sleeping Xia Mo with a blanket before lying next to her on the coach saying that he doesn’t want to keep her for just three days, he wants to keep her forever. We then flash back to Ou Chen’s office where Xi Meng comes in and says that Ou Chen’s orders have been carried out. What orders? We don’t have long to wait to find out.

Shen Jian Hong, Serena Fang

Xiao Cheng collapses!

The next day, Xiao Cheng sees the newspaper article about Hui Ni bullying and hitting Xia Mo. He becomes very agitated and tries calling Xia Mo to see if she is all right. Zhen En is with him, feeling badly about how the news broke. Xiao Cheng is unhappy when he can’t get through and he asks Zhen En exactly where did his sister go. Zhen En repeats the story that Xia Mo told her to, that she had gone to a location shoot for the next few days. Xiao Cheng is upset that this has happened and his sister is still going to work. Zhen En says that Xia Mo isn’t coming home because she doesn’t want Xiao Cheng to see her swollen face. Zhen En then wonders how the news got leaked to the press when Xiao Cheng suddenly collapses. He asks for his medicine and the frantic Zhen En goes to his room and searches for it, finding it and information on hearing loss.

Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi tries calling Xia Mo

Luo Xi is on set filming his drama when his assistant comes in with the newspaper when a brief break is called. She tells him that the news has broke and a lot of fans and netizens are on Xia Mo’s side and are even calling for the firing of Hui Ni or else they will boycott Pure Love Song. Luo Xi grabs the paper and then asks for his cell. He tries calling Xia Mo but can’t get through. The director calls to start filming again and he gives the phone to his assistant asking her to keep calling and let him know when she finally gets through to Xia Mo.

Serena Fang, Shen Jian Hong

“Find my sister!”

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is grocery shopping so she can prepare dinner for Luo Xi. As she is walking through the supermarket, the newspaper articles catches her eyes. She quickly gives it a quick read through before going to her phone and turning it on and seeing all the missed calls. Zhen En gives Xiao Cheng his medicine. She says she will help take him upstairs to rest, but he refuses asking Zhen En to help him find Xia Mo as he is still really worried about her. Zhen En agrees and takes out her phone to call when Xiao Cheng’s rings. It is Xia Mo who tells him not to worry, that things aren’t as bad as the papers say.

Maggie Wu, Yang Han

“You’re not the victim”

While all of this is going on, Hui Ni is with Ling Hao having a meltdown. She throws the papers to the ground saying that she never bullied anyone and that it isn’t fair that the reporters are pawning all responsibility on her. Of course, Hui Ni says everything is all lies and that it is all Xia Mo’s fault (talk about passing the buck and a blatant lie). Ling Hao grabs her and gets her to sit down, trying to calm her. That backfires as Ling Hao tells Hui Ni to hurry and apologize to Zhen En and Xia Mo. Hui Ni gets more agitated and says that she shouldn’t have to apologize to Xia Mo as it is Xia Mo’s fault that Hui Ni has fallen from grace. Ling Hao says that with the video circulating online, there is no one who would think Hui Ni is the hapless victim. This surprises Hui Ni and she asks Ling Hao what he thinks. He is her boyfriend, so he has to support her, right? Ling Hao says that he is on her side, but that she really needs to change her personality. This angers Hui Ni who then tells Ling Hao that is was her personality that managed to catapult him to fame so fast. This shocks Ling Hao who had always believed that his accomplishments were based solely on his merits with only a little help from Hui Ni.

Serena Fang, Shen Jian Hong

“Please don’t tell Jie”

Xia Mo asks Xiao Cheng to put Zhen En on the phone. Xia Mo tells Zhen En to keep Xiao Cheng off the internet as there is a video circulating of Hui Ni slapping her. Zhen En says that although she took video of the scene, it wasn’t her that did such a thing. Xia Mo says she knows and flashes back to Ou Chen when he caught her. Zhen En asks if Xia Mo knows who did it, but Xia Mo says she doesn’t, although it is obvious that she suspects that Ou Chen did it. Zhen En then gives the phone back to Xiao Cheng who urges Xia Mo to come home so he can see for himself how she really is. Xia Mo says she will head home right away and hangs up. Xiao Cheng grabs Zhen En’s arm and pleads for her not to tell Xia Mo about him collapsing. Zhen En agrees but then takes out the hearing loss documents and asks Xiao Cheng just what the pamphlets are all about. Of course, we don’t get to hear his explanation. Why they don’t come out and tell you about what is wrong with him, I don’t know, but I find it a little annoying.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

Relieved Luo Xi embraces Xia Mo

A worried Luo Xi finally gets home. He pauses outside of his door, afraid. He finally braces himself and rings the doorbell. No answer. He then frantically rings the doorbell. Still nothing. Disappointed, he lets himself into the house, looking for Xia Mo. He then goes through his pity party spiel about how his happiness is always followed by abandonment and pain. Xia Mo then comes out and says “you’re back.” If she was there to begin with, she should have checked to see who was at the door. Relieved, Luo Xi smiles and rushes over to hold her, surprising Xia Mo. She hugs him back and asks him what is wrong.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“You remembered?”

They then sit down to dinner. Luo Xi is happy as its the first time Xia Mo has cooked for him – he didn’t even know she could cook. Apparently Xiao Cheng was the cook of the family. Xia Mo says that she has learned, but that her little brother is still the better cook. Luo Xi is happy to see his favorite foods – Xia Mo remembered. He asks where she got the Chinese spinach as it was out of season. Xia Mo said she froze some when it was in season. Luo Xi’s happiness deflates. Xia Mo went home. Xia Mo then tells him that she went to the supermarket to pick up some things for her stay at his place. Luo Xi doesn’t ask if she saw the newspapers, he just asks her “and then.” Xia Mo says she saw the newspapers and that she can’t believe that in just one night, things got blown up. Luo Xi asks why didn’t she tell him that she knew and since she already went home, why did she bother coming back, and why did she cook for him. He then tells her that he was scared all day when filming, wondering if she knew, wondering if their time together had already ended. Xia Mo asks if he is angry and Luo Xi refuses to answer. Instead he gets up and leaves the table.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“We have to trust eachother”

Luo Xi goes into the bathroom to wash his face and to scold himself. Such a big thing happened and Xia Mo chose to stay with him, not to leave and go back to her own house. He berates himself for letting his temper get the better of him because due to Xia Mo’s personality, he knows it was hard for her to come back and cook the meal for him. He asks himself if he really wants her to stay or to chase her away. He then rushes out to the bathroom to see if he did manage to chase her away. When he goes downstairs, the table is empty and Xia Mo is gone. He then hears water running and goes into the kitchen, relieved to see Xia Mo is still there doing the dishes. He goes into the kitchen and hugs her from behind, saying he’d thought she left him. Xia Mo says she knows feeling safe is important to both of them, that they are both afraid of loss and yet desperately want to be with another person. That is why Luo Xi and she get so scared that the other will leave them. She turns around to face him and tell him that she came back because she wanted to cook for him and see him. It’s that simple. Since they decided to be together, then they need to start trusting each other.

Peter Ho, Huang Xiao Ming

“How can we thank you?”

The next day Luo Xi goes to Ou Chen to thank him for helping Xia Mo with the Hui Ni situation. He knows that Ou Chen was the main investor in the drama and that he was there the day that Hui Ni bullied Xia Mo, so it has to be Ou Chen who spread the news. Ou Chen says that it must kill Luo Xi to know that Xia Mo got bullied and that Luo Xi could do nothing about it. How childish, but then again, the three main characters are far from being mature. Luo Xi smiles and says only a rich and powerful young master would use investing in a project to get close to Xia Mo and use the news to suck up to her. Luo Xi then says its a pity as Xia Mo won’t go back to Ou Chen. Well, Ou Chen’s goad just backfired on him. He tells Luo Xi that he is wrong – Ou Chen was only protecting Xia Mo as she is basically his employee (since he’s the investor) and he would do anything to protect his employees – even Luo Xi if he came across trouble while filming the drama being back by the Ou corporation. Luo Xi says that Ou Chen is so kind to him and Xia Mo, how can they ever repay him.

Peter Ho

Ou Chen simmers in anger

Luo Xi then changes the subject to the Yin house, saying the Ou corporation keeps calling and asking him to sell it. Luo Xi asks if Ou Chen really wants the house that badly. If he does, Luo Xi might just consider selling it, but he has put a lot of time and money into it to fix it up. Plus, ever time Luo Xi goes back to the house, he recalls the brief happy time he spent there. Another thinly veiled barb launched successfully at Ou Chen who states that he doesn’t need Luo Xi to give him the house. Ou Chen then warns Luo Xi to cherish what he has now. Luo Xi tells him not to worry as he will definitely take care of “his” Xia Mo. In this verbal sparring match, I must say Ou Chen was definitely beaten down by Luo Xi. After Luo Xi leaves, Ou Chen recalls all the moments where Luo Xi kept taking ownership of Xia Mo and he gets quite angry. Luo Xi should know that Ou Chen is like a caged tiger and that he shouldn’t provoke him as much as he does, because Ou Chen still has the power to destroy Luo Xi’s life, in spite of Luo Xi’s own power and privilege he has now.

Maggie Wu

Hui Ni is pesona non grata on set

Xia Mo finally goes back to filming and is greeted by a dressing room full of gifts and news from Zhen En saying that fans say they will boycott Hui Ni. Xia Mo is happy for the support from fans, but tells Zhen En to leave message on the board saying to stop sending gifts as she is all right. Zhen En says she already has, but they keep pouring in. The makeup artist hurries and comes in to help Xia Mo first and the costume manager comes and says that the clothing brand Zhen En has been trying to get clothes from for Xia Mo has sent items over without being cajoled. This is all thanks to the scandal. Xia Mo’s happiness over the clothes is dampened when an angry Hui Ni shows up. Hui Ni goes to the dressing room where she throws a tantrum and the costumer manger tells Xia Mo that while filming earlier, everyone ignored Hui Ni and would not speak to her. Zhen En says that despite this, they need to be careful because who knows if Ling Hao will do something to get revenge for Hui Ni.

Yang Han, Barbie Xu

Xia Mo and Ling Hao become friends while filming

While running lines with Zhen En, Ling Hao approaches Xia Mo and asks for help with lines. Zhen En steps in and says that Xia Mo is too busy, but Xia Mo says she will gladly run lines with Ling Hao and sends Zhen En for water. Zhen En doesn’t know what to think, she gives Ling Hao an evil glare and goes to get the water. She turns back and you can tell she is trying to figure out just what is going on. Ling Hao thanks Xia Mo for agreeing to talk with him and then he apologizes for Hui Ni’s actions, saying she is not a bad person, she’s just been in the entertainment industry for too long. Hui Ni only did what she did because she felt threatened. Xia Mo tells Ling Hao that she doesn’t dwell on the past. This makes Ling Hao happy and he says he hopes this storm will quiet down soon. Xia Mo says it will and they are called to start filming. Thus  begins their friendship, much to Hui Ni’s dismay and jealousy. It also seems like Zhen En is a little miffed about their friendship as well.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“The real perfect couple”

Xia Mo is still staying with Luo Xi and the two are acting pretty domesticated. It’s really a cute scene. They are sitting back to back reading newspaper articles about each other. Luo Xi asks for a glass of water and when Xia Mo goes to get it, he quickly puts the paper down and grabs a camera. He then sneaks up behind Xia Mo and taps her on the shoulder. When she turns, she sees the camera and smiles. Luo Xi puts his arm around her and kisses her head as he takes a picture. He then covers up Xia Mo’s and Ling Hao’s picture in the paper with there’s and says now its the “real” perfect couple. A really cute moment.

Serena Fang, Barbie Xu

Xia Mo is now the lead!

Xia Mo goes into work the next day and finds Zhen En reading the script and crying. Why? Xia Mo’s character Bing Tong gets killed off. Xia Mo wonders why Zhen En is crying as she already knew that Xia Mo’s character dies in order to protect Ling Hao. Zhen En says knowing and reading are two different things. If she had been Bing Tong she would never have gotten involved with the male lead and would have survived to the ending. Xia Mo asks Zhen En to remind her to buy snacks for the crew on her last day of filming. Zhen En agrees and says she will cry on that day as she is really beginning to feel attached to the crew. Xia Mo hands her kleenex and says to cry now as it will be too embarrassing to do it on the wrap up day. Zhen En calls her hateful, but takes the kleenex and wipes her eyes when a girl comes in and says why are they hiding there when the script revisions are being handed out. Xia Mo and Zhen En go to get the new script and learn that the series has been extended from 20 episodes to 30 and that Xia Mo has become the female lead! Bing Tong will survive and Cai Na will be leaving with tail tucked between her legs. Xia Mo fears this is Ou Chen’s influence, but the script writer says it is because of Xia Mo’s acting that she decided to change the script – plus she wants to give the audience what they want.

Maggie Wu, Yang Han

Hui Ni goes balistic

Hui Ni is livid! Ling Hao tries to calm her down, but she is having none of it. She throws the revised script to the floor and heads full speed for Xia Mo. Seeing Hui Ni’s killer express, Zhen En quickly steps in front of Xia Mo to protect her. Hui Ni doesn’t hit her, but shoulders her way past them. Her assistant and Ling Hao trailing after her to get her to calm down. To be expected given Hui Ni’s personality.

Yang Han, Maggie Wu

Are Ling Hao and Hui Ni over?

Back at their place, an angry Hui Ni threatens to back out of the drama if they don’t change the script. Ling Hao tells Hui Ni to be realistic as Lu Si’s and Cai Na’s scenes have the lowest ratings while Lu Si’s and Bing Tong’s have the highest (basically meaning that her popularity is nothing and walking out won’t hurt the show). This enrages Hui Ni more. She asks if Ling Hao thinks her popularity is gone. Ling Hao says no, he just hopes that she will take this opportunity to take a break, relax, and recharge. Again, this just aggravates Hui Ni more. She then says that if he loves her, he’ll back out of the project, too. Ling Hao refuses, saying he likest he character too much to give it up. Of course, Hui Ni sees this has him siding with Xia Mo. She accuses him of being in love with her and he says that he likes working with her and enjoys her acting and work ethic. Hui Ni slaps him, accuses him of abandoning her, and leaves. Drama queen.

Yang Han, Barbie Xu

Hui Ni’s setup

Later, Ling Hao is drinking and trying to get a hold of Hui Ni who refuses to answer his calls. He leaves a message and hears a knock on the door. He is surprised when he opens it and finds Xia Mo. He asks what she is doing there and she says that he texted her saying to meet him there about the drama. Ling Hao says that he never sent a message. Xia Mo leans in close to smell Ling Hao’s breath and asks if he’s been drinking. He says yes and she tells him not to drink too much as he has an early filming schedule the next day. Obviously it was Hui Ni, especially since there is a reporter secretly taking pictures of Xia Mo standing outside of Ling Hao’s hotel room. Ah, nothing like the worse kind of revenge.

Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi rips up Xiao Cheng’s drawing

Luo Xi is at the Yin house where his manager tells him that the shooting schedule has changed completely. Luo Xi will not have to finish filming the drama in Japan. This upsets Luo Xi as he believes that Ou Chen is trying to get rid of him again. Probably true. This time, Luo Xi started it, so can he handle the consequences? He wants to know if he has to go and his manager tells him yes. Otherwise he will have broken the contract. Luo Xi recalls what happened five years ago when he got the news from Mr. Yin. He immediately tore up the drawing that Xia Mo rescued from the trash in the first episode. We then cut to the airport where he thanks Xia Mo for helping him stay out of the orphanage. We then get to hear him vow to pay Ou Chen back and tell Xia Mo that no matter what, he will be back. I am getting kind of sick of seeing the same scenes replayed over and over again.

Barbie Xu

Ou Chen’s present back in Xia Mo’s hands

Ou Chen is taking over Xia Mo’s company. Zhen En, Xia Mo, and Pan Nan are all surprised by this and wondering why, out of all the companies, the Ou corporation would choose theirs to take their foray into the entertainment world. Xia Mo worries its because Ou Chen is going to try to get his revenge. The next day, the talents gather to greet the new owner. Shu Er congratulates Xia Mo on her success while Wei An cautions Xia Mo to be cautious as quick rises and fast success are usually followed by just as quick downfalls. Xia Mo thanks Wei An for the warning and Shu Er also cautions Xia Mo about Hui Ni who is known for her ruthless methods. Ou Chen’s arrival is announced. Xia Mo reluctantly shakes his hand. After Ou Chen cuts the cake, he leaves. The talents line up on both sides of the entrance to send him off. While he is walking out, a breeze comes and blows the green scarf off of his wrist. It flutters straight towards Xia Mo. She instinctively catches it, stunned to find it back in her hands after five years. Ou Chen goes to her and tells her to tie it back on. While she does, a reporter secretly takes their photograph. Xi Meng goes to stop the reporter, but Ou Chen tells him to leave it as he is interested in what tomorrows picture and headline will be. Nothing like using the media to strike at Luo Xi.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

“You won’t get sick, right?”

Luo Xi is packing for his trip and Xia Mo asks if he has everything. He says yes and Xia Mo decides to go through and double check. She goes and gets him medicine and vitamins to take with him. Luo Xi says he wishes he could pack up Xia Mo and take her with him. He then secretively takes the photo of them and puts it in his pocket to have on his trip. Luo Xi asked if he gets sick will Xia Mo come to him. Xia Mo says that if she hears he is unwell she would drop everything and go to him to nurse him back to health whether he wants her their or not. This of course makes Luo Xi happy. He then warns Xia Mo away from Ou Chen. He tells her not to meet him or talk to him. If she should happen to meet him, then she must ignore him. That is a hard task considering he just bought out her company. But she agrees to Luo Xi’s demands.

Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi asks for Xia Mo’s picture back

In Japan, Luo Xi recalls what happened when her first went abroad. We get to see the whole scene where he is beaten by thugs for his wallet. Luo Xi desperately fights for it as it contains a picture of Xia Mo. Pan Nan happens to see the fight and calls for help. The thugs run and she takes Luo Xi back to her place where she nurses him for a night. The next day she tells Luo Xi that she reported the theft to the police, but his wallet probably won’t be found. Luo Xi goes to leave, but Pan Nan tells him to wait for her. Luo Xi doesn’t listen and leaves, search all the trash cans he can find for the picture. When he’s given up hope and cries, he then overhears people talking to an artist about the picture he is drawing. Luo Xi looks over and there is Xia Mo! He rushes to the artist and grabs the picture, but the artist takes it back. Luo Xi says that it is his and very important to him. The artist asks for money and Luo Xi promises to give him some as soon as he gets the picture back. Pan Nan overhears this and pays the artist for Xia Mo’s picture. Thus ends that flashback.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

Xia Mo keeps her promise

While filming in Japan, Luo Xi sees the paper with Xia Mo tying the ribbon on Ou Chen’s hand. He is immediately nervous and wishes to go back. He asks his manager Jenny if it is possible. Jenny replies that Luo Xi’s schedule is booked and that the director is very strict and will notice of Luo Xi goes back to Taiwan. Zhen En and Xia Mo are looking at the same photo. Zhen En thinks it really makes Ou Chen and Xia Mo look like lovers. Xia Mo says everything is already over between her and Ou Chen. Zhen En says she wonders as she can see how much Ou Chen still cares for Xia Mo in the way he looks at her. Zhen En also says she sees how Xia Mo sometimes looks at Ou Chen as well. Xia Mo tells Zhen En to drop it and Zhen En does quiet down at last. On their way out to work, Xia Mo keeps her promise to Luo Xi. When she passes by Ou Chen she doesn’t look at him directly nor speak. Zhen En scolds her for it.

Barbie Xu, Maggie Wu

Hui Ni begins her revenge

Back at work, Ling Hao is distracted and pouring coffee all over the floor. Xia Mo takes the cup out of his hand and asks if he’s okay. He says that he’s really conflicted. Should his character choose Cai Na or Bing Tong? Zhen En comes in and says she has good and bad news. The good news is that Hui Ni didn’t come again so they don’t have to deal with her, but the bad news is that means filming is delayed again. Xia Mo asks Ling Hao if Hui Ni is really sick and if he’s taken her to see a doctor yet. You can see Ling Hao’s guilt as he knows Hui Ni is just boycotting the filming. Zhen En and Xia Mo are on their way to Xiao Cheng’s studio to surprise him since they got out early due to Hui Ni’s absence when they happen to catch a televised press conference. Hui Ni accuses Xia Mo of seducing Ling Hao! Hui Ni also says that she is quitting show business because of Ling Hao and Xia Mo (although she is basically placing all blame on Xia Mo). Zhen En and Xia Mo are shocked. Zhen En gets a call to take care of Xia Mo and takes her back to her place. They watch the news where Zhen En throws food and yells at the screen that Hui Ni is lying. Xia Mo tells her little brother not to read the newspapers, watch tv, or go online, and not to answer calls from strangers until things blow over. What will happen to Xia Mo now?

My Thoughts: Some really good moments, some really childish moments, and some more not-so-great-acting from Maggie Wu. Hui Ni is not a very likable character and Maggie Wu’s acting doesn’t make it any better. Poor Xia Mo is destined to be caught between people it seems. She is caught between Luo Xi and Ou Chen and now Ling Hao and Hui Ni. Who will come to Xia Mo’s rescue this time? It’s like Ou Chen and Luo Xi are taking turns, so does that mean it’s Luo Xi’s turn this time around?

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