Call of the Country Episode 5 Recap

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

Jin Hyuk helps Ha Na shoot Soo Young

Everyone is shocked to see Oh Ha Na pointing a gun pointblank and Joo Soo Young’s head. Jin Hyuk wants her to lower the weapon as Eun Seo’s life is being threatened. Ha Na refuses saying that Eun Seo is nothing to her. She then goes on and pretends to consider bartering with Joo Soo Young for his freedom since Jin Hyuk and Eun Seo only seem to think she’s out for all she can get. Soo Young thinks there’s some hope yet, but is unhappy to find out that Ha Na isn’t interested in his money. When her conversation with Jin Hyuk distracts her, Soo Young goes for the gun and a shot is fired. Soo Young starts running and Jin Hyuk breaks loose and grabs Ha Na’s shaking hands and has her close her eyes while he guides the gun and tells her to fire. Ha Na does as she’s told and they manage to get Soo Young in the leg, stopping his escape. Jin Hyuk then embraces the shaken Ha Na which doesn’t thrill Eun Seo at all.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung, Kang Shin Il

Ha Na’s dramatic monologue

The gang is ecstatic to hear that they managed to nab Joo Soo Young after all of their hard work. Ha Na has gotten over being shaken by the shooting and is even bragging to a fellow officer that it is all because of her that they got the bad guy. Jin Hyuk scolds Ha Na for being reckless. Ha Na says go ahead and report that to her superiors (about her putting herself in the line of fire) and then Jin Hyuk says that she almost got Eun Seo seriously hurt or killed. Yeah, not what Ha Na thought he was talking about. Jin Hyuk goes to take Ha Na home when he gets a call to go back to NIA with Ha Na. Why? Lee has found out from the head of the police that a police officer was crucial to the NIA investigation. This annoys Lee who has nothing but dislike for the police general.

They get back to headquarters and Lee asks Ha Na how she got involved. Ha Na says it’s a long story and Lee says he’d like to hear it. So Ha Na begins one of her long, dramatic monologues which Team 1 knows all about after having had her interrogated several times. Lee has enough and tells her to shut up and get to the point. Knowing Ha Na won’t, Jin Hyuk and Shin jump in and piece together the story. Lee gets upset and kicks all of them out of the office.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

“I’m sorry”

Shin tells Eun Seo and Jin Hyuk not to worry, that Lee will calm down and everything will be fine. He then invites them out to dinner with the rest of the team to celebrate their victory. He tells Ha Na to come along too and she gets a little snippy saying she can’t because she’s not even an NIA employee. She says goodbye and takes her leave. Shin says she must be mad at him for him telling her to leave the meeting. This surprises Eun Seo and Jin Hyuk who both didn’t know that Shin sent Ha Na away. Jin Hyuk scolds Shin for not telling him and chases after Ha Na. Jin Hyuk catches Ha Na and tells her to come and eat. Ha Na reiterates that she is not an employee. Jin Hyuk says she has to see this through to the end in order to get her compensation. Ha Na chides him for teasing her and goes to leave. Jin Hyuk then apologizes for misunderstanding her and not believing her. Thus she ends up going to the celebration.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung

“It’s you again”

At the celebration, there is laughter and drinking and apologies. Ha Na and agent Byung Joon are a lot alike and Ha Na is not happy when Byung Joon mentions how similar they are (it’s a really funny scene, thought any scene Byung Joon is in is usually funny). Eun Seo apologizes to¬† Ha Na for misunderstanding the situation. Ha Na reluctantly accepts the apology and the two poor each other drinks. When the party breaks up, Eun Seo tells Jin Hyuk to take Ha Na back home. Ha Na (along with Byung Joon) is a little on the drunk side. In the car, Ha Na wakes up and squints at Jin Hyuk, grabbing his face to see it more clearly. She says “it’s you,” which annoys Jin Hyuk because of her attitude and her informal speech. He asks if she is drunk. She says no because if she was drunk she wouldn’t remember being treated as money-grubbing scum. Jin Hyuk tells her to sleep and he’ll wake her when she gets home. Ha Na goes back over to her corner of the car and closes her eyes saying that living is hard and tiring, tears sliding down her cheeks. You can definitely tell that Jin Hyuk feels badly for the way she has been treated. He even covers her up with his jacket while she sleeps. A good moment for the two leads. Meanwhile, Han Do Hoon learns of Joo Soo Young’s arrest. Or rather, he learned that he didn’t leave the country as planned which could only mean that he was arrested.

Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Soo Kyung

“I hope we never meet again”

At the NIA, the team is busy going through Soo Young’s personal effects in hopes of finding clues to who is the mastermind behind this all. They find out there was a call to the port late at night to confirm if Soo Young had indeed departed. Jin Hyuk asks Joon Min to investigate further into where the call was made and just who made it. Meanwhile, Ha Na goes to visit Chil Hyun, knowing that he took off with Geun Bae. Chil Hyun is busy counting the money he got from Geun Bae when she arrives and Ha Na asks for her fair share as she helped him get the slippery Geun Bae. Chil Hyun reluctantly parts with his beloved money. Ha Na then goes to meet with Jin Hyuk and he drops the bomb that she will not be getting any compensation for her hard work, nor will he help reinstate her as he believes she abuses her power as an officer. Poor Ha Na is crushed! Jin Hyuk then says he could possibly dig into his own pocket to which Ha Na refuses. They take a taxi to Jin Hyuk’s place to get the rest of Ha Na’s stuff. She drives the car back and asks him if that was really his house (it was big). Jin Hyuk doesn’t wish to answer in the affirmative. When they get to Ha Na’s house, Jin Hyuk doesn’t help at all and Ha Na chides him and he says his hand (now cast free) still hurts so he cannot help her. She then says he is acting the wrong way considering this will be their last meeting. Jin Hyuk says he learned it all from Ha Na (it’s a really cute immature Jin Hyuk moment). Ha Na again broaches the subject of reinstatement only to be brushed off again. Jin Hyuk tells her to reflect and live her life well from now on and offers his hand. Ha Na takes it and squeezes it as hard as she can (it was his injured hand). A small revenge.

Kim Sang Kyung, Kang Shin Il

Se Mi is 8 weeks pregnant!?

Ha Na breaks the news to her mom. She then tells Soo Joo that she thinks Jin Hyuk might really be rich. Soo Joo doesn’t believe that a rich person would take on such a hard job at the NIA, but Ha Na insists to her mother that Jin Hyuk is really a wealthy man. That night, Ha Na dreams of Jin Hyuk standing on top of a building and throwing down cash to her. At that moment he shines brightly like a god or an angel. Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk and team learn that the call about Soo Young came from the art gallery and foundation where Han Do Hoon works. They come to the conclusion that Do Hoon is involved in the scheme and is most likely the one helping Soo Young smuggle drugs into the country. They then set up an operation in which to monitor Do Hoon. Joon Min gets Do Hoon’s secretary to leave so that Se Mi can take her place. Se Mi is out on a date with her boyfriend (who doesn’t know she’s an NIA agent) when she passes out. At the hospital she learns that she’s pregnant. Since the mission could put her in the line of fire, she can no longer be the one to go undercover. This throws the team for a loop. Who can they find to take her place after they made all the arrangements for Se Mi to go in as the new secretary? Omo. The looks Jin Huk and Shin give Se Mi’s boyfriend is priceless.

Lee Soo Kyung, Yang Geum Suk

“Middle Chicken?”

Shin yells at Jin Hyuk for not having Se Mi in for a complete physical before giving her the undercover assignment. Jin Hyuk apologizes and says he will find a suitable female agent. Shin then says that no matter what, they will have to go through Lee to get a new undercover agent and Lee will not be happy. Meanwhile, Ha Na and her mom are busy sewing teddy bears in order to earn the much need money for the apartment. Soo Joo tells Ha Na that if she is really dismissed from her job, people will come after her with clubs. Ha Na says she knows and she will just have to await the results and throw herself at Jin Hyuk’s mercy. She calls Joon Min who is busy (like all the other members) trying to find a replacement for Se Mi. Ha Na confirms that the house was indeed Jin Hyuk’s and learns that his mother is the president of a really big chicken franchise. Jackpot! Soo Joo then says that Ha Na can try to get a franchise out of Jin Hyuk and his mother in the event that she cannot go back to being a police officer.

Kang Shin Il, Lee Ki Yeol

Shin takes on Lee

Shin broaches the subject with Lee who challenges Shin to a boxing match. Nothing like two middle-aged men pounding the heck out of each other. Lee is the better boxer, but he’s been out of the field for a long time while Shin is still active. The two battle it out, use dirty tricks, and yell at each other. Shin manages to get an edge up on Lee and gets him to agree to help with the investigation in Han Do Hoon. Lee gets praised for the success of the Joo operation and the police general speaks up saying it was one of her officers that helped on the case. Lee admits this and then we cut back to the NIA. Lee has decided that Oh Ha Na will be Se Mi’s replacement. He has also demoted Jin Hyuk from team leader and given the position to Eun Seo. This really doesn’t thrill Jin Hyuk at all. He doesn’t want to get Ha Na involved again, nor does he want to work under Eun Seo, but Lee is resolute in his decisions. Jin Hyuk tells Shin he refuses to work like that and stalks off.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

“Don’t get involved”

The team is in a mess, unhappy that Jin Hyuk is being replaced by Eun Seo who lays down the law and says anyone who is unhappy and can’t trust her can leave and join a different team. Meanwhile, Shin goes to talk to Jin Hyuk who has went home. Shin reveals that Eun Seo was promoted to team leader as a fall guy and that is the other reason that Lee wants Oh Ha Na. If anything should go wrong with the investigation, Eun Seo and Ha Na will be the sacrificial lambs. Not cool at all and this really makes Jin Hyuk unhappy. As much as he is angry at Eun Seo for leaving three years ago without a word, he doesn’t want her head on the chopping block to save his own. Same for Oh Ha Na. Jin Hyuk later gets a text from Ha Na who asks after his arm. He decides to go and see her. She is selling teddy bears next to a food stall having gotten an agreement with the woman working it. If you buy a bear, you get a discount on food. Jin Hyuk approaches Ha Na and tells her that if the NIA comes to her, not to agree to take on the mission. A shocked Ha Na wants to know why, but Jin Hyuk refuses to tell her why and leaves her standing there mystified.

Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Sang Kyung

“It’s better if you do leave”

Unfortunately, the NIA’s offer to Ha Na turns out to be more than she can turn down. Eun Seo offers the recompense from the previous mission and reinstatement, along with a regular salary until the job is done. Ha Na then mentions something about Jin Hyuk telling her to be careful. This surprises Eun Seo who asks what Ha Na meant. Ha Na refuses to tell her, but she does accept the offer. A furious Jin Hyuk goes into the NIA to find Ha Na with Eun Seo. He grabs Eun Seo and tells her what Shin said. Eun Seo says this is her last chance so she isn’t going to give it up, despite being the sacrificial lamb. Jin Hyuk then talks about how he felt stabbed in the back three years ago. Eun Seo says she won’t tell him why as it will do no good. Jin Hyuk says that’s fine with him as he doesn’t want to listen anymore and stalks off. Ha Na begins training, not knowing anything about what she will be doing and why. When she learns that she is being spent to spy on a minister’s son she walks out saying she quits. Jin Hyuk runs after and she asks if he’s going to stop her. He replies no, it would be better for Ha Na to not join the investigation and then the elevator doors close on a surprised Ha Na.

My thoughts: Although Jin Hyuk is still not over Eun Seo, you can tell he is slowly warming up to Ha Na. As he learns more and more about Ha Na, her situation, and her past, he feels more sympathy and starts coming to like her. How much? Enough to keep her out of the investigation. I must admit my favorite scene in this show is the fight between Shin and Lee. It was hilarious watching those two oldies fighting each other like angry little kids. Actually, a lot of the times the characters in this drama do act like children with Jin Hyuk usually being the more mature, but he has his childish bursts of temper, like running off angry when Eun Seo is put in charge and childishly not helping Ha Na when he should.

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