Summer’s Desire Episode 4 Recap

Summer's Desire Quote

“Perhaps only by forgetting the past can all the pain and suffering disappear.” ~Ming Xiao Xi, novelist

Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi rips up contract from Hong Coporation

We start where we left off with Xi Meng telling Luo Xi as he rips up the contract that if he really wants to repay everything to the Ou family for helping, then he will take on the role being offered. Luo Xi is not a sunny character, but is always smiling. You have his derisive smile, his up-to-something smile, his ownership smile, and in a few glimpses, a genuine smile. Though I have to admit, every time you see him smile (especially around Xia Mo and Ou Chen) you know he’s got something devious in mind.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming

Luo Xi encourages Xia Mo

We then see Luo Xi over at Xia Mo’s place once again. He is looking around while Xia Mo is highlighting her lines for her upcoming drama role (set to start filming the next day). Luo Xi starts rubbing Xia Mo’s shoulders and asks if she has finished reading the script. She says yes and that she wishes to read it once more. He tells her that she is too stressed and that he wants to take he someplace special to relax. And where is the special place? Luo Xi has managed to buy back the Yin family home! Xia Mo remembers a when she and Xiao Cheng were singing with Luo Xi under the cherry tree. She then says that she never thought she would be an actress. Luo Xi agrees that when he started as a singer, he never thought he would be an actor as well. He tells Xia Mo that she has a difficult road ahead of her, but that he believes that she will become a huge success, just trust his judgment. He hugs her and Xia Mo thanks him for comforting her. He tells her that he isn’t comforting her, but stating the truth.

Barbie Xu

Lifeless doll

We then flash to the next day where Xia Mo is getting yelled at by the director for her wooden acting. He complains that its like seeing a living corpse which is not the right image at all. I don’t see the lifeless doll he talks about, all I see is a very nervous and scared Xia Mo. Her constant bad acting and NGs have the entire cast and crew upset, especially lead actor Ling Hao (Yang Han) who accuses Xia Mo of getting revenge on him for refusing to appear in the cosmetics commercial with her. You can definitely see how much the constant yelling and re-shooting is taking its toll on Xia Mo. She is very tense and unhappy that she is not performing well. After a few more NGs, the director calls it a day and the crew wrap up complaining about Xia Mo’s horrible acting.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“I won’t be lonely any more”

After work, Luo Xi’s manager picks Xia Mo up saying that Luo Xi requested Xia Mo’s presence if she wasn’t too tired from her first day of filming. She tells Xia Mo that Luo Xi wishes to celebrate some good news with Xia Mo. Needing a pick-me-up, Xia Mo goes to Luo Xi’s house. When she gets there, she finds Luo Xi already asleep. The manager leaves and Xia Mo covers Luo Xi up with a blanket. Luo Xi is having a nightmare about the day his mother left. Xia Mo notices the pain on his face while he is sleeping and does her best to wake him up. When he does, he immediately goes to the bathroom to compose himself. Afterward, he congratulates Xia Mo on her first day of filming. Xia Mo isn’t happy that this is what he wanted to celebrate as she didn’t do a good job. Luo Xi says he will run the next day’s lines with her. Xia Mo says that’s okay as she is worried that Luo Xi needs his rest. Luo Xi is happy that she is concerned for him and he gives her the key to his house. Xia Mo doesn’t want to accept it, but Luo Xi says he will feel better if she takes it as he won’t feel as loney thinking that there might be someone coming home to him.

Peter Ho, Chang Kuo Chu

“Fate has entangled us together”

We then go to Ou Chen, who is drinking as usual. Ou Chen tells Xi Meng that he recalls Xi Meng telling him that behind every number is a story. Xi Meng is pleased (and worried) that Ou Chen remembers the advice he gave him in the past. Xi Meng then wonders what numbers are hiding a story. What numbers indeed. Apparently after some digging, Ou Chen found out that Luo Xi’s education was funded by him. Ou Chen can’t believe that Luo Xi is the monster of his creating. Ou Chen then tells Xi Meng that he has also found out that Luo Xi is the one who bought a piece of property that the company was planning on buying to redevelop an area. Luo Xi refuses to sell which is costing the company money and interrupting the project (I wonder if it’s Xia Mo’s house they’re talking about?). Ou Chen then states that he will take back everything that Luo Xi has taken from him. Yeah. More drama is just around the corner.

Barbie Xu, Shen Jian Hong

Yin siblings await Luo Xi’s judgment

We then cut back to Xia Mo and Luo Xi where Luo Xi is just finishing giving Xia Mo acting pointers. He says that her mind is wandering and Xia Mo tells him that in high school he gave her singing pointers and now he is giving her acting advice. He’s like her own personal performance coach. Flashback to the past. Luo Xi is playing the guitar while Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng are practicing singing and dancing. They stop and ask Luo Xi’s opinion and he asks if they want him to be honest (it wasn’t that bad). Xiao Cheng then says they have to practice even more.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

“What’s so important?”

Xia Mo is waiting for Ou Chen to finish jogging. When he is done, she wipes his sweat and he asks her to come to his house on Saturday for horseback riding and dinner. Xia Mo turns him down saying that she has something going on that she cannot get out of. This upsets Ou Chen. Ah, poor baby, he can’t have Xia Mo at his beck and call.

Barbie Xu, Huang Xiao Ming, Shen Jian Hong

The Yin siblings perform

And what is the event that Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng have been practicing for and that Xia Mo is sacrificing time with her boyfriend for? She and Xiao Cheng have entered a singing competition. They don’t exactly explain why, but it seems they are doing it for their parents. The day of the televised competition arrives and Xia Mo encourages Xiao Cheng despite her own butterflies. When their turn comes, they start off strong, but all of a sudden Xia Mo stops singing and dancing and is frozen. Luo Xi who is watching from the wings sees this as Xiao Cheng notices it as well. Poor kid doesn’t know what to do with his big sister in such a state. Luo Xi then starts singing and walks on stage, taking Xia Mo’s hand. The three manage to finish and even move on to the next stage of the competition.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“Welcome to the family”

Afterward, Luo Xi and Xia Mo drink and we finally see the whole scene where she welcomes Luo Xi into the Yin family. There isn’t too much added on. We just get to see her give him the black cat and have her explain a bit more about it. She and Xiao Cheng got Luo Xi Milk to thank him for helping them out during the competition. Why is the black cat significant? The song they sang was “Black Cat and Milk” and in a way, the song is really indicative of Luo Xi’s and Xia Mo’s relationship.

Barbie Xu, Peter Ho

“I will resolve this matter myself”

Xia Mo meets with Ou Chen and tells him about how she and Xiao Cheng are doing in the competition. They are surprised to find themselves going on to compete for another round. Ou Chen is upset that Xia Mo is spending so little time with him and spending even more time with Luo Xi. Xia Mo reiterates for the umpteenth time that Luo Xi is nothing to her but a boy her father adopted, but Ou Chen has had enough. He tells Xia Mo that he will not be sitting in the audience at the next competition to cheer her on (apparently he hates crowds) as he is going back to Paris. Xia Mo can’t believe he is going back so soon. Ou Chen says that he will settle matters regarding Luo Xi which disturbs Xia Mo who worries what Ou Chen will do. Ou Chen refuses to tell Xia Mo and promises a present. Yeah, like that will make her feel better.

Huang Xiao Ming, Shen Jian Hong, Ying Cai Ling, Barbie Xu

Short-lived happiness

So what is Ou Chen’s resolution (we already know, right?)? Ou Chen threatens Mr. Yin. If Mr. Yin does not get rid of Luo Xi, then Ou Chen will fire Mr. Yin. So underhandedly despicable! This is right after the Yins are finally coming together as a family. Mrs. Yin has warmed up to Luo Xi and Xia Mo had finally accepted Luo Xi as a member of her family. Mr. Yin and Xiao Cheng have always liked and revered Luo Xi. This comes as a big blow to the entire Yin family and crushes Luo Xi who was finally feeling like he belonged somewhere. Knowing that this is Ou Chen’s doing (especially after getting confirmation from her apologetic father), Xia Mo sets out to make things right. She goes to the Ou mansion and tells Xi Meng to pass on a message that if Ou Chen doesn’t call her by tonight, she will never speak with him again. At Luo Xi’s last dinner before heading back to the orphanage, Xia Mo gets the call from Ou Chen. She doesn’t let him speak and tells him that he must do exactly as she says or else. They don’t show the entire conversation, but we already know Xia Mo’s proposal.

Huang Xiao Ming, Barbie Xu

“Why didn’t you slap me?”

We now arrive back at the titular airport scene. This time, we see the entire event take place. Not too much to report here. We now know the entire background of what led up to Luo Xi’s departure and can understand his animosity towards Ou Chen and his disappointment in Xia Mo. Truthfully, Xia Mo did go up to bat for him. If she hadn’t, Luo Xi would have spent the rest of his time in the orphanage. At least this way, he gets to improve his education by studying abroad. Small comfort, but better than nothing. We get to see Luo Xi threaten to repay Ou Chen by making everything Ou Chen fears come to pass. And what does Ou Chen fear the most? Losing his Xia Mo. Passionate kiss and then Luo Xi takes off. Xia Mo stops him and gives him the guitar. She is upset to see that he leaves the guitar at the gate. Xia Mo then gets a call from Mr. Yin telling her to stop Luo Xi as Mr. Yin has decided to hang the consequences and keep Luo Xi as part of the Yin family. A happy Xia Mo gets ready to get Luo Xi back when she hears the crash. And with that, this part of the past’s storyline has been completed.

Yang Han, Maggie Wu, Serena Fang, Barbie Xu

“I will give you some pointers”

The next day Xia Mo goes back on set to the jibes and ridicule of her costars. Ling Hao pleads for Xia Mo to do better and then Hui Ni (Maggie Wu) steps in to add her two cents, infuriating Zhen En. Hui Ni, upset by Zhen En’s talking back, hits Zhen En’s head. Xia Mo demands an apology for Zhen En. Hui Ni refuses as Zhen En should be more courteous to the actual stars. Xia Mo asks about common courtesy, wondering if stars have the right to forgo it. This infuriates Hui Ni even more, especially when Xia Mo asks if she needs to become bigger than Hui Ni in order to get the apology. The two then make the deal that if Xia Mo can get through a scene in less than 10 takes, Hui Ni will apologize. Zhen En worries about Xia Mo as yesterday’s performance was not the best. Xia Mo tells her not to worry and goes out to re-act the scene that gave her so much trouble yesterday. Xia Mo nails the scene and it is Ling Hao who actually NGs because he forgets his lines in his surprise at Xia Mo’s great acting (which, truth be told, didn’t look like anything spectacular to me, but whatever). This upsets Hui Ni of course while making Zhen En ecstatic.

Shen Jian Hong, Huang Xiao Ming

Xiao Cheng and Luo Xi praise Xia Mo

Luo Xi, Xia Mo, and Xiao Cheng watch the first episode of Pure Love Song. Both her brother and Luo Xi praise Xia Mo for doing an excellent job of bringing the character Bing Tong to life. Xia Mo says she feels it is really awkward, but Luo Xi says she has a quality that makes people unable to take their eyes of of her. He then says that she will be very successful soon. Back on set, Xia Mo gets a congratulatory text from Pan Nan and Zhen En overhears the director okaying Hui Ni being able to let some of her fans come to watch the filming. Zhen En asks if Xia Mo’s fans can come to, but is rejected.

Maggie Wu

“Am I reading this wrong?”

Hui Ni and Ling Hao (who are an offscreen couple as well as an onscreen one) are watching the drama and looking at the discussion boards. Both are happy to see the good reviews of the drama. Hui Ni’s happiness is burst when she sees comments saying how her character and Ling Hao’s do not mix. She is further infuriated by the overwhelming number of fans who express a desire to have Bing Tong end up with Lu Shi (name of Ling Hao’s character) instead of Cai Na (Hui Ni’s character). This, of course, makes Hui Ni hate Xia Mo even more. Xia Mo is pleasantly surprised when she and Zhen En and Xiao Cheng check out the same discussion boards. She cannot believe that so many people would have such a positive reaction.

Barbie Xu, Maggie Wu

Hui Ni repeatedly slaps Xia Mo

The next day when asked by reporters for her reaction to the netizens’ criticism of her character and their desire to have Bing Tong get with the Lu Shi, Hui Ni says she is an actress so she only cares that the drama does well. Once the reporters are gone, she automatically snaps at the makeup artist to stop working on Xia Mo to retouch her own makeup even though Xia Mo has to film before Hui Ni. This upsets Zhen En, but Xia Mo lets it go. Zhen En, however, while Xia Mo is filming mouths off again to Hui Ni. The girl will never learn. I am finding Zhen En’s character more annoying in her actions and sometimes wonder how Xia Mo could be friends with such a girl. This of course makes Hui Ni even more angry towards Xia Mo so that when they go to film the next scene she slaps Xia Mo (the scene requires Hui Ni to just stop short of slapping Xia Mo). Hui Ni apologizes and then makes the same mistake again. She so obviously doesn’t mean it when she says she’s sorry. The director okays adding the slap into the drama and Hui Ni NGs all the time just so she can keep slapping Xia Mo. Zhen En cries and begs for the filming to stop, but Xia Mo insists that she is okay. She notices Ou Chen standing and watching behind the scenes and tries to hide her red cheek from him.

Peter Ho, Barbie Xu, Maggie Wu

Ou Chen catches the fainting Xia Mo

Xi Meng asks if he should step in and have the director put an end to the obvious bullying, but Ou Chen says there is no need and stares intently at the scene. After Xia Mo promises Zhen En that she is okay, the next slap from Hui Ni cuts open her lip and she faints only to be caught by Ou Chen. Hui Ni is less than thrilled that Ou Chen came to Xia Mo’s rescue. I think Hui Ni is right in asking what idol drama they are filming because it does seem rather staged and corny. Xia Mo asks for Ou Chen to release her and a brief break is called. Zhen En immediately rushes over to Xia Mo and apologizes for riling Hui Ni up. Xia Mo asks for a special soup that Xiao Cheng made and Zhen En rushes out to get it and comes across Hui Ni. She apologizes to Hui Ni and tells Hui Ni to hit her instead of Xia Mo. This does little to endear Zhen En or Xia Mo to the furious Hui Ni.

Maggie Wu

Xia Mo refuses to stoop to Hui Ni’s level which is the perfect revenge

Ou Chen is on the roof thinking. We then cut to him as he overhears a crew member talking to the drama director asking why he let Hui Ni carry on when it was obvious she was doing it to teach Xia Mo a lesson. The director says that the more pressure put on Xia Mo, the better she performs. Plus, the characters of Bing Tong and Cai Nai are bitter love rivals, so the more Hui Ni and Xia Mo hate each other, the better the tension and the better the acting. Xi Meng then approaches the director with a suggestion. When filming resumes, the director has Xia Mo act out the role of Cai Na. This makes Hui Ni unhappy as she is afraid Xia Mo will take revenge on her. Zhen En even encourages Xia Mo to hit Hui Ni as hard as possible. When the practice role reversal starts, Xia Mo totally gets into the character of Cai Na. She does not slap Hui Ni, but stops just short like the scene is supposed to be shot. Her performance of Cai Na’s reaction to Bing Tong’s betrayal touches all the crew and brings tears to their eyes. Xi Meng asks Ou Chen if they should do it again because Xia Mo didn’t slap Hui Ni, but Ou Chen says there is no need and leaves. Xia Mo has victory over Hui Ni. She acted the scene better and was the bigger person by not slapping Hui Ni.

My thoughts: This episode does well to show just how possessive Ou Chen was in the past. I must say that Peter Ho is very good at glaring. His glowering face is just as common as Huang Xiao Ming’s smiling one. Whereas the character of Luo Xi is a closed book whose smile hides his real emotions most of the time, the character of Ou Chen is an open book, his expression says it all. The character of Xia Mo is both an open and closed book. There are many times when she is expressionless or hides her feelings with a smile, but she is more mixed. You can generally read her emotions and thoughts.

Ah, Maggie Wu. I originally liked her from the first few episodes of Knock Knock Loving You, but I find that her acting seems so fake. Which, I suppose, works with Hui Ni’s fakeness, but the obvious acting kind of ruins the drama. Nothing spoils a movie or series when you can see how hard a person is actually trying to act. I can’t wait to see episode 5.

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