My Prince Episode 4 Recap

Yu Ya, Wu Di Wen

Xiu Yun places all her hopes on Zhi Wen

Zhi Kai has made peace with his mother and Zhi Wen complains that his older brother is still at home. Zhi Kai says it is because he needs to keep Zhi Wen in check and then tells Zhi Wen that starting with tomorrow, he needs to find a real job and give up modeling as he has had zero success. This upsets Zhi Wen and Xiu Yun who is now resting all of her hopes on Zhi Wen for a beneficial marriage. Zhi Wen goes to leave and Zhi Kai asks where he is going to which Zhi Wen replies he’s not telling. Zhi Kai then looks at Xiu Yun and says that she has spoiled Zhi Wen too much. Zhi Xiao brings Zhi Kai breakfast and it looks like the two have patched things up as well now that Zhi Kai is not getting married and leaving the house. Meanwhile, Zhi Chen gets a call and leaves the table to his mom teasing him about Wei Wei.

Wu Jian Fei, Zhang Xiao Chen

“I will get Wei Wei back”

But it wasn’t Wei Wei who called, but rather her ex-fiance Han Fei. Zhi Chen asks why Han Fei is looking for him and Han Fei replies that he wanted to talk and asked if Wei Wei told Zhi Chen that they met and talked. Zhi Chen says that Wei Wei hasn’t talked to him in awhile. This surprises Han Fei who says that Wei Wei must not have sorted out her feelings yet. Han Fei believes that once Wei Wei gets over all of the hurt of the past, she will definitely come back to him. Zhi Chen asks if Han Fei is declaring war with him to which Han Fei replies no, that he is only giving Zhi Chen a heads up to ease his suffering (talk about a cocky little jerk). Zhi Chen thanks him which surprises Han Fei as other guys would have beaten him up by now. Zhi Chen says that who Wei Wei loves won’t be changed by a few words from Han Fei. Han Fei then says he admires Zhi Chen for that and that he will have a fair fight with Zhi Chen for Wei Wei’s heart. I am really suspicious of Han Fei. He thanked Wei Wei’s mother for sending him away saying he isn’t revengeful but thankful. I would like to believe he’d fight fair, but he seems oily and underhanded to me.

Zhang Xiao Chen

Wei Wei apologizes

Zhi Chen then goes to see Wei Wei who is staring at the ring made by Zhi Xiao. She quickly hides it when Zhi Chen comes in. He has brought her a bag of her favorite snacks and she apologizes for not contacting him as she is just too confused. Zhi Chen tells her not to worry as anyone would be confused with all that has happened. Wei Wei asks if that means Zhi Chen is not angry with her. Zhi Chen says he has no reason to be annoyed with her. Wei Wei then says she feels like she owes Han Fei as three years ago her mother sent him away and when he comes back she already has a new boyfriend (how is any of that Wei Wei’s fault?). Zhi Chen asks if she still loves him and before Wei Wei can reply, her mom bursts in and says her father has fallen down the stairs.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Wu Jian Fei

Han Fei agrees to invest

At the hospital, Wei Wei scolds her father for being so reckless, but her mom butts in and says that it wasn’t him being clumsy, it’s because he has a lot on his mind right now. He has recently opened five new franchises outside the city and the contracts have already been signed, but now that it is time to put in the money, the board of directors and investors refuse to give him any money. A concerned Zhi Chen asks how much money is needed to which Wei Wei’s mom dresses him down as he doesn’t have the money to help anyways. Sad, but true. Then in comes Han Fei who says he will be more than happy to invest in the franchises as he was thinking about broadening his investment portfolio as he was getting bored with technology anyways. Now, if it turns out that Han Fei is completely innocent I will be shocked. It seems (to me) that he is behind the investors pulling out. He is making Wei Wei’s family indebted to him. Will he take the company and destroy their lives? Does he honestly want Wei Wei back because he loves her and if he does, he should know how much her family means to her. This guy is definitely not keeping his promise to fight fair, he’s rigging the deck against Zhi Chen using money (almost, but not quite, what was done to him in the past which makes him a worse person than Wei Wei’s mom).

Wu Jian Fei

“Does that mean she still loves me?”

Afterward, Wei Wei’s mom meets with Han Fei privately to thank him for helping out the family and becoming a major stockholder in the hotel so that they can have the money to make the necessary payments. Han Fei says that he is the lucky one to be able to encounter such a lucky opportunity as that. Lucky my butt. Wei Wei’s mom then says that she has never liked poor boy Zhi Chen whose mother is a fortune hunter relying on her sons’ good looks to get rich wives. She tells Han Fei that if Wei Wei hadn’t been angry at her for three years an virtually ignored her because of sending Han Fei away, she would never had allowed Wei Wei to see Zhi Chen. This surprises Han Fei to hear that Wei Wei had a hard three years (did he honestly think Wei Wei was that shallow of a girl if he originally intended to marry her?). She says that she will side with Han Fei when it comes to Wei Wei as Han Fei has now become the best suitor for her daughter. She has concocted a plot to make Zhi Chen give up on Wei Wei and says she needs to consult with Han Fei. Again, he is playing dirty by accepting Wei Wei’s mother’s underhanded tactics. We don’t get to hear the plan as we cut to Zhi Chen who is distracted and who tells his coworker to not let his family know how things are going now that Wei Wei’s ex is back in the picture.

Zhang Xiao Chen, Yu Ya

Zhi Chen is wiser than Zhi Kai

Meanwhile, Zhi Kai is heading up to his office where he sees a young woman being molested in the elevator. He calls out the man who denies doing anything, they scuffle and when the doors open the two take the fight outside leaving the girl to worry about what is going on. She sees Zhi Kai’s badge and picks it up, learning his name and department. It looks like his heroics touched her heart a little. The next day, deciding to be more productive, Xiu Yun wipes down the table and chairs with a wet cloth. Not knowing this, Zhi Kai sits down and gets his suit all wet. He yells at his mom and goes to change. Then comes Zhi Chen who goes to sit, but he notices the chair and looks at all the others before grabbing his breakfast and leaving. Xiu Yun says that Zhi Chen is smart whereas Zhi Kai only knows how to nag. Zhi Kai comes out and leaves for work where he encounters the same problem. He really needs to learn to check chairs before sitting down. It turns out the girl from the elevator is a new intern, but Zhi Kai doesn’t recognize her from the previous incident at all.

Zhong Kai

“This is not the women’s restroom”

Thus starts Ai Fan’s and Zhi Kai’s misadventures. When rinsing out the cloth she used for cleaning, she inadvertently goes into the men’s room instead of the women’s. She can’t copy things correctly, always breaks things, and manages to spill things on Zhi Kai, and she runs into him often. Zhi Kai can’t take such horrible clumsiness and silly people like his mother. He goes to his boss and begs to have her fired, but his boss refuses, saying its Zhi Kai’s job as a team leader to help the intern learn. Ai Fan overheard all of this and gets upset. The other male employees treat her like a fragile creature and give her pointers in getting Zhi Kai to actually like her. The only other female employee then tells Ai Fan that Zhi Kai likes orderly, well-mannered women and Ai Fan decides to do her best to become a woman that Zhi Kai would like.

Song Xiao Bo

Bewildered Zhi Xiao stares after little girl

Back at the flower shop, the little girl from before comes in again and hands Zhi Xiao a note asking for 11 roses again. Zhi Xiao confirms this and wraps up a beautiful bouquet for the child. When he hands the bouquet to the little girl she gives it back to him. He shakes his head and offers her the flowers again. She refuses and gives them back again and then she happily skips out leaving a bewildered Zhi Xiao behind. Just who is that little girl and is she “flirting” with Zhi Xiao? It’s a really cute scene. Then Xiu Yun comes and wonders why her youngest is staring dazed down the street with a bouquet of roses. She takes the roses and works with the bouquet. Zhi Kai comes and sees the mess she made of it and chastises her for running a shower shop without knowing how to arrange flowers. This incites his mother to take a flower arrangement class.

Yu Ya

Ai Fan meets Xiu Yun

At the flower arrangement class, Xiu Yun runs into Ai Fan who is also taking the class because of Zhi Kai. How funny. These two women are a lot alike. Both are scatterbrained and clumsy and not very good at flower arrangement, but both are working hard for Zhi Kai. The two become fast friends as they talk about their lives. Apparently Xiu Yun is a lot like Ai Fan’s mother, but whereas Xiu Yun has capable sons to help her out, Ai Fan is not capable at all and is clumsy and hopeless at things. After class, Ai Fan offers Xiu Yun a ride, Xiu Yun was going to turn it down, but took up the offer when she heard Ai Fan mention her chauffeur. Xiu Yun invites Ai Fan in, but she declines saying another time as she has to get home. You can see the gears working in Xiu Yun’s head, hoping that she can get such a daughter for her sons.

Zhong Kai

Zhi Kai puts a band aid on Ai Fan

The next day at work Ai Fan tidies up Zhi Kai’s desk, mucking up all of his work. She apologizes for the umpteenth time and he says there is no need as she is always doing this. She says that she will stay late and try to help as well. Zhi Kai rejects her offer, but when he sees her crestfallen face he says she can stay as long as she sits across the room and touches nothing. Ai Fan happily agrees and Zhi Kai wonders how his life could be so tragic as to give him a clumsy mother AND a clumsy assistant. While working, Zhi Kai’s computer goes bonkers and Ai Fan steps in to help. She calmly and efficiently tracks down the problem and gets back all of Zhi Kai’s files. He is impressed at just how well Ai Fan worked without screwing up. Apparently, computers was her major. So she isn’t totally incapable, she’s really good with computers. She goes to fix Zhi Kai a drink when she drops the cup and cuts herself. He goes and chides her for being so clumsy again and then takes a band aid out of his wallet to put on the cut. Cute, you can definitely tell he’s the older brother/father figure for his family. He then says he will treat her to lunch for helping with the computer problem. She just loved the food at lunch as her mother never let her eat in such establishments before and there we end the episode.

My thoughts: I honestly hope Wei Wei will choose Zhi Chen. He has finally opened up his heart and fell in love, it would be nice if it worked. I know that Han Fei only took the money to protect his brother (unless he lied about that, but then all Wei Wei had to do was confirm with her mother), but I think his character is a little blemished and even if he still loves Wei Wei, he does have some revenge scheme in mind.

After the cruel Ding Jie, I hope that Zhi Kai’s new love interest will work out as well. Ai Fan is a funny, klutzy character and I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops. I am also curious to see when Zhi Wen and Zhi Xiao will experience their loves as well. And I really want to know the mystery behind the little girl and the 11 roses. Why not a dozen and why does she keep doing it?

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