Down With Love Episode 7 Recap

Kelly Huang, Jerry Yan

Yu Ping meets Guo’s Ex

Duo gives Ah De a dressing down, telling him that she won’t let him contact Guo again and Ah De must not tell anyone that he dated her little sister. Ah De does not like this at all. Duo turns to leave and is shocked to find the person she didn’t want to hear the truth the most, right behind her. Yu Ping asks if they really dated. Duo tries to say no, but Ah De takes over and introduces himself. Yu Ping is rude to him, annoying Ah De, but Duo steps in and sends him on his way. Yu Ping then asks again for an explanation. Afraid of what would happen if she tells the truth, Duo sticks to the original story of Guo being gay. She tells Yu Ping that Guo only dated Ah De to hide the fact that she is a lesbian, but then Ah De fell in love with Guo and won’t leave her alone now. Yu Ping says this is a reasonable explanation and Duo goes back to work. But does Yu Ping buy it? Seriously, knowing Guo’s attitude and how she encouraged his homosexual client to be more open, it seems unlikely that Guo would use anyone to hide the fact she was a lesbian. I don’t think so.

Michael Zhang, Ella Chen

Awkward matchmaking dinner

Meanwhile in Hangzhou, Ke Zhong, Guo, and his mother meet with an old family friend and his niece Sophie. It is pretty obvious from the get go that this is a meeting with marriage in mind. Ke Zhong’s mother hopes that he will find Sophie to be the woman of his dreams and marry her. Ke Zhong realizes this and does his best to ignore his mother’s matchmaking intent. Whenever Sophie offers him food, he then gives it to Guo, infuriating Sophie and his mother. When he keeps doing this, him mom snatches away a steamed dumpling and says that they are her favorite. Ke Zhong replies he was just going to tell Guo that those were his favorite, but since his mom loves them so much, she can have them all. Classic. The two adults then try to set up a date where Ke Zhong will take Sophie to see the XiXi River. Ke Zhong says it’s a great idea and says that Guo cannot miss out on such an opportunity as well. Really, they should just give up this whole matchmaking scheme, Ke Zhong isn’t biting.

Back in Taiwan, Yu Ping smiles and says he won’t believe Yang Duo this time and calls up Ke Zhong’s office only to hear that his friend is on the mainland for business. Yu Ping then asks for Yang Guo and the other worker replies that Guo went with Ke Zhong. There goes Yu Ping’s plan for a direct attack (asking Guo pointblank for the truth).

Michael Zhang, Ella Chen

Guo won’t take Sophie’s looking down on her

Back to Hangzhou, Guo, Sophie, and Ke Zhong are on a but, viewing the West Lake (it is really famous for that lake). Sophie, unhappy with Ke Zhong’s treatment of Guo, decides to do everything she can to belittle her in front of Ke Zhong to make him realize that she, Sophie, is much more desirable than Guo. Ke Zhong doesn’t like the tricks Sophie plays and encourages Yang Guo to be her normal self. So Guo uses peasant terms to describe the beauty of the surroundings and competes with Sophie’s “Memory” from CATS with a song about learning Chinese. Sophie gets so upset that her plan is not working that she stops the boat to buy a few drinks and cool down. When she’s gone, Ke Zhong asks Guo to cover for him as he is going to sneak off to see Hui Fan. This does upset Guo as she still remembers that Hui Fan is Ke Zhong’s ex and (according to Ke Zhong) still Yu Ping’s current girlfriend. Sophie is furious that Ke Zhong left without a word. For Ke Zhong supposedly being such a nice guy, he left Guo in a really bad situation.

Amanda Zhou, Jerry Yan

Yu Ping asks Yan Ling for truth

Ke Zhong goes to see Hui Fan and notices that she seems to be feeling a bit under the weather. She insists that she’s fine and when she is called to go back to filming, she passes out. Meanwhile, Yu Ping waits for Yan Ling and her boyfriend. Even though he is pretty certain now that Guo is indeed straight, he is hoping for confirmation. Yan Ling and her boyfriend say they don’t know anything. Yu Ping drops some hints and Yan Ling and her boyfriend discuss what exactly is going on. Yu Ping sneaks closer hoping to hear their conversation, surprising them when they turn around and say they know nothing. Yu Ping then mentions Ah De’s name and how he heard that Ah De wants to get back together with Guo. Yan Ling and her boyfriend are infuriated and begin talking trash about how Ah De treated Guo when they were going on. Yu Ping is happy as he finally has the confirmation he was looking for. He then makes the decision to go to Hangzhou the next day in order to confess/confront Guo.

Chen Zi Han, Michael Zhang

“I never loved you”

Ke Zhong is in the hospital with Hui Fan and flashes back to their college days. He tells Hui Fan about how his mother wants to finally meet his girlfriend. He notices that she seems unhappy and does a magic trick and then kisses her. Hui Fan then pushes away and tells him not to do such things anymore. She then proceeds to rip out Ke Zhong’s heart (figuratively of course) by telling him that they should break up. Ke Zhong demands to know why and Han Fui says that she doesn’t love him and has never loved him. Ouch. Why is he still friends with this woman? A phone call cuts into his reminiscing. It’s Yu Ping saying he is coming to Hangzhou the next day. This surprises Ke Zhong, but his surprise turns to worry for Hui Fan when it seems that Yu Ping is coming to talk to Guo. Yu Ping even hints that he knows the truth, but stops himself from coming right out and saying it. Yu Ping then hangs up.

Michael Zhang, Chen Zi Han

Only Ke Zhong never lied

Hui Fan is awake and demands to know why Ke Zhong told Yu Ping about her passing out. Because that’s of course the only reason she could deduce for him coming there. Ke Zhong says that he did not tell Yu Ping about her condition. This upsets Hui Fan even more, especially when she finds out that Ke Zhong has brought Guo with him to Hangzhou. Hui Fan just cannot believe Yu Ping would change so much and disregard their seven year relationship (but Hui Fan started it!). Ke Zhong then reminds the devastated Hui Fan that he promised to help her. He then hugs her and she says he is the only one she can depend on and trust. Then why did she so maliciously break his heart several years earlier in order to obtain Yu Ping? I hate Hui Fan. Hate her, hate her, hate her. I would’ve been happy to have her character disappear.

Ella Chen

“What are you doing here?”

We then learn while Ke Zhong was at the hospital with Hui Fan, Guo has been by herself with no money and no idea of where she is. I guess Sophie was too mad to help her out. Guo is then stopped by a policeman who wants to know why she is wandering around so late at night. Good question. We then go back to Ke Zhong while he is driving home and he flashes back to the moment he learned that Hui Fan broke up with him because of Yu Ping. Hui Fan tells Ke Zhong that she is interested in Yu Ping because unlike the other boys, he doesn’t fall all over her and ignores her. Say what! That’s the only reason she wanted Yu Ping? Craziness. Ke Zhong tamps down on his anger back then and agrees to be her friend and help her get Yu Ping. Oh, now, that is really too nice of him. He says he is destined to play the nice guy, but in reality he isn’t nice if you think about the fact he has helped Hui Fan all of this time. The girl needs to learn to do things on her own and depend upon herself instead of always crying to the man she rejected years ago.

Ella Chen

Hungry Guo goes to eat tissues

The policeman took Yang Guo home, infuriating Ke Zhong’s mother even more. She turns on Guo and asks how she thinks she compares to Sophie. Guo replies that Sophie is a well accomplished person who is pretty and talented while she is not pretty and has quite a few bad habits. I think Ke Zhong’s mother was surprised by such honesty. She then accuses Guo of inveigling her way into Ke Zhong’s life. Guo tries to state that isn’t true, but Ke Zhong’s mother doesn’t want to listen. She then demands to know where Ke Zhong went. Not wanting to tell the truth about Hui Fan, Guo replies she doesn’t know. This angers Ke Zhong’s mother even more and she lashes into Guo once again. Ke Zhong comes in and berates his mother for treating Guo like that and then tells his mom that he was at the hospital with Hui Fan who had collapsed. As you can imagine, that didn’t make his mother any happier. Ke Zhong apologizes for his mother’s behavior towards Guo and the two part company for the night. Poor Guo is hungry from not eating all day and hallucinates that the tissue box in her room is a cake. As she is eating a tissue, Ke Zhong knocks on the door with a tray of food. He said he knew Guo must be hungry. Guo thanks him and when he takes the tissue box, she embarrassingly said that it doesn’t taste all that good.

Jerry Yan, Gu Bao Ming

Yu Ping helps Guo’s dad

The night before, Yu Ping booked a ticket to Hangzhou and bought Guo more of the candy she likes. On his way to the airport he gets a call from Duo. He says that he wasn’t going to take care of business until he got back, but Duo insisted it was urgent. Yu Ping then rushes back to the office only to find it in chaos because of Guo’s and Duo’s dad again. Apparently there were still more creditors that their father had forgotten. Yu Ping does his best to try to settle things quickly, but misses his flight. Poor Duo is upset that she had to call in her boss for such a matter and apologizes to him.

Ella Chen, Michael Zhang

Guo buys Ke Zhong candy

Meanwhile in Hangzhou, Ke Zhong takes Guo out shopping for his mother’s family dinner party. Guo is shocked that Ke Zhong expects her to go as well. Ke Zhong picks out an outfit complete with bag and shoes. Guo is horrified at how much money is spent. Ke Zhong says he doesn’t expect her to pay him back, their gifts. This makes Guo feel even more uncomfortable as they are really expensive. Ke Zhong stops her protests and gets her home to get ready. His mom is less than thrilled that he wants Guo to come, but Ke Zhong refuses to listen to his mom and takes Guo upstairs to get ready.

Jerry Yan

Yu Ping rejects Duo’s resignation

As Yu Ping finalizes the documents from Duo’s father’s case, Duo comes in and hands in her resignation, saying she can no longer have face at the office due to what happened. Yu Ping then tells Duo that she has saved him a lot of money over the years and is a great secretary, plus, he has not asked her to reimburse him the money he spend bailing her father out this time. He gives the resignation letter back to Duo who is surprised at this sudden nice turn of her boss. She asks if he is interested in her to which he admanatly replies no (because he likes her little sister). Duo says that’s good and Yu Ping rushes out to the airport where he is put on a waiting list for Hangzhou.

Ella Chen, Jerry Yan

Guo cries while Yu Ping waits for a seat

At the dinner party, Ke Zhong’s mom doesn’t even subtly hint that she hopes Ke Zhong will marry Sophie. Apparently the rest of the family are in agreement to how good a match it would be. When Sophie comes, dinner is about to start, but then Guo enters all prettied up. Ke Zhong tells him mom and the rest that he has no intention of marrying Sophie because the girl he loves is Guo. This shocks Guo and everyone else. Sophie and her uncle leave in anger, Ke Zhong refusing to go after them. His mom rushes out to stop them while the rest of his family trashes Guo and leaves. While Yu Ping waits for an available seat, Guo sobs over the hurtful words of Ke Zhong’s family.

Michael Zhang, Rong Rong, Ella Chen

Guo is upset when Ke Zhong lies to his mom

The next morning, Yu Ping has finally gotten a flight to Hangzhou and his on his way to Ke Zhong’s. Guo wakes up from a nightmare where Ke Zhong told his mother he was marrying Guo who said that they haven’t even dated yet. Ke Zhong then replies that they have to marry as Guo’s stomach was already that big. Guo looks down and screams and wakes up screaming. When she looks down at her stomach she screams again and throws back the covers revealing a pillow and not a baby bump. Seriously, how silly can she get? Ke Zhong comes to get her and on her way downstairs, she overhears him arguing with his mother. Guo keeps expecting him to tell the truth, but he never does.

On their way to see Hui Fan, Guo says that Ke Zhong needs to tell his mother the truth. Guo can understand being used as a shield (Yu Ping has already done that), but he really needs to tell his mom the truth. Ke Zhong asks if Guo really believes he’s lying about his feelings (while thinking to himself that he doesn’t want to hurt Guo, but has already set out on the path to help Hui Fan). Ke Zhong then iterates that he is serious. Guo says that he already said that the girl he was waiting for has yet to show up to which Ke Zhong replies that Guo is the girl he was waiting to show up. She has entered into his heart slowly.

Jerry Yan, Michael Zhang

Yu Ping tries calling Ke Zhong

Yu Ping asks the taxi driver to drive faster, and he refuses stating their is a speed limit. Anxious Yu Ping then begins having second thoughts as he isn’t sure how Guo will react. He then tells the cabbie to drive slower. This annoys the cabbie, but then Yu Ping explains why he is there. The cabbie then says he needs to man up and confess. Yu Ping then tells the driver he is right and to go faster. Now the cabbie is interested in helping Yu Ping get to his girl as fast as he can. Qi Mama is happy to see Yu Ping who is looking for Ke Zhong and Guo. Mrs. Qi says they have stepped out and then tells Yu Ping that Ke Zhong confessed to Guo. This shocks Yu Ping and he takes off to find the two, but not before telling Mrs. Qi that she will grow to like Guo when she gets to know just how wonderful she is.

Ella Chen, Michael Zhang

“I confessed to Guo”

Ke Zhong shows up at Hui Fan’s filming again. Hui Fan has decided to throw herself into work until things get resolved so she doesn’t have to think about Yu Ping liking Guo. Hui Fan is happy to see Ke Zhong, but less than thrilled to see Guo. Ke Zhong then announces that he has confessed to Guo and is waiting for her answer. This shocks Hui Fan and this is also where the episode ends.

My thoughts: At last Yu Ping knows and won’t let anyone try to convince him otherwise. Of course, since our lead male protagonist knows, everything is going to conspire against him confessing to Guo: from him helping Bo Tong and missing his flight to Ke Zhong working against him to help Hui Fan get him back. Geez. How much will our two leads go through before they can be together?

I am annoyed at Ke Zhong helping Hui Fan. She doesn’t deserve his help after she treated him so horribly all those years ago when she asked him out to only make Yu Ping jealous and then dumps him when the plan doesn’t work. Ke Zhong hurts himself by insinuating himself by her side as her friend. Sure she said she’d give Yu Ping up because she couldn’t lose such a great friend, but she would probably give him up in a heart beat if things really went her way. I hate the fact that Ke Zhong is getting in between Yu Ping and Guo only for Hui Fan. Sure, he might like Guo, but not that kind of like – at least not yet. Again, I must say how surprised I am at how much seems to happen in these episodes.

Hopefully the other 9 won’t be too full of Hui Fan and Ke Zhong scheming to keep Yu Ping and Guo apart because I want to like Ke Zhong. He starts off as a kind, caring person. I don’t want him to warp into some twisted person doing everything he can for the woman he really loves but can never have.

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